Mariners Willing To Include Cash In Figgins Trade

The Chone Figgins' signing has been nothing short of a disaster for the Mariners, which is why the team is willing to include cash in any trade involving the infielder according to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports. There isn't much interest right now, but Morosi says the Mariners view the Reds, Giants, and Tigers as possible trade fits.

Figgins, 33 in January, has hit just .236/.309/.285 with 53 steals in 74 chances during his two years in Seattle. He can play second and third bases, and has also filled in at left field in recent years. There are still two years and $17MM left on his contract, and a $9MM option for 2014 will vest with 600 plate appearances in 2013. It's not unreasonable to think the Mariners will have to eat upwards of $15MM to move Figgins.

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  1. Justin Olsen 4 years ago

    We need to get a deal done and let Seager have 3B full time. The deal was not bad at the time though. Not sure what happened to him. 

    • sherrilltradedooverexperience 4 years ago

       i think safeco field happened to figgins

      • 0bsessions 4 years ago

        He’s got awful road numbers too. Figgins seems to have legitimately forgotten how to play baseball.

        • Guest 4 years ago

          Did he hang out with Adam Dunn last offseason?

        • KingofKauff 4 years ago

          I imagine if you have a home park that deflates your performance numbers, it is going to depress your overall play.  Anyone who has ever played knows confidence is the name of the game and if you are not comfortable at home, good luck.

      • Dodgersarelife 4 years ago

        HE has Adrian beltre written all over him…..

        • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

          Unless he literally has a tattoo of Beltre written on his person then that’s a bad comparison.

          • Dodgersarelife 4 years ago

            Both are mariners/former mariner 3rd basemen who played terribly while playing at Safco Field. I dont see why it is a bad comparison

          • FunkyTime 4 years ago

            Both also had HUGE career years the year before signing in Seattle.

          • m4r1n3r 4 years ago

            Beltre was at least a defensive asset during his tenure as a Mariner. Figgins isn’t even good for that anymore.

      • scott4 4 years ago

        Ya, because Safeco effects actually hitting the ball square? C’mon, Safeco effects right handed power hitters, that’s all. Not quite sure how Figgins could that as an excuse.

      • m4r1n3r 4 years ago

        Except this argument makes absolutely no sense. How does Safeco kill a singles hitter?

    • Silence 4 years ago

      We’ll give you Wilson Valdez for him and that 15 mil, you get a pitcher and a fielder!

  2. Anthony Polito 4 years ago

    he sucks haha

  3. Dodgersarelife 4 years ago

    i could see him going to the dodgers. Him and dee gordon at the top of the lineup would be scary, in terms of speed. Anything is better than Uribe right now.

    • sherrilltradedooverexperience 4 years ago

      do you think the mariners would swap bad contracts or just are intent to dump him?

      • lakersdodgersyankees4life 4 years ago

        Id do a uribe/figgins swap if they would make the money work

        • sherrilltradedooverexperience 4 years ago

          I wouldn’t mind that either.  I’m very tired of watching Uribe swing out of his shoes and miss the pitch by a mile.

      • roberty 4 years ago

        I was hoping the Braves would pull off a Derek Lowe for Figgins deal. 

    • vinniemiller 4 years ago

      Yeah he and Dee Gordon at the top of the lineup WOULD be scary….

      • livingpaint 4 years ago

         thats what people thought of ichiro and figgins. didn’t pan out too well here.

    • Steve 4 years ago

      I see a strange pattern between the names of Dogersarelife, sherrilltradedooverexperience, and lakersdodgersyankees4life.

  4. Phillies should take him off their hands, I mean they have nothing to lose and an extra infielder that can play outfield for only 2 million over 2 years seems like it would come in handy, worst case scenario they cut him

    • Dylan 4 years ago

      100% agree

    • Also not to mention with the loss of Rollins, we could use the speed, and Imagine if he could try out SS, he played there a couple games in his career, but hell, better than Martinez, and better than bringing up Galvis too soon

  5. Here’s to hoping!

  6. Jonathunder 4 years ago

    Some great grammar skills you have there.

  7. Patrick the Pragmatist 4 years ago

    Probably going to require a lot or else cash and another bad contract in return.

    We actually have some M’s fans that think he could have been traded earlier without cash being involved and maybe having to deal off a front line prospect with him to make it happen.

    But that has never been very realistic.

    The idea the M’s may not have been willing to pay may be.  Glad to see they are now.
    It is another step forward.

  8. Andy_B 4 years ago

    2 years ago Figgins had the highest OBP in the mlb and now at 33 his obp has fallen to .243.  I don’t really follow the AL west, what happened to Figgins to make him so drastically decline?

    • I don’t get why he’s tanked so bad in Seattle. I feel bad for the M’s, who thought they were getting a nice player in return for their investment.

      • Matt Moore 4 years ago

        I feel bad for him too. Im sure he is trying hard and wants to play like he did in LA but just cant figure it out…

      • scott4 4 years ago

        His problem is that he doesn’t try hard. He may have worked hard before he got to Seattle, not anymore.

    • Bob_Laublaw 4 years ago

      He decided he could quit the juice and/or uppers once he had had signed the big contract. Happened with lots of tons of players around that time period. Its weird that more people don”t talk about it. You don’t have to look like Barry Bonds to be a cheat skinny guys and pitchers were known for using speed and other drugs besides steroids. 

      • Andy_B 4 years ago

        how would steroids get his walk rate to fall from from 1 out of every seven plate appearances to one out of every 15?

      • Slopeboy 4 years ago

        You’re talking crap!

        1.You have no proof to back up what you’re saying.
        2. Following you’re skewed theory, just about every player should have seen a decline in their play, as a majority of players did take uppers regularly before the ban.

    • MB923 4 years ago

      Huh? In 2009 he was 7th in OBP in the AL. 

  9. Howard 4 years ago

    Hello AA anybody? Jays will make a deal… guy can lead off, play 2nd base and steal bases…

    • Lucas Kschischang 4 years ago

      this has Jays written all over it.

      • iheartyourfart 4 years ago

        this means he will wind up on the jays and the angels will somehow be picking up most of his salary

        • spokaneman 4 years ago

          I was more thinking the angels would trade back for figgins no cash included, and send us whoever is in Scioscia’s dog house atm.

          That would be the most Angels move that could be made here.

    • Coollet 4 years ago

      Fits right into their mentality, buy low and small ball speed AA’s always looking for

      • Guest 4 years ago

        Lets say, mariners put 12M for the next 2 years and Figgins agree to decline the option… get it done.. 5M for 2 years. I’d take that over KJ. Anyway, wee need a leadoff since Rajai is NOT an everyday OF.

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          why oh why would figgins agree to decline the option?

          • sourbob 4 years ago

            Baseball players don’t like being considered albatrosses anymore than we like watching guys stink. He’d probably welcome a ticket out of town to start again fresh.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            No part of your post is true. If it were he’d just go to seattle and ask to re work the contract..

            whats fair is fair.. teams cant ask players to lower their salaries, just like a player who outperforms his wage cant ask for a raise.. Evan Longoria would love it, but it just doesn’t happen

          • sourbob 4 years ago

            No part of that is true? Players never make accommodations to get out of a bad situation? Which league do you watch? Every year, multiple former stars who’ve either lost their luster or play for teams they feel have lost theirs waive no-trade clauses, rework contracts, or make handshake agreements to decline options or decline arbitration, all so they can get a fresh start. 

            They do have to be careful about these things, for the same reason Figgins can’t/wouldn’t “go to Seattle and ask to rework the contract”: because the Player’s Union forbids players doing anything to reduce the monetary value of their deal. 

            That doesn’t mean Figgins might not be able to get away with a handshake deal to decline an option. The reason is, at least hypothetically, Figgins could be doing it to pursue a larger deal. Alternately, the union could allow Figgins to reconfigure the option in some way that sort of increased its value while making it possible for the team to decline., turning it into a mutual option, but with a $2 or $3MM cash buyout, for instance.

            So anyway, to sum up, while you are mostly right that teams can’t ask players to lower their salaries, the union absolutely DOES let players get creative about finding a fresh start with a new team, as long as the end result at least theoretically increases the player’s earnings (and thus saves the union face).

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            Can you please name 3 players who have taken less garanteed money in a contract re work?

            Gil Meche retired when he didn’t need to and saved the Royals some money, he was applauded publicly, thats the only situation I can remember of a player leaving behind garanteed money, and thats a retirement.

          • sourbob 4 years ago

            Option =/= guaranteed money.

            No one is talking about Figgins giving back guaranteed money. Options, though, are not guaranteed money. If his agent, as I suggested, reworked the option that triggers based on plate appearances with a mutual option with say, a $3MM buyout, he would be ADDING guaranteed money, not subtracting it. 

            So long as a player doesn’t reduce the guaranteed face value of his deal, he can usually restructure to benefit a team.

            Three examples? How about six?

            -K-Rod’s restructuring of his deal to facilitate the trade to the Brewers. His performance incentives became guaranteed, but the vesting option became a mutual one. 
            -Sammy Sosa restructured his contract when he was traded to the Orioles, agreeing to eliminate his ’06 option and the clause that added an ’07 option.
            -Randy Johnson agreed to let the Yanks change $6 MM of deferred payments on his contract to 0% interest to facilitate his trade there. That cost him money, but it did not change the face value of his deal.
            -Manny Ramirez agreed to decline arbitration before his trade from the Sox to the Dodgers. He’d have made a mint, but the Dodgers weren’t dealing for him unless they knew he’d either re-sign with them or they’d get draft picks.

            And here are two examples of players altering their deals in ways that were financially beneficial to their existing teams: Todd Helton reworked the last, very expensive year of his deal into a “restructured” three year deal that kept him in Colorado for two additional years at a greatly reduced rate and deferred most of his first year salary without interest. TECHNICALLY, it was more guaranteed money, but in reality, it was Todd saying, “I’ll play two more years for nothing if it helps you afford to keep me here instead of dumping me.” Scott Rolen did a similar thing, turning $5MM of his $11MM salary into a deferred, zero interest payment.

            So yeah, it happens: players change their deals to get out of a city or to make sure they get to stay in a city. It never takes the form of reducing the face value of the deal, though. Just deferring, restructuring through added years, or agreements to decline options or arbitration.

            You wanted examples. You got ’em. There are tons more examples than this, but these were stars, so it was easier to find news articles after the fact. If say, Mark Lemke ever made such accommodations, it may not be the kind of thing that shows up on the net 10 years later.

            Bottom line though: Yup, it happens.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            wow none of those are even close to the hypothetical you gave of Figgins.

            Look at the players you listed, Johnson, Sosa, Ramirez.. none of those players were dead weights, they weren’t killing their team by lack of performance. Much like Krod, they knew that money would be waiting for them when their current contract expired. Its like roy halladay taking less money so that the jays/phils can spend more on other players, ya that happens, weaver also took a home town discount doesn’t mean its applicable to this scenario.

            The barry zitos, vernon wells, etc of baseball don’t go anywhere, their performance drops so much that they know they need to keep every penny because after it is a string of 1 year deals and minor league contracts

            this is a completely different scenario because Figgins has performed so poorly, the prospects of him getting anywhere close to to that money again is pretty much all but near impossible at this point. Figgins has no allegiance to seattle, every example you gave maybe minus krod, it was the player being lenient not stupid.

          • sourbob 4 years ago

            Um, not sure I follow:

            Mets didn’t want K-Rod. (Neither do most teams at his price.) They’re desperate to get rid of him. So K-Rod’s agents agreed to rewrite a vesting option into a mutual option and took financial compensation in return to facilitate a trade to the Brewers that would only happen if Milwaukee knew they’d never be held to the option.


            Cubs don’t want Sosa. (Neither do most teams at his price.) They’re desperate to get rid of him. Sosa’s agents agree to decline two player options to facilitate a trade to Baltimore that would only happen if Baltimore knew they’d never be held to the option.

            How are those substantially different from the hypothetical:
            Mariners don’t want Figgins. (Neither do most teams at his price.) They’re desperate to get rid of him. Figgins’ agents agree either to rewrite a vesting option into a mutual option and take financial compensation in return or to promise to decline an option. This facilitates a trade to TEAM X that would only happen if TEAM X knew they could decline his option.

            Initially, you argued there was no way Figgins would rework his contract to facilitate a trade out of town. (You made repeated confused references to giving back guaranteed money, even though no one ever proposed that.) You said that would never happen, because it *never* happens. I gave you four examples showing that it does and two related, similar examples of guys doing similar things to stay in town.

            Now you’re saying it’s different because the players in my examples were better players? That’s a new argument for you, but then you needed one, since your others fell apart under scrutiny. I think if you’re under the illusion that K-Rod or Sosa weren’t being run out of town on rails just like Figgins is, you must not know many Met or Cub fans. They were albatrosses who weren’t worth their salaries and were not highly sought after at their contract price. They felt like they needed to try things out on other teams. They had to make concessions to do that. It’s EXACTLY analogous.

            And anyway, as I said, these are not the only examples in the history of baseball, just famous ones from recently. The smaller deals don’t tend to show up in easy Google searches years after the fact. Anyway: since you said this never happens, you’re wrong. Demonstrably wrong. Actually, it’s already demonstrated.

            You’re also overlooking that there are other very real reasons why a player might make such concessions, besides being “lenient” or “stupid.” If a player hates where he’s at and feels it’s dragging him down, or just feels like he’d perform better somewhere else, it makes more sense for him to try and facilitate a trade to such a place, so that he can try and be good again.

            Baseball players make a lot of money, yes. But I am flabbergasted by people who think the average player would rather stink horribly and cash checks than make some accommodations and try to rejuvenate his career somewhere else.

            Even if you want to be cynical, your argument makes no sense. Do you think Figgins would rather hold onto the dim hope that someone might let him play enough for that option to vest, even though he’s terrible? You don’t think he’d cheerfully take $3MM guaranteed rather than an outside, outside shot at $9MM?

          • livingpaint 4 years ago

            kenji johjima did the same for the m’s (quit and left the remaining money on the table to go back to japan)

          • Dave 4 years ago

            when it comes to options, they absolutely can.  You’re being disingenuous when you say it doesn’t happen, but it does all the time.   Most of the time it just comes out as a  contract extension well in advance of them hitting free agency, Ryan Braun for example getting an extension 2 years out, or Tim Lincecum getting his arbitration bought out by a contract extension.   The player asked for a guaranteed raise, and they got it.   The team gets some salary security in return and everyone hopes it works out but sometimes it doesn’t. 

            There have been tons and tons of deals where the player in a trade agrees to void options, revoke clauses and other semi-optional contract language that sounded great when it was written, but suddenly becomes a liability to future returns.  

            Now, it’d be nice to see a team able to tear up a contract in the offseason for a drastically underperforming player like the NFL is able to do, but I think we’re decades away from that becoming a reality in MLB.  

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            again you are comparing MVP and CY young candidates to a player who has had a negative impact on his teams success the last 2 years.

            And saying ‘there have been tons and tons’ doesn’t mean anything to me..

            give me an example of a player who was a dead weight who willingly left money on the table because they felt ‘bad’ about not performing up to par.

            I gave the Gil Meche example, which to this point is still somewhat the closes example of someone actually having a decent heart and saying he doesn’t want to cost the team any money for poor performance

          • Not saying it will happen, but perhaps if he did decline the option, he won’t have to worry about the Blue Jays “monitoring” his plate appearances in 2013. If they “monitor” his plate apperances the season before he hits free agency again, it might limit his counting stats and how much his next contract will be.

            A second factor to consider would be him just wanting to get out of Seattle and get a fresh start and if he knows waiving that option would give him a change of scenary, he might do it.

            Again, don’t know how likely either of those will result in him declining the option, but definitely some things to consider.

      • Howard 4 years ago

         Exactly. Trade Teahan and a starting prospect.

  10. Maybe to the Marlins? Dont have much in terms of speed.

  11. Pete 4 years ago

    Oakland will take him for 3B/LF if he’s only worth a prospect/is essentially free.

  12. Patrick the Pragmatist 4 years ago

    The Yankees apparently have trouble getting free agents to come there as reserves.

    Especially for the infield.  

    As bad as it would be for the M’s to have to pay the Yankees to take on a guy it might be something that works for both teams. 

    • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

      I was thinking a Burnett for Figgins swap. 

      Burnett and $15 mil for Figgins?

    • Slopeboy 4 years ago

      That would not work. The problem the Yankees have had in the past with reserves is that they have more often signed good players at the end of the careers who were not reserves, but thought they could handle the position. Most of these signings were guys that were accustomed to playing everyday and were not able to adjust to not playing regularly.

      The last player that the Yanks had that was truly a reserve player, who produced was Miguel Cairo. Eric Chavez worked out this past season only because he accepted the role mentally and was accustomed to sitting and preparing to play because of the many injuries he’s had in recent years. There really is a difference between a ‘professional reserve’ and a player who’s on the downside of his career willing to accept a bench role in order to keep playing.
      Figgins has to play everyday in order to produce, he’s not a bench player, despite his terrible numbers.

    • MB923 4 years ago

      “The Yankees apparently have trouble getting free agents to come there as reserves.

      Especially for the infield.   ”

      I guess Eric Chavez was hard to get (Same for Andruw Jones although he’s not for the infield)

  13. Daryo Cummins 4 years ago

    AA should bring him to the jays. send a minor leaguer like kevin ahrens for figgins and cash 

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      david cooper ?

      • cyberboo 4 years ago

        Cooper is an overpay for Figgins.  I can see a Mark Teahan – Figgins trade, with Seattle picking up eighty percent of his salary the next two years.  The Jays are only looking for a bandaid solution at second anyways, because Hech will be up in 2013 to take over SS, sliding Escobar to 2nd.  They don’t want to block the future with anyone that makes more than 2M a season.

      • grownice 4 years ago

         too much lol

    • Sniderlover 4 years ago

      Uhh, why exactly? He is terrible and I’d rather re-sign KJ. 

  14. I don’t know if it’s pressure of the contract or if he really lost his swag not leading off. It seemed like a good move at the time. I know Dave Cameron wrote something about swapping with the Giants and taking Zito. There would be some money involved cause I believe he has three years left. I trust Z to get something done, we’ll see what happens. I expect a busy offseason for the M’s!

  15. I think Cinci is a good fit. Arroyo for Figgins and cash to cover alot of his salary.

    • I am convinced that Arroyo never had a chance to get over the Mono.. If you have not ever had it before, then pray you never get it.  You just feel so worn out and your body aches all day all over.   I look for Arroyo to have somewhat of a bounce back year in 2012. Wont be a great season but His numbers will improves a decent amount I feel.

  16. Orry Night 4 years ago

    I would love to get him back in Anaheim only to trade him for some other prospects. By getting an extra 15 mill in additional contract salary over the next 2 years, we could parlay it into signing someone. 

    • Getting anything useful for Figgins would be nothing short of a miracle. Good luck with that.

    • What makes you think Anaheim can flip him for prospects but the Mariners can’t? Does Anaheim have special tradeing skills? This comment makes no since. We arn’t flipping houses here bud! This is a tight nit group every team for the most part knows what the other is doing or wanting to do. I mean hell the GMs could just read mlbtraderumors for this info!  

  17. wickedkevin 4 years ago

    Wouldn’t mind seeing him on the Sox if they choose not to resign Papi.  Good backup, can play 3b so Youk can DH more, we can sign a good RF, and make a trade package that could include Lowrie (no, not Lowrie as the centerpiece), Reddick/Kalish, etc to get a SP. 

    • Guest 4 years ago

      I really hope the Sox wouldn’t trade for Figgins. All honesty, if Aviles is back, he would probably be a better 3B than Figgins if they so choose to move Youk to DH.

  18. jamincito 4 years ago

    hallalujah, jack Z is finally using his head….  i just hope Z can land Fielder this winter like most predictions post have put up.  Maybe that’ll motivate some players to come over like  grady sizemore and ryan doumit who are from seattle ..  Maybe some one in the pen  Frank Francisco and darren oliver… And seattle has the pitching..  but first thing is first , you need to get rid of figgins.. you’re still ganna end up paying the guy anyway..   imagine that   ichi ryan smoak fielder ackley doumit sizemore maybe olive or carp dh , guti        cause im sick of those frecking rangers , jaja  choke artist

  19. Maybe the Orioles could trade Brian Roberts for Chone Figgins?

    • jamincito 4 years ago

      wat are you smoking… Why would the orioles trade an allstar for trash like figgins

      • grownice 4 years ago

         Figgins at least makes it on to the field consistently.

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          that hurt his value as of late

        • livingpaint 4 years ago

           seattle would much rather not have him on the field at all. that was wedge trying to get a veteran some confidence, instead he kept taking naps out there (no griffey pun intended).

  20. wrestlingcritic 4 years ago

    With a max $27M remaining and they are willing to include $15M in the deal, I think $4M a year is a worthy risk. Come on, Tigers! 

  21. the Mariners should donate Figlet to a local Salvation Army outlet

  22. Bob9988 4 years ago

    For all the people saying that their team could use a speedster bat off the bench for 2 mill and give Seattle nothing for him, remember Seattle could do the same thing.  You cant get something for nothing, otherwise Seattle will just keep him for their bench if they have to pay it all anyway.  The M’s are not a penny pinching team, $2mill isn’t some great relief to their payroll.  So as high as Seattle fans may have viewed his trade value, don’t lower it too much either.

    • “You cant get something for nothing”
      Figgins really isn’t “something.”  In fact, he’s closer to “nothing.”  Over the past 2 years, he has a -1.2 fWAR and 0.6 rWAR.  If you go by fWAR, he’s actually less than nothing.

    • livingpaint 4 years ago

       for what he’s shown, so far he cant even get on base to show his speed. when he does, he gets picked off or is caught stealing WAY more than i’ve seen anyone be picked off. a change of scenery might be in his best interest and that of seattle. a bad contract for bad contract would be the ideal scenario that way we’re dumping some value for some value and keeping the costs in relative check. a starting pitcher like zito (albatross contract) or a left fielder like soriano two things we’re looking for. or push him back to the angels and take vernon wells. i just think the fans hate him so much that he goes up to the plate or stands out in the field and just chokes.

      • Bob9988 4 years ago

        Exactly.  That is more like it.  Most of the other commentators seem to think their teams can pick up this guy for a bucket of balls and still only pay a minute fraction of his contract.  I guarantee that the M’s would rather keep him on their bench collecting money than helping someone else, still collecting their money, having only received a bucket of balls.  Switching with another bad contract is not nothing, its something.

        • livingpaint 4 years ago

          definitely. there are a lot of teams with bad contracts who really need a top of the lineup guy or at least a good number 2. think of just the national league alone where a pinch runner would make the difference in a number of games. seattle isnt for everyone. it took beltre a while to get used to it. some people can just come up here and make themselves at home. i was hoping they would take a chance on trying for michael young (also in a bloated contract – and as of last year was on the outs from texas) but that guys hits very well here in seattle.

  23. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    Chone Figgans and $10MM for Brandon Inge. Tell Inge to accept the deal or he will be released.

    • dtowntigers43 4 years ago

      get figgins and realse inge ether way lol i hate the guy

      • JacksTigers 4 years ago

        I think a change of teams could do him well. Then trade Delmon Young, Daniel Fields, and Andy Oliver for Martin Prado. Sign Yoenis Cespades. Trade Rick Porcello, Dixon Muchado, Avisail Garcia, and Tyler Gibson for Gio Gonzalez and Grant Blafour. Then sign Jason Varitek who is from Detroit and grew up a Tigers fan to be your back up catcher.

        1. Austin Jackson CF
        2. Martin Prado 2B
        3. Brennan Boesch RF
        4. Miguel Cabrera 1B
        5. Victor Martinez DH
        6. Yoenis Cespades LF
        7. Alex Avila C
        8. Jhonny Peralta SS
        9. Chone Figgans 3B

        1. Justin Verlander
        2. Doug Fister
        3. Gio Gonzalez
        4. Max Scherzer
        5. Jacob Turner

        • chreeschan 4 years ago

          I don’t know where to start… and I’m a Tigers fan.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            So why not share the great knowledge of chreeschan on me? What’s wrong with it. It fixes every whole and gives up talent for talent. Maybe add a couple more pieces to the Prado deal? I get the feeling that your not aware of who most of these people are.

        • Ben Roth 4 years ago

          I love those ideas. I’m afraid of giving up Gibson though. A lefty in the rotation would be worth it.

        • Gio Gonzalez?   Are you sure you didn’t mean Clayton Kershaw?  And where’s Albert Pujols???  He can DH while V-Mart is the backup catcher!  Ohhh…get Prince Fielder just in case Cabrera gets injured!!!  I’m good at this GM thingy!  

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            Are you trying to say that I was trying to get all superstarts in Figgins, Varitek, Gonzalez, and Prado?

          • Don’t forget Yoenis Cespades.  You just make being a GM so easy I thought I’d give it a try.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            And he is a MLB superstar? What exactly is your point here? You don’t appear to have one.

          • Yoenis Cespades has huge upside and will likely take $30 million to sign him.  

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            Over 5 or 6 years. The Tigers can afford 5 or 6 million per year. You didn’t think he would sign for $30MM per year, did you?

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            And you still haven’t named any superstrs that I put in my comment. You’re losing, buddy.

          • I didn’t know this was a competition…

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            Figure of speech.

        • verlander 4 years ago

          No thanks on Varitek. Not even for backup.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            What about a return of Pudge. I like Jose Molina and Ramon Castro too. It’s a stretch, but Doumit is a possibilitey.

          • verlander 4 years ago

            Emphatic no to Pudge, no to Doumit (not much of a catcher), and maybe to Molina and Castro.

    • Good idea…if the goal is to downgrade.  

      • JacksTigers 4 years ago

        For who?  Both players suck. It’s a bad contract for a bad contract. For the M’s, it allows to get one year off of the Figgans deal. For the Tigers, it gets more speed as you wait for Castellanos to progress in the minors.

        • Brandon Inge has been better than Chone Figgins over the last 2 years.  Inge also only has 1 year left $5.5 million, Figgins has 2 years left, $17 million.

          I’d rather sign Keven Kouzmanoff.  

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            Brandon Inge and Chone Figgins have been nearly identical. They were not that different. And what he gives up in hitting, Figgins made up for in speed.

          • Speed isn’t useful if you don’t get on base.  

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            He stole 53 bases. How many did Inge steal? Inge is one of the, if not the worst, player in baseball. I know what Inge can do in Detroit. It doesn’t work. I want to know what Figgins can do. He did just fine in LA. What’s to say that Safeco isn’t the problem.

          • Figgins only stole 11 bases last year.  Maybe you’re looking at the wrong player?

            Over the last 2 years Figgins has hit .236/.302/.298 on the road.  It’s not Safeco Field.  

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            Figgins, 33 in January, has hit just .236/.309/.285 with 53 steals in 74 chances during his two years in Seattle.

            I’m just saying what I’m being told. And I never said last year. I said in Seattle.

          • Nicholas Grimson 4 years ago

            That is a steal rate of only 71%. Anything under 80% is worthless because you are creating too many outs. 

          • Bob9988 4 years ago

            “Seattle” didn’t cuase Figgins downfall.  He isn’t a power hitter, the only thing “Seattle” can kill is power numbers.  A guy like Figgins should have been immune to the “Safeco Effect.”  Figgins is just bad.

    • stl_cards16 4 years ago

      I’m sure Inge would be really dissapointed to choose the release option.  That way he still gets paid and can pick where he goes next.  Sounds like a real tough call.

  24. Would fit in very well with the mets, especially at that price. I think mets could also go after brian roberts, either would start at 2b and leadoff.

  25. Patrick the Pragmatist 4 years ago

    What happened to Figgins?
    Well he struck out more often than ever before in 2010 (16.2%)  and walked less often  in 2010 and far less often in 2011.
    He walked 6.7% of the time in 2011.  It was 13.9% for LAA in 2009.
    Figgins value was getting on base and being an impact player that way.
    He has never been a slugger.   But he did hit with more authority in the past.
    His line drive% was 18.3 in 2011.   In 2007 it was 26.4 and in 2009 it was 23.9.
    His GB% was 50.2 in 2011.
    He has turned into a ground ball out machine who strikes out a lot even though he does not hit with any real power.
    He used to take pitches, foul off pitches,  and could hit the ball harder and more often.
    He still drew some walks in 2010.
    Now he is a total ground ball out machine.

    • Slopeboy 4 years ago

      Looks like he’s been suffering from ‘Buyers remorse’. He didn’t really want to leave LAA, he was on a winning team which was in contention every year. He was having fun and was the catalyst in that Angels line-up, sparking that Go-Go team in front of enthusiastic fans every night. He only left because the money was too good to pass up, along with the promise of leading the M’s to at least a division championship.

      Alas, it hasn’t worked out. From what I’ve seen the last two years, Figgins has been going through the motions and just collecting a paycheck. His body language says that he’s coming to a job, rather than coming to play and compete. There’s no spark or real zest to the way he plays the game now. When he played with Anahiem, he would always be a threat on the bases, now he just waits to be moved over or attempts to steal when it’s absolutely necessary. Possibly, because he’s playing on a less talented team and the visions of the M’s contending never materialized or different managerial styles is affecting his play, but he’s not the same guy from 2 years ago.

      Whats really puzzles me is that it could not just happen so quickly. This guy has fallen
       off from the face of the Earth. No one loses all that talent in one whole year. My conclusion is that he’s not happy where he’s at and it’s affected the way he plays the game.

  26. BK 4 years ago

    Figgins for Vernon Wells?

    • sonofsnake 4 years ago

      Absolutely not.  Vernon Wells is your problem.

  27. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    if KJ doesn’t re sign with the Jays this is a good idea, get him in to a hitters ball park back to 2B.

    Figgins and 15 million for .. not sure what to send

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      he was absolutely awful at second base in 2010. i liked the idea for the jays before they had lawrie at third. not so much now. he can be a good pickup for a team than can play him at third

      • Hoosierdaddy92 4 years ago

        Tigers. We need speed at the bottom of the order. Good defense and platoon bat at the very least for Brandon Inge.

      • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

        yah just noticed.. I thought that was an outlier bad year, I forgot he didn’t play much 2b in 08 and 09

    • shockey12 4 years ago

      I was thinking Figgins would be a fit but then I remembered we have Wakamatsu on the bench.

  28. verlander 4 years ago

    Ew. Keep dreaming, Seattle.

  29. formerdraftpick 4 years ago

    Jason Bay for Figgins?  Citifield seems to be better suited for Figgins and Bay seems to be suited anywhere else.  I don’t think Bay wanted to be a Met to begin with.  He seemed to be very very disappointed when he signed for what he did.  Unfortunately, I think the grudge gets carried over onto the field.  

    • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

      Wouldn’t make sense from the Mets perspective unless they were saving money. As bad as Bay was last year, only Beltran (15) and Wright (14) hit more HRS than him (granted both Beltran and Wright) were injured. Fact is, they’re struggling for offense and Figgins probably isn’t going to help. At least with Bay there’s hope he might still be a 25 hr guy.

      • Shu13 4 years ago

        Bay will hit more HR’s next season….they are moving the fences in for him and Wright….thats gotta sting the man card….llol

      • MetsMagic 4 years ago

        They’re not struggling for offense at all, and it will be even stronger next year with Ike back and Duda there all year. They need pitching, pitching, pitching, and more pitching. Figgins and his noodle arm won’t help that. 

      • formerdraftpick 4 years ago

        The Mets are on welfare right now so money is the only motivator for that suggestion and to lesson the blow of Bay’s contract.  They’ll probably play AAAA, rookies, and Rule V players next year just to get by.  You started seeing that in 2011 with players like Turner, Baxter, Hu, Harris and Pridie.  I am assuming you’ll see that theme to a greater extent as Spring Training approaches.  I have to admit though, they are pretty good at spotting talent that everyone else passes by.  On another note, I’m still curious to see whether Wright will be gone by the beginning of the season as well.       

    • Dylan 4 years ago

      Bay to Phillies would make sense, but I don’t see it happening.

    • soxin10 4 years ago

      I actually thought the same thing about Bay. He did not want to play for the Mets, but the money talks. I almost think Figgins is in the exact same boat. He was not keen on Seattle but he went with the most money.  Change of scenery might do them both good and in the end help both the Mets and M’s.

      • $3081341 4 years ago

        Noone put a gun to their heads either. They could’ve signed anywhere. 

  30. drumzalicious 4 years ago

    If he could play short then he’d be great for the Braves if the M’s ate about 10 mil of that deal

  31. dtowntigers43 4 years ago

    Chone Figgins to detroit for Justin Verlander

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      I think that this could really help the Tigers. Don’t tell Jack Z, but if I have to add Jacob Turner, I will. Anything to get a can’t lose deal done.

      -Randy Smith

    • verlander 4 years ago


  32. DT Flush234 4 years ago

    Cardinals will trade 1 prospect for Figgins + cash then deal.

  33. LUWahooNatFan 4 years ago

    I’m sure the Giants would take him

  34. Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

    Chone Figgins plus cash huh? M’s might have to actually add a player to the cash and the corpse.

  35. FelixFan 4 years ago

    Figgins is a jerk and is a crap player, get him out at all costs

  36. how about james Paxton Alex Leddi and Chone Figgins  for Carlos lee and ptbnl

    • harmony55 4 years ago

      James Paxton and Alex Liddi, 23-year-olds whom the Mariners control for six MLB seasons, could be regulars in the Seattle lineup by mid-2012. No way do the Mariners trade top prospects for the $18.5 million remaining on the contract of 35-year-old Carlos Lee, whose aging righthanded bat would die at Safeco Field.

    • flash2225 4 years ago

      buahahahahahhahahahahahaha.  In what world is Carlos Lee worth Paxton or Liddi, let alone together in the same deal?

    • Bob9988 4 years ago

      The Astros don’t have a ptbnl that would ever make that deal work.

  37. Gurvir Nijjar 4 years ago

    Cardinals, Miami Marlins, Cubs, Reds, Giants, Tigers will at least inquire about Figgins.

  38. j6takish 4 years ago

    I legitimately hope the Tigers take a look. The dude has serious skills but an attitude problem. Seattle didn’t bat him leadoff, made him play 2nd base, put a terrible lineup around him in a giant ballpark, and all awhile playing for a team that was “supposed” to contend and turned out being one of the worst in MLB history. Get him to a contending team with a no-nonsense manager like Leyland. Figgins playing at his worst is still better than Inge

    • j6takish 4 years ago

      We’re paying Delmon Young based solely on “potential”. Figgins has actually produced at the MLB level. he put up a 7war season, a couple of 3.5 WAR seasons. Prior to Seattle, his only bad season was due to him being played in CF…which he obviously can’t do

    • Shu13 4 years ago

      Being an Angels fan I was sad to see him go but it was made easy when the length and amount of the contract was made public(they were crazy to give hi that much)….I thought for sure he would thrive batting 2nd behind Ichiro and w/ the spacious OF expected a lot of doubles and triples b/c he can run….I was also surprised to see him pull that move letting the ball go while at 2B…that wasn’t his nature as a Halo…hopefully some gives him another shot and he turns it around….chaulking it up to just a wrong fit…

      • Bob9988 4 years ago

        That’s what we all said.  We watched this guy kick the crap out of us for years and all of a sudden when he gets here he forgets how to play.

  39. PRKnight 4 years ago

    Mets come up in my head first for destination possibilities.  With the latest article about Murphy playing 2b maybe figgins is an upgrade? Not 100% sure but its something to think of. The price isn’t that bad at all even for the mets if that type of money was eaten.  Also could be a way for the Mets to try and be creative by unloading Bay to the Mariners. Just possibilities

    • MetsMagic 4 years ago the Mets trade their bad contract for an even worse contract so they can make a huge downgrade at 2B? PULL THE TRIGGER SANDY OLDERSON! 

    • $3081341 4 years ago

      Sounds like a winner to me. At least he has some power & plays a position of need & oh yeah, is from the area. 

  40. bayareabeast 4 years ago

    unless its figgins for zito, why would the giants be interested?

  41. DodgerDen 4 years ago

    If only Ned Colletti knew how to deal!!!  If he was a little cleaver he could have gotten Figgins for the Dodgers.  Instead he just dumped 2 yrs $9M on Mark Ellis.  Imagine if he just approached the Mariners and offered to pay $7M of the remaining $17M.

    I’m sure a deal would be made and Figgins would be a perfect #2 hitter right behind Dee Gordan to set the table for Kemp & Ethier.

    • $3081341 4 years ago

      He’s trying to find a spot where he can “leadoff”. Batting #2 is what he’s trying to avoid. 

  42. Corey 4 years ago

    Hmmmm… Carlos Zambrano needs a new home, just so happens we need a 3rd baseman…..A logigical trade would be to the Cubs, with no money coughed up on the M’s part, maybe even money in pocket…..

    • Bob9988 4 years ago

      Why would we want Zambrano?  We too Milton off your hands and look how that worked out.  What more do you want from us?

  43. Jim McGrath 4 years ago

    It’s about time the Red Sox caught a deal where someone else is paying the salary for a player to come to the Sox. I have liked Chone as a talent before he went to the M’s.
    Send him to Boston with a lot of his $ to play third, some outfield and some DH. We’ll send you Jed Lowrie, a switch hitting super sub, who’s from the northwest, and maybe a pitching prospect if you send us, Maine native, Charlie Furbish.

    • Bob9988 4 years ago

      Honestly, that may be the only deal I have liked so far.

  44. Bryce 4 years ago

    Dodgers will take him! 5 million and Figgins for Uribe! Get it done Ned!

  45. I begin to pray to the baseball gods..  Please baseball gods… please don’t have him come to Cincinnati.  Please please please… 

    Hell I would pay them not to make the trade.

  46. dshires4 4 years ago

    Gotta love all the theories behind Chone Figgins INEXPLICABLE drop off. Say what you want, cite the stats you want, but nothing, to me, explains a useful player, year in year out, turning into a guy with the baseball value of a tree stump.

    I’m actually cool with giving Figgins a shot at 3rd base next year. If he can regain any value by July [ie post an OBP above .320], then sure, couple some money into the deal and get him out once we’ve fallen out of contention. But to ignore the probability of regression and just settle for dealing him for nothing…that doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Bob9988 4 years ago

      I agree.  Given the news some have reported on today about the M’s, it looks like they are trying to unload some money off the roster.  I don’t think they intend to trade him and still pay almost 90% of the contract.  If that were the case, I think they would keep him, seeing as there is no real option available to the M’s for 3B.

  47. Steven Isaac 4 years ago

    Really think Figgins needs to be moved back to leadoff spot. See if he can regain value there. 

  48. sonofsnake 4 years ago

    Unfortunately the trade would also include Chone Figgins.

  49. formerdraftpick 4 years ago

    If the M’s give me $17 million, I’ll take him off their hands.  He won’t be playing baseball for me, but he’ll earn his keep with all of the yardwork stacked up. 

  50. $3081341 4 years ago

    Just take a bunch of low level journeyman. I’d take far less superior players & not have to pay any of his contract. Get someone else to bit the bullet. Jason Bay, Fine. Zambrano, sure. Giants for Zito, Great. Tigers for some bullpen help, OK. Reds for Arroyo, why not. The sooner he’s off the team, the better. Frankly, I’d rather have him & cut ties with that RF who we can’t seem to get rid of. I wonder why?

  51. Patrick the Pragmatist 4 years ago

    If it is for Zito,  it won’t be the M’s giving up the cash in the deal

  52. There’s been so much Marlin news lately

  53. $17049574 4 years ago

    hahah YES

  54. Matt Moore 4 years ago

    I think it would be nice if DD would pick up some of the contract throw in a prospect like Andy Oliver. What do you guys think? Would that get Figgins?

  55. Brandon Inge has been better than Figgins over the last 2 years:

    Figgins – .236/.309/.285, .276 wOBA
    Inge – .230/.302/.358, .291 wOBA

    Even this past year, Inge was better:

    Figgins – .188/.241/.243, .218 wOBA
    Inge – .197/.265/.285, .247 wOBA
    I wouldn’t trade Inge straight up for Figgins even if Seattle paid ALL of Figgins’ salary.  

  56. It would be too much for Figgins.  

  57. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    Even though F-Mart has struggled he is only 23 and I can’t understand why the Mets would trade a young player that still has upside for an expensive, much older player who struggles to hit and plays mediocre defense at SS. 

  58. FunkyTime 4 years ago

     Way way WAY too much …

  59. bacboris 4 years ago

    Behold, a mild mannered English teach by day and Grammar Nazi by night. Tonight we bring you: message board patrol man.

  60. Bob_Laublaw 4 years ago

    You’re right the Mets are usually the type of team that signs a guy like Figgins in his prime and then that player forgets how to play baseball completely. See Robbie Alomar and Jason Bay.  However, because if things can get worse the Mets will likely find a way to make it so-they probably will land Figgins and include a 28 yr old minor league ptbnl whom no one has ever heard of, even the Mariners, and he ends up being the next Jose Bautista.  Such is life, from the unfortunate point of view of a Mets fan.

  61. roberty 4 years ago

    An expensive older player who struggles to hit and plays mediocre defense plus $15 million! 

  62. roberty 4 years ago

    The Mets didnt sign Alomar, they acquired him via trade from the Indians with Danny Peoples and Mike Bascik for Alex Escobar, Matt Lawton, Jerrod Riggan, Earl Snider and Billy Traber.  At the time, Alomar was guaranteed $8 million for 2002, with an $8 million team option for 2003.

  63. That doesn’t happen to the mariners dont worry

  64. harmony55 4 years ago

    The Mariners would do that.

  65. Bob9988 4 years ago

    Why would we want Zambrano?  We too Milton off your hands and look how that worked out.  What more do you want from us?

  66. Steve 4 years ago

    Reeeeeeeeal Men of Geeniuuus!

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