NL East Notes: Marlins, Rollins, Mets, Zimmerman

Here's the latest from the NL East, including several aftershocks from the Albert Pujols signing…

  • After missing out on Pujols, it has been speculated that the Marlins could turn their attention to Prince Fielder.  FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal reported yesterday that Miami wasn't interested, and today adds that the Marlins' club policy against no-trade clauses would probably keep them out of the running for Fielder anyway.  The Marlins' insistence on avoiding no-trade clauses was a "big reason they lost" Pujols.  (All links are to Rosenthal's Twitter account.)
  • It seemed as if the Phillies could have been the last suitor left for Jimmy Rollins after the Brewers signed Alex Gonzalez, but with Pujols gone, the Cardinals have money to spend on a Rollins contract, writes Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Gelb's Inquirer colleague Bob Brookover wonders if a Rollins/Cardinals match could be impacted by the fact that Rollins' agent Dan Lozano also represents Pujols.
  • When asked if he would sign with the Phillies, Omar Vizquel told Manuel Lira of the Venezuelan newspaper Lider en Deportes (passed on by ESPN's Enrique Rojas) that "We're working on it."  Vizquel turns 45 in April and would be playing his 24th Major League season in 2012.  Vizquel played under Charlie Manuel when Manuel managed the Indians from 2000-02.
  • David Wright may be the only "untouchable" on the Mets roster, writes Mike Puma of the New York Post.  The Mets seem willing to listen to offers on everyone, though young, controllable players such as Ike Davis would naturally require a high price.
  • What the Mets are paying new bullpen acquistions Frank Francisco, Jon Rauch and Ramon Ramirez isn't out of line with other reliever contracts this winter, notes Andy McCullough of the Star-Ledger.
  • Mark Zuckerman of Nats Insider thinks the Nationals should look at Pujols leaving the Cardinals as incentive to re-sign Ryan Zimmerman to an extension.  Zimmerman is under contract in Washington through 2013 and Zuckerman says the club's desire to save money for a Zimmerman extension is a reason the Nats haven't pushed for Fielder this offseason.

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  1. Patrick Beliveau 4 years ago

    I’m not sure about giving Rollins the 5 years he wants at the price he thinks he’s worth… Berkman to 1st, Craig in RF when he comes back… shouldnt be too bad for this year… I’d like to see them trade for an upgrade over Tyler Greene at short, maybe Ian Desmond if the price is right… but spending on a 30+ year old SS is not a good idea…

    • nm344 4 years ago

      He’s not getting 5 from anyone.  And I dont think he’ll get 4 either.  And at that point he’ll just go back to the Phils.

    • Ian Desmond??? Tyler Greene will be just fine.

  2. If I was the Mets, I wouldn’t be opposed to shopping Wright for the (pardon the pun) right price. They really need some solid pitching behind Santana. But then again, I don’t know much about the Mets’ farm system and if they would have someone to replace Wright.

    • ejr 4 years ago

      it might be less about replacement and more about ticket sales. without wright, who are their offensive stars? plus, they changed the fences with the hope that wright’s doubles become homers. 

  3. Kory Indzeoski 4 years ago

    Would the Cards final offer to Albert be enough to entice Prince to go to St Louis? Is that something they would want to do?

    • TS50 4 years ago

      No, they didnt want to spend that much on Pujols.  They won’t go after an out of shape 1B that is bound to ave a big injury soon. Especially after he gets paid, so he can stop trying.

  4. Ray22 4 years ago

    LMAOOO Omar Vizquel?…. may aswell try for Cal Ripken and Bernie Williams aswell…

    • Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

      Why not? He was Freddy Galvis’s hero when he was growing up. Who better to mentor him if they have to move on from Jroll.

      Obviously he isn’t very good anymore but it’d be worth a shot.

  5. As a mets fan, why is wright untouchable????? He is highly paid, will bring back a lot of value to team in a trade, and they have a capable replacement ready in murphy. Trading wright doesnt signal a white flag for me, its already up. They arent better than phillies, braves, or marlins, why not trade him. He is the face of a losing franchise. I think mets would upgrade for sure by trading wright for hanley. Could also trade wright to the rockies, tigers, brewers. Rockies and tigers have some good pieces that could entice the mets. Another team is he jays. They have the catching prospect (D’Arnaurd), pitching prospect (Drabek), and a few other good prospects. Traing wright for prospects will free up salary to go after free agents next year like Cain, yadier, aybar, upton, ethier, greinke, liriano, colby lewis, mike napoli. They could raid the free agent market like the marlins did this year.

    • EightMileCats 4 years ago

      I agree with you. Holding Wright like this is setting up for disaster again. Mets could’ve gotten a good return for Reyes last season and stocked the farm system. Instead they got a 2nd round pick… Which was almost a third rounder.
      Now, as a Tigers fan… What do we have that entices the Mets? Turner and Castellanos I assume, but outside of that… I dunno.. Smyly maybe (I know that’s misspelled, but I’m working and too lazy to figure it out). I’m just not overly enthused by the farm system here in Detroit…

    • pdoubleu 4 years ago

      I agree with your sentiment that no player should be untouchable, particularly on a team that is clearly rebuilding.  However, I think the Mets front office probably views Wright as such for two reasons:

      1.  They have 1 – 1.5 years to see if he can recuperate some his value and they’re hoping that the modifications to Citi Field help to achieve that.

      2. They’re unwilling to endure the additional public backlash that would result from losing another homegrown all-star this off-season.

    • Patrick Beliveau 4 years ago

      Why would the Jays want Wright when they have Lawrie? Who’s better, younger and cheaper?

      • Let me guess…you’re a Jays fan? 

        Toronto fans have gotten pretty cocky for a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since Clinton’s first year in office.

        Lawrie is NOT better than David Wright. Sorry, guy. Half a season in the Majors does not get you even near David Wright. 

    • adropofvenom 4 years ago

      Why would the Mets trade Wright with 2 years of control (for the Mets) left when his value is at a low point? The problem is he wouldn’t return the package you think he’s worth because he’s coming off a down year. It makes no sense not to let him start next year with the Mets and rebuild his value in a literally rebuilt Citi Field. Even if the plan is to trade Wright eventually, the time for that is not now.

    • rundmc1981 4 years ago

      While I might agree with you about the “down year” theory and not selling low. However, the 3B market is so thin right now. Once Aramis Ramirez signs (for more than Wright would cost), there’s nothing left that wouldn’t require a position change if they were to sign someone. Considering Wright’s age, large home park, and successful short history, trading him might be the smartest thing to do this offseason. Another year without Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan hitting in front of him isn’t going to do anything for his numbers he hasn’t already done.

      A deal involving Wright and possibly Bobby Parnell would be enough to get their star 3B prospect (and untouchable) Nolan Renado away from them, not to mention a few smaller prospects, and possibly some dead weight (Eric Young Jr.).

  6. Don’t the Nat’s have Anthony Rendon…They should trade Zimmerman..maybe something like…

    Marlins get – A-Rod
    Nat’s get – Hanley – Sanchez – Betances
    Yankees get – Zimmerman

    • ok Fantasy GM….

      2 word… not happening

    • EightMileCats 4 years ago

      I don’t see that as a workable trade. I think you’re overvaluing Zimmerman slightly and Arod by quite a bit.
      Arod is a former superstar in decline with an albatross of a contact. He’s still good outside of the playoffs, but he’s not worth what he’s being paid now
      Han Ram is an extremely talented player just entering his prime… As is Zimmerman
      I can see a trade like that working to some extent, but the Nats wouldn’t be getting HanRam plus a top pitching prospect and a serviceable 1b… That’s too much… And I doubt the Marlins are interested in giving up HanRam for a subpar defending/declining hitting 3b who is in his mid to upper 30s

      • The Marlins would love A-Rod they need a Latin MegaStar to drive the Latin market…thats why they wanted Pujols so bad…His Contract is not such of an albatross if they unload Hanley’s 46mil on the Nat’s…Than his Contract would basically be 6 years 97mil…Thats a million times better than Pujols at 10 years 254mil..Plus they would get hell of revenue when he brakes the homerun record

        • EightMileCats 4 years ago

          Hanley has a team friendly contract for the most part.  Arod is getting paid for his past, not something a new team is going to want.  He’s out of his prime, has declining numbers, and has some injury issues.  
          If the Marlins really had to trade HanRam, and wanted a Latin ‘Megastar’..  They’re not looking at Arod.  They’re looking at Jose Bautista, Felix Hernandez, Miguel Cabrera, and to a lesser extent Carlos Quintan.  Not a has been who’s just chasing records at the tail end of his career.  
          I get it, you want HanRam on the Nats.  I would love to see him as a Tiger(but I’m not giving up Cabrera).  If you want HanRam, make a realistic trade… in your proposed trade, the Marlins are clear losers.  Find something they want, and see if you can make it work.  The issue you’ll find is not many teams want to move their Superstars.

          • No I just want Zimmerman or Wright on the Yankees…And It just made sense to me that A-Rod would be perfect for this new look Marlins team after they clearly wanted Pujols more than anything

          • EightMileCats 4 years ago

            I’m sure you could make a realistic trade to get Zimmerman or wright.
            But you’re parting with montero/and betances or the other B named pitching prospect I’m sure.
            Hell, the nats wand Gardy for cf… Why not him and Betances for Zimmerman. Yankees fill Grady’s spot with willingham or cepedes. Arod can dh

    • Hellz to the No. Not a 28 yo SS for a 36 yo 3Bman off steroids. Plus, include Sanchez AND Betances? You’re out of your mind. The Marlins are short a SP anyway. Don’t know why they would give up one of their Starters either. So much wrong with this. I’m sure the Yankees and the Nats would love this deal. 

    • Muggi 4 years ago

      Rendon is ready for the bigs? Since when?

  7. rundmc1981 4 years ago

    A report on the NL East and nothing regarding Prado/Jurrjens. Finally!

  8. frank_costanza 4 years ago

    The Phillies already have Omar Vizquel on their roster. . . his name is Wilson Valdez.

  9. LUWahooNatFan 4 years ago

    If Rizzo isn’t going to sign Darvish or Fielder, remaining big name free agents imo, I think it’s imperative that he extends Zimmerman for this off-season to not be considered a failure

    • FS54 4 years ago

      Given his injury history, I am still hesitant to hand him out a contract longer than 5 years.

  10. lefty177 4 years ago

    why does Pujols leaving the Cardinals lead to the Nats locking up Zim?

    • comish4lif 4 years ago

      Pujols leaving the Cards for the Halos underscores the point that – if you let your players get to the open market, anything can happen. And more than likely, someone will step up and overpay. If the Nats don’t lock up Zimm before he hits free agency, someone will make him a humongous offer. So, it’s better to overpay a little to keep him than to risk losing him.

      • ejr 4 years ago

        see also: Howard, Ryan; Utley, Chase; Amaro, Ruben “get me my checkbook”

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