Luhnow On Rebuilding, Free Agents, Payroll, Norris

Astros GM Jeff Luhnow made an appearance on Astroline Radio yesterday, discussing a variety of topics about the team. You can listen to the interview here, though Astros' senior director of social media Alyson Footer provided a partial transcript. Here are the highlights…

  • "[Our] plan involves us building from within, developing a system that can be productive and allow us to compete year in and year out," said the GM. "How long it takes until we’re competing year in and year out, I don’t know at this point."
  • Luhnow said they will "be a small market team for a few years" as they rebuild, meaning they will avoid big free agent contracts.
  • The Houston market is big enough that the Astros can support a large payroll, but the team has "milestones along the way that [they're] going to need to hit" if they want to approach $100MM.
  • The team plans to emphasize both scouting and statistical analysis to make the best decisions as they move forward.
  • Luhnow does not plan to trade right-hander Bud Norris. "He is a critical part of the plan moving forward," said the GM.

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