Mets Re-Sign Miguel Batista

The Mets re-signed righty Miguel Batista to a minor league deal, tweets Andy Martino of the New York Daily News.  They also added Fernando Cabrera, tweets's Anthony DiComo.

Batista, 41 in February, posted a 3.60 ERA, 4.7 K/9, 5.0 BB/9, 0.30 HR/9, and 44.9% groundball rate in 60 innings for the Mets and Cardinals last year.  He ended the Mets' season on a high note with a shutout against the Reds.

Cabrera, 30, posted a 2.71 ERA, 10.4 K/9, 3.7 BB/9, and 0.86 HR/9 in 63 innings for the Athletics' Triple-A affiliate last year.

So far this offseason, the Mets have also signed Chuck James, Garrett Olson, Rob Johnson, Lucas May, Val Pascucci, Omar Quintanilla, Mike Baxter, Adam Loewen, and Vinny Rottino to minor league deals.

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  1. bestes206 3 years ago


  2. jfretless 3 years ago

    It’s a wonder that MLB experience, albeit mediocre at best,  is weighted so much more than potential.  A 41 year old hanger on, will get a chance as long as there is anything left.  …rather than a rookie with great upside being given a shot.

    • greggofboken 3 years ago

      Which rookie with great upside were you referring to?  Chris Schwinden?  The cupboard at the upper levels is bare.

      • jfretless 3 years ago

        Not the Mets in particular, just as a general statement. Let’s use Mark DeRosa for an example. For the Giants, he did nothing for his time with the Giants. …being a clubhouse leader aside. Injured wrist. …but the Nationals sign him to a one year contract. Percentages would tell you the chances are slim that Mark Derosa will contribute much at all on field for the Nationals. But due to his past performance with the Braves and Cards, he will be given a chance, no matter how slim the returns are. Instead of giving a younger, cheaper, more upside, AAA utility player a the same shot.

        • Kurisu Rg 3 years ago


        • Joe Valenti 3 years ago

          If the player has upside wouldn’t you rather him start and develop at AAA then ride pine in the majors?

  3. slickwilliejihad 3 years ago

    the mets are just filling out roster spots with cheap veterans.  they are playing to win 6o games this year if they are lucky.  

  4. A 30-year old back of the bullpen type with a 10.4 K/9 in the PCL could be useful in NY

  5. m4r1n3r 3 years ago

    Wow Batista is still getting pitching jobs? I have not missed him one bit since he left Seattle.

  6. Hell of a AAA roster. Hopefully they will win at that level.

    • HobokenMetsFan 3 years ago

      probably not. There is talk of Buffalo bootin the Mets as their AAA affiliate since the team has been SO BAD the past few years…..

  7. At least Fred can still field the AAA team. It seems to be the Big League team he can’t afford

  8. ellisburks 3 years ago

    I hope Adam can get a fair shake back in the majors. His minor hitting numbers aren’t too bad except for the strikeouts. Go Canada!

  9. sdsny 3 years ago

    I don’t think there’s any chance that the Mets are anything but cellar dwellers next year.  Every team in that division either improved or was already good, while the Mets have regressed.  It’s gonna be a long year in Queens.

  10. alphakira 3 years ago

    Well, at least it’s not Aaron Heilman…

  11. DONNA BRAEMER 3 years ago


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