Rangers Co-Owner Prefers Hamilton To Fielder

With the Yu Darvish contract all wrapped up, the Rangers have found themselves in the middle of the Prince Fielder rumormill whether they like it or not. Team co-owner Bob Simpson told Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News that the slugging first baseman is likely not an option for them at his asking price, and that he'd prefer to re-sign his own star player.

"I think he's, given our set of cards, too pricey," said Simpson. "And if that were to change, I guess they would look at that harder. But right now I think he's priced himself out of what we could do."

"We've got guys, frankly, like Josh Hamilton I would love to see re-signed. And frankly, my personal preference at this moment would be to re-sign him instead of helping Fielder. We (the ownership group) could all debate that."

Simpson said yesterday that the team is operating at a deficit and will continue to do so until their new television deal starts in 2015. Extension talks with Hamilton were put on hold until Darvish and the club's arbitration-eligible players were signed, though assistant GM Thad Levine told Todd Hollandsworth and Jim Memolo on MLB Network Radio that the two sides were "in active discussions" yesterday (mp3 here).

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  1. $3513744 4 years ago

    Then get it done.

  2. Madman2TX 4 years ago

    Ugh. I hope this owner is just talking crud to throw other teams off, but I wonder. He needs to trust his people like JD to decide what’s best for the team and having Hamilton

    • Madman2TX 4 years ago

      Having Hamilton and Fielder together makes the team a better contender now. This mentality to keep aging injured players is great for the fans, but doesn’t make the team a winner…just ask the Astros.

    • I doubt “the team is operating at a deficit” is crud.

  3. Antiks 4 years ago

    ” helping Fielder” Strange word to use there…

    • Henduck 4 years ago

      Caught my attention too.  Interesting choice of words. 

  4. mmwatkin 4 years ago

    Wow. I don’t care if Fielder is more expensive. He brings way more to the table than Hamilton. Younger, better numbers, can play a full season, etc. 

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      the only thing prince has going for him over hamilton is health. health is important, but to say prince “brings way more to the table” is nonsense

      hamilton has been the better offensive player over the last two years, the better baserunner, and the better defensive player – at a much more valuable position

      prince has age and durability – and nobody is very sure how long the latter will last. but prince will also cost a lot more

      edit: even though 2009 is a clear aberration, i feel a little dirty leaving it out. but here’s how things look even adding in that lousy half-season:

      p.fielder: 15.3 WAR in 485 games (5.0 WAR per 160 games)
      hamilton: 14.1 WAR in 343 games (6.6 WAR per 160 games)

      • Exactly, thank you.

      • tomymogo 4 years ago

        The more valuable position is what Josh has going for him. But remeber he is about to turn 32-33 yrs old.

        • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

          he is about to turn 31

          good defense in LF would still be a lot better than bad defense at 1B. for equal money over equal years, i’d go with prince. but that’s not the choice

    • Better #s? You mean home runs? He can’t run like Hamilton, which hinders his defense and him on the basepaths…which is where alot of our game lies…speed on the basepaths.

      • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

        hamilton has actually hit for more power than prince over the last couple seasons, both in terms of extra-base hits and in terms of HRs per plate appearance

        • FS54 4 years ago

          I think both of you are right, but you are trying to undermine the injury aspect of Hamilton. When he is on the field, he is a great contributor. But how long does he stay? I think if Rangers can get Prince with a backloaded, opt-out clause included contract, they should go for it. They should also try to extend Josh, but not too many years.

          • It would be a slap in the face to Josh for us to pay Fielder his asking price, then try to lowball Hamilton. We still have to re-sign Kinsler, Napoli, Lewis, and Adams too.

          • FS54 4 years ago

            WOW lot of free agents after this season for you guys. Anyways, I understand Josh is a fan favorite but having him for a long contract given his injury history, not too confident I am.

          • You’re forgetting Michael Young as well. If you think he was ticked off about the signing of Beltre. He will blow his top and mean it this time, and then ask to be traded. His playing time would be hurt the most if the Rangers sign Fielder. He would have some options though. The Detroit Tigers, Baltimore Orioles, or Philadelphia Sillies. =P, they would be very interested. The Rangers have no place for Young, he’s the one who should or would  be upset. If the Rangers sign Fielder, there would be a bigger Soap Opera than the State of Texas itself!

          • rockfordone 4 years ago

            Young is in the top 20 players in baseball. Period – They don’t need Fielder – sure younger but is going to have a ton of health problems down the road. Why do you think no one has signed him. It is not money.

          • IndianaBob 4 years ago

            Young is in no way in the top 20 players in baseball.  He was tied for 62nd in hitters WAR last year at 3.8 and another 30 pitchers were also higher.  It was also his best WAR since 2006.

          • Young would be the DH and give people days off in the field. The Rangers would probably trade Moreland, so MY10 would be unaffected.

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            the rangers would be thrilled if michael young demanded a trade. he’s their biggest financial problem

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            ” you are trying to undermine the injury aspect of Hamilton”

            then i suck at doing that, since health is the very first thing i mentioned and i’ve highlighted the discrepancy in games played over the last 3 seasons

          • FS54 4 years ago

            then you quickly tried to downplay your own argument by pointing out how Hamilton is the better player and choice to extend, which I don’t necessarily disagree with. But like I said, more emphasis on his health is needed when in last 3 seasons, one player has missed close to one season (143 games) and other has missed just one game. demanding position or not, more athletic or not, I think the decision is not simple.

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            “quickly tried to downplay my own argument”? these are just weasel words you’re using. i didn’t do anything like that

            follow the thread. dude says prince brings more to the table than hamilton. in response to that comment, i acknowledge prince’s better health and then point out that hamilton actually brings way more to the table. better defense, better baserunning, better position, and better offense

            prince brings one thing to the table instead of 3+. he’s just at the table more often (how fitting is this analogy)

            i don’t know what you want done to ’emphasize’ the durability issue, but at least as much emphasis is needed for the contract issue. their asking prices are not similar

          • FS54 4 years ago

            then you quickly tried to downplay your own argument by pointing out how Hamilton is the better player and choice to extend, which I don’t necessarily disagree with. But like I said, more emphasis on his health is needed when in last 3 seasons, one player has missed close to one season (143 games) and other has missed just one game. demanding position or not, more athletic or not, I think the decision is not simple.

        • johnsilver 4 years ago

          As much of a non Fielder fan as I am.. Must point out that Hamilton has played half of his games at homer friendly Arlington, where Fielder may have played mostly in the NL, but not nearly as friendly of a home stadium.

          You are bang on with preferring a decent defensive OF over a pretty much liability at 1B tho IMO.

          • Miller Park isn’t hitter friendly? Give me a break…

          • johnsilver 4 years ago

            Not like Arlington. Balls fly out of there, like in every direction as they did out of LF at Fenway before they built the new press box.

          • Miller Park isn’t hitter friendly? Give me a break…

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            the stats i’m using to distinguish them are park (and league) adjusted

            i don’t have anything against fielder other than his contract demands

      • baseball52 4 years ago

        I’m sure he could disappear in the playoffs like Hamilton.

        • Hamilton had a torn groin muscle. I’d like to see you even get up off of the couch with that same injury.

          • baseball52 4 years ago

            I won a wrestling tournament with a partially torn MCL. Does that hold any weight?

            Also, he was in the playoffs before an hit sub .120 in two series.

          • I’m surprised that you would be so quick to discredit your rotation in SF. The Rangers as a team batted poorly in that Series.

            Oh and, yea, I bet everyone on here has played minor league ball.
            That’s great for you, but why come on here and knock a guy that nearly won the Series for the Rangers with a torn groin muscle with no pain medication, just because you won a HS wrestling tournament?

          • baseball52 4 years ago

            I’m not knocking him, but I totally disagree from the standpoint of a 1-5 year deal that Hamilton is better than Fielder. Hamilton is an aging outfielder and has durability issues, which you have stated yourself. That being said, I wouldn’t take either player on more than a 5 year deal.

            What he did with his torn groin was great from a standpoint of pain threshold, but he didn’t play well. You could argue that he hurt his team more than he helped it, but that’s with the great advantage of hindsight.

    • Rangersfan32 4 years ago

      You’d care of we sign Fielder then couldn’t resign a majority of Hamilton, Cruz, Kinsler, Adams, Napoli, and Andrus.

  5. diesel2410 4 years ago

    I don’t know why the Rangers are even interested in Fielder in the first place. Yes, he will make their lineup even more dangerous, but Moreland is more than capable of holding down that position. Their lineup is as good as it gets. If they focus on starting pitching, they have a team that could win the World Series year after year after year. If I’m Nolan, I try and see which starting pitchers are available via trade.

    • I’m pretty sure they’re waiting to see what develops with Felix or Kershaw. There isn’t anyone out there worth trading for right now.

  6. diehardmets 4 years ago

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Prince is 100% a better long term investment than Hamilton. He has better numbers, he’s younger, and he is never hurt. It would be a much better move for the Rangers to sign Prince now and collect the draft picks when Hamilton leaves because if they give him (Hamilton) the money he is asking for, they will be regretting it for a very long time. 

    • Tired_OF_FakeRumors 4 years ago

      Yeah but in my mind Hamilton plays a position much harder to fill and First base is covered pretty good with young, napoli and moreland.  But If we take positions played out of the equation then fielder is the better option by far.

  7. slider32 4 years ago

    It looks like Fielder goes to the Nats.

    • Eugene_in_Oregon 4 years ago

      If it (Fielder to the Nationals) hasn’t happened already, why now?  It would seem there is no market for Mr. Fielder at the current asking price (price = both dollars and years).  Mr. Boras will need to reset the market by coming down on the total price (most likely by reducing the length of contract he’s requesting, perhaps upping the yearly price a bit in doing so).  Once he’s done that, a new market will have to be established and develop.  That’s when the real bargaining will begin, as a lot of the teams now ‘out’ of the Fielder chase will suddenly be ‘in’ again.  This is going to take some time.

      • I think that the Nationals have realized that they are bidding against themselves. Boras may have screwed the pooch this year. I think that Fielder may have to take a shorter deal, like 3 years and $60-$69M.

    • Natsfan89 4 years ago

      Or the Ms, but I get the feeling Prince has no interest playing there.

      • Bleed_Orange 4 years ago

        At this point in his career he might be thinking legacy (hof) and if so he’s not going to be able to put up the necessary numbers in Seattle. 

        • JJ_Huber 4 years ago

          left handed power hitter hit well in Safeco Field. 

        • Nicholas Stuart 4 years ago

          Safeco is a better hitter’s park than Miller according to park factors–especially for LH’s.

  8. Nats should offer Prince 5 years 110m, not a dime more. I really don’t think there’s any other suitors if Texas is out

    • FS54 4 years ago

      Doubt that happens. That contract is too good a deal.

    • rockfordone 4 years ago

      There are a lot of suitors out there. But not over a three year contract. Teams project him just like his Dad. Overweight DH.

      • Shikikazu 4 years ago

        Sure his dad wasn’t as fat though and was taller too.

      • westcoastwhitesox 4 years ago

        Bingo.  Plus by now GM’s probably have a long list of Boras’ long term, team-hindering contracts they keep in mind during negotiations.

        • Ha! When Boras slides that absurdly thick client profile binder across the conference table before the meeting begins, I would LOVE to see a GM slide across an equally thick binder containing all of Boras’ horendous contracts, extensively breaking down in every facet just how much each one has completely and utterly screwed the respective club.

          • abbearden 4 years ago

            As much as we all keep hearing about these Boras player binders I would love to see one leaked out so we could all get a glimpse of what is really in there.

  9. westcoastwhitesox 4 years ago

    Regardless of the value & performance of prince, isn’t the problem that Boras is demanding some team sign up for a bad (too long) contract?  Apparently he’s declined offers of dozens of millions per year to the point that there are just a few (possibly undesirable) teams that can even consider the asking price.  No offense to those cities, but if my agent isolated all potential employers except the Mariners, Nats and Tex, I would fire him.  

    • cubsfan97 4 years ago

      Texas isnt really potential IMO.  I dont see them fitting more money into their budget unless its backloaded and they plan to let a few guys go next year.  Mariners are pretty bad, and probably wont be very good for a while.  Washington could be intriguing for him.  Theyve got a solid core to build around.  Adding Fielder this year, and probably a first full year of Harper in 2013, with Strasburg leading the rotation, as well as the other good young players on the team, they could take control of the NL East for a good while, and possibly string a WS or 2.  Washington has to be the best on the rise team right now, and they are shooting up.  I would take their offer if there was one.

  10. I’d take Hamilton over Fielder largely as a character guy in that clubhouse. Hamilton can be a great teacher in the clubhouse on what to do and to not do, given what he has gone through and his past troubles.

  11. Thizzie 4 years ago

    Prince is an overweight-cigarette smoker so not it’s not like he is Mr. Perfect.

  12. Once again, there is no medical proof to back that up. He gets injured busting his back to win ballgames. I’d take Josh and his natural ability over almost anyone in the league. If he were to stay healthy for an entire season he’d be the best player in the league, next to Kemp.

  13. Prince would be a great pick up, but Hamilton is cheaper. Plus he runs better, fields better, and a great leader in the lockeroom. When a guy is the face of your franchise you have to bring him back.

  14. Because the Rangers front office is spending money now. They will operate with a deficit until the new TV deal, which is fine with them I assume.

  15. slider32 4 years ago

    The Yanks clear over 400 million a year.

  16. baseball52 4 years ago

    Just because the Yankees spend a lot of money, doesn’t mean they run a deficit. That’s some of the most incredibly, faulty logic I’ve seen in a while.

  17. He’s a vegetarion. Last year, he played 162 games. He’s pretty durable.

  18. baseball52 4 years ago

    Overweight sluggers don’t have good longevity, whether it be durability wise or skill deterioration.

  19. cubsfan97 4 years ago

    He was a veggie, he hasnt been for quite a while now.

  20. seattle does have the money to get him

  21. I´m pretty sure about that, Jack Z loves Fielder, M´s have money to ge it done, Texas appears to prefer Hamilton extended than Fielder, plus, there are reports that Fielder race is between two american league teams, Mariners and Texas… So, GO M´s!!

  22. Rangersfan32 4 years ago

    Maybe they’ll win 70 games then!

  23. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    and play where? third base?.. or maybe the mariners can ask the league if they can have 2 Dh’s

  24. westcoastwhitesox 4 years ago

    I believe he was talking to Scott Boras there.

  25. Piro Espinal 4 years ago

    That’s why you’re not a GM.

  26. Why would we go after Bourn or Upton when we have Leonys Martin, Craig Gentry, and Julio Borbon that can all play CF?
    Also, Hamilton is going to be in LF this year.

  27. Oz10 4 years ago

    But Hamilton goes first to third a lot and gets some doubles with his speed that fielder would never get.

  28. This post is all kinds of wrong.

  29. cubsfan97 4 years ago

    He admits his cravings, and any former drug addict who says he doesnt crave them is lying.  Hamilton was a in a very dark place and was able to pull himself out and make something of himself.  People who are pathetic at life are people living in their parents basement, trolling on MLBTR.

  30. Once upon a time…Hamilton had problems. But he has overcome all of those problems.

  31. Tko11 4 years ago

    Wow, pathetic at life? His comeback has been remarkable. He understands he has made bad decisions in his past and is trying hard to move on. Everyone makes mistakes and he has been doing well since the addiction issues. The way you describe him is rather pathetic.

  32. I don’t think you know what you are talking about. Hamilton is a great player and seems like a great clubhouse leader. You just want to stir up trouble. And this is coming from and Angels fan.

  33. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    wow just wow Pete.

    no one is perfect, before you turn and criticize and look down at josh hamilton you should take a look at yourself.

    The fact that Josh went from a ditch to an MVP is truly an amazing story, and for you to call him pathetic at life really shows the kind of person you are..

    I’m serious when I say this, who do you think you are?

  34. PushDown 4 years ago

    Exactly what I was thinking. And if he signed with the Rangers he’d put up insane numbers, putting him in line for an even bigger contract next year.

  35. rpoabr 4 years ago

    That’s ridiculous. If he were to sign a one year deal for some insane reason, it would be closer to 25-30m. What if he was injured or had just a so-so year?

    He is a Boras client, he is just holding out to the last minute for the absolute best money. He will get a huge contact, it won’t be Pujols length but will be similar in annual salary. Maybe 6 -$130?

  36. rpoabr 4 years ago

    That’s ridiculous. If he were to sign a one year deal for some insane reason, it would be closer to 25-30m. What if he was injured or had just a so-so year?

    He is a Boras client, he is just holding out to the last minute for the absolute best money. He will get a huge contact, it won’t be Pujols length but will be similar in annual salary. Maybe 6 -$130?

  37. Brewers owner Mark Attanasio reportedly offered Fielder a lucrative one-year deal earlier in the off-season. 

    Naturally, Boras scoffed at such a proposal, but honestly, it would make sense.

    The interest of any current suitors that have been linked to him (Rangers, Blue Jays, Nationals, Cubs, Mariners) won’t subside. Now (mind you, these are all hypothetical), but…

    What if the Rangers make another deep playoff push only to come up short yet again. Nolan Ryan would probably overpay for Fielder AND sign 10 Cuban defectors/Japanese IFA’s.

    What if the Nationals and/or Blue Jays come dangerously close to upsetting the super powers in their respective divisions?

    What if the Giants phenomenal pitching staff secures a postseason berth, only to set the record for consecutive innings without scoring a run?

    What if the Cubs turn some heads and the rebuilding process takes a giant leap forward in 2012?

    I just listed very reasonable scenarios for each team. And, while it’s unlikely that all of them will come to fruition, it’s highly probable that 1 or 2 of them happen. 

    And that’s ALL Fielder needs- a team gets so close enough, decides it has a sustainable window of opportunity with just one more piece to put them over the top, and boom…Fielder gets his mammoth contract.

    But actually, now that I think about it, NONE of the aforementioned hypotheticals need to happen for Fielder to get paid.

    By this time next year, the Dodgers will be absolutely loaded. To quote a baseball executive, “they’ll be the Yankees west.” If Fielder wants his Pujolsesque contract, the Dodgers will certainly be able to give it to him.

    Obviously, the only negative to taking a 1-year deal is the possibility of injury, but considering his impressive durability thus far, that appears to be a minimal concern at this point.

  38. Leonys Martin is the Cuban CFer that we paid $16M. I’m pretty sure the job is his next season after a stint in AAA.
    Bourn and Upton are too expensive when we already have guys that can play.

  39. rpoabr 4 years ago

    Yankees overall make way more than most teams, the only thing that holds back their payroll from being any higher is the luxury tax that they prefer not to pay (at least not that much). That does include everything including the TV, they own the network where most teams just sign up with one of the existing networks.

  40. What were you just saying about non-factual irrelevant posts?

    Oh yea, here it is…

    “MLBTR needs to crack down on all these posts that either spout lies as facts or are just trolling.” – Pete

  41. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    dunno why you think it’s his appearance and not his ridiculous 10-year $200M+++ asking price

  42. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    wRC+ accounts for whatever stats you want to cherry pick as well as the ones you’ll prefer not to mention. it is a measure of total offensive output and it is adjusted for park and league factors. last 2 years:

    p. fielder 149
    hamilton 154

    durability is his problem. but he could probably hedge against that problem by moving to 1B/DH himself in a year or two, just like prince. in that case, he’s still an equally talented hitter who plays better defense, runs better, and costs less

  43. Rangersfan32 4 years ago

    It logical, but Hamilton will be cheaper, will require a much less risky deal, and is an absolute fan favorite here. And brittle bones? Really? Do you have any proof of this at all? Fielder may be younger but he plays a position not as valuable, an doesn’t play it very well at that. His body height/weight are also concerning. So I’ll take Hamilton on a 3-5 year deal for 17-20 mill over Fielder on a 8-10 year deal worth 22-25 a year.

  44. Jon Melton 4 years ago

    Im a Rangers fan and agree with Pete. I believe Fielder presents a better investment. But it also depends greatly on what Josh will settle for and if he wants 125 over 6,  then Fielder would be the man.  Too many risk factors with Hambone.

  45. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

     Sorry Pete, most hard core drug users don’t see health concerns come to fruition until there 50’s+

    there is absolutely NO scientific proof that Hamilton’s previous drug use will cut his career short.. It may affect his quality of life somewhere down the road, but not yet..

    Also, if we are going to talk facts, things like HGH and steroids cause just as much health concerns (if not more) for athletes, and look how many juice heads played well in to their late 30’s and 40’s.

  46. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    Actually, here you are right.. There are only 2 teams in all of the majors who don’t operate with a deficit, the braves and the jays. 

  47. baseball52 4 years ago

    If you don’t put any logical thought into it then why would you put it on the internet? Doesn’t seem logical to me either.

  48. Hamilton said last weekend that he doesn’t need an accountability partner. I think that’s a good sign.

  49. Hamilton will come cheaper than that if we negotiate with him before Spring Training this year. He just wants a fair offer, and he’s stated over-and over-and over again that he wants to be in Texas, and nowhere else.

  50. I think $90MM-$95MM is the ceiling on what Hamilton will be offered here.

  51. Disgustedfan 4 years ago

    Why all this hate about hamilton.  Didnt he dislocate his shoulder running into the catcher. Most of his injuries are just freak injuries like running into the wall. He plays all out all the time. He might play for a team I dont like but I like how he plays.

    I know prince fielder is like ironman now but you wait till he gets one leg injury and he cant recover. Same thing with CC sabathia those guys are going to retire when they are 35 because of knee injuries from their obesity.

  52. abbearden 4 years ago

    The CF position is one the team would like to get locked down in the near future but like Kyle said they signed Martin to a 5yr/$15mil deal last year so since he is already getting MLB money they will be waiting to see how he pans out officially before moving on. Of course sometimes you never know what actually happens in the course of a season if a good trade is proposed. 

    Martin did very well in AA last year and struggled a little at AAA so I think that’s why the Rangers don’t want to to rush him up too soon. I think ideally they will hope he plays well in AAA for half the season and then call him up. 

    Google the guy..there are some good stories and analytical projections on him.

  53. abbearden 4 years ago

    After reading much of these comments about Hamilton’s past affecting his physical durability I started to do some reading to see how valid that was. I will say as life long Ranger fan I have enjoyed not only the comeback success story of Hamilton but also his “all out” playing style. 

    Apparently certain types of prolonged drug use can result into bone loss. I read quite a bit but a good place to start is looking up an article by Tim Rogers called “Did Drug Use Land Josh Hamilton on the DL?”

    I would love to see Josh stay put In Texas  because of what he contributes to this team on and off the field. But I do understand that it’s a business and if the better bet is too go with a guy that can help this team maintain its dominance in the division then I’m sure we will all enjoy cheering on Fielder too.

  54. Nicholas Stuart 4 years ago

    Are you unfamiliar with how trades work in baseball?

  55. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

     yah trading smoak right now would be a great idea. thumbs up to you pal. sell low buy high, thats how you win baseball games!

  56. Just because Hamilton has freak injuries doesn;t mean at all that it’s related to drug use. You, and all the other Halos fans on here, like to try to get under people’s skin because you have nothing better to do with your lives.
    It’s hard to take you serious when you call me a homer yet you make it so obvious you hate the Rangers, which is the same EXACT thing.
    I hate the Angels, but I don’t go onto Angels threads all of the time and talk trash about your team.
    Btw, regardless of who we have, be it Hamilton or Fielder, the Rangers will still own the Angels. You can take that to the bank.

  57. Like you would know. We live here. We talk to Hamilton. We know him. You don’t.

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