Latest On Prince Fielder

9:20pm: Bob Simpson, a principal owner of the Rangers, said that the club is operating at a deficit and will until the new TV contract starts in 2015, but that doesn't automatically mean that Prince Fielder is not an option, writes Jeff Wilson of the Star-Telegram.

5:19pm: Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan said that it would be "pretty hard to think" that a deal with Prince Fielder would develop in an interview yesterday with ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM, writes Richard Durrett of  However, Ryan also conceded that things can always change as he added, "when you think you’re out of something, you get up the next day and find out opportunities exist." 

Meanwhile, Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated writes that the Rangers and Nationals each offer unique opportunities to Fielder.  The Rangers can win right away and can comfortably offer the slugger an opt-out clause.  The Nationals would allow Fielder to stay in the National League and play first base exclusively, but the club is seeking stability and wouldn't want to include an opt-out clause in a deal.  Verducci feels that the Rangers payroll can expand even further with a brand-new TV deal kicking in for the 2015 season.

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  1. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    With a team that is far from a guarentee like the Nationals, an opt-out clause isn’t too much to ask for. If they win then he won’t opt out but if they continue to struggle then he will, which is perfectly fair because the guy deserves to win and he’s pretty much granting the Nationals the privelage of having a slugger like himself on the team. That may sound unbeliveably cocky, conceited and stuck-up but hey, that’s the name of the game sometimes

  2. Jon Melton 4 years ago

    Yeah only established starter Felix,  now you have prospects but they are just that until the produce.

  3. Seanb1223 4 years ago

    The Rangers need to give Josh an ultimatum. Sign our offer or we sign Fielder.

    Let’s say Josh doesn’t sign before the season and negotiations break down. Do they trade him come July? Will fans revolt? Not if they keep winning.

  4. As a phillies fan i’d love to see prince go to the rangers

  5. hamburg2 4 years ago

    He’ll sign with the Nats tonight for 7 years, including a no-trade clause. I bet he’s in DC with Boras right now working out a deal with the Lerners and Rizzo

    • Rabbitov 4 years ago

      Or he’ll be introduced at Orioles fanfest tomorrow. 

  6. Prince to the Mariners will happen, just watch. M’s are lying in the weeds

    • Madman2TX 4 years ago

      More likely, the Mariners are face down in a ditch…

    • The M’s aren’t lying in the weeds because you’re smoking it all, apparently.

      • Disgustedfan 4 years ago

        If i could give that comment 10 likes I would. Funny

        • Thanks, I try. I could just log into my other 9 accounts on here and like it 😛 jk.

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      But to play where?? Unless you trade smoak there’s really no room.

      Montero’s not a catcher 

  7. The more I think about it, why should the Rangers sign Prince Fielder?
    How many more fans would it bring to the stadium? How many more TV viewers to Fox Southwest? Signing Prince Fielder would cost them money! In my opinion, signing Prince Fielder would be a drain on the cash flow. Also, as far as 1st Base production Napoli, Young, and Moreland do just fine!

    Prince would bring more fans to the Nats and Orioles for sure. The Nats would sell out I think and the Orioles would start to have a respectable turn out at the Yard again, maybe. As for the Mariners, I don’t know. PS With the Nats buying out Morse, they might not want to spend the money. So who knows.

    • Seanb1223 4 years ago

      Why should the Rangers sign Fielder? Because he would hit 50 for them. Because he would help them win.

      • Seanb1223 4 years ago

        50 HRs for them.

        • John Driscoll 4 years ago

          Oh, I thought he meant hit 50 for his ba. .050 is pretty good…

      • Rabbitov 4 years ago

        Call me nuts, but I agree with Lefty.  Contract-wise it really makes little sense for them.  

        • Chris1G 4 years ago

          Nuts (I don’t disagree with you you just said to call you Nuts)

          • Rabbitov 4 years ago

            If I had a business and any money, you’d be hired. 

    • Madman2TX 4 years ago

      I think it is more about stacking the team to win it all now that translating a Rangers Prince signing into profit. The “all-in” approach. There’s no denying the Rangers would be better with Fielder. I think the signing is gonna happen.

    • Not to mention the 50 hrs he would hit in Arlington.

    • hamburg2 4 years ago

      Morse was under team control through 2013 anyways so the deal didn’t really change much

    • JacobyWanKenobi 4 years ago

      I’m really hoping the Nats land him. I’m not saying this as a Yankee fan who doesn’t want the Rangers to get better, but as a baseball fan who is excited to see the Nats turning into a rather good club. I believe they’re on the verge of taking a big step up in the division.

      I think the second WC slot will increase the club’s motivation and drive. Also, Philly is an aging club and could be 1 or 2 key injuries away from despair

      Philly has 22 players on their 40 man roster over the age of 30. (1 player who is 30; Dontrelle Willis) Their starting line-up excluding SP is around 33-34 years.

      Add Prince along with Werth, Zimmerman, and Morse, and that’s not a bad group of hitters. Espinosa I think hit over 20hrs at 2B last year, but I’m not sure what to expect in 2012. Get to look at Harper as well.

      The Nats also have a nice group of young starters, adding Gio this winter.

      I predict Wang to be the 2012 miracle player. (long shot)

    • bluelineswinger 4 years ago

      In truth, the Nats didn’t buy out Morse.  They had him under club control through the 2013 season anyway.  They just assured what it would cost.  There’s no option year beyond 2013.

    • AlKelz 4 years ago

      The Rangers would want Prince Fielder for only one reason , to win it all. After the last two seasons , anything other than a World Series win will be a disapointment . Signing Fielder is overkill for the Rangers , but that may be the plan . Overload the team with talent and go for it all next year.

      I still think the Rangers sign him. They are trying to use the Darvish signing to bring down his price but other than the Nationals , he has no other strong suitors . A dark horse team could emerge ( Marlins , M’s , Blue Jays ) but the Rangers are the best fit . As for the Orioles getting involved , forget about it 😉

    • They should sign Fielder because then the team will improve over last season.  The Angels have improved significantly and Rangers have stayed about the same.  It’s never a good thing when you plateau and your biggest competitor improves markedly. 

  8. hamburg2 4 years ago

    He’ll sign with the Nats tonight for 7 years, including a no-trade clause. I bet he’s in DC with Boras right now working out a deal with the Lerners and Rizzo

  9. Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

    I like how the title says “latest on Fielder,” then the entire article is the latest on the Rangers.

    • Hand in hand man

    • Its the Rangers stating reasons they won’t sign Fielder.  Although the fact they are losing money is a pretty good one, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t bid against themselves to get Fielder.

  10. I think its between the Rangers and Nationals. The Marlins could possibly be a sleeper but not Seattle.

    • I don’t think its “between” anyone, Boras is waiting until all of the players are in a position to bid on Fielder’s services.  This won’t happen until Boras has a chance to talk to the Dodgers new owner.

  11. Wes9825 4 years ago

    “Win right away”….except for the Big Daddy.


  12. The Rangers can win right away? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  13. Jimmy81999 4 years ago

    Personally I believe Prince will sign with the Nationals.  But if I were the Rangers, and I know I’ll have people disagreeing with me, I’d Sign Fielder, say to a 7/8 year deal with the option of an opt out.  Then rather than having Hamilton throughout, with their depth of hitters, I’d turn around and trade Hamilton. 

    You use the trade to fill in other holes (Better quality SP) or at the least to fill up their farm system with top tier talent.  Having Hamilton would be a luxury that the Rangers can afford to let go, especially if they’re not willing to give him at least a 5 yr deal, which is what he’s seeking, Then you’re better off trading him rather than just losing him via free agency. 

    P.S. If they did look into trading him.  Wouldn’t Hamilton look nicely in a Washington Uniform?  Then the Rangers would be able to get one of their stud young arms (Lannan or Zimmermann possibly also Storen who can compliment Nathan if he isn’t successful in coming back) along with another prospect or two.  For this to happen of course Hamilton would have to agree to an extension, and would fill the Nationals desire for a starting CF. (He can also easily be moved over to left with Werth playing in CF and then Harper eventually in Right and Morse staying at 1B).

    Just food for thought.

    • Natsfan89 4 years ago

      Zimmermann and Storen aren’t going anywhere. If the Nationals want Hamilton in CF they’ll wait until 2013.

      • Jimmy81999 4 years ago

        Are you so sure about that?  Remember this is the same team that wanted to trade Storen for Denard Span only to have the twins back out of the deal.  Are you telling me they wouldn’t rather have Hamilton over Span?

        And remember, I said the key is if he agreed to an extension, why would you want to compete with him on the open market when you can lock him up right now and most likely for a better club friendly contract . . . do you think that Hamilton wouldn’t jump at the 5 yr 90-100m deal?  Or do you think he’d rather risk it and possibly  get injured, ultimately costing himself money when he becomes a FA, Remember, he is injury prone.

        Personally I don’t think it’s a far fetched Idea, and as I said before A Zimmermann/Lannan type along with a Storen and others.  With their wealth of Starting Pitching depth, I think it’s also a trade that the Nats can afford to do. See for yourself:


        That’s 7 Starting Pitchers right now on their roster and that’s not including all the others in their farm system.  I don’t think if the Nats had the chance . . . that they wouldn’t jump at the opportunity.   They’d be ready to at the least to compete for the Wild Card right now.  They’d jump at the chance I think if it equated to playoffs.

        • well Hamilton has made it known..7yr 126mil is gona be starting  point for new contract..he is using Jason Werth as his model..i dont think the Nats can afford both..if you wanted to spend that money..spend it on Prince..4 yrs younger

          • Bret Wask 4 years ago

            Agree.  The Nats should be targeting Fielder right now, and probably Upton or Bourn after the season.  Victorino seems likely to resign with Philly.

          • Jimmy81999 4 years ago

            You seem to be missing the point of my argument.  I agree I’d rather have Fielder, my point is IF Fielder chose to sign with the Rangers rather than the Nationals . . . Then Hamilton could possibly become a back up option for them.  Especially when you consider the next few years free agent crop to come out.  The only other legit, power hitting left handed bat the will be entering the market any time soon will be Votto.  So I think its an option to consider.

        • Natsfan89 4 years ago

          Well for one I don’t think Hamilton will hold up longterm as an everyday CF. Two, there’s a bunch of CF the Nats could sign (Bourn, Victorino, Sizemore, Pagan Upton, and potentially Granderson). The Nats desperately need a legit leadoff hitter.

          Plus the whole point of trading for Gio was so that they had their top 3 under club control for the next 5-6 years. If Zimmermann pitches 200 innings this year look for him to get an extension similar to what Gio got.

          And really trading Peacock, Milone and Cole pretty much gutted the Nats of any guys close to the majors.

          • Wrek305 4 years ago

            You put Pagan with those guys, Wow. You clearly don’t watch much baseball do you.

        • Bret Wask 4 years ago

          I’m a Nats fan, but the Rangers have 7 or 8 starters that are better than Lannan. 2 or 3 of them are going to end up in the pen (making Storen less of a need).  I dont see why they would do this deal.

          Martin Perez

          • Jimmy81999 4 years ago

            How about to stockpile players assuming that you’re not going to re-sign Hamilton, this is again if you read my original post . . . If they were to sign Fielder.  So if you’re going to let him walk . . . why not get more depth with young pitching?  Especially since you can never have enough (Injuries) and on top of that they’re pretty much set at all the other positions for the next several year.

            Btw. they can also eventually use the excess top tier pitcher in future trades.  Hence recycling talent to meet your teams needs.

            And one last thing . . . Lewis will be 33 and had an e.r.a in the mid 4s and has a career e.r.a. of abt. 5.00, Feldman will be 29 with a career era of 4.75, Ogando finally made it to the big leagues at the age of 28 and actually had to be sent to the bullpen do to getting lit up.  He finally settled in the bullpen.  Then with Feliz, he has never started.  And that’s just 4 question marks that I mentioned. 

            Can you honestly say that you’d be content with that rather than stock piling?  Especially if as I said, we’re going wit the hypothetical situation of the Ranger signing Prince and letting Hamilton walk.

            And Don’t forget who’s running the show, Nolan Ryan, he loves pitchers, especially work horses, and the guys that I mentioned fit that profile, especially Lannan who happens to also be a Lefty  . . . You can never have to many of those!

      • If the Nationals want Hamilton in CF they’re nuts.

  14. how many of you think that the mariners actually have the highest offer out there but he does just does not want to go there?  [possible reasons: the young lineup, the difficult ballpark to hit, travel, having to dh…] 

    i actually like the mariners youngsters better than the nationals… 

    • slider32 4 years ago

      That could be, seems players are going where they want over money in some cases. Look at Pena, he just signed with the Rays for 2.5 less than last year. I heard the Indians offered him more. If it were me, I would sign with the Nats, I think you would have a better chance of winning in the NL over AL West, plus the travel is brutal.

    • $3513744 4 years ago

      I don’t think they have the highest offer, but I also don’t think he wants to play there.

  15. I think its funny how most of you discount Seattle’s possibility of signing Fielder. How many of you saw the Cliff Lee deal happening? Jack Z has some smarts and does his homework. If Prince doesn’t sign here I think you will find that it was because Jack didn’t want to offer him the big dollars or the long term deal. Jack wants to build a sustainable team that will win for an extended period of time. Signing Prince may or may not hinder that in his eyes.

    If you think that hitting in the safe is difficult you had better think again. Left field is a hitters dream and with a short porch it makes no sense to think that would deter Prince from Seattle. You would find MANY athletes love the Seattle area. The M’s are in this just as much as anyone. Jack Z doesn’t let anyone know his intentions or possibilities. Smart baseball man.

    • It makes SOME sense—but if Justin Smoak is all together next year, that leaves him without a major-league position.

      As I see it, Fielder’s price will drop as I think that the Nationals may be having second thoughts…the Rangers could offer less as Texas has no state income tax and it would come out more in real money.

      @slider32:disqus (slider32) – how much more did the Indians offer him? Also keep in mind that Florida, like Texas, has no state income tax.

      • Washington also does not have a state income tax.  FWIW.

        • Bret Wask 4 years ago

          Washington absolutely has an income tax.  Maybe it is not a “state” income tax, but the city definitely takes taxes.  I hope we nab him but that is not a selling point.  

    • Rabbitov 4 years ago

      I don’t discount it, Seattle was 30th in offense last season.  Which is reason for Seattle to sign him and for him to not to want to sign. 

    • Bret Wask 4 years ago

      If Seattle signs Fielder they could possibly have a pretty good offense in a few years if Smoak figures it out, if Montero can stick at catcher, and if Franklin develops into a force at SS.  So there are 4 “ifs”.  That pretty much sums up how close they are to a good offense.  

      • I agree that there are “ifs” in the Seattle lineup. But when you have a BUNCH of young talented kids it doesn’t take too long to develop into a solid team. IE Tampa Bay. They likely traded too much of their talent away to sustain a winning team but the concept of drafting and building a team around talent does work. Yes there may be a few “ifs” right now but the more “ifs” you have the more you increase your chances of becoming a great team. Right now you are seeing Jack Z load up the Ms farm system with “ifs”

  16. Disgustedfan 4 years ago

    Since fielder hasnt signed yet what if nobody offered him a contract at all and he was forced to take minimum wage. Is there a law that says a team has to pay him 20 mil a year. I mean what would he do about it if everybody offered him minimum wage and that was the highest offer he got. Would he retire?

    • Seanb1223 4 years ago

      Excellent question. Wait. What?

    • RahZid 4 years ago

      The MLBPA would sue MLB for collusion and they’d have an excellent case.

      • $3513744 4 years ago

        Especially since he’s not going to play for less than the hotdog vendors.  A Japanese team would easily sign him for $10 an hour.

    • Bret Wask 4 years ago

      Uhh, when 30 teams found out that the minimum was the top offer, 30 teams would up their offer.  Then when 30 teams discovered that say, $1M was the top offer, another 30 teams would top the offer.  Then when they found out that $5M was the top offer, 25 teams would top their offer… and so on.

      That would continue until someone offers something like $180M/8 or $200M/9.  Most likely the Nationals or Mariners, but possibly Texas or Toronto.

  17. If no ones gonna sign him, lets see him go to the Indians for 6.00mm

  18. I think that the Nationals will eventually sign Fielder, but a price closer to THEIR liking…they have to realize that they are probably bidding against themselves. It isn’t as though there is a bidding war brewing as there was when Mark Teixeira was a free agent after 2008, with the Chicago Cubs out of the picture (with Teixeira, a bidding war ensued between the Yankees and Red Sox).

  19. danistheguy 4 years ago

    O’s. Begin flame.

    • Rabbitov 4 years ago

      I actually think its possible.  The percentage of possibility rises every day. 

  20. Ronlacroix 4 years ago

    Fellow M’s fans
    Don’t get excited by these boys on here trying to talk big – they can’t help it, they listen to ESPN and they think they know something. We know they don’t – we’ll get the last laugh.

    • Jon Melton 4 years ago

      Last laugh to go along with last place.

      • $3513744 4 years ago

        I don’t know, those A’s are going to be tough to beat.

  21. tomymogo 4 years ago

    What I would do if I were Texas, a very drastic move. Trade Josh Hamilton to TORONTO for Sergio Santos, Eric Thames, and Colby Rasmus, then sign Prince Fielder.

    2B Ian Kinsler
    SS Elvis Andrus
    DH Michael Young
    1B Prince Fielder
    RF Nelson Cruz
    3B Adrian Beltre
    CF Colby Rasmus
    C Mike Napoli
    LF Eric Thames

    And David Murphy on the bench ready to come in when Cruz gets injured and for defensive purposes.

    • Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

      Santos, Thames and Rasmus for 1-year of an injury-prone LFer? No thanks. Midaswell sign him in free agency at that point.

      • tomymogo 4 years ago

        You’re talking about a former mvp. A ranger fan might think I’m crazy. Really what is Colby Rasmus? He is a wild card, Thames is pretty good, and Santos is awesome specially considering his contract.

        But imagine having Bautista, Hamilton and Lind in the same lineup. And they could easily sign Francisco Cordero.

        2B Kelly Johnson
        SS Yunel Escobar
        CF Josh Hamilton
        RF Jose Bautista
        1B Adam Lind
        3B Brett Lawrie
        DH Edwin Encarnacion
        LF Travis Snider/Ben Francisco
        C JP Arencibia

        Maybe that at least gives them a chance to compete on that division.

        • No thanks sir, you can keep your former mvp player sir.

        • I wouldn’t trade Hamilton for them. I’d rather take a stab at another WS with a full lineup.

          • Stark2k 4 years ago

            Same, the Rangers have a good org up and down the extra pieces short term (relative to getting draft picks) would be nice but are not particularly needed.  What is needed is a world series title, and the 2012 roster with Fielder and Hamilton would be stacked. 

            Of course, the Yankees are stacked too and the Redsox/Angels/Rays are quite good and the playoffs are fairly random… but its the best chance to win a series anyway. And that would be one fun season to watch, should be a 100 game winner.

          • Stark2k 4 years ago

            Same, the Rangers have a good org up and down the extra pieces short term (relative to getting draft picks) would be nice but are not particularly needed.  What is needed is a world series title, and the 2012 roster with Fielder and Hamilton would be stacked. 

            Of course, the Yankees are stacked too and the Redsox/Angels/Rays are quite good and the playoffs are fairly random… but its the best chance to win a series anyway. And that would be one fun season to watch, should be a 100 game winner.

  22. optionn 4 years ago

    There is too much collusion going on.  This guy should be fetching 10 year $240ish million dollar offers all day long. 

    • CommissionerBart 4 years ago

      You are welcome to express your opinion, Mr. Boras, but the market seems to have spoken about the expected length and quality of productivity for a player grossly out of shape and apparently personally indifferent to getting in shape and being the very best athlete he can be.

      Still, you may fool some team into bidding against themselves on the pretext a mystery team exists. But your tricks and deceptions become ever more transparent.

    • If you really look at his production, it’s less than half of Albert’s from age 21-27.  Fielder didn’t have a full season unti age 22 (one year less than Pujols) but that only makes his production half that of Albert’s!  He should not get anywhere near the deal Pujols got.

  23. Madman2TX 4 years ago

    Just read a rumor elsewhere that a deal between the Rangers and Fielder is 90% done. We’ll see if the rumor spreads later today…

      • Stark2k 4 years ago

        Incaracerated freakin’ Bob on twitter.

        Ignore it completley, its just some random guy who spouts off a bunch of random rumors, touts the 10% that happen to be right and has somehow gained something of a following. 

        I’d love for the Rangers to sign him, but this guy knows nothing.

    • I haven’t seen that anywhere.

  24. East Coast Bias 4 years ago

    Sign a one year deal then go to the Dodgers next year. That’s what I would want Fielder to do, as unrealistic as it seems. 

  25. WS Champ Lineup 


  26. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    The fact that the jays haven’t swooped in and signed him yet is really sad. 

  27. Wrek305 4 years ago

    I’m surprised he hasn’t signed yet he was a bigger FA then Pujols. He’s in his prime and 7 years younger I would take Fielder over Pujols any and everyday of the week. I still say he goes to Texas.

    • 7 years younger? On paper no, but maybe lol

      • Wrek305 4 years ago

        Fielder 27 Pujols real age at least 34 7 yr different. Fielder much better player. Pujols past his prime he has maybe 2 yrs 3 if he’s lucky.

  28. Ronlacroix 4 years ago

    Texas is just posturing to keep the Fielder bidding up to make it expensive for the M’s to acquire him.

  29. is it possible to bet on this in vegas? 

  30. slr5607 4 years ago

    Is Boras slipping a little bit?  I don’t think this Rangers thing is a Slam Dunk.  I am sure it could still happen, but I think the ball is in the Rangers hands now.  They will control the negotiations going forward.

    I don’t think Fielder wants to play in a lot of the cities that are being talked about. If he did, I think there would be a much better chance that he would be in DC or possibly Toronto.  

    If Prince was to change his mindset and go after a heavy loaded short term deal, Prince could end up making a lot more money.  I think if he put himself out there asking for a 3 year, 84 million dollar deal (27 million per year) he would probably get MORE teams interested.  The problem is not the money per season right now…it is the years on that overweight body.  If he could finish that 3 year deal healthy, he would be in line for a HUGE contract at age 31.

    Until then…it is going to be a big question mark as to who is really interested.

  31. hahahahahahah^^^ NOT smfh

  32. hahahahaha…. offensive nucleus? prince and who? figgins? aging ichiro? pitching staff? sorry, felix doesnt make a staff by himself. getting fielder brings the mariners to a 10 under 500 team at best. without him, they might be baseballs version of the 0-16 Lions. sorry bro

  33. Madman2TX 4 years ago

    …and magical unicorns and faeries transformed the Mariners into contenders with money to burn?

  34. vtadave 4 years ago

    Have you heard of any of these guys?:

    Dustin Ackley
    Jesus Montero
    Trayvon Robinson
    Kyle Seager

    Now obviously these guys haven’t accomplished anything, but there’s some upside on this team.

  35. Edgar Martinez 4 years ago

    You mention Ichiro and Figgins over Mike Carp and Jesus Montero? Over Ackley and Smoak?

  36. PennMariner 4 years ago

    “Offensive nucleus? prince and who? figgins? aging ichiro?”
    The Mariners now boast one of the more intriguing young offensive cores in the game, centered around Dustin Ackley, Justin Smoak, and now Jesus Montero. Mike Carp also showed that he could be a substantial part of the picture with a solid second half last season. Although relatively unproven, this core is major-league ready and if all goes well, they could catapult the Mariners into contention by as early as 2013. While none are sure things, the group’s sky-high upside is unmistakable. Nick Franklin has a glove that will stick at short and a bat that has flashed plus power for the position. He could be ready by 2013.

    “sorry, felix doesnt make a staff by himself.”Well that’s alright, because we have three of the best pitching prospects in baseball, with two of them currently on track to make their debuts in 2012: southpaws Danny Hultzen and James Paxton. Taijuan Walker is a few years away, but his upside is arguably the highest of the three.

    “getting fielder brings the mariners to a 10 under 500 team at best. without him, they might be baseballs version of the 0-16 Lions. sorry bro” Assuming that a replacement level team amounts to around 43 wins, if this statement were even remotely true, Prince would be a +33 WAR player (I apologize for using terms that you likely do not understand). And if the Mariners were to be baseball’s version of the 0-16 Lions, that would technically translate into a team with a 0-162 record. Not plausible!

    So, by trying to sound witty, you just proved to the internet that your knowledge of major league baseball (and logic, for that matter) is nonexistent! Was it worth it?

  37. padresfuture 4 years ago

    If the M’s were to pull off Prince Fielder… Ichiro, Ackley, Prince, and Montero… would easily be one of the best top of the order’s in baseball.

  38. Robert5286 4 years ago

    A team has to start somewhere. They sign Fielder and it improves every hitter in Seattle’s lineup. From there,they build aroud him. Money should not be an obstacle for this franchise.

  39. Dylan 4 years ago

    Nick Franklin.

  40. I heard of Montero and none of the others.  Which says something about the others …

  41. Don’t forget about Mike Carp. Kid can mash.

  42. slr5607 4 years ago

    this will be a very solid core in the future.  I wouldn’t expect their potential to all peak this year however.  Getting Fielder on a long term deal would make sure he was hitting clean up when they all did reach their peak.

  43. michael hughes 4 years ago

    You’ve never heard of Dustin Ackley? I think that says more about you than him…

  44. harmony55 4 years ago

    I’m embarrassed for you.

  45. What’s that, Edgar? I didn’t hear you the first four times.

  46. haha!!! GO PADRES!!!! Oswalt for 1yr 7mm and trade Clayton Richard

  47. JacobyWanKenobi 4 years ago

    I think he thinks it is also. Or maybe he wants me to think he thinks it is, but really he think I think he thinks I think it isn’t.

  48. Do you agree or disagree?

  49. Rabbitov 4 years ago

    Poor little guy, never got over that stutter. 

  50. slider32 4 years ago

    Fielder isn’t going to the Mariners.

  51. Robert5286 4 years ago

    Exactly why Fielder would be he right guy to put in the middle of the young players you mentioned.

  52. Gary J Hill 4 years ago

    So you have Carp and Smoak and you want Fielder too.    First Base will be heavily manned.

  53. Rabbitov 4 years ago

    I’ve spent the last year trying to come up with a joke for him with Tim Salmon.  

  54. Seanb1223 4 years ago

    Thank you.

  55. PennMariner 4 years ago

    Forget the nomination process, he’s already won.

  56. Jon Melton 4 years ago

    The thing is every team has prospects ,  and until the produce  in the Majors thats all they are.

  57. Rabbitov 4 years ago

    That’s pretty optimistic.  

  58. Rangersfan32 4 years ago

    In the AL alone, Texas, NYY, Boston, LAA, Det (even without Martinez), and Toronto are all far better. Then you’ve got teams like Cincy, Arizona, and Philly (with Howard).

  59. harmony55 4 years ago

    Not if Mike Carp stays in leftfield and the other two share the 1B/DH duties while Jesus Montero catches.

  60. Robert5286 4 years ago

    One of them can be the DH. The other  becomes a trade chip.

  61. I have to agree with your assement here Njctwa of the tone Egar used but I have to disagree with your reassessment of the team. I am not going to pretend I am some sort of Mariner expert because I am not lol in fact I am a fan of a team you probably hate more than death and taxes (I am sure you can figure it out lol). What I am though, is an avid baseball fan who doesn’t just know the name of the starting cast of his favorite team but rather someone who knows the difference between “Prospect” and “Talent.”

    Outside of Carp, Ackley (who worked wonders for me in fantasy this past year), Smoak ( Who I think is personally overrated partially indicated by his SLUG) and Casper Wells (who I think will have a nice rebound year for you guys) your  Roster currently feilded is to put it nicely “Below Average.” Lets be honest we both know the Mariners are rebuilding. Now in regards to “Montero” who I know EXTREMELY WELL (you should know by now who my team is lol) he is a TALENT for sure but their is some unsettling facets about him. Down in Scranton and in Trenton Jesus had a few run-ins with the manager and has been pegged as a sort of “hot-head.” That is not in its self a bad thing but when you add in his defense or lack thereof it does not paint a pretty picture. That being said, I would project him to be a Manny Ramirez “light” type player with the defensive prowess of a 55 year old Bill Buckner lol.  All the other players you and the other person named are still “prospects” so there is alot of UNKNOWNS with them.

    As for your pitching, that is different animal entirely. You gave up arguably the best pitching TALENT and PROSPECT in that trade to get Montero. Mr. Campos was rated #5 in Baseball instincts rating of the Mariners pitching prospect pool and we all know that Pineda has some serious talent himself. Now, the Mariners have some interesting “prospects” in there farm system but no real “talent” that can be clearly pointed out. Outside of King Felix and Vargas their are HUGE question marks in that starting rotation nevermind the mess that is their BULLPEN. Shrill and League are what I call “inconsistent surprises” one minute they can shut out the world the next minute they can’t get the ball remotely near the zip code. That can be inning to inning or season to season but until ether of those two RP string together 2 or 3 consecutive solid seasons I would be weary of what is to come. Lets just say, pitching is not the Mariners strong suit right now.

    Then we get to Mr. Fielder and his impact on the Mariners IF he would sign with them. The impact of an acquisition of a talent like Prince is extremely hard to measure without first seeing how he jells with his team and manager.  Princes WAR or WINS ABOVE (AAA or AAAA) Replacement last year was 5.2  which is an ALLSTAR caliber performance. Considering the league change, the amounts of walks he would receive and the competitive nature of the teams he’d face I think that number would drop to maybe 4.5 which still by all accounts is good. The thing that makes him desirable though is indicated by his RAR ( Runs Above Replacement) which was 52 last season ( if I am not mistaken that alone accounts for 1/4th of what the Mariners scored in total last year ?) which would go UP due to the amount of walks he would receive. Considering everything I think he would add maybe 10 more wins to the Mariners as constructed now but that would only allow you to MATCH last seasons W/L lol. Fact of the matter is he has Scott Boras and the Mariners just do not have the capitol nevermind the position availability (Smoak and a Aging Ichro) to even interest him.

    In conclusion, I would say, unless there is some major break throughs and some more talent infusion the Mariners are probably 4-5 years removed from competing for Playoff Birth. In the end PITCHING wins championships and that is just something the Mariners do not posses at the current moment. Like I said, Edgars remakes were definitely “Red Herrings” but the premise he presented (minus maybe the Prince prediction) are largely true. I wish them the best this year but I think they will finish even lower then they did last year.

  62. Robert5286 4 years ago

    Sorry,but Montero does not equal up with Peneda,unless he becomes a decent cather and hits up to what is expected.

  63. sonofsnake 4 years ago

    No real talent?  Hultzen, Paxton, Franklin, Walker, Catricala, Castillo, Pimentel, Peguero, Miller…  Do you make a point of talking about things you know nothing about?  Seriously Bro, do your homework.

  64. sonofsnake 4 years ago

    LAA, Toronto and Det-Martinez?  I lol’d

    Good job finding three teams in the AL that would have a better top of the order than the M’s would have though.

  65. 95isOver 4 years ago

    I agree with this guy, although throwing Philly in there is a stretch.  Howard is pretty overrated.  And most everyone else is old.

  66. There is a HUGGGGE difference between TALENT and PROSPECTS.. lol look at it this way, “Prospects are like Apples flowers” and Talents are like ripening Apple fruit ! Prospects can become Talents but Talent can become Stars but that doesn’t mean they ever will develop into those higher rolls lol I am not saying the Mariners farm system is terrible I am saying, that they do not have MLB READY Players who can produce right now lol some of those guys are 2 – 3 years away, others project to be bottom of the end rotation or ulitity role players. When it comes to young pitching, its extremely hard to develop “MLB type Talent.” A few of those guys you listed will probably be AAAA type players just because there game does not translate to the next level.. Like I said, the Mariners are 4-5 years away from competiting for a playoff birth unless things “drastically” change!

  67. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    I hope you mean catches throws from infielders at first base. 

  68. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    Brett Lawrie played less than 50 games last year and was worth more WAR than any offensive player on the mariners for the WHOLE year..

    Jays may lack starting rotation depth, but Escobar, Johnson, Bautista, Lawrie is a much better offensive core than anything the mariners will be trotting out soon.

  69. jigokusabre 4 years ago

    Never said he was.

  70. $3513744 4 years ago

    Don’t mind him, he’s getting old.

  71. Robert5286 4 years ago

    Don’t say that to the stat geeks who think the only way to build a team is with unproven prospects.

  72. Robert5286 4 years ago

    Fielder could be the guy that could put Toronto in the thick of it. They owe it to Bautista to put a feared slugger before or behind him,and they owe to the fans to produce a winner.

  73. Robert5286 4 years ago

    No. They can’t afford him.

  74. AND the Angels have that guy Trout

  75. tdot32 4 years ago

    fielder is not necessarily “the guy”, and we need to build a strong rotation for the next few years before the jays can become contenders.

  76. Gotta Disagree with you on this. Pineda had 1 solid season and struggled greatly in the second half of the season. This was the first year mind you that he was able to stay healthy. DO you realize that Noesi (spelling) has been throwing gas in the winter league? And he seems to be getting lost in this discussion. Pinead is IMO no more of a TALENT then any of the other names in the Mariners system. ALL these kids have talent, but talent doesn’t always equate to success. Just look at your boy Wang….. he was a hell of a talented pitcher, who fell off the face of the earth. Yes, these are all just PROSPECTS but the reality is we have one of the strongest talented farm systems of pitchers in baseball.
    You keep spending 200 mill a year to get to the ALCS and lose and us over in Seattle will continue to build from the bottom up. 3-5 years is a joke. When Hultzen and Paxon come on board half way through season you will realize that they are TALENT, not prospects. Every baseball expert out there today states that the ONLY reason we let Pineda go is because we DO have the best young arms in the game. Not we MAY have the best young arms in the game. Ms are competing next year and weather we sign Prince or not is really irrelevant. Jack Z has shown the ability to acquire the players he wants. ANd when you have a system full of stud pitchers it allows you to do just that.

  77. PennMariner 4 years ago

    Dustin Ackley isn’t a prospect. 

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