Rangers Notes: Darvish, Fielder, Hamilton

It's been nearly a month since the Rangers won the bidding for Yu Darvish, which means the deadline for a deal is approaching. The Rangers have until 4pm CDT Wednesday to work out a deal with the Japanese right-hander. Here’s the latest from Texas…

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  1. InLeylandWeTrust 3 years ago

    Oh boy! Deadline’s today!

  2. Jon Heyman sure loves shilling for Boras, huh?

  3. I’d rather see Texas get Fielder. Imagine how many home runs he would hit at Rangers Ballpark! I still am not on board with Darvish. There has been too many Japanese pitchers that have failed.

    • There have been too many white pitchers that have failed too!

    • MrMojoRisin420 3 years ago

      John Daniels and the Texas scouting is second to none. Ranger fans should have faith that if they want to invest this much in him…. He is worth it. Dice-K is a pudgy junk baller, Darvish regularly hits 95+ during starts. This deal will get done. I’m on pins and needles, but nonetheless he WILL be signed.

  4. cardsfan209 3 years ago

    If the Rangers sign both Yu Darvish and Prince Fielder, the Astros might as well just quit playing baseball once 2013 comes around

    • Bobby Boykin 3 years ago

      especially since pujols decided to follow them to the al west

      • cardsfan209 3 years ago

        Realistically, the Astros have ZERO chance in the AL West for. They have no pitching, barely any good hitters. Both Texas and LA are loaded and will dominate the division for years to come….at least until the Mariners and A’s get their prospects to the majors. even then, it will take some time for that

    • Madman2TX 3 years ago

      Why the Astros dig? The Rangers rebuilt from nothing and by losing the next couple of seasons, the Astros are going to rebuild their farm system. If they are willing to spend, they could contend in 3-5 years.

      • cardsfan209 3 years ago

        It was just sarcasm. But seriously, its gonna be tough for a team with such little talent at the moment to compete with teams like the rangers and angels have tons of power and great hitters. I know they loaded up prospects from the Bourn and Pence trades but alot of those prospects arent close to reaching the majors.

      • Cempkey 3 years ago

        The difference is, the rangers had a legitimate trade piece (texiera) and they got a steal. They also made very good trades (Hamilton,Napoli, the list goes on). The Astros do not have the front office that the rangers do.

  5. start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but as I remember from the media frenzy during the Red Sox/Matsuzaka negotiations they don’t need to have everything completely done by the deadline, just the basic principles.

  6. Madman2TX 3 years ago

    The deadline is only to see who blinks first on the extra year in Darvish’s contract. It sounds like it is done for the most part. I expect a noon signing announcement followed by a phone call to Boras with a exploding offer on Fielder–here is the deal–sign now or it goes off the table and best of luck with the Nationals, Cubs and Mariners.

  7. That is very true.

  8. Yank88 3 years ago

    Same way i feel when they talk about C.C. Just know that when it comes to game time, those big boys know what to do!

  9. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    every poster on mlbtr is a personal trainer who has 4% body fat. They have every right to ridicul someone who is just naturally big

  10. Sign Fielder and let Hamilton walk at the end of the year.

  11. Rangersfan32 3 years ago

    He annoys me too, but you’re taking it a bit too seriously.

  12. start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

    Eh. The reason why people make fun of Fielder’s weight more than other players is because his father’s career was shortened by that issue and Prince Fielder has the same body type.

  13. johnsilver 3 years ago

    I honestly think they could use a potential ace in Darvish over an impact hitter *if* they only could sign one or the other.

    Sure, more SP are coming up next off season in Hamels and Cain, though both will carry a price tag of over 100m.

    Texas already has the offense, what they need is pitching to match up better with Anaheim IMO.

  14. 3% Lunchbox, thank you very much.

  15. naturally big is really pushing it. he may be genetically big boned or whatever, but make no mistake, he is dangerously overweight and certainly a candidate for all the usual side effects of obesity as he moves towards his middle ages. if he was an average citizen, his doctor would be giving him grief. 

    however, his middle ages are fair ways off and the chances of his weight influencing his baseball career in the next 5-8 years is anyone’s guess, and its probably unlikely, though i think its plausible to suggest that he’s more likely to break down earlier than say an adrian gonzalez or mark teixeira. 

  16. It’s true, we legitimately have a genetic history that only improves the chances of Fielder breaking down, it’s not that farfetched. We won’t know if it will happen, but we can all agree that it’s more likely he will than the average player despite his early-mid twenties health.

  17. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    True, but wasn’t Cecil Fielder smaller when he first broke in to the league. prince was a big kid, big teen and now a big man.

  18. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    The drug use shouldn’t affect Hamilton’s career. it may effect him longterm, but not this early..

    The way he plays, as a hazard to himself, is more of a reason to stay clear of a long term deal with him.

  19. He just plays with his maximum effort. I’ll never knock a guy for giving my team everything he has.

  20. *loses

  21. MrMojoRisin420 3 years ago

    Fielder is actually a staunch vegetarian, when he was spotted in Dallas meeting with John Daniels, he and Boras were at a very popular vegan restaurant.

  22. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    There is a thin line between max effort and recklessness..

    That play when he broke his arm or shoulder or whatever, was just a bonehead play.

  23. Jon Melton 3 years ago

    Yeah maybe being in the AL West and racking up a couple 100 loss seasons,  if they Draft right will help the Astros rebuild.  Houston has and will support a winner.

  24. start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

    Well let’s be honest, Tampa Bay’s success would be hard to replicate without Friedman. His bold moves have effectively allowed the team to move away from the idea that small market teams only have windows of opportunity. As for the above mentioning of the Rangers, frankly a fair amount of their success could be traced back to a couple of trades.

    So basically unless they have a top of the line GM over there, Houston can expect to enjoy the cellar of the AL West.

  25. johnsilver 3 years ago

    That is not correct now.. going over slot, taking people left around due to signability..such as Bell was wold have worked before the newest CBA.

    Houston’s problem was never spending on the draft and poor scouting..Pure and simple. You get what you pay for.

    Take Boston and te Yankees.. They have had winning seasons for decades, NYY and Sox hd a couple .50 seasons way back in late 80’s-ealy 90’s, but both teams have managed to have power house farm systems by leveraging the draft and going over slot with picks, just like any other smart team can do.

    Have said this numerous times.. Houston had no problem wasting 2m on Billy Hall who had no chance of helping them, why couldn’t they spend a lousy 10m on prospects in the rule 4 draft every year?

  26. I agree, but it he made it well known who’s idea that was. I don’t agree with him throwing our 3B coach, Anderson, under the bus. I would have been extremely upset with him too though.
    Hamilton didn’t have to go, but he listened to his coach…these things happen.

  27. link to espn.go.com

    If you have a moment, this is a pretty good, quick, read.

  28. I just want to be able to take what you post seriously. It’s hard to do that with grammatical errors in every one.

    You troll on every post about the Rangers.

    I’ll stop “trolling” when you open a book.

  29. PennMariner 3 years ago

    Unless you’re buddies with Josh Hamilton, you have no idea whether it has to do with his past drug use or not. That’s a smug and nauseatingly pretentious assumption to make.

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