2013 Vesting Options

Which players can lock in 2013 contract options based on their 2012 performance?  Let's take a look.

  • Jason Bartlett, Padres: $5.5MM option vests with 432 plate appearances.
  • Alex Gonzalez, Brewers: $4MM option vests with 525 plate appearances.
  • Chipper Jones, Braves: $9MM+ option vests with 123 games.
  • Kevin Gregg, Orioles: $6MM option vests with 50 games finished.
  • Brett Myers, Astros: $10MM option vests based on unknown starting or relieving milestones.

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  1. Jacob 3 years ago

    Did zambranos vesting option get voided in the trade?

    •  It was actually a player option, but yes, it was eliminated as part of the trade.  It didn’t mean much, as he probably would not have exercised had he finished in the top four in the Cy Young voting.

      • Jacob 3 years ago

        Oh ok I knew he wouldn’t pitch well enough for it to vest but just to be thorough, I for some reason thought it was vesting

      • Jacob 3 years ago

        Btw.. Classy picture

  2. jwick18 3 years ago

    still not sure if im pulling for chippers option to vest. he has been loyal as anybody this day in time but thats alot of cash for a guy over 40

  3. Good luck with that option Kevin Gregg. Unless the entire rest of the Orioles relief staff unexpectedly dies you’re gonna be signed to a minor league deal with the worst team in baseball not named the Orioles by this time next year.

  4. jwick18 3 years ago

    its less but still expensive..dont know if they could find a stop gap for less to let terdo(gah I hate saying that)get more time in the minors. so far chipper says he is feeling great. but then again why would he say anything otherwise. im not going to hope he doesnt make it. but they need to have cash to keep bourn,save money for mccann possibly,and I think hanson is getting close to arb. 9 mil wont fix all of that but it will for sure help.

  5. jwick18 3 years ago

    doubt hanson gets more than a few mil still alot more than what he makes now. jj and prado are getting pretty expensive. 9 million wont fix all their needs. lowes money is coming off the books and hopefully some of that will lock bourn up. just a lil torn on issue

  6. jwick18 3 years ago

    he has plenty of money but 9mil is 9mil. I really doubt he leaves it on the table. maybe if they make a run this year a pull off a miracle and get another ring then maybe see him walking away.

  7. jwick18 3 years ago

    i thought huddy had a club option for 13? could be wrong. if jj starts out this year like last it will be tough to trade him without getting an over pay. cause surely they will still be in the hunt at that point and just hope it carries over to the second half. alot of braves fans want the braves to let mccann walk after 13. people talk about the amount of steals against him. considering almost all right handed pitchers then on top of that hansons delievery doesnt help when he is out there. i hope we can keep him around for a long time. i know bethancourt is showing out but mccann is the glue that holds them together. he will if he already isnt be the leader of the team. dont know if chipper has given up that title

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