Mariners Release Shawn Camp

The Mariners announced that they have released reliever Shawn Camp. The 36-year-old Dave Meier client had signed a Major League deal worth $750K in February. Seattle now has 38 players on its 40-man roster.

Camp spent the last four seasons with the Blue Jays, and posted a 4.21 ERA with 4.3 K/9, 3.0 BB/9 and a 53.5% groundball rate in 66 1/3 innings a year ago. The Blue Jays did not offer the right-hander arbitration after the season despite his Type B status. Greg Johns of first reported the news.

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  1. Devon Henry 3 years ago

    Whoa, thats insane!

  2. Eduardo Medina 3 years ago

    Noooooooooo !!!

  3. Trout Almonte 3 years ago

    And this makes the Mariners bullpen better how? The Mariners replace him with whom?

  4. Runtime 3 years ago

    Yikes. Poor guy. Definitely did not deserve that… he’s a fairly serviceable pitcher.

    A real class act, too.

  5. I wonder if the Blue Jays bring him back?

    • Runtime 3 years ago

      Doubt it, they signed much better pitchers in the off season

  6. Sounds like the Mariners had a bad Camp experience

  7. Id like to see him back with the Jays….he’s a quality arm to use as a mid-innings reliever.

  8. bitemeCorky 3 years ago

    Shawn guys was my next door condo neighbour in Toronto.  One of the nicest down to earth players i came across.  Sorry to hear this for him and family

  9. Mike Christian 3 years ago

    4.12, 3.50, 2.99, 4.21
    his ERAs the last 4 years pitching in the AL east
    above average middle reliever

    • Lucas Kschischang 3 years ago

      4.68, 7.20, 4.12, 3.50, 2.99, 4.21 – last 6 years in the AL East with TB and TOR.

      4.23 over 372.2 IP in that time, so definitely a good piece.

  10. Bob9988 3 years ago

    Seattle has a lot younger, better options than him.

  11. dashatt 3 years ago

    Mariners had to do it to make room for Milwood and Kawasaki on the roster because they were brought in on minor league contracts and not on 40 man roster. Still have 8 more moves to make to get ready for trip to Japan.

  12. Coollet 3 years ago

    Jays are full and if i had a second favorite team, i’d hope they pick him up

  13. john12121212 3 years ago

    WoW I’m surprised. He will find work for sure.

  14. Andrew Steven 3 years ago

    I guess i’ll say it again… Now there’s a spot for David Pauley to return. Come on Mariners!

  15. bigmike04 3 years ago

    Camp had good Spring traing era was around 2.15 not bad

  16. tigersfan27 3 years ago

    tigers should bring him in….extra cheap bullpen piece is never bad..oliver and turner havent worked out yet this spring as relievers or starters lol

  17. PennMariner 3 years ago

    No there isn’t.

    • Andrew Steven 3 years ago

      Yes there is.

      • PennMariner 3 years ago

        Camp was technically only signed as insurance for some of the less experienced bullpen arms. Why Z would dish out a major league contract for an insurance arm is beyond me. Since Ruffin, Luetge, and Wilhelmsen all look likely to make the team, there was no need to hold onto Camp. So, to reiterate: no, there is no room on this roster for David Pauley.

  18. Lucas Kschischang 3 years ago

    One of the better groundball inducing relievers out there. Hopefully he finds work!
    I can see the Jays re-picking him up on a minor league deal, doesn’t hurt to have the depth.

  19. Marinersforever71 3 years ago

    Make it nine more moves to cut players so the M’s can still sign either Vladimir Guerrero, Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui, or Magglio Ordonez w/ extended Spring Training just like Andy Pettite is doing for the New York Yankees as he came out of retirement if he got bored of not playing baseball for a while. This will be a good move to replace Franklyn Gutierrez on the roster as he’s out for a while w/ an injury he sustained and also better chance to have off the bench to pinch hit late in the game on top of giving Montero at DH or Ichiro a day off at times.

  20. baseball1010 3 years ago

    His salary was not guaranteed!

  21. toddcoffeytime 3 years ago

    I can’t see how he doesn’t, literally anyone with room in the bullpen at this point would probably benefit from having him in middle relief.  There are even a few teams that could use him in the 7th or 8th inning as well, if they look past the low strikeout numbers.

  22. bigmike04 3 years ago

    Bozzcoe Justin Miller is on 40 man roster for Texas.. No way seattle signed him unless he been released

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