Diamondbacks Acquire Josh Bell From O’s

The Diamondbacks have acquired infielder Josh Bell from the Orioles, a source tells Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun (Twitter link), and Arizona announced that Baltimore will receive a player to be named. The Orioles designated Bell for assignment earlier in the week.

Baltimore acquired Bell, 25, from the Dodgers shortly before the non-waiver trade deadline in 2009, in the deal that sent left-handed reliever George Sherrill to Los Angeles. Bell was a well-regarded prospect then but played poorly in two stints with the O's in 2010 and '11, hitting .200/.221/.264 in 226 Major League plate appearances.

Arizona was one of four teams interested in acquiring the 2005 fourth-round draft pick, according to Brittany Ghiroli of MLB.com, who adds that the Dodgers were in the mix, as well (Twitter links). Bell will be assigned to Triple-A Reno, Ghiroli writes.

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  1. How much cash?

  2. 53 whiffs, 2 walks last year in ~ 160ABs.  Welcome back, Mark Reynolds (without the HRs, of course).

  3. crashcameron 3 years ago

    A’s shoulda went for it. Bell remains one of those mysteries — bypassed potential or never-will-be?
    he is another Brandon Allen. somebody needs to give him a long stretch before there’s a clear answer. so the A’s didn’t give Allen that chance, at least Bell can play third

  4. Eric 3 years ago

    This guy was horrible and never panned out.

    I wish him luck though and maybe he turns it around but dont get your hopes up

    • Rabbitov 3 years ago

      He could surprise you.  I won’t say a lot, but I have some insider info that a lot of his issues had to do with his confidence and was more mental than physical.  Those things can spiral out of control (see Matusz), and may really send a player’s career off the tracks for good (see Willis), but you never know.  He could be a guy that comes into his own late despite what you are seeing on the field now.  Either way, absolutely worth a low risk flyer. 

      • Matt 3 years ago

        I was quite excited to get him, with all the hype when he came up, I’m sure he has the talent to be a good MLB player. SLY move.

        • Matt 3 years ago

          Oh and by the way if anyone can fix him its Don Baylor.

        • mattinglyfan 3 years ago

          I’m only liking this because I think the phrase “sly” needs to be used more often. Well done.

      • Devon Henry 3 years ago

        Insider Info geez…Im also an ESPN Insider.

        • Rabbitov 3 years ago

          Haha, I promise you won’t find that on ESPN. 

      • Casor_Greener 3 years ago

        It ain’t mental he just sucks…

      • BradyAnderson 3 years ago

        I dont know about all this…but having watched him a lot in Norfolk, hes an easy guy to like. Hustles and plays hard. Power guy stuck in one of the most pitcher friendly parks there is. Hes not gonna blow you away with the glove or OBP, but within the right organization I think he could come into his own.
        This is a guy that took Cliff Lee deep twice in one game (plus one to the track). Just monster switch hitting ability and constantly working on his speed.

        As far as castoff Orioles given a second chance…only look back as far as this offseason, and take note that Brandon Snyder went from anonymity stuck on the Tides roster to doubling off CC Sabathia as the Rangers DH, just now.

        Dont count Bell out just yet.

  5. Damon Bowman 3 years ago

    Kudos for Dan Duquette being able to flip Bell for anything more than an empty equipment bag.  He clearly wore out his welcome with Showalter and the O’s — bad work habits, showing up to Spring Training at the last minute, weak attitude, etc.  I wish him well but I’m not optimistic he’ll amount to anything at the Major League level down the road.

    • BradyAnderson 3 years ago

      I applaud players showing up early…but still dont get when people get all pissy about a guy showing up on time, which is exactly what he did.

      I dont know about this so called bad work habits, he spent the entire 2011 offseason working out with Brady just to cut some weight and gain quickness (because Buck wanted to see him with more range and stolen bases). I can tell you, that next season in Norfolk, you could see the difference….needs to work on sliding though, dude busts out some crazy goofy slides. 

  6. WillieWildkat 3 years ago

    The dude plays a mean violin

  7. Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

    braves had bought wil nieves last year for a dollar..

  8. well a dollar to get him, but had to pick up all of the $3/4 million from the brewers contract with him

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