Diamondbacks Designate Albaladejo For Assignment

The Diamondbacks have designated right-hander Jonathan Albaladejo for assignment, the team announced. The move creates 40-man roster space for left-hander Mike Zagurski, who was recalled from Triple-A.

Albaladejo, 29, allowed two hits in an inning of work last night, his only appearance of the season. He spent last season with the Yomiuri Giants and prior to that he had pitched for the Yankees and Nationals. Albaladejo owns a 4.10 ERA in 74 2/3 career innings and was part of the trade that sent Tyler Clippard to Washington five years ago.

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  1. Joe Paterson was also demoted

  2. mgsports 3 years ago

    Maybe Bauer or so on will be called up soon. Resign Mora.

  3. Michael Duffy 3 years ago

    Yanks need to pick up Albaladejo because Suzyn Waldman sounds like she’s choking on her own tongue when she tries to pronounce his name.

    • Lastings 3 years ago

      And then have Roger Clemens sign with the Yankees simultaneously as Albaladejo enters a game. She won’t survive…

    • christopher siciliano 3 years ago


  4. HalfSt 3 years ago

    I wish Albaldejo could have stayed. He was good in his short stint with the Nats, but it was even better to get Clippard.  That was easily as good as the Capps for Ramos trade.


    • But was not good: Bonifacio for WIllingham 

      • Lastings 3 years ago

        You can’t predict that Bonifacio would of had the same success in Washington as he has had in South Florida. He started thriving when Edwin Rodriguez took over, and let Bonifacio cut loose on the base paths…

  5. Marvin Marshall 3 years ago

    This is typical of how Gibby coaches. He likes to ride hot bats and sit guys when they are scuffling. He did this last season with Roberts, except it was Blum/Burroughs playing 3 or 4 games in a row.

  6. James Attwood 3 years ago

    Roberts will be back. Ransom is having a great week, but he’s a AAAA player. Roberts’ leash is short mostly because the entire team has been struggling lately and he was one of the few that could actually be sat for a spell.

    It’s easier to give a longer leash to a struggling player if the team is winning and the rest of the lineup is supporting him. But, quite frankly, the entire Dbacks offense has been suspect lately. Yes, they put up a good accounting the last two nights, but the strikeouts are still very high and ranking dead last in batting with RISP is not a recipe for long-term success.

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