East Links: Gonzalez, Red Sox, Yankees, Nationals

The Yankees announced that Andy Pettitte will make his return to the team this Sunday against the Mariners. The 39-year-old left-hander came out of retirement during Spring Training to re-sign with New York. Here's the latest out of baseball's two East divisions…

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  1. brett 3 years ago

    Of course he does. He can’t come out and beg for a trade. 

  2. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Petite got bombed by the Pawtucket “retreads” in his last start. Is the Seattle offense any worse than them for his 1st MLB game back?

    • Wes Whitenack 3 years ago

      Some guys are hot like Seager, Montero and Ichiro, but Smoak had struggled this year so far. 
      (Also, we might not finish last in the league in runs! We’re currently 14th.)

      • Grant 3 years ago

        Thanks to Minnesota’s historically bad offense this year…

  3. jigokusabre 3 years ago

    The Yankees have adequate bullpen depth to find a closer. Of course they’re not going to trade for a replacement.

  4. Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

    I wonder if the Cubs’ surplus of outfielders could help the Nats. I could see a Soriano for Lannan deal with the Cubs paying the majority of Soriano’s salary.

    • brett 3 years ago

      I would think that if Was trades for a player it will be for a contact hitter. Was has struggles getting men on base. Way too many strikeouts already. 

      • Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

        Fair enough. Can I interest you in David DeJesus? I want the Cubs to move LaHair to the OF so they can call up Anthony Rizzo.

    • Guest 3 years ago

      No thank you.

  5. Yanks are better off with Robertson. He is much more talented than Rivera

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