2012 Supplemental Round Results

We’ll track the results of the 2012 supplemental first round right here. Click here for the results of the first round. Now for the supplemental round (order via MLB.com)…

32. Minnesota Twins (for Michael Cuddyer) – Jose Orlando Berrios, RHP, Papa Juan XXIII HS (Puerto Rico) agreed to sign for $1.55MM

33. San Diego Padres (for Heath Bell) – Zach Eflin, RHP, Haggerty High School, (Fla.) to sign for $1.2MM

34. Oakland Athletics (for Josh Willingham) – Daniel Robertson, SS, Upland High School (Calif.)agreed to sign for $1.5MM

35. New York Mets (for Jose Reyes) – Kevin Plawecki, C, Purdue agreed to sign for $1.4MM

36. St. Louis Cardinals (for Albert Pujols) – Stephen Piscotty, 3B, Stanford to sign for $1.4MM

37. Boston Red Sox (for Jonathan Papelbon) – Pat Light, RHP, Monmount agreed to sign for $1MM

38. Milwaukee Brewers (for Prince Fielder) – Mitch Haniger, OF, Cal Poly agreed to sign for $1.2MM

39. Texas Rangers (for C.J. Wilson) – Joey Gallo, 3B, Bishop Gorman High School (Nev.) agreed to sign for $2.25MM

40. Philadelphia Phillies (for Ryan Madson) – Shane Watson, RHP, Lakewood High School (Calif.) agreed to sign for $1.29MM.

41. Houston Astros (for Clint Barmes) – Lance McCullers Jr., Jesuit High School (Fla.) agreed to sign for $2.5MM

42. Minnesota Twins (for Jason Kubel) – Luke Bard, RHP, Georgia Tech - signed for $1.227MM

43. Chicago Cubs (for Aramis Ramirez) – Pierce Johnson, RHP, Missouri State – signed for $1.196MM

44. San Diego Padres (for Aaron Harang) – Travis Jankowski, OF, Stony Brookagreed to sign for $975K

45. Pittsburgh Pirates (for Ryan Doumit) – Barrett Barnes, OF, Texas Techagreed to sign for $1MM

46. Colorado Rockies (for Mark Ellis) – Eddie Butler, RHP, Radford - signed for $1MM

47. Oakland Athletics (for David DeJesus) – Matt Olson, 1B, Parkview High School (Ga.) agreed to sign for $1.08MM

48. Chicago White Sox (for Mark Buehrle) – Keon Barnum, 1B, King High School (Fla.) agreed to terms for $950K

49. Cincinnati Reds (for Ramon Hernandez) – Jesse Winker, OF, Olympia High School (Fla.) signed for $1MM

50. Toronto Blue Jays (for Frank Francisco) – Matt Smoral, LHP, Solon High School (Ohio) agreed to terms for $2MM

51. Los Angeles Dodgers (for Rod Barajas) – Jesmuel Valentin, SS, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy agreed to sign for $985K

52. St. Louis Cardinals (for Octavio Dotel) – Patrick Wisdom, 3B, St. Mary's signed for $693K

53. Texas Rangers (for Darren Oliver) – Collin Wiles, RHP, Blue Valley West High School (Kan.)agreed to sign for $975K

54. Philadelphia Phillies (for Raul Ibanez) – Mitch Gueller, RHP, WF West High School (Wash.) agreed to sign for $940K.

55. San Diego Padres (for Brett Austin) – Walker Weickel, RHP, Olympia High School (Fla.) signed for $2MM

56. Chicago Cubs (for Carlos Pena) – Paul Blackburn, RHP, Heritage High School (Calif.) agreed to sign for $912K

57. Cincinnati Reds (for Francisco Cordero) – Jeff Gelalich, OF, UCLA agreed to sign for $825K

58. Toronto Blue Jays (for Jon Rauch) – Mitch Nay, 3B, Hamilton High School (Ariz.) signed

59. St. Louis Cardinals (for Edwin Jackson) – Steve Bean, C, Rockwall High School (Tex.) agreed to sign for $700K

60. Toronto Blue Jays (for Jose Molina) – Tyler Gonzales, RHP, James Madison High School (Tex.) signed for $750K

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  1. MetsEventually 3 years ago

    Plawecki better be the next Piazza for losing Reyes…

    • Mike 3 years ago

      Being an INdiana supporter, I’ve seen Plawecki a few times. He’s a good offensive player, at the college ranks at least, Im’m no scout but he should be a pretty good offensive player at the next level. Defensively, let’s just say he’s no Yadi Molina and never will be. He’ll be an above average defender, I don’t think he’ll be the next Piazza though.

  2. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Cherrington saw the “Light” and fixed his errors of 1st 2 selections at least somewhat.

    • start_wearing_purple
      start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

      I tend to never really know anything about these guys until a few months later, but so far I’m not seeing your issues with Cherington’s choices.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        Always prefer power pitchers over people that rely on pin point accuracy and have nothing really special as pitchers.

        They have someone sort of like Johnson already in the system and drafted him in the 7th round 2 years ago. Chris hernandez. Marrero was the real shocker. Several higher upside guys were left, maybe it is they have been in touch and none would sign for slot is the reason, or they are saving up to get a couple to sign for way less and pull a surprise pick way down who will want a lot we have not seen yet.

        Whichever it is.. This 1st round at least has been a bitter disappointment to me as for who was left and who was taken when the Sox chose.

        • start_wearing_purple
          start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

          Well the best pitcher of our time was a pinpoint control pitcher: Greg Maddux.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             My time it was Bobby Gibson :-) But yeah.. Last 20 years or so it’s been maddux and I get your point. Harder to develop control pitchers.. They rely on pinpoint accuracy and if off one bit.. they are nothing.

            A power pitcher will generally go to the pen (Wilson) if not a SP, where someone like the aforementioned Hernandez they drafted it is a backend starter or nothing.

          • start_wearing_purple
            start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

            Heh, pardon me, I should have said of this age. Though I do tend to make the argument that Bob Gibson was possibly the greatest pitcher of all time.

            It just seems to me that a potentially good control pitcher can be better than a potentially good power pitcher. It just seems like a lot of young pitchers rely on the fact that they can blow away the competition in high school or college by having a good fastball. But they find out pretty quickly in the minors that the hitters that have been drafted can hit a good fastball. If they don’t in the minors, then they get humiliated in the majors.

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            And if a guy can be truly successful as a command/control guy they tend to be successful longer as it doesn’t matter as much when they lose a tick or two off their fastball.

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            Looks like, with the relative weakness of the draft, they thought that the high-floor college guys were the best route to go (rather than the high ceiling high school guys).  I don’t really mind it too much: two guys who project pretty easily as innings eating 4/5 starters, and one guy who projects conservatively as a major league regular at SS and could be a well above average SS if this season was an aberration and not his true talent (he hit well his freshman and sophomore years, as well as on team USA and in the Cape league, and he sprained his ankle early this season, so there’s a legitimate chance that he is better than he looked this year).

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             Was watching that part also, then looked up his Caope stats, some more info.. Then the switch to different bats the mlb crew brought into play..

            He is really a head scratcher in that regard.. 2 other solid gloves at SS.. 1 nealy MLB ready, 1 at low A ball, both glove guys as it is.

            Then went to Soxprospects and saw a post he was represented by Boras of all people and thought it was a joke.. Googled it up and saw it was indeed true and this makes it a truly shocking pick now as Boras generally never signs early with his draftees and him taking a discount is almost unheard of.

  3. The Phillies said they were looking for college hitting talent. Who do they draft? 2 High School pitchers!

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      Yeah, I don’t get it. I really wanted Piscotty…If only Ruben didnt sign Papelbon so quick..

    • Their system is loaded with pitching talent and is almost completely devoid of positional talent, yet they take 2 pitchers.  I really don’t get their draft strategy under Amaro.

      • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

        You take the best players available… not reach for talent because you need the position. Can never have too much pitching in your system and really, other than Biddle and May, the Phillies system is full of Mid to back end type starters. The Phillies West Coast Scouts have had some huge hits… no problem with the pitchers they took.

        If they don’t like the offensive players available… why would you take them? Personally, I believe if Gallo was there, they would’ve taken him. This is one of the weakest drafts for College Hitting… which is what they need. Don’t forget, there’s 9 more rounds. Ryan Howard was a 4th round pick.

  4. Gumby65 3 years ago

    What a vote of confidence for Dee Gordon, Dodgers taking 2 shortstops with top 2 picks (in all fairness, the true 1st rounder, Cory Seager, may project as a 3B).  Still, a major deviation from both Logan White’s AND Stan Kasten’s pitching-first philosophies.

  5. richardb21 3 years ago

    Love the bold move on McCullers

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      Yeah, if the Stros can sign those two guys, they will  be heading in the right direction for sure. I thought for sure the Phillies were going to take him.

      • MaineSox 3 years ago

        I’m thinking that McCullers (or maybe not him specifically, but the tougher sign guys later in the first in general) might be part, if only a small part, of the reason they went Correa at 1-1 instead of Appel.

        • joshuap 3 years ago

          I think so too, and I’m good with it as an Astros fan because there was not a clear cut #1 pick in this draft (a Harper, Strasburg, etc.).  Why not go with a high ceiling, young talent that is more affordable at the top, saving you some of your allocation to throw at a great, if a little un-signable, talent in the supplemental round?  

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            Yeah, I certainly like the strategy.  I actually liked Correa best at 1-1 anyway.

  6. monty4aloha 3 years ago

    They are also going after Solar from Cuba..

  7. Rangersfan32 3 years ago

    Rangers missed out on a gem in Barrett Barnes. And he’s practically right in their backyard! Hopefully they get 2B McGruder from Texas Tech. He’s a star as well (the only two stars us Tech fans had the pleasure of seeing last season).

  8. TheLoLgen 3 years ago

    Nice, Cardinals got Piscotty about 17 picks below where he was projected to go

  9. Congrats to my high school alum Jeff Gelalich for getting draft so high. After tearing up the Pac10/12 at UCLA, you seem to headed in the right direction. Reds fans should be excited.

  10. Beersy 3 years ago

    The Padres did a really nice job of drafting some real upside.  They apparently have their allotted amount of draft money set aside, so signing these guys hopefully won’t be too much of an issue.  They may have to be a little more conservative with their 2 second round picks, but this draft has already been a success in my eyes.

  11. Boots 3 years ago

    Any info on the Jays selections in the comp round ?

  12. ilikeike29 3 years ago

    Looks like the Padres got a steal in Jankowski.

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