2012 MLB Draft Results

After months of anticipation, it's finally time for MLB's amateur draft.  This year's draft may not have the depth of last year’s class or the star power of a Bryce Harper or Stephen Strasburg, but it’ll likely produce its share of MLB talent in the coming years.

Last year's draft saw the Pirates select UCLA right-hander Gerrit Cole with the No. 1 overall pick. Early reports this year suggested that the Astros would select Stanford righty Mark Appel first overall, but Houston shocked most pundits by selecting Puerto Rican shortstop Carlos Correa. We'll use this post to track the news as it breaks.

Here's the draft order, from MLB.com, to be updated whenever a player agrees to terms: 

  1. Houston Astros - Carlos Correa, SS, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy signed for $4.8MM
  2. Minnesota Twins – Byron Buxton, OF, Appling County High School (Ga.) – signed for $6MM
  3. Seattle Mariners – Mike Zunino, C, Florida signed for $4MM.
  4. Baltimore Orioles – Kevin Gausman, RHP, Louisiana Stateagreed to sign for $4.32MM
  5. Kansas City Royals – Kyle Zimmer, RHP, San Francisco signed for $3MM
  6. Chicago Cubs – Albert Almora, Mater Academy (Fla.) agreed to sign for $3.9MM
  7. San Diego Padres – Max Fried, LHP, Harvard-Westlake High School (Calif.) agreed to sign for $3MM
  8. Pittsburgh Pirates – Mark Appel, RHP, Stanford did not reach an agreement
  9. Miami Marlins – Andrew Heaney, LHP, Oklahoma State agreed to sign for $2.6MM
  10. Colorado Rockies – David Dahl, Oak Mountain High School (Ala.)agreed to sign for $2.6MM
  11. Oakland Athletics – Addison Russell, SS, Pace High School (Fla.)agreed to sign for $2.625MM
  12. New York Mets – Gavin Cecchini, SS, Barbe High School (La.) agreed to sign for $2.3MM
  13. Chicago White Sox – Courtney Hawkins, OF, Carroll High School (Tex.) agreed to sign for $2.475MM
  14. Cincinnati Reds – Nick Travieso, RHP, Archbishop McCarthy High School (Fla.) agreed to sign for $2MM
  15. Cleveland Indians – Tyler Naquin, OF, Texas A&M agreed to sign for $1.75MM
  16. Washington Nationals - Lucas Giolito, RHP, Harvard-Westlake High School (Calif.) agreed to sign for $2.925MM
  17. Toronto Blue Jays – D.J. Davis, OF, Stone County High School (Miss.) signed for $1.75MM
  18. Los Angeles Dodgers – Corey Seager, SS, Northwest Cabarrus High School (N.C.) - agreed to sign for $2.35MM
  19. St. Louis Cardinals – Michael Wacha, RHP, Texas A&Magreed to sign for $1.9MM
  20. San Francisco Giants – Chris Stratton, RHP, Mississippi State – signed for $1.85MM
  21. Atlanta Braves – Lucas Sims, RHP, Brookwood High School (Ga.) signed for $1.65MM
  22. Toronto Blue Jays – Marcus Stroman, RHP, Duke signed for $1.8MM
  23. St. Louis Cardinals – James Ramsey, OF, Florida State – agreed to sign for $1.6MM
  24. Boston Red Sox – Deven Marrero, SS, Arizona State agreed to sign for $2.05MM
  25. Tampa Bay Rays – Richie Shaffer, 1B/3B, Clemson signed for $1.7125MM
  26. Arizona Diamondbacks – Stryker Trahan, C, Acadiana High School (La.) agreed to sign for $1.7MM
  27. Milwaukee Brewers – Clint Coulter, C, Union High School (Wash.) signed for $1.675MM
  28. Milwaukee Brewers – Victor Roache, OF, Georgia Southern signed for $1.525MM
  29. Texas Rangers – Lewis Brinson, OF, Coral Springs High School (Fla.)agreed to sign for $1.625MM
  30. New York Yankees – Ty Hensley, RHP, Santa Fe High School (Okla.) signed for $1.2MM
  31. Boston Red Sox – Brian Johnson, LHP, Florida signed for $1.575MM

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  1. notsureifsrs 3 years ago

    for awhile i’ve been expecting this year’s draft to be pretty uninteresting. that changed quick

    should still be allowed to trade draft picks though

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      MLB draft day is always interesting to me.. Especially when Boston and the Fish have several high picks.. Just hope both don’t make wasteful picks.


      Agreed on trading picks.. They had no trouble adding the useless slotting system, but no trading?

      Gammons did a jam up job slamming the new slotting system and hope many here caught it.

  2. Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

    I can’t believe Appel hasn’t gone yet. Hope he slips to 6 – I’d love to see him on the Cubs.

  3. Sd_brain 3 years ago

    yup interesting draft no doubt

  4. $1742854 3 years ago

    Twins have a WIDE open chance to pick the best college pitcher available (whoever they think that is, in their evaluation) and they go with another “projectable, toolsy HS outfielder”.

    You already have Span, Revere, Hicks, etc. WE NEED FREAKING PITCHING HELP YESTERDAY!!! 

    • billy f 3 years ago

      Ummm – by 2016, they may not need pitching. You take the best player available in the first round. You don’t draft a pitcher just because your current team lacks it. Span will be gone by July 31,  let alone 2016. Hicks may never rise above AA. There are NO college pitchers in this draft who can make it to the major leagues before 2014.

    • billy f 3 years ago

      Also – there are no flame-throwers available. Twins always draft pitch-to-contact types. Yes – we need MORE Blackburns and Pavanos. How’d the last two college pitcher #1s work out? Wimmers? Hurt and/or lost. Gibson? Tommy John surgery – never was going to be an ace anyway.

      • Sky14 3 years ago

        Gausman, Appel, and Zimmer can throw in the upper 90’s so I am unsure what a “flame-thrower” is to you. Also Pitch-to-contact means an ability throw strikes (command) not just sinker ball types like the name suggests. Most teams use a pitch to contact philosophy but the Twins pitchers just generate too much hard contact.

        • billy f 3 years ago

          Of those three – only Zimmer reaches upper 90’s, and yet does not project to be a number 1 starter. No reason to waste the number 2 overall on a number 2 starter. You always take the best player on your board.

          • Sky14 3 years ago

            This is from KLaw on Appel: He’ll sit 94-97, touching 99…
            he has No. 1 starter upside. Now Gausman:sitting 93-97 mph and touching 99…Gausman could be a No. 1 starter.
            In fact Zimmer has the slowest speed according to Law and also the least consistent with his Velocity so I do not know where you got that Zimmer is the only one who reaches the high 90’s.
            Of course you take the best player on your board and Buxton may have the highest upside but his bat is a big question mark. He is a high risk/high reward guy.

          • Wow Billy f is totally off board in what he is saying

    • bigpat 3 years ago

       Toolysy outfielders are overrated in my opinion. I’m sorry if this is harsh, but by seeing Buxton in his interview, his IQ didn’t look much higher than 50. Not like that is the biggest factor in evaluation but I often see these guys tools fail to develop.

      • 0vercast 3 years ago

        I didn’t get a very good first impression of Buxton’s personality either.  But then again, he’s just a kid on the biggest day of his life, who was basically handed a check for about 5-6 million dollars, and then was being asked to give an interview on national television while sitting in a sweltering hot room packed to the brim with family and friends.  If we were put in that position, we’d likely clam up and sound dense, too.  But we’ll never know.

  5. Appel has to go to the Orioles or Royals. He’d be in the Royals starting rotation today.

    • Shows how much I know

      • Don’t feel too bad. I was hoping Correa was going to fall to the Orioles.  That idea was quickly extinguished.
        Also, I am disappointed that the Orioles took Gausman, I am not a big fan. The Orioles could have had the pick of the litter because no pitcher was taken till they did and they still picked Gausman.

        Oh well..

        • Rabbitov 3 years ago

          With draft spending limits Gausman was the right pick.  A lot of experts will tell you he was the right pick regardless.  Personally I liked Almora there, but for a pitcher, Gausman is fine.

  6. Ryan Yowell 3 years ago

    Is money the reason he is falling with the new limitations on spending??

    • Paul Ryan Stivender 3 years ago

      I think it might be the money or that there are other position players who have higher upside (see: Buxton, Correa)

  7. Tony Matias 3 years ago

    Not surprised or disappointed the M’s went with Zunino, but one thing I do find interesting is have the Mariners given up on Montero as their future starting Catcher already?

    Does this make him the future DH for sure now, or does this kick Smoak to the curb and throw Montero at 1st?

    Anyway I’m seeing it, as of now, shows me that there are some interesting trades (from a fans POV) in the Mariners not so distant future.

    • Ideally Smoak keeps hitting like he is and Montero becomes the full-time DH while catching 20-30 games a year. If Smoak winds up not working out, we’ve got a contingency. Should be an exciting couple of years as a Mariners fan with all these young guys coming up. 

      • In two years we’d ideally have something like this:

        C Zunino
        1B Smoak
        2B Ackley
        SS Franklin
        3B Seager
        OF Saunders
        OF ???
        OF ???
        DH Montero

        SP Felix
        SP Hultzen
        SP Walker
        SP Paxton
        SP ???

        • Tony Matias 3 years ago

           Like the position players you’ve listed, but I’m personally a bit concerned with Felix and have been for a while. I’m not saying he won’t be lights out again, but I tend to think there may be something more going on other than a sore back.

          Time will tell and I hope I’m wrong. I’ve always been a fan of Felix and I hope he has a long and productive career in Seattle.

        • Dylan 3 years ago


    • Wes Whitenack 3 years ago

      It’s going to be a little while until Zunino is MLB ready, so alot can happen in between now and then, but I think he’d be moved to DH like Billy Butler did for Eric Hosmer. Good pick by Z.

      • Tony Matias 3 years ago

         I’d have to hazard a guess then that Jack, Wedge, and any others involved have already had that conversation with Montero, but one thing I’ve noticed is that Montero (as of now) is hitting much better on the days he catches.

    • Smrtbusnisman04 3 years ago

      Scouts have always questioned Jesus Montero’s durability as catcher. They have projected that Montero would move to first base long term.

      I like the pick for the Mariners.

  8. thekidfromyesterday 3 years ago

    I guess Theo would go Appel

  9. mkl_nyn 3 years ago

    Keith Law on MLB Draft during ESPN’s Baseball Today Podcast – “You’re not going to bang a guy just on that, you’ll bang a kid if he’s got (hears it)… ‘bang’ meaning take him off the draft board or drop him down.” rofl

  10. MB923 3 years ago

    Hey Selig, it’s 2012. Not 2000.

  11. Wes Whitenack 3 years ago

    Yep, I’m very happy about how well the farm has been rebuilt.

  12. ChadSmooth 3 years ago

    Can someone please explain to me why the M’s took that bust catcher as the 3rd overall pick? I hear hes an above average defender, but hitting under .260 with some pop in college is not what I want to see.. I know Olivo is gonna be gone after this year and I am happy about that but why wouldn’t they get Appel? I know the M’s are deep in pitching in the minors but it never hurts to have an almost MLB ready college pitcher. So Montero is going to be forever installed as our DH?

    • Their thinking is probably that Montero’s bat is good enough that we don’t want him to break down too early in his career. If he were a great defensive catcher it’d be a different story, but his ceiling defensively is average.

    • Wes Whitenack 3 years ago

      Ummm….. calm down dude. He took the BPA and got a good bat in that. Remember last year when we took Hultzen, and look how well that is for us now. I trust Z and the scouts.

      • Tony Matias 3 years ago

         Agreed. A good hitting Catcher is obviously something to be coveted by any team, but playing Catcher has more to it and specifically would be leadership and controlling/calling the game. He’s shown to be an excellent leader/director in his young career and that’s something Hultzen, Walker, and Paxton (projected) will all need.

      • ChadSmooth 3 years ago

        Im calm, just saying… all we need is another bust catcher after Clement, I hope he develops into an all around catcher with above average pop + defense and good on base skills. Time will tell, I just dont like drafting a catcher that high, too many things can go wrong, but thats baseball.

        Go M’s

      • Wes Whitenack 3 years ago

        Plus considering the first two picks went the way I didn’t want it to (Would rather of had Buxton or Correa), we did good.

        • ChadSmooth 3 years ago

           100% agreed. The M’s, IMO would much of rather settled with Correa or Buxton, 2 positions we DESPERATELY need.

          • Do you not think Nick Franklin can stick at SS? 

          • Wes Whitenack 3 years ago

            He’s been good, but if Correa works out to full potential I’d rather have him.

          • Tony Matias 3 years ago

             If he doesn’t, Liddi can play 3rd and Seager could play SS.

  13. thekidfromyesterday 3 years ago

    Appel to the Pirates

    • Paul Ryan Stivender 3 years ago

      That rotation in 2-4 years… if all goes as planned it will be unfathomable as to how good it will be. 

  14. squadwagon6 3 years ago

    if the nats get appeal ill fall out lol

  15. johnsilver 3 years ago

    So much for hoping Appel slips miraculously to #24.. Now it’s hoping Strohman does…

  16. Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

    How can you have an interview with a hot chick like that and not chat her up a bit..

    • Paul Ryan Stivender 3 years ago

      Probably because you just got drafted and this is basically your intro to the baseball nation. Though I bet they are talking to her off camera. 

  17. Snoochies8 3 years ago

    Come on Shaffer to the A’s!

    • Snoochies8 3 years ago

      Shoot, Shaffer would’ve been a better pick

    • OaklandFan22 3 years ago

      yepp, i would’ve liked schaffer to go to them in the compensation round but i knew that wasnt going to happen

  18. thekidfromyesterday 3 years ago

    I hope the Braves shake it up don’t want to see D.J Davis

  19. ChadSmooth 3 years ago

    Good for the Pirates, Steal pick, their going to have one hell of a rotation a couple years from now.

    • Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

      I still think Trevor Bauer is going to be better than Gerrit Cole. 

      • Paul Ryan Stivender 3 years ago

        They will all be pretty good barring injury. 

      • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

        Completely agree, although both will be good MLB pitchers.

      • asovermann 3 years ago

        Bauer won’t ever be good when he walks almost 5 per 9

    • They almost have a heck of a rotation right now Morton & Karstens need to stay healthy and boost performance and Correia needs to go for some good bats.

  20. bigpat 3 years ago

    I don’t see any way the Pirates can sign Appel but I’d love for them to surprise me. I thought the new setup was supposed to prevent the best players from falling in the draft, and if he’s asking for their entire budget, I just don’t see how it will work out. 

    • FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

      double post

    • FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

       This may be sort of a repost since my first got moderated. so it may or may not pop up later.

      But, one of the reason these new rules are bad is that the player can hurt u if he signs and if he doesnt sign. He could ask for your entire budget, like you said. And if he does want that much, then u cant sign him and u lose his slots money and cant use it elsewhere.

      It just doesnt make much sense to me.

    • Todd Smith 3 years ago

      Seems like we heard the same thing about Bell last year.  The Pirates never fail to excite on draft day, that’s for sure.

      Not sure how much leverage Appel really has though.  Will he really want to go back for his senior year hoping to improve 4 spots next year?  Seems like the draft is a little deeper next year too.

      • start_wearing_purple
        start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

        At least not lately. Remember when they signed Bullington pretty much because he was a cheap signing. It is nice to see the new regime is agressive. 

        However Bell was signed way overslot and with the new draft rules the Pirates may find that difficult.

        • Todd Smith 3 years ago

          Absolutely.  I remember Bullington a little too well.. Him and Moskos over Wieters.  Makes it hard to complain about anything Huntington does.

          Will be interesting to see how everything plays out under this new system.  Feels like the players shouldn’t have a whole lot of room to negotiate.  Here’s what we’re allowed to pay you.  End of story.  Is it worth the gamble to try again next year to move inside the top 8?  …but, it’s Boras – so who knows.

          • start_wearing_purple
            start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

            This whole draft is going to be a lot different than previous years. Over the last couple of years the teams with the best projected drafts were the ones who spent the most, we’re willing to give top 10 pick money to a guy picked in the supplemental round. However, with the new penalties…

            Oh well, the truth is you never know who had the best draft until 3-4 years later.

            Edit: Oh yeah, forgot about Moskos… there was NO rationale for that pick.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            I saw little for Boston’s 1st 2 picks either.. Hope the #37 overall makes up for the 1st 2, otherwise this draft (top ones) could end up as rotten as 06.. Except there has not been any Bard type as was Bard who can throw hard selected.

            Edit last time..

            Seems have salvaged something with 1st 3 selections.. Pat Light is a very nice pick. Kind of surprised they didn’t go with Bard.. Maybe the injury was the issue.

          • jb226 3 years ago

            “but, it’s Boras – so who knows.”

            Assuming it’s a player who wants to make it to MLB, I don’t see Boras advising that kind of a move.  Since there is only a couple million dollars of wiggle room PERIOD, I’d say in almost all cases the player would be better off starting their career a year younger.  Maybe if we’re talking about a #50 who he thinks can be a top-10 talent or something along those lines, but moving up a couple positions probably isn’t worth it.

            The real issue comes with multi-sport players, since they aren’t constrained by the system.

        • Bullington was a very long time ago before the Pirates started drafting for performance instead of low money. The Pirates realized that they needed to rebuild their system, not get a big name player in order to win. Therefore, they will drop big money for Appel.

      • Smrtbusnisman04 3 years ago

        If the Pirates do sign him, do you think he can be in Pittsburgh by the end of the year. Or Midseason 2013?

        Just curious because I didn’t read much about him.

        • Todd Smith 3 years ago

          I’d guess 2014.  Will probably move about the same pace as Cole – just a year behind.

  21. Wes Whitenack 3 years ago

    So I guess we can say he was a sour Appel of the bunch.

  22. billy f 3 years ago

    Appel probably fell because he’s got the personality of a wet paper towel. He’s not a number one starter anyway.

    • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

      No deception in his delivery. To me, he’s a #2-#3 type starter and that’s not the guy you waste a #1 pick on. (not waste but you know what I mean).

  23. I want Gilito to fall to 24

  24. Wes Whitenack 3 years ago

    Interesting, of the first 13 picks, 7 are hs guys and then Correa from PR. Only 5 College guys, so teams are taking risks early on.

  25. Ryan The Braves Fan For Life 3 years ago

    I think Zunino is going to be great. 150 home runs, .280 batting average. Hall of famer. Definitely the rookie of the year.

    • vtadave 3 years ago

      Wow, that would more than double the HR record.  Nice.

  26. Ryan The Braves Fan For Life 3 years ago

    Great pick by the nationals. He could be one of the best in the bigs. An injury won’t hold him that far back. He’ll average 16 wins, 3.50 ERA, and 150 Ks a year. What a rotation this will be.

    • cmock 3 years ago

      I think he will be a great pitcher too, really hoping he fell to the Red Sox considering his high ceiling, but he’s the type of player the Nationals would go after.

      • FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

         It is sooooo nationals to take him. Especially with their history of arm injuries lately

    • Todd Smith 3 years ago

      Gotta believe the Nats plan to go over their cap and sacrifice next year’s 1st rounder with that pick.

      • FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

         I find that highly unlikely, and am going to flat out say that is not going to happen. If he wants too much, simply dont sign him and get the compensatory the next year.

        • Todd Smith 3 years ago

          With the rumors of Boras trying to get Appel to fall all the way down to the Nationals, then I have a feeling that they are prepared to bust their cap this year.  The Gio pick still falls in line with that.  With the Nats likely getting a later round pick next year anyway, it might not be a bad idea.

    • TheLoLgen 3 years ago

      They were so impressed by the Gio they had, they were forced to go get another Gio

  27. FunkyTime 3 years ago

    I don’t know why everyone is so surprised.  Isaac Newton predicted Appel’s fall ages ago.

  28. Ryan The Braves Fan For Life 3 years ago

    Dj davis, Rajai Davis. Great speed

  29. Gumby65 3 years ago

    Ladies & Gentleman, I present the great Logan White to perform his next act of magic…

  30. thekidfromyesterday 3 years ago

    Well both predicted for the Braves are out

  31. MB923 3 years ago

    I await Peter Gammons’ next article on Deven Marrero, a future first ballot HOFer

    Lol, sorry Sox fans I had to. I remember Gammons making tweets a few months ago comparing Iglesias to the Wizard and Vizquel. 

  32. Paul Ryan Stivender 3 years ago

    The Astros are quickly making a middle infield problem. Mier (who can become something good) at SS, Correa (possibly) at SS (I see 3B written all over him), DeShields at 2B, Altuve at 2B, Paredes at anywhere in the infield west of 1B. I like this problem.

  33. Appel: “I’m currently concentrating on winning a national championship and finishing my academic endeavors at Stanford. I will address the possibility of a professional career in due time.” Per Jon Heyman on Twitter.

    • Todd Smith 3 years ago

      He can’t be thrilled. He lost millions tonight falling so far with the new system.

      • Think he’ll stay back another year?

        • Todd Smith 3 years ago

          I doubt it.  I don’t think he has much to gain.  Will still have the same slotting system next year and I think the talent pool will be a little deeper.  Would be a big risk and wouldn’t gain too much unless he went top 3 next year.  

          I think the Pirates will get him signed, and I don’t think they will have to go much over slot if at all.

    • Todd Smith 3 years ago

      Also worth mentioning, this is what Appel tweeted after being selected:

      “Just feeling completely overwhelmed by the love of family and friends and the grace of God right now. ‪#TrulyBlessed‬‪#Undeserving‬”

      I’m thinking the other statement came more from Boras than Appel.

  34. Todd Smith 3 years ago

    Was really hoping Victor Roache would somehow slip to the Pirates at #45.

  35. very many teams were appel’d by his signability jajajaa

  36. lefty177 3 years ago

    MLB Network just had a good story about Albert Almora on, he seems like a hard worker & he seems dedicated to pursue a life in baseball

  37. MetsEventually 3 years ago

    I’m happier with our Reyes compensation than our 12th overall pick. 

  38. When will Nelson Rodriguez get drafted?

  39. thekidfromyesterday 3 years ago

    really think we need a bat we have enough pitching

  40. MB923 3 years ago

    I’m not hating at all

    And now I wait to hear how Brian Johnson is the next Randy Johnson

  41. start_wearing_purple
    start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

    And I’m sure there will be a whole slew of yankee fan sportswriters who’ll say the same about Ty Hensley. Too bad there are no great pitchers named Hensley to make a good joke.

  42. MB923 3 years ago

    There probably will be lol

  43. johnsilver 3 years ago

     Hensley reminds me of a guy named David Renfroe.. sox fans pretty familiar with him…

    1 good sign (pun intended there) He should sign at least.. unlike a guy named Gerrit Cole several years back who told them he wasn’t going to sign.. Then they drafted him anyway in the 1st round..

  44. start_wearing_purple
    start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

    Too bad he’s not a hitter… I could have made a Ty Cobb comparison joke.

  45. MB923 3 years ago

    Actually he is a good hitter. His comparison player according to MLB Network was Micha Owings. A Bleacher Report article compares him to Beckett.

    His hitting stats were fairly good – .447 AVG, 10 HR

    Oh the heck with it, let’s just call him the next Babe Ruth!!!

  46. MB923 3 years ago

    This might be a 2nd response because my first one had to get approved. But in case it doesn’t post………

    He actually does have good hitting stats (.447 AVG and 10 HR). So therefore let’s just call him the next Babe Ruth.

  47. start_wearing_purple
    start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

    The word “zing” comes to mind.

  48. Sky14 3 years ago

    It’s nice to see the Pirates be aggressive in the draft and I think he will sign. He has little to gain and a lot to lose including leverage being a senior. The draft slots are top heavy the top 4 picks are separated by $3 million and picks 5-8 $600,000. So the only way he could make significantly more money is if he gets in the top 4.

  49. Todd Smith 3 years ago

    I don’t know, I just think there is a very slim chance that he doesn’t sign – and I don’t think I’m being overly optimistic.  Just too much risk for him not to sign, and not much reward.

    Assuming slot prices stay about the same next year, if he turns down $2.9MM this year at #8 and gets drafted #4 next year that’s $4.2MM.  Is it really worth pushing your career back a year  for about an extra million – especially with the risk of injury or poor performance?

    If he gets drafted lower than #8 next year, then he really has no bargaining leverage.  He’s going to get slot price no matter what.

    I’m sure Boras will play his games…already seeing it with this statement.  He’ll hold out till the last minute and squeeze out as much as he can, but he’ll sign. 

    Won’t be surprised to see the Pirates continue to make picks like they did with Barnes.  Not really a reach, but probably somebody they can sign a little under slot.  Keep doing that, scrape up a few extra bucks to give to Appel to make Boras look like he won and done deal.

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