Dodgers To Sign Corey Seager

The Dodgers have reached an agreement with first round pick Corey Seager on a $2.35MM bonus, reports Dylan Hernandez of The Los Angeles Times. Slot money for the 18th overall pick was $1.95MM.

Seager, a high schooler infielder from North Carolina, is the younger brother of Mariners' third baseman Kyle Seager. Baseball America says he offers left-handed power and "it [is] easy to see his upside," though it's unclear if he will remain at shortstop long-term. 

Nine first round picks and one supplemental first round pick remain unsigned. The deadline to sign this year's picks is July 13th.

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  1. now let’s hold on to him and zach lee and see what happens. the dodgers do not need to get zach wheeler’d for jed lowrie. 

  2. Dodgersarelife 3 years ago

    yes segear ang puig

    • Yeah i don’t hear anyone crying about Trayvon Robinson anymore. He’s not doing too good right now either.

      • it wasn’t that they traded him, it was that they traded him for 3 lesser players. as bad as he’s doing, stephen fife and juan rodriguez are arguably just as unproductive. t-fed is our back up catcher of the future. -_- colletti turned our 2nd best OF prospect at the time into depth. that’s why it was dumb. 

  3. thenubigbaddblue 3 years ago

    Love hearing Kasten talk….love to see him actually DO more! Good job!!

  4. Corey will move to 3B, he’s bigger than Kyle from what i’ve heard. My only complaint is that since Seattle played the Dodgers not long ago AND Dodgers haven’t visited Seattle in about 11 years, will we ever get to see a Corey Seager vs Kyle Seager game?

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