Eleven First Round Picks Still Unsigned

Just ten first round selections and one supplementary first round pick remain unsigned with two-plus weeks remaining before this summer's deadline. The 11 players below will be eligible for future drafts if they don't sign by July 13, but we can expect most of these players to reach agreements in the coming 15 days. Here's the complete list of players who haven't yet agreed to terms:

3. Mike Zunino, Florida C, Mariners

4. Kevin Gausman, Louisiana State RHP, Orioles

6. Albert Almora, HS OF, Cubs

8. Mark Appel, Stanford RHP, Pirates

9. Andrew Heaney, Oklahoma State LHP, Marlins

16. Lucas Giolito, HS RHP, Nationals

18. Corey Seager, HS SS, Dodgers

22. Marcus Stroman, Duke RHP, Blue Jays

25. Richie Shaffer, Clemson IF, Rays

30. Ty Hensley, HS RHP, Yankees

55. Walker Weickel, HS RHP, Padres

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  1. dirtydavid4 3 years ago

    How many are represented by Scott Boras

  2. 6,8,18 are Boras clients

  3. Hensley hasn’t signed yet? I thought I remembered RAB running a piece right after the draft saying that he was already close.

    • MB923 3 years ago

       I remember that piece too

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      He stated he wants to be in the majors by 21 too, he better sign now or that’s not happening.

  4. God I hope Hensley doesn’t become the next Cole.

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      For sure, the Yankees really could have used him in their system right now, then it would have top talent.

  5. Natsfan89 3 years ago

    Hey Giolito, if you blow your arm out at UCLA you can expect to drop way past 16. Take the money.

  6. Jays Fan 3 years ago

    Stroman… LOL

  7. Smrtbusnisman04 3 years ago

    I doubt the Pirates are gonna sign Appel… I don’t want them going over slot and fortfeiting future picks.

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      Don’t really see him being able to make much more money in the future.  Why can’t teams just later give players money?  2 years down road sign for a higher $ deal?

      •  Coz you can’t write that in a contract. The days of the “Gentlermen’s Agreement” only exist is strip bars.

  8. wth marlins, this kid is gushing over being a part of this organization, get the deal done.  

  9. Marc_from_Brooklyn 3 years ago

    Does anyone know which guys are still eligible to play in college next year? Is it everyone who hasn’t played four years in college or does the NCAA disqualify the guys who hire agents? Just wondering who may looking for work with the St. Paul Saints or Long Island Ducks on July 14.

  10. Most of these kids have agents looking out for their own welfare first and the kid is just a tool to get them there.   Unless you are really being shafted, which never happens in the lower rounds, sign, get the money, prove yourself, and enjoy the game and pocket the agent money.   The agent usually starts things off on an antagonistic foot anyway.   To the team the kid is a part of the future while to the agent they are just a payday.

  11. katanaguy 3 years ago

    The hell with these young greedy kids today and pro sports in general. I switched my sports alleigance to college sports some time ago and enjoying it soo much more. Much more exciting for me. Kids play for pride and respect, very few prima donas, and the greed is greatly diminished. Biggest issue is still the selfishness of the NCAA, which by coincidence is the same issue of the NAACP. The pro sports world will destroy itself and come to a crashing halt in the future and I can’t wait to see that one happen. I want club box 1st row for that one.

  12. katanaguy 3 years ago

    I remember the days when many MLB players had off season jobs. In STL some of the Cardinal players worked construction and some drove beer trucks for Anheuser-Busch back then and many of these guys were established players, not bench players. My, have times changed…..imagine these kids having to do something like that today. Big money has ruined pro sports for me. I have an old friend from my college days at Arizona State who was in the front office with the Mariners-he used to negotiate player contracts with the agents…..the stories he used to tell about dealing with these agents….greedy horror stories. You have no idea of some of the actions of these agents that went on that never hit the sports media.

  13. Psycho Tim 3 years ago

    Times change — what happened is that in pro sports now everybody gets a piece of the pie, rather than just the owners. Was Gussie Busch driving a truck as well? No.

    • No, but he bought the trucks.  And he didn’t force the players to drive them.

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