Mets Looking For Bullpen Help

At 5.21, the Mets have the worst bullpen ERA in baseball by three-tenths of a run. Closer Frank Francisco is out with an oblique injury and Bobby Parnell has taken over ninth inning responsibilities, leaving the setup work to Jon Rauch and Miguel Batista. Ken Davidoff of The New York Post writes that the club is looking for bullpen help outside the organization.

“It’s not too early to do the research,” said assistant GM John Ricco. “It’s probably too early to make a move, although each year there is several pre-emptive ones. For the seller more than the buyer.”

Ricco also indicated that sometimes “you try to catch lightning in a bottle,” using the team's 2006 acquisition of Guillermo Mota as an example. Mota pitched to 6.21 ERA in 34 games for the Indians before being sent to New York and posting a 1.00 ERA in 18 appearances that year.

GM Sandy Alderson told Davidoff that the club hasn't ruled out the possibility of adding payroll, but they are weary of trading top-shelf prospects for volatile relievers. Davidoff mentions that the Mets are likely to get involved in any trade talks for Brett Myers and Huston Street, and not to rule out Grant Balfour as well.

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  1. As long as nimmo, dan dekker, familia, wheleer and harvey i’m fine with with.

  2. I like Balfour and Street out of these three but I also hope the Mets go after guys like Broxton and Gregerson.

  3. Loody 3 years ago

    Broxton and Gregerson I think are high on their list of targets. 

  4. Loody 3 years ago

    Joe Thatcher too

  5. Rick Garcia 3 years ago

    The Mets definitely need lots of bullpen help, but I’m very interested to see how Parnell does in his new role.

    • Its not a new role. They tried to make him close last year and he was atrocious. But he looks like a new pitcher this season.

      • Rick Garcia 3 years ago

        I meant that it’s a new role for him this year buddy

  6.  Brad Lidge is available…

    • start_wearing_purple
      start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

      So am I… but I think the Mets want to upgrade.

    • Jerry232323 3 years ago

      lidge cant be worse then francisco, so i would sign him to the minimum

  7. The Mets have had an absolutely hideous bullpen for 6 years now. But this is by far the worst ive seen.

  8. JW Belmont 3 years ago

    Street, please.

  9. WUNNINE 3 years ago

    Resop or Slaten from the Pirates should be available today

  10. WUNNINE 3 years ago

    Someone out the Pirates pen will be available later today when Sutton is activated..Resop, Slaten, Cruz possibly

    • Blue387 3 years ago

      I remember Slaten. He pitched for Washington and I guess he could fit with the Mets.

  11. jiminnc 3 years ago

    The Red Sox have way too many relievers, all of them pitching well, and a bargain could be had there.

    • Matt Albers and Clayton Mortensen would be the first names to come to mind. Melancon probably has no value right now, they can’t let Aceves go yet and Miller has been tough. Prospects….give us prospects. 

  12. Gary Martinez 3 years ago

    The Mets should not only get some bull pen help, but also try to make at least an attempt in trying to acquire Carlos Quentin. Mets desperately need a decent-to-average RH-power bat. Quentin is just 29 and under contract through 2013. This would put Hairston back on the bench, where he is better suited and give a viable compliment to Wright in the lineup.

  13. Jay White 3 years ago

    You think the Mets would be willing to part with Lastings Milledge in exchange for Balfour?

  14. HobokenMetsFan 3 years ago

    I still have no faith in the Wilpons. I’m hoping for the best, but expecting nothing.

  15. MetsEventually 3 years ago

    den Dekker for Huston Street. 

    • No way is Street worth Den Dekker.

      The Mets would be looking at giving 1-2 second tier prospects.  No Top Prospects and No First Tier Prospects.

      Top Prospects:
      Wilmer Flores
      Matt Harvey
      Zack Wheeler

      First Tier:
      Jeurys Familia
      Jenrry Mejia
      Matt Den Dekker

      Second Tier:
      Collin McHugh
      Reese Havens
      Jefry Marte
      Juan Lagares

      • Gary Martinez 3 years ago

        den Dekker, Havens, Murphy + cash for Quentin and Street.

      • MetsEventually 3 years ago

        den Dekker really is barely a top tier guy. We already have a younger (by 3 days) in the majors named Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Street has proven to be a closer and been very good this year. den Dekker for Street would be a steal. 

        • Gary Martinez 3 years ago

          TRUE. If we can somehow just snag Quentin off of their hands too, that would be so amazin’.

  16. dc818 3 years ago

    How about getting K-Rod back from the Brewers? 

  17. ilikeike29 3 years ago

    Brandon Lyon, please.

  18. Almost every team in contention will want to upgrade the pen. The Mets may not want to enter a sellers market.

  19. jiminnc 3 years ago

    At some time the Red Sox will have as bullpen candidates Aceves, Andrew Miller who’s been great, Andrew Bailey back from injury, Melancon, Daniel Bard who’s returning to the bullpen, Atkinson who’s been superb, Matt Albers, Clayton Mortensen, Padilla who’s been great, Hill who’s hurt now but should be OK, Mark Prior (20 k’s in 9 AAA innings), Junichi Tazawa, and probably Dubront who will reach his innings limit and have to go back to the bullpen, maybe Aaron Cook who started and won two days ago, and  maybe Franklin Morales who’s won two starts, and youngster Alex Wilson.  That’s 15.

  20. DerekJeterDan 3 years ago

    The Mets are in need of a right handed bat with power and an arm in the bullpen that can stabilize things. Guys like Beato, Hampson, and Mejia may be able to be call ups that help but I think adding an established piece from outside the organization is essential. Typically, a team that claims to be rebuilding needs to grow their own relievers, and the Mets are somewhat doing that with Parnell but the Mets are in a spot where they can contend thanks to a great first half from RA Dickey and should be looking to buy, not sell. A guy like Francisco Rodriguez actually makes sense if he were to be brought back.

    A right handed bat is also needed. The Mets will be thin offensively over time if they keep running the same players out there. Guys like Hairston are great sub guys but as a starter he can be exposed long term. I think a right handed power bat is a big need for them as well.

  21. Nicholas Verderamo 3 years ago

    Kevin Gregg for PTBNL? Lindstrom is coming back from injury Gregg is odd man out. He sucks but has late inning experience. The article does said they are looking for lightning in a bottle..

  22. Eduardo Medina 3 years ago

    bring back K-Rod !!!

  23. I have no idea in which parallel universe this article was written. It’s much more likely that the team will stand pat considering they already have Rauch, Francisco, Ramón Ramírez, and Parnell who have been decent or will regress to better numbers. They just called up Justin Hampson and they still have Acosta in the minors who hasn’t walked a guy while down there. And let’s face it – it’s not like Grant Balfour and Brett Myers are actually upgrades over what the Mets are likely to get from the guys they have.

    • Metsfan199 3 years ago

       Well said – very cogent observations, I think.  And keep Den Decker – he’ll be good.

  24. If the Mets want a RH power bat, they might be able to get Jonny Gomes for cheap.

  25. Jerry232323 3 years ago

    Daniel Murphy for Javy Guerra, similar age, arbitration times, free agency times, with flores, havens, and now cecchini, he’s expendable

  26. Blue387 3 years ago

    I liked it when Francisco called the Yankees chickens. It’s tough talk coming from a pitcher witha 5 ERA and walked in a bases-loaded run in his last save against the Orioles.

  27. Jerry232323 3 years ago

    you do realize familia for street would prob be a bad deal, the mets overate their prospects so much

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