Twins, Buxton Near Agreement

2:05 pm: Al Goetz, the agent for Buxton, tells Christensen both sides will continue negotiating tomorrow, but those talks are "just formalities." 

1:54 pm: Christensen clarifies (via Twitter) that Buxton will land in Minnesota tomorrow afternoon and the physical may not start until Tuesday.

1:31 pm: The Twins are close to an agreement with the draft's second overall selection outfielder Byron Buxton, according to Joe Christensen of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  A person close to the negotiations tells Christensen a physical is scheduled to take place tomorrow.

The recommended slot for the second overall pick is $6.2MM.  The Astros signed Carlos Correa, taken first overall, for a below slot bonus of $4.8MM on Thursday.

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  1. Either of them could have been a Mariner. I’m more mad at Houston though… I didn’t want Zunino and i thought Correa would fall to us. Owell i guess it makes for a good rivalry in the future. Good way to make Seattle angry before you even join the AL West.

    • stl_cards16 3 years ago

      I can’t wait to tune in for the fierce Mariners-Astros rivalry!

      • Laugh now, wait until it all comes together. M’s have a LOT of youth coming up and young guys that are out there gaining experience everyday.

        • stl_cards16 3 years ago

          My comment had nothing to do with the M’s youth.  I like their future.  But to act like a rivalry is going to develop on the field because of who a team drafted is laughable.

          • Well in a way Zunino & Correa will be compared when both teams face off in the future. Since they were both drafted the same year. I guess i should have mentioned “my own” personal rivalry. A real rivalry would be Astros/Rangers.

  2. GooSports 3 years ago

    I really think Zunino will prove you wrong. I have watched my fair share of Florida games this season and he has a good amount of pop for the catcher position, very polished coming out of college, and the M’s have scouted him hard since HS and know what he can do. Plus you can never dwell on what teams do in front of you in a draft, that’s what separates the good scouts from the great ones.

    • I want to be proven wrong. I know i’m thinking too far ahead but imagine somehow M’s get into the playoffs and play @ an NL field. They can use Montero or Zunino, can’t use both.

      • ilikeike29 3 years ago

        Montero would play first. But where would you play Smoak?

      • $1529282 3 years ago

         You’re annoyed at who the nearly last place Mariners drafted third overall because you’re concerned as to how both he and Jesus Montero will fit into the lineup when the M’s are in the WORLD SERIES?

        I think you should sit and ruminate on that one for awhile…

        • I said IMAGINE the M’s get to the playoffs… Not the World Series. With the new wild card whose to say it’s not more likely they make it next year or the year after. They won’t be bad forever bro lol.

          • stl_cards16 3 years ago

            But they won’t be playing a NL tean until the World Series……..

          • You’re right. Dumb moment. I forgot wildcard isn’t interleague wtf was i thinking……..

  3. GooSports 3 years ago

    I have hope that Jack Z will know what to do when that situation comes, he recently stated “these things work themselves out” when referring to drafting Zunino and using Montero in the future lineup. I do see what your saying though, especially with innerleague play everyday starting next season.

    • lefty177 3 years ago

      Speaking of interleague play, I have to ask because I’m a little confused by it. What does the new CBA say about it? Is it just gonna be an AL team could play an NL team followed right by an AL team (as opposed to this year where it’s a few weeks in June), am I getting it right?

  4. Phantomofdb 3 years ago

    hopefully buxton will live up to the power part of his potential. An excess of slap hitters is scary (he only hit 1 home run this year?)

    • I too am skeptical of Buxton. He could end up being a great player, but the bust potential is pretty big considering the weak competition he faced in highschool. Twins should have been thinking starting pitcher all the way (McCullers, Giolito, Appel, etc.).  Despite Boras involvement.

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