Josh Johnson Rumors: Friday

The Marlins seek a Mark Teixeira-like package for Josh Johnson, Jon Heyman reported yesterday. In other words, Miami seeks at least three good young pieces for the right-hander. The Blue Jays are pursuing Johnson and the Rangers, Angels and Orioles also appear to have interest. Here's the latest, with the most recent items up top:

  • The Red Sox don't appear to be in on Johnson, as Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe (Twitter link) hears that Miami's asking price is "way more than [the Sox] would be willing to meet."
  • "The Marlins are leaving no doubt that they intend to trade" their ace, tweets USA Today's Bob Nightengale.  The Rangers are among those "still heavy" in pursuit of Johnson.
  • There's lots of debate in front offices over Johnson's availability,'s Jerry Crasnick writes (Twitter links). One GM says the Marlins "want a ton" for Johnson, but Crasnick suggests the Marlins would move the right-hander under the right circumstances.
  • The Marlins are asking for each team's top two or three prospects in trade scenarios involving Johnson, Crasnick adds (Twitter links). It'd take Jurickson ProfarTravis d'Arnaud types to get talks moving and "a lot more" after that.

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  1. This feels like a word for word rewrite of the one yesterday.

  2. OptimisticMarlinsFan 3 years ago

    They may not get an offer like that, but I surely hope the Royals (who are desperate for a top-notch SP) or someone who has the ammunition overpays.

  3. Dynasty22 3 years ago

    So basically the right circumstances to get JJ is if you give a ton? That didn’t add anything we could have assumed for ourselves.

  4. greg porco 3 years ago

    The Marlins are not trading JJ. He may only be 85-90% of his old self but he is still an ace and still has upside as displayed in his last start. His contract is manageable and the Marlins have admitted they still want to *try* and win this year. They just acquired two young SP prospects and have Jose Fernandez, an ace in the making in the minors a year or two out.

    The offense is the main culprit of their struggles…not the starting pitching. Notice i said STARTING pitching…

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      This just in…. can say it would be a bad move to trade JJ but to say it won’t happen seems silly at this point. These are the Marlins we are talking about. Nothing should shock you at this point.

  5. baseball52 3 years ago

    If I were Jon Daniels, I’d tell them good luck and go somewhere else. Johnson is not worth that.

    • Shikikazu 3 years ago

      Michael Hill: We’re happy with keeping JJ good luck in the playoffs…

      Justin Verlander (to rangers): That’s not the first time I’ve seen someone choke before.

      • elijah82 3 years ago

        “Justin Verlander (to rangers): That’s not the first time I’ve seen someone choke before.”
        Yeah, he just needs to look in the mirror to see someone that choked in the postseason.

        • Chewtoy123 3 years ago

          And in the All Star game.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            Jim Palmer was awful in AS games also, but was money in the bank when it came to post season games.

            AS game is still worthless/meaningless. Who cares about that supposed homefield. the middle games are still just as important as the 1st/last games of a series.

            MLB AS game stands for absolutely nothing, except for which fans stuff the ballot box the most and always has. One of the most meaningless events in all of sports, yet fans for some reason watch it and pay good money to attend it and all the hype it represents.

  6. Jimmy 3 years ago

    Marlins should just take Olt and ask the rangers to take JJ’s contract off their hands.

    • marlins wont eat any of johnson contract, thats a given.

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      Just Olt? Insane. Please consult Olt’s age, level of play and K rate and reconsider.

      • Let’s see who had Olt-like K rates at Olt’s age… Curtis Granderson, Nick Swisher, Mark Teixeira…

        • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

          So you go with exceptions and not the norms? OK. My point was is that he still has a major issue and he hasn’t even played above AA yet coupled with the fact that he’s at an advanced age (turns 24 in August) playing against much younger talent.

          • I go with 3 everyday players currently on your favorite team’s roster. Both Granderson and Swisher had Olt-ish K rates in AA-AAA.

          • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

            The fact that they are Yankees is meaningless to me. I still say that there are FAR more prospects with 20+% KO issues at the AA or below level that fail to be superstars at the mlb level than there are that succeed. I’m not even sure if that’s worth an argument.

            Just as you run those 3 names out there I can say Shelly Duncan, Cody Ransom and Shane Spencer. All were great power hitters with good walk rates in the lower minors and struggled above AA.

  7. Phil Merkel 3 years ago

    Hopefully the Rangers are smart enough to walk away from any trade talks involving Jurickson. Of course he is the Rangers property, but I would be very disappointed if the brass thinks any trade involving him would be good for the organization.

  8. Alex Henry 3 years ago

    This is for rangers fan do you trade Profar almost straight up for JJ or ZG im just asking because he is road blocked with Elvis Andrus unless they move him it might not be enough so maybe another prospect or 2 out of the top 20 because either way Profar is gold and the other team will win but is it worth it for the win now over the top after they came short back to back years i cheer for the rangers they are my 2nd favorite team im just asking what you think?

    • I wouldnt give up Profar or Olt for JJ or ZG. Zack is a free agent and Josh has a long line of injury concerns.
      What is wrong with:
      1B – Olt
      2B – Andrus
      SS – Profair
      3B – Beltre
      Kinsler in the OF (Maybe CF)

    • no, Andrus is the face of the Rangers Franchise JD and Company will resign him before he ever reaches Free Agency, Profar will replace Kinsler at 2nd and Kinsler will replace Cruz in RF. I wouldn’t give up Olt either. People need to remember that Profar has already played several games at 2nd this year.

      • It doesnt really matter who plays where. Both Andrus and Profar will be playing the middle infeild positions. The arguement that i have heard is for Andrus to slide over to 2B allowing Profar to remain at SS. A position of comfort for him. My personal opinion, if you can play SS you surely can make a smooth transition to 2B. Afterall, the only differences are the double play turn, bunt coverages, and cut-off positioning.

      • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

        somehow I doubt your name is Shawn Marion.

        • why? more than one person in the country cant have the same name? look me up on FB there is my picture…

  9. vtadave 3 years ago

    Profar and a “lot more”?
    Marlins would be dumb to not jump on a straight up Johnson/Profar swap, not that it would ever be offered.

  10. Jj not worth a Profar…

  11. 22deputydo33 3 years ago

    the marlins are definately in dream land if they think they can do/get a mark teixeira type deal. so are all of the other teams looking for that type of deal. nothing agains dreaming but reality has to set in somewhere. it makes me wonder why the marlins even offered josh johnson for trade when they wanted their cake and eat it too.

  12. Jays Fan 3 years ago

    So the Marlins would expect a deal of D’arnaud, Gose and Sanchez for JJ PLUS take his contract? LOL! That’s laughable. Have fun losing in Miami JJ!

    • When Teixeira was traded, he had back to back years of 162 games, while doing exceptional at the plate. His .283/.368/.533 153HR, 499 RBI in 4 1/2 years in Texas shows how dominant he was.

      JJ has only touched 200+ innings ONE time, and has missed SIGNIFICANT time 3 of the last 6 seasons.

      If Teixeira had missed significant playing time when traded to the Braves, you could easily take Beau Jones, and 2 of Feliz, Andrus, and Harrison out of the trade. Any comparison of JJ to Teixeira needs to stop.

      • OptimisticMarlinsFan 3 years ago

        I don’t think anyone is disagreeing with you….

    • OptimisticMarlinsFan 3 years ago

      I’d take Arencibia if I had to, I mean he’s part Cuban and from Miami so we’ll probably trade just JJ for him.

  13. Raymond Holguin 3 years ago

    They realize tony reagins isn’t GM’ing anymore right?

    • Good ol’ Tony would give up Richards, Segura, Bourjos, Cron, Conger and INSIST on not only receiving Carlos Zambrano as well but relieving the Cubs of paying the remainder of his salary.

  14. OptimisticMarlinsFan 3 years ago

    It’s obvious to see what the Marlins are doing. They don’t want to trade JJ unless they are blown away, which is what they are asking other teams to do. A team like the Royals or Orioles is more likely to do that than the Jays or Rangers. Highly unlikely JJ is moved, which I think they’ll come to regret.

  15. Goriax 3 years ago

    So, the jays top prospect and a lot more for an inconsistent injury machine with declining stuff having an average year. Yah,,,, ok

  16. OptimisticMarlinsFan 3 years ago

    People are really overreacting here. The Marlins are asking for SUCH a HIGH return because they do NOT want to trade him. It’s a win-win for the Marlins. If they trade him, they get a HUGE return and if they don’t, they still have their ace.

    • But their “ace” is being out-pitched by their deuce AND their tres… and quatro is right on his tail…

      *IF* the Rangers were healthy, he’d be their #5 starter.

      • OptimisticMarlinsFan 3 years ago

        Doesn’t matter if he’s being outperformed, he is still their most talented pitcher when healthy, that’s not arguable. And *IF* JJ is healthy, he would be the Rangers #2 at worst. #5 lol, he’s better than Holland at least.

        • Holland is 3-0 3.82 ERA in the post season. The Rangers are looking for a difference maker, and JJ is just too risky to be defined by those terms. I’d rather Texas keep their prospects and put Ogando in that spot.

          • OptimisticMarlinsFan 3 years ago

            If I were a Ranger fan, I’d agree. Don’t mortgage the future for JJ.

          • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

            So you go by 3 starts in the post season? geesshhh.

        • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

          but he hasn’t been healthy in years, so he’s not an ace.

          • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

            209 IP in 2009, 183 IP in 2010 and on pace for about 175 IP this year.

          • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

            Since 2009 he is 60th in innings pitched, again not ace like. Here are pitchers I consider aces: Justin Verlander, Felix Hernandez, CC Sabathia, Roy Halladay (though if he pitches like he has so far this year for rest of year wouldn’t consider him ace anymore), Zach Greinke, Cliff Lee, and Clayton Kershaw.

          • ludafish 3 years ago

            You have Grienke with the rest of those guys? if you subtract his Cy year he looks like a #2 at best…also did very poorly in the post season and has had health issues as well. he hasnt thrown CGs in a while either. and he can be poor on the road. Im not trying to say JJ is better or worse than him, but the guys on your list are Aces. 200+ innings, complete games, losing streak busters and such. Grienke is an ace on a team with a weak pitching staff but he wouldnt be on TEX or even on the Angels now.

          • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

            Absolutley Greinke is with that group, he has routinely had his numbers hurt by playing behind bad defenses in KC and Milwaukee. Here are Greinke’s numbers since 09 compared to the other 7. IP: 7th FIP: 1rst, xFIP: 2nd (behind Roy Halladay, WAR: 5th (behind Verlander, Lee, Halladay, and king Felix), K/9: 3rd (behind verlander and kershaw), BB/9: 3rd (behind Halladay and Lee). The only area Greinke really doesn’t belong is the innings, but he is barely behind Kershaw and not too far behind Lee, he makes up for it by ranking so high in many categories.

          • txftw 3 years ago

            No Weaver?

          • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

            You could make an argument for Weaver and Cain as well, though I barely have them out

      • greg porco 3 years ago

        That’s why they are not trading him…all rumors.

  17. Remember92 3 years ago

    Asking for a teams “top two or three prospects” seems kind of arbitrary. Considering every system has different depth at the top. And for the Pirates you would be talking about Cole, Taillon, and most likely Hanson now that Marte is up. No way is JJ worth that return. Top two or three seems pretty vague at best?

  18. OptimisticMarlinsFan 3 years ago

    In reality, if the Marlins wanted this type of deal for JJ, they should have taken the Rangers reported offer a couple years ago. I forget what it was but it was pretty substantial from what I remember.

  19. The Marlins are crazy…. Jurickson Profar?? hahaha thats a joke.

  20. rsanchez1 3 years ago

    Keep JJ.

  21. Leonard Washington 3 years ago

    I understand that Johnson is controlled the extra year and all but the guy is not exactly at top value performance wise, and would be moving to a more difficult league and more homer friendly ballpark. Miami can’t seriously want this much.

  22. My guess is he goes to Rangers for Olt, Ogando and one of the 20 year old ss Rangers have in A ball

    • TeamCropDusters 3 years ago

      Horrible trade for the Rangers… I wouldn’t trade Ogando straight up for JJ with his shoulder and dip in velocity.

      Thank god you have no control in Texas!

      • Pressure is on Rangers, If not Ogando I think the Fish would require a pitcher off mlb roster.

        • TeamCropDusters 3 years ago

          If they won’t trade Olt for Greinke no way they trade him for Johnson.

  23. TeamCropDusters 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t trade Profar straight up for Johnson… let alone our top 3 prospects (Profar+ Perez+ Olt) if this report is true…
    I wouldn’t even give up Perez + Olt for Johnson with his shoulder issues and drop in velocity.

    Profar could easily be Roberto Alomar with more power.

    Olt is a lot like Travis Fryman (former Gold Glover and Silver Slugger and converted SS).

    Martin Perez is a lot like Jaime Garcia and CJ Wilson with his velocity, movement, breaking ball, and off speed combinations.

    Johnson wouldn’t have been worth that in 2009-2010 when he was among the most dominant pitchers in baseball, let alone now when he has lingering shoulder issues (the most damning injury any pitcher could have is to his shoulder).
    I’d give them Leury Garcia, Julio Borbon, Cody Buckel, Luke Jackson, and Kevin Matthews for Josh Johnson and Chris Coghlan.

    That gives them a starting caliber 2B and CF plus two B level RH starting pitchers and a B level LHP.

  24. Rob Lucci 3 years ago

    This is reminding me of last year when the Mets wanted a “top prospect” for Beltran and everyone was saying they are asking for too much and they will never get it. The Mets ended up getting a top prospect for a mid 30 outfielder who is injury prone, so why cant the marlins get the same with a younger pitcher who has an extra year in his contract.

    • TeamCropDusters 3 years ago

      They want FIVE ‘top’ prospects (ie Mark Teixera package) NOT ONE!

  25. ludafish 3 years ago

    The biggest issue i have here is apparently the Marlins dont want to try to resign him after next season. He has way too many injury concerns to really break the bank, unless he finishes very strong and competes for the Cy next season. Why not extend him now when his numbers dont look good and take the risk? When he is healthy and throwing on a downward plane he can be unhittable.
    But i would love to get Olt fron the rangers and have the third base problem solved and a bat to compliment Stanton. How desperate will TEX be now that Zack has moved? They want bullpen help, what if we added a reliever to sweeten the deal? If JJ gets traded though everyone without a brain will freak out and yell FIRESALE even though if he were traded it would be totally worth it….especially for Olt who is legit

  26. Andrew Lippman 3 years ago

    Take your finger off the trigger, buddy. Jon Daniels has come a long way since dealing Adrian for **gulp** Adam Eaton…

  27. Exactly, the change in compensation picks really brings down the value of rentals. The Rangers have no reason to trade top prospects for a guy that will be gone in 3 months. Greinke has anxiety concerns, and what higher pressure situation can you have than starting Game 1 of the World Series??

  28. Alex Henry 3 years ago

    Persoally huge on prospects i am but i would just trade him staight up for ZG because of the rangers over the factor also to me i think if ZG goes there he will love it and i think they will win the WS if they make this move and he will sign long term with them thats it though no more then profar but if they think he is gonna walk then no dont but if they feel confident he will stay i would but thats just me its hard to part with him but it puts them over the top in my mind

  29. Art Vandelay 3 years ago

    “Greinke is worth a B prospect and maybe a C”
    Not even close. I get not trading Profar but ZG is worth more than that.

  30. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    I think you place too much value on Olt. At the end of the day he’s a soon to be 24 year old player who hasn’t hit above AA yet and has a career KO rate right around 24%. He has a good ability to draw a walk and good power but still. What will he do when mlb pitchers get to him?

  31. I think Adrian and Danks validate preyingmantits’ argument. Having such an insanely bad 2006, and doing exceptionally well since then goes to show that JD should be fired if he trades Profar for JJ or Greinke because he’s no longer capable of pulling off what he has for the past 5 years.

  32. OptimisticMarlinsFan 3 years ago

    Yeah I think they’ll put Profar at 2B and keep Andrus at SS.

  33. When you have the best (deep) farm system in baseball, and tons of money, you dont have to offer up a Elvis Andrus type player to make your team better. You can focus on putting the best team on the feild (in Arlington), instead of unplugging one hole just to fix another hole. They (Andrus and/or Profar) might just have more value to the Rangers than a possible trade chip, given this teams resources.

  34. OptimisticMarlinsFan 3 years ago

    Royals may get hosed but I don’t think the Marlins do that. Why would they trade JJ and not get at least one top SP prospect back?

  35. OptimisticMarlinsFan 3 years ago

    Makes more sense than moving Andrus to 2B IMO. However, I do think they’ll trade Andrus when they think Profar is ready.

  36. Art Vandelay 3 years ago

    He’s the best pitcher out there. A team is going to give up more than a B and a C prospect to have an ace to make a playoff run. Is it worth it? Maybe, maybe not.

  37. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    3.44 ERA-2.50 FIP-2.78xFIP-3.8 WAR and a dazzling 4:1 K:BB ratio?

    Look at what CC, Cliff Lee and Annibal Sanchez demanded for the same period of time?

  38. The Rangers aren’t interested in turning Andrus into a Teixeira-type trade figure. When the Rangers traded Teixeira, they were not only the worst team in the division, but they knew Teixeira would not re-sign. Andrus is on a winning team and they plan on having him here for a long time.

    Andrus has the most non-trade value being paired with an elite level defensive middle infielder. Profar fits this situation perfectly.

  39. The best pitcher out there?? Verlander, Felix, Sale, Cain, Price, Weaver… none of these are better than Greinke??

    Being the best pitcher AVAILABLE does not make you an ACE, nor does it make you worth more than you are. The changes to compensation means that YOU think 2 months of Greinke is worth 6 years of Profar or Olt.

  40. Art Vandelay 3 years ago

    Ummm…ok. I ment on the market now, not the best in baseball and I didn’t say he was worth more than Profar or Olt. I said he was worth more than a B and a C prospect. And yes, Greinke is an ace.

  41. Art Vandelay 3 years ago

    Again, I didn’t say he has the most value. But if Dempster can Bring back Delgado, Greinke should bring back more.

  42. OptimisticMarlinsFan 3 years ago

    Precisely why I think they’ll regret not moving him right now. The return right now will still be very good even if they don’t get a “Tex-like” return.

  43. Not to mention that players change position to help better there current team from time to time. Examples: Michael Young (3 times now), Craig Biggio, Robin Yount….

  44. Your argument is FLAWED, completely. Either the Rangers trade him, which any team acquiring him WILL use him at SS, regardless of what happens in 2013, or they will keep him as part of a SS/2B combo with Profar.

    Who makes trades in baseball based on dollar value anyways??

  45. mmiller54 3 years ago

    As a Dbacks fan, I think Andrus could be close to getting Upton.
    I know KT would take Andrus and Olt for Drew and Upton. If the Rangers are going to give up Andrus for JJ, an injury prone starter who is a #2 at best right now, they should just go get Upton.

  46. greg porco 3 years ago

    This is a roster built by Loria with 3 pitchers whom have thrown no hitters, two batting champions, 6 all stars, the must successful closer over the past 3 years, 2 rookies of the year, *PLUS* JJ and Stanton. At what point do you stop blaming management and start blaming the players?

    The Marlins built a heck of a team, that is UNDERACHIEVING…Hanley has underachieved 3 years in a row. Anibals contract is up, Infante is easily replaceable with Bonifacio at 2b and LOOGY Choate with LeBlanc and Ruggiano mans center field just fine to replace Boni. Greg Dobbs will platoon with Solano at 3B and both are hitting over 300. No loss there.

    So explain to me how these moves dont make sense, please.

    A guy being payed this much money and doesnt even take his meds to prevent infection in their hand, get paid more money in total in 3 days to sit on a bench than most American households do in a year.

    Come on. Im a Miami fan since Inaugural day with the Florida Marlins. This makes sense…in the past I blamed Loria…

    this year…


  47. You’re the one that typed it; perhaps you should have used effective communication. We need to define baseball prospect mathematics here. 1 B + 1 C + 1 F > 1 B + 1 C … so adding any failed prospect to a B and a C would make it more… but an A is obviously more than a B + C.

    If the Brewers keep Greinke, and he leaves in free agency, the Brewers MUST grab an A prospect with their ONE compensation pick to justify not trading him.

  48. Especially now that Garza is injured. The longer they hold him, the less they’ll get for him.

  49. Art Vandelay 3 years ago

    I stand by my ummm…ok

  50. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    Let me ask you this then…what’s your idea of a B prospect? Top 30-75 prospect?

  51. ludafish 3 years ago

    i still cant believe what we got for a couple months of Anibal and 1.5 years of a good defensive but poor offensive second baseman. its amazing.

  52. Better/Deeper – I think you knew what i was referring too… And that is available assets are not a issue (minor leaguers or money).
    I understand your logic but frankly that is not always the case. Examples of three players have already been provided above but you care not to argue those situations……
    Plus when is the last time a young stud SS has been traded for a young stud SP??? I am not going to say it wont happen, but at the same time using logic it doesnt happen. Teams simply wont/dont part with “Bumgarner” types in exchange for players like Elvis (no knock on Elvis).

  53. You stand by your befuddlement?? You didn’t say that Greinke was worth Olt or Profar, which is true, but you dont deny thinking that it’s true.

    Greinke’s last 2 1/2 years of service compare to that of Colby Lewis. Are you going to call Colby Lewis an ace?? An ace has to perform at the level of an ace, or you lose the title. I’m sorry but Greinke is no better than 4/5 of the Rangers rotation.

  54. Art Vandelay 3 years ago

    “You didn’t say that Greinke was worth Olt or Profar, which is true, but you dont deny thinking that it’s true.”
    I don’t know what this means.
    Look, if you think that four of the Rangers starters are better than Greinke I don’t think we are gonna agree, which is fine. In a day or two I guess we will see who’s right

  55. If you don’t know what it means… well, it’s written in plain English… I cannot help your reading comprehension.

    Whether or not the Rangers make a trade for Greinke does not determine who is right in a matter of opinion. More likely, if the Rangers pick up Greinke, it’s a move to replace Colby Lewis

  56. I understand what you are trying to say, but you still wont get a Bumgarner type for a gold glove caliber 23-24 year old SS. It doesnt happen. Sorry, starting pitching is the premimum follwed by SS/C. I guess if you want to flip flop your suggestion and now say trade him for a package of minor leaguers you can do that … But trading Elvis at 24 years of age, who is still improving, and is on the cusp of being in the prime part of his career is selling Elvis short (85-90 cents on the dollar). So again, how do you know he wouldnt have more value to the Rangers than any other team?
    This is no difference than all of the Upton rumors other than Elvis’s work ethic has never been questioned and he is still dirt cheap (cheaper than Upton).
    You keep players of that caliber, when you are trying to win. You trade them when you are trying to re-build. Rebuilding is not in the Rangers plans. They have been doing that (so form of rebuilding)since they left Washington DC.

  57. And yes, as I mentioned in my intial comment, Kinsler to the OF. If it doesnt work, you move the older more expensive player who just so happens to be Kinsler.

  58. Kinsler is a decent 2B but i would not consider him gold glover caliber. Not only would Elvis be a gold glove caliber 2B, he would also be younger and cheaper. So you could take that money to replace Hamilton.

  59. True – But Kinsler would basicly be replacing Hamilton, possibly Cruz (down the road) or flat out traded. But lets say for arguement purposes he is moved to the OF….. If Kinsler can make the transition to the OF, he is still younger (30) than Hamilton/Cruz (31/32) and will be cheaper than both as well.

  60. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    By BA standards ManBan was ranked #29 and Olt #43 pre-season. Sounds like your idea of B prospect would be one in the top 20-50 range which is where Olt would be now correct?

  61. Like i have said all along….. Elvis playing 2B for the Rangers might be more valuable than any peice or value you can get for him in return. And unless, Daniels can get the “Bumgarner” type in exchange for him (which he wont), we both will never know what his true value is. Until that point either Andrus or Profar will be “diminishing there value” at 2B while the other is at SS.

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