Josh Johnson Rumors: Thursday

Baseball executives seem divided on the Marlins' plans for Josh Johnson, but it's clear the right-hander is drawing considerable interest as the trade deadline approaches. One official told Jayson Stark there's a 95% chance the 28-year-old stays put. But other executives told Joel Sherman they'd be shocked if the Marlins don't trade him. The Rangers, Angels, Orioles and Blue Jays appear to have interest in Johnson, who earns $13.75MM per season through 2013. Here’s the latest on Johnson, with the most recent rumors up top:

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  1. BrickTops 3 years ago

    Pretty obvious that the Braves got Fleeced on that deal.

    • not_brooks 3 years ago


      • why did u have to remind him about the worst trade in Brave’s History?

        • rundmc1981 3 years ago

          Thanks, John Schuerholz. You really went out with a bang. I really hope you didn’t advise Wren to trade Tex for Marek/Kotchman and forfeit the draft picks coming your way when Tex bolted for NYY because that would have meant you gave up on the chance to have Mike Trout in a Braves uniform. I think Schuerholz wanted to top his bad rental of Wainwright for JD Drew…and he did a heck of a job doing that.

    • blank_38 3 years ago

      But the Yankees never traded for Teixeira…

      • BrickTops 3 years ago

        DOH… Lol I was thinking Braves, but typed Yanks

  2. yeah they’re not getting that… lol

  3. the_show 3 years ago

    Well I’m gonna guess Josh Johnson stays put

  4. not_brooks 3 years ago

    Even though there’s no chance they’ll get a package like that, it always makes sense to ask for the moon.

  5. elijah82 3 years ago

    Welp. Good luck on that Marlins.

  6. oz10 3 years ago

    Poor Beau Jones never gets mentioned in that trade……..

  7. Devon Henry 3 years ago

    Three good prospects for an injury prone pitcher with an ERA at 4.14 in a pitchers park. He can be beast at times but not worth three good prospects (im assuming good is B or better rated prospects)

  8. First of all the Marlin must be smokin some really good stuff if they think they can get a “Tex Package” for Johnson. Its not that he isn’t an excellent pitcher, he just can’t stay healthy! Also, I bet if you ask Wren, if he could do it all over again, he wouldn’t!
    Neither would the GM for the O’s Mariners Bedard trade.

    • not_brooks 3 years ago

      Bavasi would probably make the Bedard trade again, because he was a monumentally terrible General Manager.

    • melonis_rex 3 years ago

      Wren didn’t make the Teixeira trade with Texas. Schuerholz did.

  9. johnsilver 3 years ago

    I doubt Atlanta wants JJ that badly for one thing and as far as anyone else? If JJ was on top of his game this year from start to start.. A possibility, but he just hasn’t been consistent enough.

    The one team that is hanging around the fringes and might have been desperate enough has someone in charge (Orioles/Duquette) that is just not goofy enough to pull the trigger on a trade like that.

    Orioles fans can rest on that. Duke might make a move on a SP, but he isn’t going to blow the system on a guy, even as good as JJ.

    • $17867741 3 years ago

      I can imagine the Braves targeting JJ if Dempster refuses to leave Chicago…

      • sdsny 3 years ago

        That would be Mark Teixeira all over again. They’d send the Marlins the farm, and get JJ for a couple of years, and yes I know Teixeira was only a season. It doesn’t make sense for the Braves, who have good pitching prospects who combined would cost way less than a Josh Johnson contract.

  10. jjs91 3 years ago

    Anyone want to look up where does guys were ranked prospect wise at the time of the trade?

    • Patrick Beliveau 3 years ago

      Going into 2007, Baseball America had Salty, Andrus, Harrison as the top 3 prospects in the Braves system…

      Top 100, Salty was 36, Andrus was 65 and Harrison was 90…

      So it was a pretty good haul for Texas

      • notsureifsrs 3 years ago

        not as good as it looks in retrospect, though. “andrus, feliz, harrison, and salty” sounds a lot, lot better than #36, #65, #90 and unranked

        all of those players turned into productive regulars or stars – including the unranked feliz. that’s very unusual

    • I cant recall but Salty was the “prized” prospect of the group at that time. Harrison was a throw in due to a medical concern with Beau Jones’s shoulder/elbow.

      • oz10 3 years ago

        Andrus was the prized prospect, Salty was to get an MLB ready piece as he was alread yin the bigs. We wouldn’t do the deal without Nefti though

        • Thats not the way that i recall it… I thought it was the young switch hitting catcher w/ power….. Andrus was said to be a defensive wiz with concerns over his ability to hit. But eitherway, it was a steal for the rangers…

      • ElasticSyntax 3 years ago

        This also created some hubbub around who the “catcher of future” would be in Texas since they had Salty, Laird and Teagarden.

      • Feliz and Andrus were the cornerstones of the trade.

        • Not according to Baseball America at the time…. See Patrick Beliveau post from above. He has already done the research.

  11. txftw 3 years ago

    Ok a JJ deal that comps to the Tex deal:

    Feliz=Harrison at that point. Matt had some experience but Feliz has way more (such as being an All-Star closer) therefore is way more valuable.

    Sardinas/Garcia=Andrus. Elvis was extremely young when he was traded and these two are a little further along with lower ceilings.

    Moreland=Saltalamacchia. Salty had immense potential at the time of the trade and Moreland has shown flashes of excellence (2010 WS) but has had struggles as well, like Salty did in his time in Texas.

    Mendez=Feliz. A high powered arm that needs seasoning to become something great. Feliz at the time of the Tex trade was just a 100mph thrower but was able to harness it.

    Kirkman=Jones. The forgotten piece of that deal. Lefty with some promise was the idea, but Kirkman has pitched in the bigs a fair amount while Jones at that time was in the lower minors.

    To me, the value of Feliz is extremely high and offsets some of the faults the other pieces have.


  12. Bryan 3 years ago

    Mark Teixeira-like package. I’d give you Casey Kotchman and Stephen Marek for him…

  13. They may have hurt themselves by deciding to announce that the Rangers were ready to part with Olt for him to start a bidding war. This franchise is so backwards it almost hurts. Almost.

    • $17867741 3 years ago

      When did the Rangers ever declare Olt was available?

  14. OptimisticMarlinsFan 3 years ago

    I’m not sure that’s the only way they should deal him. If they can get a package like they should jump on it. I highly doubt they will, though. I don’t think they should only deal if a package like that comes along. They need to trade him and it doesn’t necessarily have to reach that type of return, but it better be a damn good one.

  15. SoxFan15 3 years ago

    White Sox get:

    RHP Josh Jhonson

    Marlins get:

    RHP Adisson Reed
    RHP Nestor Molina
    RHP Gavin Floyd
    C Tyler Flowers
    UTIL Eduardo Escobar

  16. M.Kit 3 years ago

    Rangers to JJ: “As you may know, Arlington is very close to Oklahoma”

    • sdsny 3 years ago

      That might work in a FA pitch. JJ has no say in where he ends up right now.

  17. ARod's Ring 3 years ago

    Here we go with the “request” and preferences from the player. handcuffing their teams in the process.

    • Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

      Since JJ doesn’t have a no-trade clause, his opinions are rendered moot. In any case, if he really cared where he played, I don’t think he would have signed an extension with the Marlins to be begin with.

  18. elijah82 3 years ago

    “Johnson would prefer to be near his home in Oklahoma or his wife’s home in Orange County, California,’s Jerry Crasnick reports”
    So that means JJ (or maybe the Marlins) wants a deal with either the Angels or the Rangers if the trade ever happens.

  19. greg porco 3 years ago

    JJ lives in Henderson Nevada, Jerry. Nice home too…google it. JJ is not going anywhere. By the way, his wifes home is in Cali? She has a separate home from him? Seriously?? Worst comment i’ve ever seen here.

    • Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

      To be fair, he grew up in Jenks, Oklahoma. Maybe that’s where his parents reside.

  20. Karkat 3 years ago

    What you do is trade Andrus, Harrison, and Feliz for Johnson, making the trade ultimately Johnson and Mendez for Teixiera, excellent trade!

    (I kid, of course.)

  21. They won’t get anything near that for Josh Johnson.

  22. nwh2787 3 years ago

    Texas Rangers or L.A. Angels, Dodgers

  23. Jeffrey Wright 3 years ago

    JJ for olt, perez? would the rangers do this?

  24. baseballz 3 years ago

    So even after JP broke his hand and Romero has shown obvious signs of some sort of hidden injury ( I call Labrum! ) what will it take for AA to realize that this year is over ? Im just worried im gonna see a Casey Blake for Carlos Santana like deal or worse a Texiera sized package in order for us to finish 3rd again in the AL East. Very slowly all of the Toronto franchises are becoming increasingly delusional.

    • rikersbeard 3 years ago

      obviously the deal is not focused on this year so much as next (and maybe beyond).

      • baseballz 3 years ago

        I see what you mean, but a guy who wants to play near his home and wife sounds like a guy who will only be here for two years if the trade were to happen. So you assume the salary and the significant risk of injury all in the hope that this year we might get into the second wild car ? I just don’t buy it, sounds like the Bedard trade all over again.

        Who are the Jays gonna start in a playoff series ? Johnson, Laffey, Villaneuva ? If the Jays were healthy then heck yahz, but were not, so this just doesn’t make sense.

        • Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

          Morrow should be back in 2-3 weeks.

        • rikersbeard 3 years ago

          Presumably every player wants to play near their family or their home. Many players though are willing to sign contracts anyways if they like the money and the situation enough.

        • rikersbeard 3 years ago

          Do you see what I mean though? Because you again just pointed to facts about this year (minus your forgetting Morrow).

    • cyberboo 3 years ago

      Who cares about 2012. The Blue Jays slowly add players to the roster that can help them compete the next season. If the Jays acquire Johnson, 2013 will have Morrow, Romero, Johnson, Hutchison, and Alvarez, unless another pitcher is acquired in the off season. That rotation would match any in the majors and it adds wins to the team. Factor in that Santos will be healthy with Janseen, Oliver, Frasor in the back end of the pen and 2013 will surprise a lot of people. Just an FYI, but Carter, Alomar, etc were added in 89, not 92, allowing the team to address other needs. One question mark at a time is being eliminated, which isn’t done all at once.

  25. cookmeister 3 years ago

    Teixiera-like package for a guy that has thrown 200 innings only once? he is good, but not worth that at all

  26. David Ridenour 3 years ago

    A possible Josh Johnson trade is going to be exactly like Ubaldo Jimenez– We aren’t “actively” trading him, but if you want to blow us away and overpay, then we will gladly trade him. And people can say what they want– When it comes to SP at the trade deadline, the value is ALWAYS high!

  27. Marlins are also seeking crack cocaine in the package because they have smoked all of theirs

  28. The Rangers need to hang on to Olt. They need him to play 1B next year if not sooner. If the Rangers trade for anything it needs to be a hitter.

    • $17867741 3 years ago

      I don’t understand why fans thinks prospects are always ‘blocked’.

      John Olerud was not blocked by Fred McGriff.
      Ryan Howard was not blocked by Jim Thome.

      If Beltre is still capable of playing 3B, then your suggestion to put Olt at 1B temporarily is good. Otherwise, TRADE Beltre for an area of need and use Olt to fill the void.

      • I agree. Good/Great prospects dont get blocked. If anything, they are not rushed to the big leagues before they are ready to play. But you can always have that prospect change positions (not always easy) or trade the aging/more expensive player that is so-called “blocking” the prospect.
        When it is all said and done the Rangers infeild could look like this fairly soon:
        1B – Olt
        2B – Andrus
        SS – Profair
        3B – Beltre
        Kinsler to the OF.

  29. Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

    The Blue Jays are undeterred by their series loss to the A’s and are still pursuing Johnson

    As they should be. The Jays have a few redundant great prospects in their system such as CF Jake Marisnick – ranked 37 by BA mid-season, 32 by Keith law – or Gose. All I know is the Marlins need a CF of the future, among the many other things.

    If they do make a move for JJ before August 1st, at least they can see how he does for 2 months in the AL East. If he succeeds, give him an extension. If not, you can move him again, or go for it anyway in 2013 and take the picks. Lots of options.

    • $17867741 3 years ago

      If JJ keeps up his performance, do you think he will be worthy of a qualifying offer for draft pick compensation after the 2013 season?

      If yes, then I can justifiably understand why the Blue Jays would target him.

  30. bravesfansince1990 3 years ago

    It sucks being a Braves fan and having to live this trade over and over again….

  31. gothamgator 3 years ago

    The Marlins don’t know how to get good players in trades, so I don’t believe Jon Heyman for a second… (ok, there was that one time they got Hanley from the Red sox, but that was 7 years ago)

  32. Jaysfan724 3 years ago

    Is Harden and Ibaka too much for Johnson?

  33. RetroRob 3 years ago

    Mark Teixeira-like packages just don’t happen anymore because of, well, teams now realize how bad it is to trade away that much young talent for a single player.

  34. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Well said Robert, well said..

    Now they have moved away one of the better defensive stalwarts in Infante and substituted him for “I’ve played everywhere man” Bonifacio at 2b.

    Gaby, while his bat was not doing good at 1b his glove was fine and now lee is there and he can’t even handle pickoff throws correctly..

    The defense has been truly..Awful..

    One has to watch the circus to get an idea..

  35. ludafish 3 years ago

    I bet the marlins pull the trigger on any deal involving Olt. I believe the rangers would do it straight up but do not want to give more than him. Olt and Martin alone for JJ is worth it, and i dont want to see JJ go anywhere.

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