Phillies Gauging Trade Interest In Cole Hamels

Monday: Olney adds that the Phillies are focused on acquiring help at third base and in the outfield in any trade for Hamels (Twitter link). 

Sunday, 2:30 pm: The Phillies' asking price for Hamels is said to be a package of four to five prospects, tweets Buster Olney of Olney adds rival executives believe such a package could be hard to come by with the new rule preventing teams from offering arbitration to potential free agents acquired in trade (via Twitter). 

12:22 pm: The Phillies have begun calling teams to see about trade interest in Cole Hamels, tweets Jon Heyman of  The left-hander will be eligible for free agency after earning $15MM in his walk year. Heyman writes there has been no progress made in contract negotiations.

It's possible that the Phillies are just scoping out early interest in Hamels just in case, Heyman tweets, but the calls make the odds of a trade seem real at this point.  Less than a week ago, it was reported that the club was not ready to put Hamels or outfielder Shane Victorino on the block.

There should be no shortage of interest in the 28-year-old and the Rangers could be one of the more aggressive suitors for him.  Texas is said to be scouting Hamels as well as Brewers pitcher Zack Greinke.

Steve Adams contributed to this post.

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  1. sharenski 3 years ago

    Gose for Hamels 

    • nm344 3 years ago

      Phils need a 3rd baseman.  Wanna give us Lowrie? Tex would surely give up Olt.

      • vtadave 3 years ago


      • Don’t be so sure that you’d get Olt. It’s not like the Rangers are desperate for Hamels. They’d be just fine without him.

        • nm344 3 years ago

          Yeah ok.

          • Good rebuttal. Why would the Rangers include Olt unless they knew Hamels would sign an extension? I would include Olt in a trade for Hunter Pence for sure, but a pitcher in Hamels who probably wouldn’t re-sign? No thanks

          • Cole Hamels is definitely a top 10, arguably top 5 starter in baseball who would incredibly fortify the Rangers rotation even more. So what if he walks? Olt is just a prospect. Look at Justin Smoak

          • Olt isn’t Smoak. Hamels is top 10, not 5. “So what if he walks” is not a sentence you’ll ever hear a good GM say.

          • You’re right. Smoak was more of a highly rated prospect who was traded for a half season of an ace. That ace was a catalyst for getting the Rangers to their first ever world series. 

            Still want Justin Smoak and a division series or championship series elimination over a half year of Cliff Lee?

          • That was the Rangers first WS. We’re interested in getting there and winning it all, but Texas can’t keep trading great prospects for rentals.

          • Casor_Greener 3 years ago

            Smoak turned out so far to be nothing. stop acting like they are giving up Bryce Harpers

          • captainjeter 3 years ago

            and  smoak has not exactly been lighting things up in Seattle  , has he? No wonder  the Rangers did not lose any sleep over  trading him  for Lee.

        • captainjeter 3 years ago

          then why is it being  reported that the Rangers  are  down 4  starters ? Darvish can’t pitch everyday.

        • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

          Absolutely agree that the Rangers aren’t desperate. However, if you want Hamels then the Phillies would be stupid to not demand Olt be included in the deal. The Rangers level of desperation has nothing to do with what the Phillies have the right to ask for. It’s not like the Rangers are the only team in need of a Hamels type.

    • captainjeter 3 years ago

      way to  go Amaro. Throwing in the towel on the season.

  2. Red Sox need to be all in.

    • StanleyHudson 3 years ago

      “All in” would entail the Sox giving up Middlebrooks and Lavarnway so no, the Sox shouldn’t be “all in”.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        “all in” now, as you were joking with Middlebrooks would leave the only real 3b prospect(s) at A Ball.

        I get your point though. Philly understands the brewers are shopping grienke and wants to get the chance at the choicest prospects 1st **if** they decide to move him and can get overwhelmed.

        • PWNdroia 3 years ago

          I still don’t have confidence of Greinke coming to the AL East if it were to happen (which it won’t anyway).

    • start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

      Any team that would be “all in” on Hamels would probably be also ready and willing to pay a $100M contract. I just don’t see the Red Sox willing to do that right now.

      • melonis_rex 3 years ago

        i’m not so sure.

        I could see a team like Detroit or Atlanta getting involved, even if they probably shouldn’t give Hamels a 100MM contract.

        • notsureifsrs 3 years ago

          no chance for atlanta imo. detroit on the other hand is juuust crazy enough to do it

          i can see atlanta getting greinke though

          • MB923 3 years ago

            Do you say no chance for Atlanta because they’re in the same division, or for another reason?

      • This may be a stupid question, but can Cole Hamels veto a trade if he doesn’t want to go to a team like the Rangers or Dodgers?

    • MaineSox 3 years ago

      No they don’t

    • captainjeter 3 years ago

      and  what could you offer ? Amaro is  going to ask for Middlebooks , you do that  ?

      • melonis_rex 3 years ago


        start with one of xander bogaerts or jackie bradley jr.  either would fill a long term need for the phillies (3B or OF respectively), then add low level supplementary pieces.

        and the red sox have middlebrooks at 3B and kalish and crawford (yikes!) in the OF, so such a deal would make sense for the sox.

  3. johnsilver 3 years ago

    The old Simon and Garfunkel song “April, Come she will” has true meaning with regards to the Philly roster and agewise especially. They are in the month of July ATM in the song and quickly headed for August..

    • slider32 3 years ago

      johnsilver, like the song and you hit the nail right on the head, the Phils and the Sox are the biggest disapointments this year, while the Mets and Pirates are big surprises.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

         LOL. Good point!. Boston could very well be in the “August” mode of that song in a few weeks..

        They *do* have Ells and CC coming back in a couple of weeks, maybe less however and maybe get revitalized from that. Both are playing rehab games already, so should be ready soon.

        Philly is “on the vines” so to speak and key players about to walk, with core players past aging and signed LT.. Future is bleak.

        • slider32 3 years ago

          It’s pretty even the Phils have Howard and Halliday coming back, while the Sox have CC and Ells. If I asked you at the beginning of the year you would give the edge to the Phils with those 2 players.

      • MB923 3 years ago

         How are the Red Sox a bigger disappointment than the Tigers?

        • MaineSox 3 years ago

          Apparently 1 game under .500 and 3.5 out of the wildcard is better than 5 games over .500 and .5 out of the wildcard.  Who knew?

          • MB923 3 years ago

            Especially 1 game under .500 in the worst division in baseball

  4. hes signing with the dodgers

    • hes from the west coast and wants to be there long term why not get an early start?

      • start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

        He wants to be on the west coast? Seriously, has he actually said this or is this something you’re assuming. 

      • rainyperez 3 years ago

        I’m thinking it might be a mystery team like it has always been the last couple of seasons. L.A. could be considered favorites but the Tigers , Yankees, Red Sox, and Rangers could be big time players for him.

        • slider32 3 years ago

          If Texas gets either Greinke or Hamels they have locked up a spot in the playoffs for years to come along with the Angels.

          • PWNdroia 3 years ago

            That’s what we said about the Phillies less than two years ago when they had Halladay, Oswalt, Lee, and Hamels, and look at where they are now.

      • myname_989 3 years ago

         Just because a guy is from the West Coast doesn’t mean he wants to be there long term.

        Hamels has said it several times over. His family, home, and charity foundation are on the East Coast.

        He’ll sign where he can win.

        • slider32 3 years ago

          Hamels will sign with whoever gives him the most money!

        • 6kitties 3 years ago

           Hamels home  is in Philadelphia and he has never said he wanted to pitch on the west coast. Enough with this.

      • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

        He’s actually said just the opposite.

        • rainyperez 3 years ago

          Don’t like the he said this argument. Athletes understand its a business and by that I mean the players association want to see big contracts get signed.

          IF and I’m not saying its final but if Hamels signs with the Dodgers for a ridiculous amount of money than I’m pretty sure Hamels conference after he signs will go something like this, “The truth is this is the place I’ve always wanted to be and I’m from Southern California so its nice to be home. I’ve always loved playing in Dodger stadium!”

          • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

            I’m sure he does love pitching in Dodgers Stadium… his numbers there are great.

            Either way, he’s said for years: “East Coast baseball >> West Coast.” I was just pointing that out to the above poster. Whether or not Hamels changes his tune is unknown but it’s speculation that he wants to be on the West Coast, not fact.

  5. rainyperez 3 years ago

    Whoever trades for Hamels will probably have some assurance that Hamels will sign with the team that trades for him. 

    I think the Phillies just go to town and see what they can get for Ruiz, Lee, Pence, and Victorino. They do that than their rebuilding process will be quicker than most instead of the normal 5 years it maybe could be 2 or 3 years. 

    • nm344 3 years ago

      That’s for teams without the Phillies payroll.  Phils will not rebuild. They will reload.

      • rainyperez 3 years ago

        Reload with what in FA? Halladay, Lee, Howard, Utley, and Papelbon combine for over $100 million dollars. Not to mention that they’re another year older with Halladay’s shoulder bothering him, Lee getting hit hard, Howard’s bat speed will be slower and still can’t hit a breaking ball, and Utley’s knees can explode any minute.  

        • Max Power 3 years ago

          First off, they don’t,  With Rollins, they do though.  Halladay is completely symptom free and will return in the next week or two.  

          Around that core, you should be able to add enough affordable players to compete.  That’s kind of the point.

        • nm344 3 years ago

          They have a few contracts coming off the books,  Hamels, Blanton, Victorino, Polanco.  If they can get a 3rd baseman in a trade for Hamels, they can still have enough money to get Bourn + Grienke in the off-season.

          • rainyperez 3 years ago

            Not sure Bourn worth big money and Grienke not sure how he’ll handle the big spotlight playing in a big media market. Grienke could prove me wrong but if I’m a GM wouldn’t give Bourne more than a 3 year or 4 year max contract since he’ll be 30 next season.

          • Casor_Greener 3 years ago

            Is this a joke?

    • Max Power 3 years ago

      The Phillies have no reason to move Lee and Ruiz.  This won’t be a complete rebuild, not with Halladay, Utley, etc. signed through next year.  

      • PWNdroia 3 years ago

        The really should rebuild.  It’s not wise to spend so much on players, especially ones overaged.

    • bigpat 3 years ago

      If the Phillies trade Ruiz, the fans will go Gadaffi on RAJ

  6. DerekJeterDan 3 years ago

    This is a very big development and I think its the right decision by the Phillies. Guys like Hamels and Victorino will not necessarily be back next season. It is therefore important to gauge interest in them because if they leave via free agency, all you are left with is a possible draft pick. These are guys who are playing on a struggling team but can really help out a contender. They have won the World Series with the Phillies but in this “nightmare” season it is best to have a fire sale and maximize their value in the trade market. Getting back young players who interest the Phillies for Hamels (he will require a lot to acquire, he is amazing) would be a smart move by Amaro. The Thome trade to me seems like just the start. A fire sale (not full throttle, but definitely shedding some players) definitively punts this year but gives the team hope for years to come with the influx of young talent they would receive in any trade.

  7. Jair Jurjjens for Hamels straight up.

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      I think the phillies would need to throw another player in their to get the braves to bite.  Maybe add lee and some money.

  8. frank_costanza 3 years ago

    Hopefully Amaro makes the right decision and deals him for an infield or outfield prospect. You can’t re-sign him, it’s just not going to happen. Even if you could, you are further handcuffing yourself financially.

    For what it’s worth, i think he signs with Boston in FA. I know everyone seems to think that LA is the favorite because it makes sense, but Hamels has already stated that he likes playing on the East Coast.

  9. Would love to get Hamels, but I don’t think we have anything the Phillies would want.  Calling all Phillies fans, who would you want from our farm system for Hamels if you had your choice?

    • nm344 3 years ago

      Phils biggest need is a 3rd baseman major-league ready prospect.

      • LazerTown 3 years ago

        Yankees have none of that, all of their hitting prospects of any value are still in A.

    • asovermann 3 years ago

      Not a Phillies fan but I’d say Mason Williams or Gary Sanchez, maybe Tyler Austin, the pitching prospects have become less desirable in the past year or so.

      • nictonjr 3 years ago

        Most of the help from a Yankee trade, Mason Williams/Gary Sanchez, wouldn’t come until 2014-2015.  Add in say Nova and Adams.  Not sure if the Phillies want to wait 3, or more, seasons for a return on a Hamels trade…

        • rainyperez 3 years ago

          Well with the Nationals, Braves, and Marlins emerging they might have to wait more than 3 seasons.

        • LazerTown 3 years ago

          Don’t really see the point for the yankees, williams and sanchez are tearing pitchers apart and should be moved to AA soon.  And nova has always shown an ability to give good starts and win games, and both years he has started off slow, and pitched very effectively later on.

          Hamels is a good pitcher but I don’t see the yankees in a position where they need him in order to compete and are willing to mortgage the future for half a season of him.  2 years of felix hernandez i would do that deal, but a couple months Hamels is not worth it especially when postseason arrives they have kuroda, CC, Pettitte at the top of their rotation, hughes and nova should be able to fill in anything else.

    • I would assume it would be two B prospects. Austin, Almonte, and maybe phelps. Though I could be completely wrong, I just can’t justify giving up top prospects for less than a full season.

    • DerekJeterDan 3 years ago

      Take a look at the recent teams who have won the World Series. They were not the team that acquired the big ticket prize at the deadline but the teams that acquired role players, veteran pieces, and/or situational relievers. These are the type of players the Yankees need to acquire/look into. In 2009 the Yankees got Eric Hinske and Jerry Hairston Jr. These moves kept the other guys fresh and made them a very lengthy team. With injuries to Pettitte and Sabathia, the Yankees now have a need in the rotation. You can ride Kuroda, Hughes, and Nova for a while with guys like Phelps and Garcia pitching in here and there but a veteran piece to lengthen out the rotation would go a long way. Someone like Ryan Dempster is who the Yankees should be looking into. A veteran who is hungry for redemption in the playoffs and who is on a bad team in the last year of his contract. Cashman and Epstein have wanted to make a move together for some time. I can see this happening.

      • It doesn’t matter who you acquire, sports are the one thing where you don’t have to be the best to win, you just have to get hot at the right time. If i were a gm, I would get players who tend to hit well/pitch well in the second half, or the last month of the season and hope that their hot streaks continue. Other than that, it’s luck. 

        Were the giants (football) the best team last year? no, they got hot at the right time, same goes for the cardinals last year.

        • slider32 3 years ago

          Dylan, I totally agree, the playoffs are random, only 4 teams with the best record during the regular season have won the world series since 1996. The most recent were the 2005 White Sox and the 2009 Yanks.

        • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

          I don’t think it’s about “who’s hot…” it’s about who you match up against. The Phillies #’s against the Cardinals and Giants (for example) were pretty bad.

      • Whowonthe2009WorldSeries 3 years ago

        Why would they be interested in Dempster? He’s old, bad and injured. Let’s not pretend like he’s good because he’s had a decent first half in the NL Central.  

        • DerekJeterDan 3 years ago

          He is injured (15 day dl) but he is not bad. A 2.11 ERA and .204 BAA suggests that he is actually having success this year in the NL. Often times a pitcher is mistakenly judged by wins and loses but those are more team stats than stats that reflect the pitcher. At 35 he is not a bad option. He is an option they HAVE looked into and he shouldn’t be too expensive to get. Any veteran presence to lengthen out the rotation (with Andy hurt) would go a long way to help them through the dog days of summer.

      • slider32 3 years ago

        I agree with most of what you said, except the playoffs are all random. Since 96 only 4 of the teams with the best season record have won the world series. Recently the 05 White Sox and the 09 Yanks. That’s 4 out of 32, totally random.

      • LazerTown 3 years ago

        CC will be back after the as break.  Anyone from the cubs will be costly.

    • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

      Center Fielder or 3rd baseman of the future.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      Mason Williams and Gary Sanchez

      • LazerTown 3 years ago

        for 2 months of Hamels?  You are nuts. Both have ops over .850 at important defensive positions.

        • Dylan 3 years ago

          He asked if we had our choice. That was my choice.

  10. chris_synan1 3 years ago

    The Red Sox will pass….

    • p_phelps09 3 years ago

      Rangers send holland and olt for hamels.. deal?

      • No thanks, we’ve got enough guys on the DL as it is. Maybe if you want Cliff Lee back…

        • p_phelps09 3 years ago

          Hes coming set to start his rehab starts very soon..and he was on the DL because of getting a virus and losing 15 lbs not physical injuries 

      • nm344 3 years ago

        Olt is really a perfect fit for the Phils.  Could see a deal with him as the main prospect.

      • Uhhh, no…for both parties.

      • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

        I’d do that, doubt the Rangers would.

  11. How ’bout Hamels and a low prospect to Texas for Robbie Ross, Mike Olt and Martin Perez…

    •  With the new draft compensation rules potential free agents have less trade value. Olt alone would be sufficient return unless the Rangers think they can sign Hamels to an extension.

    • Tony Bennett 3 years ago

      way too much … the superstar one year rental usually gets you one A/B+ prospect and one or two B-/C+ guys … As a Ranger fan, I would do Olt and either Tanner Scheppers or Luis Sardinas … Phils get an MLB ready 3B plus either an MLB ready power reliever or a high risk/high reward shortstop (Rollins replacement) who is blocked in Texas

      …but before I did that I would probably go shopping a similar package to see if I could snag a front line guy who would stick around for more than 1/2 year (maybe Garza)

      • nictonjr 3 years ago

        Cubs would jump on  Olt and some pitching for Garza. 

        • Tony Bennett 3 years ago

          I would think so … I can’t decide if I’d rather do Olt + Scheppers for Hamels or something like Olt + Neil Ramirez + Engel Beltre for Garza … I don’t LOVE Garza, but that extra year is tempting

          If I were the Rangers I would be letting teams know that guys like Olt, plus a couple arms (Scheppers, Ramirez, Justin Grimm, Cody Buckel), and some blocked lottery ticket hitters (Beltre, Christian Villanueva, Leury Garcia, Luis Sardinas) are available and that we’re looking for a young, front line starter under control for 2+ years (trying to swing a deal like the Gio/Latos deals this off-season)

          • What good is the extra year if Garza is no better than 3/5 of our current rotation?

        • slider32 3 years ago

          Should be interesting to see who goes first, Hamels, Garza, Dempster, Greinke, or Rodriguez. If Texas gets one of them I would say they are in good shape for years to come in the west along with the Angels. Both should make the playoffs with the Astros moving into the west and an extra wildcard.

      • I’d be willing to substitute Bastardo for the low prospect.

        • Tony Bennett 3 years ago

          Just don’t see any way that both Olt and Perez are included for a one-year rental of Hamels … and swapping out Ross for Bastardo is a loss (Ross has been better, albeit perhaps luckier, this year and is under control for 5 more years)

    • p_phelps09 3 years ago

      I doubt rangers move ross, he’ s the only lefty in the pen and thats one reason they have called up other prospects to spot start because he has been so valuable in that role

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      What about Odor or L Martin instead of Perez (I don’t think he or Profar are in play for a rental.)

    • Why would Texas trade all of that for a 3 month rental?

  12. My guess is that if the Rangers are willing to deal Olt then Hamels ends up in Texas. Cards could offer a 3rd basemen in Cox, 22 year old former #1 draft choice considered the top hitting prospect in the 2010 draft. He has made a quick ascent through the Cards minor league system. He started off slow but hit .377 with a .998 ops in June in AAA. Cards could offer a B pitching prospect also. Since this most likely would be a rental can’t see any them offering any major prospects.  

  13. belky2 3 years ago

    If Ruben is smart, he’ll get significantly more out of Texas than Olt. Hamels is a young left-handed ace that the Rangers could really use at the moment. They’re not dumb either and will likely require some assurance from Hamels that he’ll sign long term, and they can certainly afford it. Hamels does prefer the west coast, but his main concern is winning, something he (rightly) doesn’t believe the Phillies can do in the immediate future.

    I’ll get blasted for this, but I honestly think Profar + Olt + another top 20 Rangers prospect for Hamels is a fair deal.

    •  Can’t see Texas giving up Profar, who could be the top prospect in the minors.

    • garettf 3 years ago

      I’m a Phil’s fan, and that trade is notin touch with reality. One of olt and profar with maybe a decent a ball pitcher and I’d be pleased. Hamels has 3 months left on his deal.

    • p_phelps09 3 years ago

      profar is not moving..people just need to stop including him in prospective deals

    • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

      Maybe Perez instead of Profar (who I don’t see getting dealt)

      I don’t think Hamels is going to give any assurances if he gets dealt. He’ll test free agency.

    • Tony Bennett 3 years ago

      There’s not a player in the Phils organization that the Rangers would trade Profar to get.

      The fact that Hamels is young is irrelevant since you only get him the rest of this season. Cliff Lee (who was pitching just as well as Hamels at the time of the trade) netted Justin Smoak (A- prospect, MLB ready), Blake Beavan (B-/C+ prospect, in AA), and Josh Lueke (C prospect, AA).

      If you’re looking at a currently similar package from Texas, that’s something like Olt, Justin Grimm, and Justin Miller.

      If Hamels were to agree to an extension with Texas (unlikely, as it would mean little money left for Hamilton/Napoli/Colby/Cruz) I could see adding another B-level prospect.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      I’d think Olt and L Martin for Hamels is better.

  14. drjayphd 3 years ago

    The only logical deal: since they need a third baseman, the Phillies trade Hamels to the Red Sox for Youkilis. We’ll let the Phillies and White Sox sort out the rest of the deal from there.

  15. Theron Ireland 3 years ago

    Tigers give the phils Andy Oliver(LHP) and Nick Castellanos(3B) for Cole Hamels

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      That’s actually fair but I think they may be looking for an OF too

      • Theron Ireland 3 years ago

        good point maybe add in rondon the double-A RF and the phils add maybe a double-A or triple-A reliever or second baseman

  16. DerekJeterDan 3 years ago

    Update via Olney says that the Phillies are asking for 4-5 prospects in return for Hamels. I think something like that can be done, but an extension would have to be in place. It is just not likely that any team will overpay that much for a half season rental.

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      depends how many premium prospects, it especially hurts the phillies bargaining because teams wouldn’t be able to get draft picks now too.

  17. rangers a possibility and perhaps the red sox, BUT……………………….you can take it to the bank, there is no chance in hell he will go to LA.  Contrary to what has been written here he has declared in my presence that he does not want to join the Dodgers and given the right contract would prefer to stay right where he is.

    Yes,………….I am his neighbor.

    • chris_synan1 3 years ago

      ya…no the Red Sox…will never give up 4-5 prospects for Hamels…they did it with Gonzo but never happening again…he is not worth 4-5 prospects…

      • I could not agree more.  Why would any mlb team give up prospects for a 2 month rental?  Still trying to understand that deal for Beltran that went down last year.  My  guess is that he will resign a 6 yr contract with  the phillies for $150M.

        • nm344 3 years ago

          Because those months also include the post-season.  If anyone can change the outcome of a series, its an Ace like Hamels.

        • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

          Because outside of 2009, he’s been lights out in the post season and he’s a difference maker in the post season.

      • pedroia15 3 years ago

        for Gonzo, they only gave up 2 top prospects and 1 mediocre prospect.  4-5 prospects is a rediculous request.  I think a fair deal from the Sox would be like Middlebrooks/Barnes and a throw-in.  However, I don’t think the Sox would bite since they really need WMB at 3B.  Maybe Kalish/Barnes+ could get it done.

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      Honestly I don’t believe internet message board posters without a valid source.  :)

  18. 4-5 prospects for a 3 month rental??? Rigggght.. dream on Ruben.

    • nm344 3 years ago

      That’s how negotiations work.  This season its a good time to be a seller.

      • rainyperez 3 years ago

        No they have no leverage to get that prospect haul because of the whole you can’t offer arbitration thing. 

        • nm344 3 years ago

          Beltran couldn’t get offered arbitration either. Mets did just fine anyway.

          • rainyperez 3 years ago

            Different situation though. The Giants knew exactly what they were getting into when they traded for Beltran. It was a clause in his contract that prevented him being offered arbitration.

          •  Likewise, any team trading for Hamels knows they aren’t getting picks. Different situation, identical result in regards to pick compensation.


          • Mets got One, One prospect, one really good prospect though for Beltran.

          • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

             This is much more of a sellers market though and Ace level pitchers always fetch more prospect wise.

            I understand how important draft pick compensation is but Cole’s track record in the post season speaks for itself, he could be the difference maker for someone.

    • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

      They want to resign him… why wouldn’t they ask for the moon?

  19. Dodgersarelife 3 years ago

    Hamels wouldnt be a rental for the dodgers so….

    Lee, Reed, Gould, Pederson, and Garcia

  20. Texas would be a great fit and they have prospects Philles would want. Profar at SS Olt at 3B plus a couple young pitchers

    • rainyperez 3 years ago

      Profar and Olt plus more you say!? Man if he was 2 years from free agency they might’ve given the Phillies their Top 10 prospects. 

      Simply thats a ludicrous trade and it ain’t happening. 

      • probably would have to come with extension agreement

        • Rangers allready have their own FA’s to lock up.  They will be getting some of their injured pitchers back by all star break and they had depth to begin with.

  21. frank_costanza 3 years ago

    I don’t need 4-5 prospects. I would do Hamels for Olt straight up, assuming that Olt is available. 

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      Gotta get more than Olt. Olt and L Martin or Olt and 2 arms for BP

  22. frank_costanza 3 years ago

    For all of the Phillies fans holding onto pipe dreams that they can turn it around, or that wish they were winning and think this is the end of the world, relax. I think a down year is a good thing for the Phillies. If you can trade Hamels for a 3B and get prospects for Victorino and whatever other pieces you sell off, then you have helped the team position itself for success next year and years to come. Not to mention, if the Phillies keep up this pace, they will find themselves in possibly the top 10 of the draft. When’s the last time the Phils had a good first round pick?

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      I actually agree. This was going to happen, just would’ve been nice to win one for Halladay and Lee.

      • frank_costanza 3 years ago

        But conceding this year doesnt mean you wont win next year. I expect them to be right back in it next year. 

        You have Ruiz, Howard, Rollins, Pence, Brown (who I am a firm believer in), maybe Utley if healthy, but if not then Galvis. Not to mention if you get a Mike Olt and he is ready.

        Youre still running out Halladay, Worley and Lee. The FA class is deep with quality starting pitching. And you still have Papelbon closing it out.

        Make these moves now, add a quality number 3-4 starter in FA. Stack the bullpen and they are fine.

        • rainyperez 3 years ago

          Another season means another year for the Nationals, Braves, and Marlins to get better too. Those teams are also younger than the Phillies.

          • slider32 3 years ago

            It looks like a changing of the quard in the NL East. The Nats, Braves, and Mets all look to be better than the Phils. The Nats and Mets are scary teams if they make the playoffs, they both have killers at #1 and #2.

          • nm344 3 years ago

            Mets are smoke and mirrors.  Don’t get too excited with them.

          • Really deny it all you want but the Mets could seriously have a scary rotation next year.


          • The Mets will be a lot of fun to watch in the playoffs if they’re able to grab one of those Wild Card spots.

          • nm344 3 years ago

            Braves – meh, the young rotation that was supposed to start dominating by now really hasn’t panned out.  Minor and Teheran have both regressed and Delgado is not a front-line pitcher.  The thing that’s gonna kill the Braves is that they won’t spend enough, they are handcuffed by the worst TV deal in baseball.

          • I’m an Atlanta fan, so I may be a little biased here, but the Braves do have one of the best starting rotations in all of baseball. They’re just an ace away (Greinke) from being compared with the Los Angelas Angels rotation.

          • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

            The Marlins aren’t that much younger than the Phillies and most of their players have the same types of injury history.

          • Your joking right the Marlins are extremley young Lets start with Stanton and then Lo Mo and Reyes is just entering his prime.Your seriously kidding right?

    • burnboll 3 years ago

      I think Phillies need to put out a rebuilding plan, which realistically will take 2-3 years.

      Every player on the current roster, except perhaps guys like Vance Worley, should be considered tradeable. Worley should be kept, not because he’s the second coming of Roger Clemens or anything. But because he’s under team control and has potential to develop into a solid number three or number two guy down the line for years to come.

      When looking at the contract handed out to Jimmy Rollins, you just scratch your head and wonder.

      I also think Phillies should offer up their big contract players like Jimmy and Ryan and eat large portions of their contracts but instead look for a reasonable amount of prospects in return.

      And to that guy who thought Jurickson Profar PLUS other players was a sensible trade for the Rangers? Explain how you came up with that.

      I think Phillies would be lucky to get perhaps 2-3 top 50 prospects in return for Hamels.

      • please look at what Rollins has done over the past 2 months before casting judgement on him just yet. Personally, yes I am a Phils fan, I would rather have his contract than the stiffs that would have been playing there.

  23. Rangers a perfect fit for Cole. Olt, L. Martin, Buckel & Grimm. Negotiable, but the Phillies definitely need 3B & Cf for 2013. Substitute for the 2 pitches if u want but I think the trade needs to include Olt & L. Martin.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      I’ve been saying it from the beginning that that is who the Phillies would want. I’m not convinced that Texas would do this however. Phillies might have to put another prospect in there.

      The best thing for the Phillies would be if the Angels got involved as well. I see that as his landing spot in FA anyway. I’m sure Bourjos would be on the table, but I don’t know who else the Phillies could get. I’m pretty sure they won’t trade Trumbo.

  24. Me4mvp 3 years ago

    Dominguez, Ozuna, and Nalasco

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      I actually like Dominguez and thought the Phillies would acquire him before the year started. He is struggling, but was a top prospect just acouple years ago and is young. But any deal with the Marlins would have to center around Yelich for me anyway.

      • Me4mvp 3 years ago

        Yelich isn’t going anywhere. Yeah it’s sad to see how Dominguez fell off, plus there’s no where to put him .

  25. withpower 3 years ago

    I know they aren’t actually contending right now, but what about the San Diego Padres?

    They just got new ownership, just like the Dodgers, they have some good prospects coming up and they have some to spare [maybe].  I know Hamels is from that area, but who knows if he wants to go back, and who knows if he’d sign with the Padres — can they come up with an offer that’s in the ballpark of everyone else?

    But San Diego could offer maybe a package of Chase Headley, James Darnell, Jaff Decker, and some pitching — maybe Andrew Werner, Juan Oramas, Keyvius Sampson, something like that.  You could shuffle some players in or out, whatever.  I’m not sure how much catching help the Padres have to offer unless they want to include Grandal [I would think no], but they have plenty of help at 3B to offer between Headley, Darnell, and Gyorko [though I assume they want to keep Gyorko].

    Maybe an OF guy like Cody Decker [though Darnell has been splitting time in OF] and they can try and get catching from a trade of Victorino.

    • There is no way that Hamels is re-signing with San Diego after the season, owing to the uncertainty of the Padres’ ownership situation. I see LA or San Francisco as more likely landing spots—and maybe Arizona if they can get back into the hunt.

      • withpower 3 years ago

        I thought they just cleared the ownership situation up?  The O’Malley family bought them, no?  Or are their finances kind of up in the air?  I don’t know much about it.

        • Not near complete yet…a price has been mentioned ($800M), but I wouldn’t count on anything until Moores is no longer the owner.

  26. burnboll 3 years ago

    I think Angels will get involved, and that they’re prepared to give up 2 or 3 mid level prospects, which would be good deal for both clubs.

  27. Given how far the Phillies are out of it, I can’t  see Hamels in a Philly uniform by month’s end.

  28. ugotrpk3113 3 years ago

    My fellow Red Sox fans:

    1) We don’t have the “prospects” to get Hamels. Time to stop dreaming.

    2) Can we stop with the silly idea that the Red Sox are going to buy every player via trade/FA?

    3) If you haven’t noticed, the Red Sox are sort of in a selling mode. They have extra pieces they can trade away and are only in the hunt because of the weak schedule they’ve played as of late. Wait for the end of July when things get interesting. That will show what this team really is.

    • withpower 3 years ago

       I don’t know, Boston has some nice OF prospects down on the farm.  Brentz, Bradley, Kalish.  Not much in the way of 3B, though.

      • ugotrpk3113 3 years ago

        I wouldn’t touch Kalish if I was Philly. He’s had an off and on history, slowed by injuries, etc.

        I like Bradley, but Brentz not so much. Brentz has that Lars Anderson feel to him – Breakout power for a small amount of time and then levels out. Might be wrong.

        I think the only prospect worth anything would be Bogaerts.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      Hamels for Middlebrooks and any OF prospect would be just fine (I know they aren’t trading MB)

  29. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    I know Matt Carpenter doesn’t have the same fan fair as a Mike Olt, but I think he could be had in a deal.  He is proven big league ready, plays a solid 3rd base, and is blocked in St. Louis.

    I’m not sure who else they would need to package with him.  Maybe a nice pitching prospect like Trevor Rosenthal along with Carpenter would get the job done I would think.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      Phillies would be asking for Taveras.

      • stl_cards16 3 years ago

        They can ask all they want, Taveras won’t be moved for a rental. With the year he’s having and showing power, he’s a top 10 prospect now.

        • Max Power 3 years ago

          That’s fine, but 27-year old Matt Carpenter isn’t going to be the centerpiece in a deal for Cole Hamels.

          • stl_cards16 3 years ago

            Trevor Rosenthal is a top 100 pitching prospect.  I’m not saying that would get it done.  But a package of Carpenter with 5 years of control who could step in and start at 3B for the Phils tomorrow and Trevor Rosenthal a 22 year old top 100 pitching prospect is more likely than Taveras being included.

  30. TheBigNice 3 years ago

    Tigers trade Nick Castellanos, Jacob Turner, Brennan Boesch, Casey Crosby, Brunce Rondon and Rob Brantly for Cole Hamels and Hunter Pence. 


    • Yes, but too many near mlb ready prospects. It would work but remove Crosby & Brantly and add 2 low level, high ceiling prospects.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      Pence will be extended. He’s going to be their RF for the next 5-7 years.

  31. Leonard Washington 3 years ago

    I would rather hold onto our prospects then lose them for a  couple months of Hamels. Push to sign him in the offseason and keep the prospects.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      What if he is the reason you win the WS? Then, I’m sure you’d be fine losing unproven players.

  32. Ill tell yu what if the Phills demand 5 for Hamels the Brewers will demand 5 for Grienke.The laugh of it is the Mets have prospects that would fit there needs but they wuld never get the deal done.

  33. nm344 3 years ago

    Why does it suck? Phils can pull in a top prospect like Mike Olt and then use Hamels money to sign Grienke in the off-season.

  34. notsureifsrs 3 years ago

    you know what would be even better than that? winning

  35. Grienke doesn’t like big market teams, and he’s said so. Here we are assuming again.

  36. Dylan 3 years ago

    Or get a BP instead of Greinke

  37. nm344 3 years ago

    going all-in every year is not sustainable.  teams need a year to reload from time to time.

  38. nm344 3 years ago

    Because people at 24 are the same as they are when they are 29, especially with therapy and medication.

  39. notsureifsrs 3 years ago

    i didn’t say it was a bad choice; i said it sucks. it does. they planned to win and they haven’t

  40. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    Still isn’t a great feeling.

  41. LazerTown 3 years ago

    The Yankees missed the playoffs in 08, got teix, aj, cc and won it all the next year.  If you got a decent core you can reload.  It will come down to whether they feel that howard, utley, and halladay is still a solid core that can be built around or whether they are over the hill.

  42. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    Cliff Lee is a good pitcher, he’s just had 3-4 bad starts in a row, which is usual for him. He goes through spells where he’s lights out and other’s where he gets knocked around.

  43. burnboll 3 years ago

    Soriano is so bad that Cubs are prepared to take on almost all of his yearly contract, like 15 mil out of 18 total, yet no team is taking him on.

    Cliff Lee isn’t there quite yet. But he’s hit a bad spell, which I think is more a thing of being in a destructive environment more than anything.

    Imagine having to deal with a complete mess like Charlie Manuel who’s got no clue most of the time.

    Had Cliff Lee been with Maddon in Tampa, he would still be the Legit Ace I consider him to be.

  44. Dylan 3 years ago

    Not even close.

  45. No…Cliff Lee has a respectable 4.13 ERA this year—not dominant, but hardly that of a dreg. He’s just had wretched luck vis a vis run support. This year, among pitchers eligible for the ERA title, Lee’s run support is 4th-worst in the majors (only Edinson Volquez, Justin Verlander, and Ervin Santana have worse run support this year—and only Santana has a higher ERA than run support this year).

  46. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    They don’t really need him anyway.

  47. Guest 3 years ago

     not unless you want another year of KK & Blanton

  48. melonis_rex 3 years ago

    yes they do.

    hamels is only a half year rental.

  49. MB923 3 years ago

    A lot of teams can if it’s only for a half year player

  50. MaineSox 3 years ago

    Yeah, that’s bull.

    Conveniently, Sickels’ top 120 update came out today and the Red Sox have as many guys on his list as any team in baseball (tied with KC, TOR, and STL with 7 – if you include the “just missed” list they had 10; only SD had more with 12), they have 3 guys in the top 50 (#11, 36, 41) and another guy just outside the top 50 (#59), so if they can’t pull off a trade for him then there might be one or two teams in all of baseball that can.

  51. nm344 3 years ago

    Bourn is not gonna get that much and yeah… 3rd base would be covered by the trade, CF would be a FA.  LF would be Dom Brown/Mayberry, 1 starter would be FA and if May is ready he’ll be the 2nd starter.   If he’s not it would be a cheap filler or Kendrick.

  52. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    There’s Edwin Jackson types that they could use as an upgrade over big Joe and make the offense better. Maybe the Rays make Shields available and the Phillies make a deal for him.

    I’m afraid of overpaying Grenkie and he falls on his face in Philadelphia. I shouldn’t have said we don’t need him because he’s a great pitcher, but I’m not sure I want to play around with his social anxiety disorder in a city that can be pretty depressing if you’re not doing well.

  53.  window is closing?  please expand on that comment.  It doesnt make any sense to me what so ever. 

  54. Dylan 3 years ago

    I agree to a point, but what if the Yankes and Angels get involved? They almost have to anti up. They have two pieces that the Phillies would trade Hamels for immediately and that is Olt and L Martin. Even if the Phillies go for it this year, that deal would be hard to turn down.

  55. johnsilver 3 years ago

    ” so if they can’t pull off a trade for him then there might be one or two teams in all of baseball that can.”

    Another “take that” to all those out there saying constantly that Boston has no farm and one of those (Lavarnway #59) *IS* MLB ready for all those teams desperately needing a catcher, if Boston wanted to move him.

  56. MaineSox 3 years ago

    I think people who still say that don’t fully comprehend the difference that last year’s draft had.  A year ago they were legitimately a middle of the road farm system, but in last year’s draft they added Bradley and Barnes (both legitimate top 50 prospects), and Owens and Swihart (both back end top 100 prospects), and add to that the continually rising stock of Bogaerts (hard to believe it’s still going up) and the fact that Lavarnway is actually playing catcher every day this year (instead of less than half the time like in years past) and his offense is staying high despite that fact, and the other guys who have hung around as borderline top 100 guys (Brentz, Cecchini, Jacobs) and their farm system is looking really good again.

  57. Ferrariman 3 years ago

    my guess is because he is saying the Hamilton might walk after this season, thats the only conceivable way the window might be closing. 

  58. Dylan 3 years ago

    I agree but the question is will the Angels let them match their rotation (which may be deeper with Hamels: Hamels Darvish Oswalt Feliz Holland Harrison)

    Not that Profar isn’t a great prospect, but I don’t think the Phillies would be interested in him. Their focus would be on Olt and Martin to fill 3B and CF for next year cheaply so they can get a BP and a 3/4 starter.

  59. Guest 3 years ago

    haha yeah. well i mean another high salary pitcher i doubt would be their goal, or else they would keep hamels.  if they want to spend that money, either doing it on a bat, or spreading it out over a few players (which might be better yet) would be better options i think

  60. MaineSox 3 years ago

    No, not personally.

    That’s not to say that I don’t think they will get something of that caliber, I just don’t think Hamels make enough sense for the Red Sox at this point for them to make that kind of a deal.

    The only way they would want to give up that kind of talent for Hamels would be if they could sign him to an extension, and the kind of extension Hamels would be looking for would put them at $75-80M over the next few years, just for their rotation.

    They also already have 6 guys for 5 spots next year (and it’s not unreasonable to think that Barnes could make it to the majors at some point next year if he isn’t the one dealt in the deal).  And while there are certainly guys you would take out of the rotation for a guy like Hamels it could cost them a lot of money to do so (the most likely guy to be moved would be Lackey, but they would probably have to eat at least $25M of his remaining contract to make it happen, so Hamels would essentially cost them his extension plus $25M).

    If they were trading them for someone with more time under team control, or if they didn’t already have that much money tied up in their rotation, I would be more apt to be okay with it, but the way things are right now I don’t think it makes enough sense for them.

    Also, if they were to decide to go that route I would prefer them to go after Greinke.  I think he would likely take less to acquire (in prospects) and cost less to extend, and I think a reasonable case can be made that he is actually the better pitcher (assuming you think he can handle pitching in a large market, which I personally do).  I don’t think it makes sense for them to do either right now, but if they were going to, that’s what I would prefer.

  61. The Jays do have the prospects,money and talent to get it done and would be a great fit for Hamels.The only thing is it would cost much of their farm even though they have a deep as hell farm,it still would hurt.

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