Hoyer: Garza “Likely” To Pitch For Cubs In 2013

Trade rumors involving Matt Garza swirled persistently around this summer's non-waiver deadline, but a triceps injury helped keep the right-hander in Chicago. Garza, now sidelined indefinitely with the injury, seems to be part of GM Jed Hoyer's plans for 2013 according to Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune. Sullivan writes:

"He's likely to be a member of the Cubs in 2013," [Hoyer] said. "And we're excited to have him. (Trading him) is the last thing we're thinking of. We're just trying to get this guy healthy."

The 28-year-old Garza has pitched to a 3.91 ERA with an 8.3 K/9, 2.8 BB/9 and 47.3% groundball rate in 103 2/3 innings for the Cubs in 2012. His fastball enjoyed its usual solid velocity (93.6 mph on average) and he's held opponents to a .236/.301/.393 batting line. He's earning $9.5MM in 2012 and, as a Super Two player, he will be eligible for arbitration for a fourth and final time this offseason.

Hanging onto Garza into the 2013 season carries extra implications for his trade value, given changes to baseball's collective bargaining agreement. Should the Cubs move him in the offseason, the acquiring team would qualify for draft pick compensation following a qualifying offer. If Garza is moved midseason next year, however, his new team would be ineligible to receive a draft pick.

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  1. baseball52 3 years ago

    Translation: “We didn’t get a chance to trade him at the trade deadline, so we’re going to make it seem like we’re keeping him for next year to retain his value over the offseason.”

    • Kurisu Rg 3 years ago

      More like: “People didn’t want to overpay for this no. 3 starter, even though they could get picks, so we’re gonna try again next offseason”.

    • jammin502 3 years ago

      More like: “Garza isn’t going to pitch again this year so his value will be be diminished in the off season. We will need to establish his health in 2013 before anyone will offer us anything of value”.

  2. Karkat 3 years ago

    Yeah, Jed, like anyone believes this for a second.

  3. vtadave 3 years ago

    In other news, the Cubs have taken Alfonso Soriano off the market too. Right.

  4. jb226 3 years ago

    I think he’s being honest. Because, from a Cubs.com article:

    “Garza was diagnosed Monday with a stress reaction in the back of his right elbow, and will be sidelined indefinitely [. . .] Cubs reliever Blake Parker was diagnosed with the same injury earlier this year, and he last pitched June 1. He was scheduled to make his first rehab start [today].”

    If Garza doesn’t pitch again this year–probably at least twice, in fact–Hoyer’s going to get severely reduced offers if he gets any offers at all. It’s not what he wants, but is Garza likely to be a member of the Cubs in 2013? Very possible.

  5. Huff's dog 3 years ago

    Am I missing something? Isn’t Epstein the GM of the cubs, not Hoyer?

    • jb226 3 years ago

      Nope. Jed Hoyer is the General Manager. Theo Epstein is President of Baseball Operations–Hoyer’s boss.

  6. Hoyer is the GM. Theo is president.

  7. camerondatzker 3 years ago

    I give The Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer experiment 2 years. The Cubs need a President with a vision. Hoyer didn’t get enough talent for both Paul Maholm and Ryan Dempster.
    I see a team that lacks a true baseball mind.

    • JakeD 3 years ago

      2 years??? Did you even see the farm system and payroll they were left to deal with after the horrendous blunders of one Jim Hendry? I expect them to be in playoff contention in about 4-5 years. They’ve done very well, signing Soler and drafting Almora, plus drafting a bunch of arms. Vizcaino is a great addition and a steal for da cubbies.

    • Randy Malm 3 years ago

      I hope you’re not a Cubs fan…I’d like to think that we are a little bit wiser than this rather impatient analysis.

    • CHendershott 3 years ago

      Seriously? Theo and Jed have been open from the get go that this porcess is going to take MINIMUM 4 years just to get them into contention. They’ve already added significant pieces for the future, and that was without making blockbuster deals for their two biggest trade chips, Garza and Dempster (they’d have been better off had Dempster not torpedoed the Braves trade).
      If you are only willing to give them 2 years, then I see a fan that lacks a true baseball mind.

    • vtadave 3 years ago

      Please define “true baseball mind”. Pretty sure that whatever you come up with would apply to these guys.
      I guess any other President/GM combination would have pried Jason Heyward from the Cubs for an average left-hander and Reed Johnson.

  8. camerondatzker 3 years ago

    The Cubs will trade Matt Garza for a package of talent. I don’t Matt Garza staying in Chicago.

  9. VWADDICT 3 years ago

    Jed Hoyer- “We are thrilled to have Matt Garza as a Cub”

    Sure you are Jed. Just like you’re “thrilled” to have Soriano kicking the ball around in LF, or how you “believe” in Bryan LaHair.

    And why are they calling up Brett Jackson? He a strikeout machine in AAA. In the majors he will strike out once every two plate appearances. No joke.
    Great tools, but not ready for the bigs. They’d be better off sticking with Campana and not ruining Jackson’s value or confidence.

  10. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 3 years ago

    It seems they really have no choice but to keep him into 2013. He’s going to need to prove he’s healthy. The Cubs don’t have a lot of ML ready pitchers-don’t they need someone to pitch their games? You could make a case for keeping him to anchor your staff-a still under 30 veteran who has had some success-to be your #1 or #2 starter while you cycle through your youth. Doesn’t that have some value, even to a team that is not contending? Just because you’re losing doesn’t mean you can’t have (or keep) a few nice things.

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