Tigers Exercise 2013 Options For Dotel, Peralta

The Tigers announced that they exercised their 2013 options for both Octavio Dotel and Jhonny Peralta. Both players will return to the Tigers for another season instead of hitting free agency.

Peralta will earn $6MM in 2013 instead of a $500K buyout. The 30-year-old posted a .239/.305/.384 batting line in 585 plate appearances with Detroit this past year. While the Tigers would prefer more range at shortstop, they consider the $6MM price tag reasonable, according to Jon Heyman. Back in September I explained that the option would likely appeal to the Tigers given the scarcity of alternatives available.

Dotel appeared in 57 regular season games for the Tigers, posting a 3.57 ERA with 9.6 K/9 and 1.9 BB/9 in 58 innings. The 38-year-old continues to dominate right-handed hitters; they hit just .197/.217/.307 against him with 43 strikeouts and four walks. He'll earn $3.5MM instead of a $500K buyout.

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  1. that’s good to hear!

  2. Matt K 3 years ago

    I am fine seeing Peralta back. Dotel was a real plus. I would’ve preferred to see him in more RH/RH matchups, even if it was just for a single batter (as opposed to starting and finishing an inning), but whatever. I notice Leyland seems to do same thing with Coke and Albuquerque. Peace out ROOGYs and LOOGYs

  3. bobbleheadguru 3 years ago

    Both are as Leyland would say “No Brainers”.

    Dotel is still excellent against right handers… Debatable whether he is a leader or a distraction in the clubhouse with his transparent comments to reporters in the clubhouse. I will go with leader.

    Peralta was a top 3 SS in defensive WAR (Fan Graphs) despite his lack of range. That shows how good he is at making plays with his hands and arm. His batting average was poor this year… Tigers hope he bounces back to his career average of .264.

    Next steps…

    1. Sign Sanchez if his price tag does not get too high. If it does, wait for another mid-season trade (like Sanchez and Fister last 2 years) and start the season with Smyly and Porcello.

    2. See if Toriii Hunter would sign a 2 year deal to play left field (which is like another center field in Comerica). Bourn would be a great fit as well, but could be too expensive and might now want to play left…

    Crazy out-of-box thought, let Yankees go after Bourn and trade for Granderson? Would take a minimal prospect if Tigers picked up his entire $15M salary for one year… or if Yankees take on some of his salary, a better player.

    • EightMileCats 3 years ago

      Torii hunter is an interesting idea… But I wouldn’t want anyone long term to block Garcia and/or Castellanos.

      I do not want Grandy back… He was a great Tiger, but I don’t see his power game translating well to Comerica. And his SO are still pretty high… Something I’ve seen enough of with AJax/Boesch/Delmon the last couple years

      • bobbleheadguru 3 years ago

        Why Grandy?

        1. Defense: where he goes from below average as a CF to above average as a LF.

        2. One year removed from a top 10 finish in MVP voting
        3. 43 HRs might have been only 35HRs in Comerica… but that would still be higher than Prince. Corner outfielders typically average 20HRs… but not for the Tigers.
        4. Could potentially adjust back to more speed and average, less power if needed.

        • EightMileCats 3 years ago

          My reply apparently didn’t make it through screening… not sure why…

          Anyway, I think we have the power threat covered in Cabrera and Fielder. I’d rather have someone to slot in at number 2. Torii Hunter makes a lot of sense… or Ichiro if NYY don’t keep him. Just someone to hold the fort til Castellanos is ready.. and those two only if you don’t have faith that Garcia can keep hitting or the Dirks can stay healthy.

          My priorities are: Sanchez, a lefty for the pen, a back up catcher… and then maybe… a 1 year deal for a corner outfielder…. And I would also like to see the Tigers get the ball rolling on a JV extension soon…

  4. DerekJeterDan 3 years ago

    Dotel has proven to be a dependable reliever and seems to step it up in the playoffs (something the Tigers need) Peralta gives them good power at shortstop and they also agreed to anextension with Jim Leyland. I fully expect them to be back next year. They got shut down by great pitching but that is nothing to hang your head on. They have a good core and nice supplemental pieces. Some tweaks here or there and they will be fine. These are smart options to pick up. Good to hear.

  5. Jwick22 3 years ago

    Dotel has to be excited that he will not be moving this offseason.

  6. Happy to see these options picked up, though they were basically eventualities, you never know.

  7. Ausome7 3 years ago

    Would rather see Drew but if its the 2011 Peralta Im good

  8. snapcase8p 3 years ago

    Still wish we could package a deal of Peralta/Porcello/Garcia to the Rangers for Andrus. Peralta would be a safety net for Profar, Garcia could solve their CF search for now, and Porcello with his sinkerball and their defense might flourish more for them than us. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • EightMileCats 3 years ago

      Lets say the Rangers would accept that hypothetically… Who’s playing the outfield for us this year… AJax, Dirks(when healthy)….? Boesch? Berry?

      I’m not really a fan of either of those two options… Berry had a real hot start, but then he cooled off. I like him as a bench player. Boesch has only had one really solid half season… outside of that, he’s a AAAA player. Castellanos I don’t think is going to be ready for another year… he just started learning RF in late July. Outside of that, he’s been an infielder. I suppose we could kick the tires on some stop gaps like Cody Ross or Torii Hunter… but I just don’t know, I kind’ve figured Garcia to be the RF this next year…

      I’m also curious how much longer Andrus is under team control… bc he’s not going to be cheap when he hits free agency.

      • snapcase8p 3 years ago

        Personally, I would let Castellnos have RF, with Berry as our 4th OF. Worst case scenario is we pick up an OF at the deadline. Our team will be strong enough that we could float Castellanos for at least half of the year. Boesch I would trade for bullpen help. He still has potential but I think he needs a change of scenery. The only problem is if both Dirks and Castellanos falter but I think Dirks will be just fine if he is left alone in the two-hole. Hunter wouldn’t be bad but I would make sure he’d be ok with a platoon role and maybe more depending on performances.

        • Brandon 3 years ago

          If Hunter was brought in he would be a regular at either of the corner spots depending on what the rest of the roster would be. He’ll be making 10-15 mil a season. You don’t platoon that kind of dollar amount.

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