Tigers Won’t Pursue Young Or Valverde

It's been a busy morning for the Tigers, who announced today that they're bringing back Jhonny Peralta, Octavio Dotel and manager Jim Leyland. Detroit GM Dave Dombrowski recently addressed the media, discussing the 2012 team and the Tigers' offseason plans. George Sipple of the Detroit Free Press has the highlights from the briefing (all links go to Twitter):

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  1. EightMileCats 3 years ago

    I’m sure there’s interest in Rondon. That kid has some good stuff… He should be competing for a late inning spot during the spring

    • JerryTheScholar 3 years ago

      Totally agree. Would love to see him closing games out. His size alone is intimidating!

      • Ham3131 3 years ago

        I very seriously doubt that Rondon will be a candidate for closer @ the age of 21. (He has pitched all of 8 innings above A /AA in his career). Let him prove that he make the MLB roster in 2013 and can do the job consistently out of the bullpen before thrusting him into the closers roll. That is the quickest way to ruin a great prospect. If DD doens’nt sign or trade for another closer, I expect the Tigers to look at Dotel, Coke, Alburquerque and maybe Beniot, (even I think he is better suited for the set-up roll… IF he can keep the ball down and not give up so many HR’s in 2013) as the potential closer for 2013.

        • EightMileCats 3 years ago

          Oh, I don’t think Rondon closes next year… But I could see him in the 7th with a lead

          • hartvig 3 years ago

            I think that could be a possibility- follow the old Ray Miller Baltimore Orioles model- maybe even start the season in the minors, if he does well bring him up and use him in a mop-up roll to build a little confidence and then gradually work him in as the 7th inning guy. Certainly worth considering. I’d certainly rather hold onto a good prospect and see what happens than trade him for some mediocre career middle-reliever who happened to pitch 40 or 50 good innings last season and hope he can rekindle the same magic.

          • JerryTheScholar 3 years ago

            Absolutely! Plus it’ll give us a good idea as to what we really have in Rondon.

        • JerryTheScholar 3 years ago

          Just as EightMileCats said, probably won’t be next year. But he’s still looks like a force and is very exciting.

  2. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    Valverde lost a lot of money this year.

    • PlaidArmour 3 years ago

      He’s also made a whole lot of money the last few years.

  3. j6takish 3 years ago

    Tigers will tender Boesch…..why? Dude had one good half a season. Since the all star break last year he has a sub 300 OBP, not even power to compensate and he has looked awful in the outfield. Guy is like 27, it’s not like he’s a prospect who can still turn it around

    • EightMileCats 3 years ago

      There are no bad one year deals.

      If he doesn’t have it again, he gets dfa’d. If he shows some life, he can either be a piece to help us or a chip to trade

    • Matt K 3 years ago

      They can tender Boesch for not a lot of $ and send him to AAA. I thought I was watching Paul O’Neill when he first debuted. There might be some potential left in the tank. I say why not.

    • Ham3131 3 years ago

      My guess is that DD might want to include him a deal. That would be better than letting him “walk” for nothing. It appears that there may be still interest from other clubs based on his short glimpses of production. Regardless, Boesch is in great need of a change of scenery and fresh start. Still could have an upside under the right circumstances.

    • metatron5369 3 years ago

      Because he hit like a god for that half a season.

      He’s got unbelievable raw power, he just needs to find the strike zone. 2011 wasn’t a bad year either until he broke his thumb, and hopefully he can fix his swing.

    • Brandon 3 years ago

      Because it’s for one year and no money. Low risk with potential reward. I don’t think he will do anything but at worst he’s minor league depth with major league experience.

  4. Ausome7 3 years ago

    There probably tendering Boesch to trade him he has value to a team like the rays maybe in a deal for James Shields or in a dream of mine Price

    • Me 3 years ago

      Boesch has no value for anyone of note.

    • Brandon 3 years ago

      Boesch would pretty much be a throw in at this point. Truthfully Raburn has more value due to him having some versatility.

    • Rays08Dream 3 years ago

      Boesch would have no value to the Rays; he is another Ben Francisco. To get Price or Shields, Castellanos would have to be in the deal

  5. I’m thinking Valverde will go to Miami since they just traded Bell

  6. It’s doubtful that Young even has the motivation or skill to even hit umpires anymore. Terrible.

    • Matt K 3 years ago

      He’s the oldest looking 27 year old in the majors. I thought maybe he’d carve out a niche as a role player a la Craig Monroe or Marcus Thames for the Tiger. But he was awful in every phase of the game outside of the playoffs.

  7. Wade 3 years ago

    I think the Tigers are making all of the right moves so far. Well done DD.

  8. Hoosierdaddy92 3 years ago

    VMart should be a big offensive upgrade over Delmon next year. Dirks, if healthy over a full season, could put up great numbers and add great defense as well. Avila and Peralta both had disappointing offensive seasons and could rebound too. And a battle in RF between Castellanos, Garcia, and Boesch should produce at least one major league caliber player. They should try to resign Sanchez, as he’s a strikeout pitcher that fits their defensive scheme much better than a guy like Porcello. Also, they gave up too much for him to let him slip away. It also enables them to trade Porcello, for maybe another former top prospect that is currently disappointing.

  9. Frank 3 years ago

    Delmon Young to Red Soxs to play LF or Houston to DH

  10. Gurvir Nijjar 3 years ago

    I know it’s probably not going to happen but Delmon Young to Toronto would be a good move for the jays.

    • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

      If by good you mean terrible, then yes, very good

  11. $17154452 3 years ago

    Anyone that signs Valverde should have a clause in the contract forbidding him to go through that ridiculous routine he goes through with every pitch.

  12. Slopeboy 3 years ago

    The racial incident in NY hurt Young. Even though he won the MVP Award for the ALDS, Ilitch and Dombroski couldn’t run off the podium fast enough to avoid being near him when he was given the trophy.

    Looked liked he had put the bat throwing incident behind him and then got himself suckered into an ignorant bias incident. That’s going to cut the number of teams that will give him serious consideration and affect the money offers.

  13. Beatofficer 3 years ago

    No thanks, SF doesn’t need the big potato.

  14. metatron5369 3 years ago

    I think his stats hurt him more than anything.

  15. Slopeboy writes: “Even though he won the MVP Award for the ALDS…”

    You mean ALCS. Division series do not have a MVP award because, just in one league, there is more than one matchup. So it was in the league championship series, in the AL, that the 2012 winner was Detroit Tigers’ Delmon Young.

  16. Brandon 3 years ago

    Honestly the fact that he’s only a DH and is extremely streaky hurts him much more than that incident. Even when it first happened there wasn’t a ton of media coverage on it and it quieted down rather quickly.

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