AL Central Notes: White Sox, Kelly, Rondon, Royals

Here are some notes from around the AL Central…

  • The White Sox won't make any qualifying offers to any of their remaining free agents, GM Rick Hahn told reporters (including Jim Margalus of the South Side Sox blog).  Kevin Youkilis, A.J. Pierzynski and Brett Myers all weren't expected to receive the $13.3MM qualifying offers, though Hahn told all three players he would be interested in bringing them back to Chicago next season.
  • In an interview with The Waddle & Silvy Show on ESPN 1000 radio, Hahn re-stated his interest in Youkilis.  "He knows there is no confusion in his mind about our desire to bring him back. So we're going to stay on that, stay in communication," Hahn said.  "It's not a great time to be a club in the free-agent market looking for a third baseman, the player pool is not real deep, so I expect Kevin will be popular, but we're going to be in on that until the end, I think."
  • Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski told Don Kelly that the team was interested in re-signing him to a minor league contract, Kelly tells George Sipple of the Detroit Free Press.  Kelly elected to become a free agent when the Tigers outrighted him off the 40-man roster yesterday.
  • With Jose Valverde on his way out of Detroit, Dombrowski and Jim Leyland hinted that rookie Bruce Rondon could be the Tigers' closer next season, reports's Jason Beck.  The Venezuelan right-hander turns 22 in December and has a 2.53 ERA with 213 strikeouts in 196 minor league innings, though Rondon has only eight innings of experience above the Double-A level.
  • The Royals' acquisition of Ervin Santana is "not a great trade," writes Rany Jazayerli of the Rany On The Royals blog, but he ultimately likes the move since it shows Kansas City is willing to make aggressive moves to upgrade their rotation and, even if Santana doesn't pan out, the Royals are only committed to him for one season.

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  1. safari_punch 3 years ago

    Rondon makes Sid Fernandez look svelte – even after his fifth plate at a buffet.

    For you youngins that don’t know who El Sid is: think Heath Bell if he put on 50 pounds.

    • Me 3 years ago

      Yeah, this is an enormous exaggeration. Rondon is listed at 6’2 and 190 pounds. He’s a little bigger than that, but good God, I have know idea who you’re mistaking him with.

    • Me 3 years ago

      And now that I look up Sid Fernandez, he was 6’1 and 220. These people aren’t as big as you make them sound.

      • safari_punch 3 years ago

        Try going to Google Images and type in their names. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

        • Me 3 years ago

          Still have no idea what you’re talking about. Rondon is not that big.

    • NoahYingling 3 years ago

      I know Rondon (as Vin Scully would say) “is a big boy” but baseball reference has him listed at 190 which is a lie but Fernandez was listed at 220. I think Rondon could be 270

      • Me 3 years ago

        Have you ever seen the guy in person? He’s no more than 220. He just wears baggy shirts that make him look bigger than he is.

        • NoahYingling 3 years ago

          Yes I have last season in Toledo. Was impressed w/ 102 on the gun and seemed to have decent control. So honestly don’t care what he weighs.

          • Me 3 years ago

            The sky’s the limit. He could be a dominating pitcher for years to come.

      • NoahYingling 3 years ago

        Now that I think about it, Rondon is probably 230-250

      • I’m 6’1″ 255 and Rondon doesn’t look any heavier than me

    • $21621694 3 years ago

      The guy is 6’2… 265. There are plenty of football players with that build and don’t look fat. Rondon isn’t that fat, he’s just “cheeky” and has a round face

      • safari_punch 3 years ago

        With four chins.

        With a guy that young losing control of his conditioning – it doesn’t bode well for the future. And I don’t mean a competitive buffet eating contest with Prince either (as he is a vegetarian).

        • $21621694 3 years ago

          He’s not losing control of his conditioning in fact. He used to be closer to 300, now down to 265. The guy is a beast, that’s why he throws 102 mph

        • Brandon 3 years ago

          Prince isn’t a vegetarian….However at one point he was.

  2. Otis26 3 years ago

    Rany really needs to shut his pie hole…and it would be great if MLBTR would quit quoting him.

  3. tigersfan27 3 years ago

    dont bother bringing back don kelly.

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