AL West Notes: Tanaka, Ibanez, Astros

In today’s press conference to introduce Raul IbanezAngels GM Jerry Dipoto declined to comment on whether he’s in on Masahiro Tanaka, tweets Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register.  “It’s not fair to the player or the organization to openly discuss free agents,” said Dipoto (link).  Despite that, Fletcher thinks it’s still safe to assume they’re interested in the Japanese hurler. More out of the AL West..

  • Brian McTaggart of looked at the Astros‘ top storylines from 2013, including owner Jim Crane expanding the payroll and the appointment of Ryan Reid as president of business operations.
  • Ibanez told reporters, including Fletcher (Twitter link) that he wouldn’t still be playing if he didn’t think he could do it at a high level.  The 41-year-old inked a one-year deal worth a guaranteed $2.75MM that can go as high as $5MM with incentives.
  • Ibanez also talks about why he hits well at the Angels‘ home park, tweets Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times.  The slugger said the background allows him to see ball well, he benefits from the park’s wide open gaps, and he says the ball moves well through the infield.  His value is also helped by the fact that he won’t have to play the outfield in Anaheim.

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  1. jmo 2 years ago

    Tanaka to Seattle you heard it here first.

    • Vmmercan 2 years ago

      I’ve actually heard that in a lot of places already.

    • Edward 2 years ago

      Except for everyone we heard it from before you.

    • Osiris Torres 2 years ago

      No we haven’t. A lot of ppl have been saying that.

    • RyanWKrol 2 years ago

      Still have not heard it, probably never will.

  2. bucsws2014 2 years ago

    That would be Reid Ryan, Nolan’s son, not the pitcher from the Pirates that was linked to.

  3. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 2 years ago

    It is “still safe to assume” the whole MLB is “interested in” Tanaka. The Angels would love to have him but at 100 Million+ I think they are better of signing Garza for less money.

    • Vmmercan 2 years ago

      I would rule out the Marlins, Mets and A’s. That might be it. Realistically, I’m thinking 15 or so teams put a bid in and six or so have a realistic shot of landing him.

      • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 2 years ago

        I could realistically see him going to: LAD, NYY, HOU, LAA, CHC, MIA, ARZ, MIN or SEA.

    • Rusty_Arcadia 2 years ago

      Starting to think the same. Does anyone else feel like Garza’s price goes up once Tanaka signs somewhere? Would be wise for a team to try and scoop him up now if they don’t feel like they really have a shot at Tanaka.

      • zurr en arrh 2 years ago

        Depends on his agent, even though his agent is not Scott Boras, it would be common sense to wait after this Tanaka debacle because with all these teams wanting a pitcher, only one is going land Tanaka. After him is only three big names: Santana, Jimenez, and Garza with alot of teams with that need

    • bjsguess 2 years ago

      Agree 100%.

      Tanaka is really intriguing but at 6 or more years at $20M AAV that’s pretty steep. If you could get Garza on a 4/$60 type deal that might be the safer bet.

      It’s killing me how people are just throwing around $20M AAV like it’s nothing. That should buy you a stud starting pitcher. Not a guy without a MLB track record. Dave Cameron has a great post about this over on Fangraphs.

  4. HHHDMS 2 years ago

    I think the Yanks will get Tanaka somehow and the Ms will get Nelson Cruz because their offense outside of Cano and Hart is still lacking. Im glad for Ibanez even though Im not an Angels fan, and wish him well. He was a great Yankee who hit some game saving bail out HRs in the post season. Im surprised the Yanks didnt want him back…

  5. FOmeOLS 2 years ago

    Reid Ryan maybe?

  6. Evan 2 years ago

    Why does every player that says they would retire if they didn’t think they could still play at a high level seem to be on the Angels?

    Looking at you Pujols.

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 2 years ago

      Pujols should totally retire, his last full year (2012) was terrible .285/.343/.516 30 HR 105 RBI’s. For anyone that’s not named Pujols/Cabrera/Trout that’s an amazing year.

      • RyanWKrol 2 years ago

        50 doubles as well. Highest total since 2004. 80 extra base hits total, tied with Cabrera. Wonder how many of those doubles would’ve landed in the seats at Busch. You could argue the pitchers environment at the Big A changed Pujols’ game to a being a doubles hitter.

    • matt luce 2 years ago

      His last year healthy he hit 285 with 30 homers and 100 rbis. How is he washed up???

      • Evan 2 years ago

        I didn’t say he was washed up. I just said that the only players that need to convince the fans and media that they are still healthy enough to play happen to be on the Angels.

        • Bromacho 2 years ago

          They aren’t convincing anything. The media asks them a question and they answer. They aren’t going out their way to make it be known

    • RyanWKrol 2 years ago

      Dude, he basically stated the reason why every baseball player still plays baseball. It’s one of those “duh” moments.

      • Evan 2 years ago

        That was kind of the point I was trying to make. Why waste all this time talking about being able to still play and saying a bunch of “duh” comments, just go play.

        • jordanjee 2 years ago

          That’s a good point. He should just ignore the person asking the question, or just put the press in their place for asking such obvious questions… Right? Who likes them anyway?

    • Josh Blackfeild 2 years ago

      Did you even read the article?

  7. RyanWKrol 2 years ago

    So Ibanez wouldn’t be playing if he didn’t think he could perform at a high level. Basically speaking for every professional athlete who is still playing at any age. But I trust Ibanez at 41 more than a lot of younger players out there who I have no idea what I’m getting from.

  8. Josh Blackfeild 2 years ago

    Although every team could fit in Tanaka, I think the deal he’s about to get will be way over the top for an unproven pitcher in the states. Stay away Jerry.

    • vtadave 2 years ago

      Yeah they should sign more proven guys like Joe Blanton.

      • bjsguess 2 years ago

        2 years of Blanton will cost significantly less than the posting fee for Tanaka.

        And while I’m not happy about Blanton, his signing has a minimal impact on the club. You swing and miss on Tanaka and it’s a tough pill to swallow.

        • Commander_Nate 2 years ago

          If only his signing had minimal impact on game outcomes.

          • bjsguess 2 years ago

            The guy was worth -0.4 WAR in the worst year of his career by far. His xFIP was under 4.00. The guy didn’t pitch well but he was clobbered by an absurdly high (for him) HR rate. Steamer has him at 1.4 WAR in 2014 while Oliver has him right under 1. In other words, if he pitches to the projections (and they are very modest) the guy is worth what the Angels paid for him – or maybe even a little more.

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