Marlins Still Looking To Add Third Baseman

When Juan Uribe re-upped with the Dodgers yesterday, the Marlins were left looking at a thin third base supply that lacks any obvious starter-level options. But that does not mean that Miami will not make an addition, reports Joe Frisaro of

Eric Chavez could be an option, as he has posted two straight years with a better-than .800 OPS. But Chavez, who just turned 36, has done virtually all of his damage against right-handed pitching. He also has drawn wide interest, and may not end up being terribly cheap. Of the remaining free agents, says Frisaro, the Fish are most interested in bringing back Casey McGehee from Japan or giving Wilson Betemit a chance to reestablish his health and his bat. But, says Frisaro, the club may be more inclined to bring one of those two in on a minor league deal.

As I noted in presenting the club's offseason outlook, a stopgap could well make sense. That is especially so if Miami agrees with's Jonathan Mayo that prospect Colin Moran could be ready for the bigs by the end of the summer.

Alternatively, as I explained in that piece, the club could slide Derek Dietrich to the hot corner. Dietrich has power upside and a big arm, and is just 24. But he is now without a position after the signing of Rafael Furcal. Frisaro does note that Dietrich could still be under consideration at third. The easiest (and, perhaps, best) option at this point might be to platoon his left-handed stick with a right-handed swinging veteran.

Of course, I wrote that piece before Miami went out and spent a decent chunk of cash to add veteran options around the infield. With an exciting young outfield and pitching staff already in place, it may be tempting to round out the offseason with a more impactful addition.

Indeed, according to Frisaro's report, there is at least some consideration being given to pursuing a third baseman via trade. Though the club would not part with any of its young pitching unless it returns "a big league prospect under club control," Frisaro suggests Will Middlebrooks of the Red Sox and Mike Olt of the Cubs as hypothetical targets. 

From my perspective, with Moran in the wings and Dietrich on hand, the club would have to achieve significant value in a trade to make that route the most attractive proposition. Simply adding a right-handed bat to complement the team's existing youngsters may be the most efficient and highest-upside play at the present. 

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  1. Pavilionbum 2 years ago

    This might be Michael Young’s only chance at a starting gig.

    • Pavilionbum 2 years ago

      Let me rephrase that. Might be Michael Young’s only chance at a major league contract.

    • Matt Galvin 2 years ago

      Prado? Ryan Wheeler or Matt Dsvidson? Youklis? Mark Reynolds?

      • Clayton Wilson 2 years ago

        What are you getting at?

      • Joe Orsatti 2 years ago

        Davidson would be very expensive to acquire. Like, he is one of the pieces who would be in a Stanton deal.

  2. Chris Hager 2 years ago

    They should go with Dietrich, and spend any available money on pitching.

  3. Jacob Holton 2 years ago

    I know they won’t get Mike Olt from the Cubs.

    • Ivan 2 years ago

      we dont want him. we need someone ready now. even if he does great and earns a spot on the roster in ST. next year he is gone bc of moran. also cubs would ask for at least some of our pitching, that we dont want to part with.

      • Jacob Holton 2 years ago

        Of course the Cubs are going to want pitching. You know what they say, you can’t have to much pitching.

  4. kcstengelSr 2 years ago

    Jeff Baker should be the perfect solution for any team wanting insurance at the hot corner (and some other postions) to face southpaw pitching. I am surprised that Jeff has not signed with some team by now.

    • Joe Orsatti 2 years ago

      Jeff Baker is the perfect solution for ANY TEAM!! He plays 1st, 2nd, 3rd and OF while offering veteran club house presence, power, plate discipline and decent defense.

  5. Darrylx77 2 years ago

    Since the Cubs will not play Josh Vitters at 3B and have now moved him to LF, maybe the Marlins will offer the Cubs a good pitching prospect for Vitters.

  6. The Sox should reach out to the Marlins and see if Middlebrooks could be part of a deal to get Stanton. With Ellsbury playing for the Yankees, a splash move of their is salivating. Middlebrooks, Doubront, and 2 prospects could do it if he actually is available.

    • Michael Lucas Jr. 2 years ago

      As much as I would love to have Stanton on the Red Sox I think it’s a pipe dream. First I don’t think he is available. I also don’t think you could trade for him without giving them Xander which I would not do.

    • stl_cards16 2 years ago

      Middlebrooks and Doubrant isn’t much of a start. A long ways to go to get to Stanton.

    • Middlebrooks and Doubront would be throw-ins to any deal that the Marlins would do. They are going to look to win, and by “win” I mean murder, any team looking for Stanton. They will start the conversation with 1/3 of your top 10 prospects.

      • John Donovan 2 years ago

        I’d still make the trade. Don’t forget they supposedly murdered Detroit when they got both Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin plus several more for Miguel Cabrera. Prospects fail a whole lot more often than proven major league stars (young ones especially).

  7. WazBazbo 2 years ago

    “…the Marlins were left looking at a thin third base supply that lacks any obvious starter-level options. But that does not mean that Miami will not make an addition…”

    Good gawd. “There’s nothing out there, but we’ll sign something anyways.” My heart goes out to Marlins fans.

  8. kcstengelSr 2 years ago

    Right handed bat with third base experience = Jeff Baker.

  9. Rook 2 years ago

    Before the Trumbo deal, I would have suggested a Matt Davidson for Yellich or Marsnick type trade. Not sure if the teams still match up though. Davidson is blocked at this point but I’m not sure what the Dbacks need that Miami has to trade that fits now.

    • cjr45 2 years ago

      Why would the Marlins trade Yelich he is their starting left fielder

  10. kcstengelSr 2 years ago

    If little-known Ed Lucas can duplicate his 2013 numbers facing lefties, the Marlins already have their right-handed third baseman bat. They don’t have to do anything.

    • Ivan 2 years ago

      i was actually thinking of that, but then i remembered that in 2012 Ruggiano had really great numbers, .313/.374/.575 13HR and 14 SB in 91 games. good, right? but then in 2013 he went down to .222/.298/.396 he did hit 18HR and 15SB but that was in 128 games. almost 40 games more than the year before. with our luck the same will happen to Ed.

    • Jeff_Todd_MLBTR 2 years ago

      Good point. I mentioned him in my offseason outlook, b/c I think he was the only infielder who was not below replacement last year (!). Could make sense.

      Might still also be nice to add a recognizable guy like McGehee/Betemit to open up the possibility of a trade deadline flip if they turn out, but the Marlins can’t join the post-season discussion. Also could use a pure platoon at 1B and 3B under that scenario.

      • kcstengelSr 2 years ago

        If nothing else, Ed can play several positions in addition to third base, and Lucas fits the Marlins budget.

      • Joe Orsatti 2 years ago

        trading for Frandsen may work for them too. He’s a cheap option who could be had for maybe Arquimedes Caminero. It’s a win-win. Phillies get a young bullpen piece to compliment Diekman and Miami gets a platoon partner for Lucas. It would also clear up a space on the Phillies bench to bring up Franco or a prospect who may benefit in getting some major league AB’s.

  11. LEX STEEL 2 years ago

    Contact the Yankees. I’m sure they can give them a discount A-Rod.

    • Ivan 2 years ago

      if he wins his lawsuit and doesnt have to serve the suspension, im all for A-Rod coming home to play in florida. That is, as long as yankees pay AT LEAST half of what he is owed. if you want we can give you zach cox. he is a 3rd prospect that is blocked my moran in our farm system

  12. Jerf 2 years ago

    i vote for a-rod.

    • Sasha 2 years ago

      i cant tell if you are a marlins fan that wants A-Rod or a Yankees fan that wants to get rid of him.

      • FamousGrouse 2 years ago

        Its a joke referencing the Biogenesis scandal.

  13. Chris March 2 years ago

    I hear talk about the Mets/Sox talking about Flores for De Aza (among other pieces)….maybe Conor Gillaspie comes to Florida for a no name prospect or bullpen arm?

    • Alfredo Garcia 2 years ago

      i like your idea Conor Gillaspie for Chris Hatcher

  14. kcstengelSr 2 years ago

    If Wilson Betemit is healthy and retains his skill facing righties and if Ed Lucas can retail his skill versus lefties, the Marlins solve this problem without spending much money.

  15. Probably could wrangle Juan Francisco from brewers or if he doesn’t come into camp healthy Pablo Sandavol from giants

    • Chris Hager 2 years ago

      Panda has lost a bunch of weight and looks really healthy.

  16. GVAL 2 years ago

    What about Headley and young pitchers for Stanton

  17. Ivan 2 years ago

    i mean at that position. you cant just have a hole at a position. i understand the misconception though. also not some for the future. someone to help drive in runs but also be a good influence on the young guys.

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