Towers, DiPoto, Hahn Discuss Trumbo Deal

In a joint press conference this afternoon, general managers Kevin Towers of the Diamondbacks, Jerry Dipoto of the Angels, and Rick Hahn of the White Sox discussed the three-way trade that sent Mark Trumbo from Los Angeles to Arizona. 

Towers said that he had been discussing center fielder Adam Eaton with Hahn for some time, but that the ultimate three-party deal "came together rather quick." Confirming that Trumbo will be the club's regular left fielder, Towers acknowledged that it "will be difficult" for him to transition to full-time outfield play after spending most of his time last year at first base. But Towers expressed confidence that Trumbo would eventually defend in left at a league-average level.

Looking ahead, Towers said that the club still definitely wants to add a "front-of-the-rotation starter." Though the club parted with valuable youngsters in today's trade, he said that he still believes Arizona has sufficient minor league pitching from which to deal. Towers said his preference, however, would be to add an arm via free agency.

Meanwhile, Dipoto explained that his club's interest in the trade was acquiring young, controllable starters. Hector Santiago, said Dipoto, had shown he can succeed at the major league level. As for Tyler Skaggs, who came via Arizona, Dipoto explained that his youth and high upside trumped his underwhelming results in limited MLB action. "The next step is imminent for him," said Dipoto. While Dipoto said that both hurlers are expected to have every opportunity to slot into the Angels rotation, he indicated that there could be further additions.

Turning to the White Sox' end of the deal, Hahn said that he expects Eaton to be a solid presence atop the lineup for years to come. Calling Eaton a "dirtbag baseball player" who had stood near the top of the club's "target list" for some time, Hahn said his expectation is that the 25-year-old will man center for Chicago. 

With Eaton displacing Alejandro De Aza up the middle, Hahn acknowledged that De Aza or fellow corner outfielder Dayan Viciedo could be dealt. Saying he expects to continue to "receive calls on both of those players," Hahn did note that the two could form a platoon if demand is insufficient.

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4 Comments on "Towers, DiPoto, Hahn Discuss Trumbo Deal"

Steven Prigge
1 year 9 months ago

I would love it if the Sox looked into Garza now. I wouldn’t mind seeing him up at the front of the rotation next to Sale. Maybe he wants to move back to Chicago and will take a reasonable contract lol

1 year 9 months ago

Yes, I think someone has to explain to him what that phrase means, as one does not usually refer to a good player as that. But then again Hahn traded one of his starters for a prospect, so I’m not too surprised.
Hahn better hope that Santiago does not develop into a great pitcher and he better hope that this Eaton Kid hits .300 every year and score at least 160-180 runs every season.
I just see this season as wrought with danger. Danks is not likely to finish the season healthy, which means all of the sudden they are down a pitcher in the rotation (assuming that they do not add a proven starter that is)

Jonas Salk
1 year 9 months ago

Do you even watch the White Sox? Santiago is a back of the rotation guy at best. He has no control and throws way too many pitches. Eaton is an everyday player who is a top prospect according to every baseball expert. The Soz dealt from a position of strength. They are not going to go into next season with 4 lefties in their starting rotation.
I’m also wondering why you think Danks won’t finish the season? Do you have anything to back that up other than speculation on your part?

1 year 9 months ago

It depends on how badly someone needs a DH at mid season to be honest. Dunn still clubs 35-40 homers and that 15 mil will not seem so high for a team wanting to win it all and need another power at bat. Viciedo needs to be at DH, his arm is great but his range is horrible.Either first or DH, or split time with Abreu at both.