Indians Sign Jeff Francoeur

WEDNESDAY, 8:46pm: Francoeur gets $1MM if he makes the team with a chance to make $500K more based on plate appearances, tweets Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

MONDAY, 6:20pm: The Indians have signed outfielder Jeff Francoeur to a minor league deal, the team announced in a press release.  Francoeur will receive an invitation to the Tribe's Major League Spring Training camp.  ESPN's Jerry Crasnick reported earlier today that the two sides were close to an agreement.  Francoeur, who turns 30 on Wednesday, is represented by CSE. 

Francoeur hit a combined .204/.238/.298 in 256 PA with the Royals and Giants last season, continuing a two-year slide in production for the veteran outfielder.  The right-handed hitting Francoeur has had trouble consistently reaching base and hitting right-handed pitching throughout his career, but he has struggled against both righties and lefties over the last two seasons.  If Francoeur could at least regain his form against southpaws, he could provide bench balance to a Cleveland outfield that includes left-handed bats such as Michael Bourn, Michael Brantley and David Murphy.

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  1. Nick Costanza 1 year ago

    Signing Jeff Francoeur these days is never a good thing, regardless of the price.

  2. Defiancy 1 year ago

    Frenchy! You’re a really good/nice dude and you deserve better but you are just not good at professional baseball.

  3. bjsguess 1 year ago

    I’d probably call it an 8 year slide with one blip in 2011.

  4. SanFranPanda 1 year ago

    Great signing, I predict: .330, 29, 126 ………… for Mike Trout.

  5. sourbob 1 year ago

    I can’t help but think this would be a better idea if Francoeur were good at baseball.

    • omavricko 1 year ago

      Jeff Francouer to baseball is what Tim Tebow is to NFL

      • 1948Indians 1 year ago

        This is so spot on it hurts.

        • DerekJeterDan 1 year ago

          Not even close. Tim Tebow is a media darling. He’s all over ESPN, he’s been on the cover of GQ Magazine, Not to mention he’s a Christian and thus has a huge fan base. When the Mets acquired Francouer it had nearly any of the buzz the Jets had when acquiring Tebow. It dominated sports pages for months. Francouer is a blip on the screen to Tebows mass popularity.

          • Ted 1 year ago

            By the time he joined the Mets that may be true, but the world does exist outside of New York :). He was indeed a media darling when he debuted with Atlanta, and was the talk of the town for at least a year. Remember his SI cover story “The Natural”?

  6. letsgogiants 1 year ago

    I’m hoping he can make the Indians opening day roster not only because he’s a great guy, but because he can then celebrate Bacon Tuesday on April 1st with the rf bleacher fans in Oakland.

  7. burnboll 1 year ago

    Speaking of Frenchie, where is the globetrotter of all trades Lars Anderson? What team will sign the prodigal son? My bet is on a west coast team. Lars seems a bit thin on west coast experience.

  8. dishnet34 1 year ago


  9. Nathan Boley 1 year ago

    If Jeff Francoeur makes it to your major league roster, you’re going to have a bad time.

  10. Comfy_Wastelander 1 year ago

    Any predictions for Frenchy’s Indian WAR?

  11. soxfan123123 1 year ago

    Seems like “Frenchy” has been around forever. He is 30, I would have guessed 34 or 35. Maybe that’s just me haha

    • Tim Bliss 1 year ago

      That’s because he only 20 or 21 when he made his debut back in 2005.

  12. Tim Bliss 1 year ago

    I’m glad Frenchy got a job,. He can still hit LHP and he’s still a great fielder.

    • Comfy_Wastelander 1 year ago

      Well, the arm is still strong, but he moves like a man twice his age out there.

    • Nathan Boley 1 year ago

      He can’t hit LHP anymore.

      • Comfy_Wastelander 1 year ago

        Also that. He’s a one dimensional player. Maybe a half dimension.

  13. Trent Golden 1 year ago

    Insider info says he had Lasik done on his eyes, that vision was an issue these past years….if this is true, its a little intriguing….nobody can deny he’s been stinking it up as of late

  14. Mike1L 1 year ago

    Maybe the Indians go after Yuni Betancourt as well? Great 3/4 in the lineup.

    • Tko11 1 year ago

      Not sure if sarcasm but Betancourt is not a great 3/4 in the lineup. .212/.240/.595

  15. PhillyYank 1 year ago

    So sad. Ten years ago this guy was the prize of Atlanta’s system and the heir to Dale Murphy’s legacy.

  16. Nick Centanni 1 year ago

    Frenchy is a great guy glad he got a contract .. i think hell be an impact for the Indians in 14

    • burnboll 1 year ago

      … a negative impact, that is.

    • Tribe82 1 year ago

      It’s a minor league deal…he won’t be needed on our MLB roster unless there’s an injury.

  17. Shin_Soo_Choo 1 year ago

    Sadly, this is the Indians third biggest acquisition thus far.

  18. Tigers72 1 year ago

    Last time the Indians took a guy a AL central team had who was hated he did pretty good. He wasRaburn.

    • Nathan Boley 1 year ago

      I don’t think Raburn was ever as bad as Francoeur is nowadays.

  19. MB923 1 year ago

    Now I’m also reading they are interested in Bobby Abreu

  20. John Eschen 1 year ago

    i like francoeur he isn’t a horrible player and remember he has a cannon for an arm. glad to see the tribe give him a chance!

  21. LetsGoBucs92122 1 year ago

    Heard a report on MLB Network that the Braves offered Francoeur a long term deal the same time they signed McCann to his 6 year deal, but JF turned it down. I bet the Braves are glad he did!

    • Kevin Sheets 1 year ago

      Yea they did offer him one. He wanted more money.

  22. Thunda Pig 1 year ago

    I liked Frenchy up until his second year with the royals but yikes now. He’s a solid spring invite but nothing more. If the Indians wanted a righty outfielder to hit them lefties Drew Stubbs would be perfect!

  23. DCTribeFan 1 year ago

    Oh the drama. Frenchie is an insurance policy for Ryan Raburn, who was hobbling around on one leg for most of Aug/Sept last year. Funny quips below, but nothing of substance.

  24. Pei Kang 1 year ago

    So…they trade a decent player in Stubbs away and sign Frenchy? Yeah, that makes sense…

  25. jmo mls 1 year ago

    How do these guys keep hanging on? This website’s front page is full of these cats who hit .206 and yet somehow keep getting signed here or there. There aren’t a 1000 guys in the minors who can hit .206 for less money?

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