Latest On Mariners’ Search For New President

With the clock ticking on Chuck Armstrong's tenure as the president of the Mariners, the club is beginning to interview replacement candidates, reports Bob Nightengale of USA Today. The club intends to consider at least two internal options before looking outside the organization. But if Seattle decides to open things up, Nightengale reports, Hall of Fame manager Tony La Russa is on the club's short list.

Neither La Russa nor club CEO Howard Lincoln would comment specifically on the former's candidacy. But the three-time World Series-winning skipper told Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports that he had sent a letter and resume to Seattle to express his interest in the vacancy. (Twitter links.) And La Russa told Nightengale that he "miss[es] the winning and losing" aspect of baseball and is "interested in getting to the competition upstairs" (i.e., in a front office). Given his exalted standing in the game, Nightengale posits, La Russa could ultimately prove the "odds-on-favorite" for the position.

Before La Russa gets a shot, however, the internal candidates will reportedly have every opportunity to win the job. Though their identities have yet to be reported, two likely options – according to Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times – are executive VP of finance and ballpark operations Kevin Mather and executive VP of business operations Bob Aylward. Promotion from within still seems the likely outcome, Divish surmises, given the ease of transition. Whatever direction the club takes, it intends to house business and baseball authority in one position, Divish further notes.

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  1. skrockij89 2 years ago

    Mariners would be smart to hire La Russa and I would approve it. Hiring from within would just be a horrible idea. It would just be the same as if Armstrong never left.

    • 2 years ago

      I agree 100%! A proven winner and a baseball genius!

    • ZoinksScoob 2 years ago

      Agreed. The M’s tendency to have blind loyalty to long-time employees and players (and also local players) has been maddening to say the least. And given the accomplishments (or lack thereof) of this administration, it’s time for a serious change and some up-and-down restaffing. I hope Tony gets the job.

    • Guest 2 years ago

      Former Rangers GM/current broadcasting analyst Tom Grieve is other option as the new President or Sean “P. Diddy” Combs (really good friends w/ Cano’s agent Jay-Z) as he is interested owning an NFL team but being the Mariners new President or Owner can help the team to generate sellout fans on top of having consecutive winning seasons to snap the long playoff drought.

  2. acottonshirt 2 years ago

    As a Mariners fan that lived in St. Louis for awhile and watched how he went about his business, this would be an excellent hire on paper. He is a great baseball mind and knows a lot about the game. I would love La Russa as our president.

  3. TheOne247 2 years ago

    This would be a wise move. Do it M’s!

  4. Reuven Bolnick 2 years ago

    Would be a bigger move then the Cano signing. LA RUSSA FOR PRESIDENT!!!!

  5. Guest 2 years ago

    As president, does that person have more power than the GM?

  6. pft2 2 years ago

    How does being a good field manager translate to being a good President. It would seem a first step for him would be as GM. I suppose Larussa would bring over McGuire as hitting coach. .

    • Lefebvre Believer 2 years ago

      Being a manager is probably closer to being a team president than it is a GM. As a manager you’re essentially overseeing 25 guys and a coaching staff, and turning them into winners, something a team president does across an entire organization. As a GM you have to not only evaluate talent, but negotiate for free agents and make trades, of which the latter two don’t really have anything to do with managing.

  7. wadesawko 2 years ago

    Must be done. If the man sent in his resume, close the door and give the man an office.

  8. Jacob Viets 2 years ago

    If the M’s decide to go with one of their internal candidates, the fact that he sent his resumé in makes me wonder if La Russa would consider accepting a lesser role to return to the Cardinals in a front-office position.

  9. John Evans 2 years ago

    Hiring someone who is familiar with how the M’s system works would most likely just perpetuate that same, stale system. LaRussa would be a breath of fresh air, and he could end up aggressively working toward increasing all-around quality. Hiring in-house is just lazy in this case, pure and simple. It’s taking the easy way. Instead they need to step out of their comfort zone some more, and just “go for it”.

  10. dc21892 2 years ago

    They would benefit greatly having such a knowledgable mind in the front office.

  11. GD 2 years ago

    This position will need to be a Huge PR demonstration, just like the Cano signing away from the Yanks. The Only one that can have that major and severe of an impact is La Russa. Though the internal candidates ‘may be’ qualified, a La Russa signing would be HUGE in mlb.

    We finally get an ESPN opening day game, and we haven’t been on ESPN since 2011…all because of Cano. With a Tanaka signing you can bet Seattle will have plenty more national showing Espn games this coming year. And a La Russa signing would seal a Huge showing publicly going forward.

    This is exactly what the M’s need!

  12. Jonathan Barlock 2 years ago

    Dont be foolish Mariners, hire a smart baseball mind and a winner in Tony La Russa

    • Marinersforever71 2 years ago

      Tom Grieve from “Mighty Morphin Power” Rangers as Chris Berman would say, lol, or Sean “P. Diddy” Combs that wanted to be an NFL owner is other option to get the team turning things around.

  13. Jonathan Barlock 2 years ago

    Hire La Russa Mariners

  14. Lefebvre Believer 2 years ago

    The Ms definitely need an organizational change. One of their biggest problems right now is a seeming lack of ability to develop their young talent. I tend to think a Hall of Famer would be a better choice to oversee the organization than a VP of finance and ballpark operations (lol) or a VP of business operations, both of whom are unknown. Past Ms’ success has been largely fueled by similar moves, with Piniella as Manager in the early 90s, and Gillick as General Manager in the early 2000s. I mean come on, VP of finance and ballpark operations? You’ve made some good moves as an organization so far this off season, don’t start undermining it now.

  15. Marinersforever71 2 years ago

    If Tony LaRussa declines of joining the Mariners, then hiring Tom Grieve (former Texas Rangers GM & current broadcasting analyst to Steve Busby) as he can be the Mighty Sodo Mojo Power Mariners (lol) to get some help on starting & relief pitching & the outfield. If Mitch Moreland can play first base, Mariners should acquire him from the Rangers for pitcher Anthony Fernandez or Brandon Maurer and catcher Marcus Littlewood (possible replacement to Soto at catching in couple years). Moving Morrison to the outfield & Corey Hart at DH would help things quite a bit. Plus, signing either Johan Santana or Ervin Santana for starting pitching & acquire Dominic Brown & Papelbon from the Phillies will help the team quite a bit to compete in the division w/ the Athletics, Rangers, and Angels. Otherwise, signing Grant a Balfour as a closer including Vernon Wells as a backup outfielder can be a Plan B option.

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