Phillies Considering Additional Depth Signings

After signing Ronny Cedeno to a minor league deal earlier today, the Phillies are weighing several other depth signings, reports Jim Salisbury of An outfielder, left-handed bat, and starting and relief pitching are all being eyed by GM Ruben Amaro Jr., according to the report.

The club has considered bringing in veteran Lyle Overbay to add left-handed power, says Salisbury. In 486 plate appearances last season for the Yankees, appearing mostly at first, Overbay registered a .240/.295/.393 line and knocked 14 home runs, though he also struck out 111 times.

The Phils are also keen to add arms. "We're looking to add pitching depth in the bullpen and rotation, still trolling," said Amaro. "They'd likely be non-roster guys." Salisbury reports that Philadelphia has "kept tabs" on former closer Ryan Madson, and may decide to give him a look this spring. Madson has yet to throw a big league inning for another franchise due to elbow issues, though he has earned over $9MM from other clubs during the last two seasons. 

Another name that could be under consideration, according to Salisbury, is Chad Gaudin. The well-traveled 30-year-old, who has appeared for nine MLB teams over eleven seasons, put up a 3.06 ERA in 97 innings last year for the Giants. His primary attractieness to Philly would be his ability to work as a starter or out of the pen.

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  1. neurogame 1 year ago

    9 Million for jack squat? Ryan Madson – Keep gett’in dem checks. I’m jealous.

  2. Kayrall 1 year ago

    Isn’t EVERY team considering additional depth signings?

  3. phillies1102 1 year ago

    Ruben Amaro, trolling?

    Why am I not suprised….

    • theydizneyboy 1 year ago

      It’s not as much him as it is the owners. David Montgomery and John S. Middleton are the ones you want to be calling out.

  4. Matt Hill 1 year ago

    I like how they wrote “earned” $9mill.

    • Zak A 1 year ago

      Like we sittiin on the bench …. we don’t really play

  5. VietVET 1 year ago

    Phils continue to be bottom feeders….or should I say Amaro continues to be a bottom feeder!!!!

    • Klaus D. 1 year ago

      I’m not defending Amaro by any means, but I’m not sure calling him a bottom feeder is fair. This year’s free agent class was horrible. Who was he supposed to sign that would help the team AND not end up being an overpaid contract that would be an albatross in future years? Ellsbury, Cano, Granderson…all bad contracts IMO. If anyone, I blame the scouting and development staff. They have to build their farm system better. If you want to pin that on Amaro for not hiring a more competent staff, I guess that’s fair. And the Howard contract was clearly a mistake. But your so called “bottom feeding” has nothing to do with that.

    • theydizneyboy 1 year ago

      Do yourself a favor and look up John S. Middleton. Amaro is just a puppet, shift your blame to the ownership suite.

      • Zak A 1 year ago

        Who’s negotiating the contracts? That’s who should be fired. If it’s RAJ I hope he buys his next car from me, he’ll offer more than I paid before I even say hello.

        • theydizneyboy 1 year ago

          The ownership group tells the puppet what to do.

          We have X money to spend and we want it spent on player(s) X.

          Get a clue.

  6. Zak A 1 year ago

    Re-treds all around.

  7. Catztradamus 1 year ago

    I believe the Phillies are the team that will end up signing Nyjer Morgan.

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