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Five years ago today, Alex Rodriguez admitted and apologized for using PEDs during his tenure with the Rangers. Rodriguez blamed the pressure of trying to fulfill the expectations created by his then-record 10-year, $252MM contract. Two days ago, Rodriguez voluntarily dismissed his federal lawsuit against MLB, the Commissioner's Office, and the MLBPA and will serve his 162-game suspension stemming from his role in the Biogenesis affair. Here's the latest from the American League:

  • Red Sox GM Ben Cherington told Jim Bowden and Jim Duquette of MLB Network Radio (Twitter link) he doesn't expect anything to happen with Stephen Drew before the start of Spring Training; but, out of respect for the shortstop, has maintained a dialogue with agent Scott Boras.
  • Cherington also told the pair he is working the phones to add another reliever (via a Bowden tweet).
  • The Red Sox's starting rotation, currently flush with experienced hurlers, could take on a much younger and cheaper look in the next 12-18 months, writes the Boston Herald's Scott Lauber. Left-hander Henry Owens headlines the list of Boston's pitching prospects on the verge of reaching the Majors, according to Lauber. 
  • Having lost out on Bronson Arroyo and entering the second week of February without a truly significant free agent acquisition, the Baltimore Sun's Peter Schmuck opines it's fair to wonder how much the Orioles really want to win this year.
  • Tigers President/CEO/GM Dave Dombrowski told reporters recently, including Anthony Fenech of the Detroit Free Press, the Prince FielderIan Kinsler trade set the tone for the other moves he made this offseason. "If that move wasn’t made, you’re really in a position where you’re kind of back to where you were. It was one move that set off our plans in place." One part of that plan has received much scrutiny: dealing Doug Fister to the Nationals. Dombrowski said Fister was expendable because the Tigers have six solid starters with three of them (Justin Verlander, Anibal Sanchez, and Drew Smyly) under contract for at least the next four years while also proclaiming he'd love to have Max Scherzer "stay as a Tiger for a long time."   
  • Johnny Damon, whose last MLB appearance was with the Indians in 2012, is open to managing or resuming his playing career, but only on the Major League level, reports the Tampa Bay Times' Marc Topkin.

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  1. JaysFan1996 1 year ago

    I’m suprised that Johnny Damon was only an all star twice

    • LazerTown 1 year ago

      Yes it is. Especially since he wasn’t a late season guy, he was just as strong in both halves. Granted though because offense has been on a downslope for a few years now his stats look better now than they did before. He was a strong player, but had to compete with Vlad, Manny, Sheffield, Ichiro, Magglio, etc.

      • Yettyskill 1 year ago

        Really? Damon was a slightly above average ball player for his career. 105 WRC+

        Hard to complete with potential HoF’ers when you’re not.

  2. PhillyYank 1 year ago

    If they fail to sign Scherzer, trading Fister is really going to be a punch in the gut.

    • Tigers72 1 year ago

      Yeah or if they win the World Series it will all be good

      • Bob Bunker 1 year ago

        Are you saying trading Fister will help them win the World Series?

        • Matthew Augeri 1 year ago

          Robbie Ray will make the rotation out of spring training and win the Cy Young.

          • dgimbel 1 year ago

            HAH. You are one ambitious fan. Robbie Ray and Steve Lombardozzi may both be average at best in the ML.

        • Matthew Augeri 1 year ago

          Robbie Ray will make the rotation out of spring training and win the Cy Young.

        • Tigers72 1 year ago

          No Scherzer will help them the World Series more than Fister.

          • Bob Bunker 1 year ago

            So if they don’t resign Scherzer but win the World Series this year its fine that they traded Fister who has been a top 30 pitcher for them and would have really eased the blow of losing Max to free agency even though if they win the World Series they would have won it with Fister. So here are four situations.

            1. Keep Fister, can’t resign Max, win 2014 championship, Smyly replaces Max in 2015.

            2. Trade Fister, resign Max, lose 2014 championship, but 2015-17 still competing.

            3. Trade Fister, lose Max, win championship, but 2015 and beyond rotation is very weak.

            4. Trade Fister, lose Max, lose championship, 2015 rotation and beyond very weak.

            Seems like the first option was the most feasible and best outcome.

    • McTigers 1 year ago

      I actually hope they don’t re-sign Scherzer at the kind of $ he’s going to get. JV-Sanchez is a great 1-2 no matter what, Porcello will likely be a #3 with a decent defense, Smyly looks like an easy #5 at minimum… if Ray does anything at all, the Fister deal could give them just as elite a rotation over the next few seasons at a fraction of the cost, esp since they easily could have lost Fister after 2015 regardless of what happened with Max. They’re still excellent now with a strong future and the $ to fill whatever holes they need.

    • Richard Ellard 1 year ago

      Get over it all ready!

    • kungfucampby 1 year ago

      Should have traded Scherzer and kept Fister. I hope they don’t re-sign Max, he’s not likely to keep this up for what he’s going to command being a Boras client.

  3. start_wearing_purple
    start_wearing_purple 1 year ago

    I can see Damon as a hitting coach somewhere or maybe a first base coach. But as a manager? I’m having trouble seeing any major league team giving him a shot at anything above managing a low-A club.

  4. Travis 1 year ago

    Never a manager.

  5. Travis 1 year ago

    Never a manager.

  6. TheoHoyer 1 year ago

    Edward, just an linked the incorrect Henry Owens

  7. Matthew Augeri 1 year ago

    Drew would have more of the market if he dropped the demand for an opt-out after the first year of the deal.

    • That’s a fairly new demand apparently.

      • Denny Doyle 1 year ago

        I think they have final offers, and its not what he wants. By asking for opt-out, he’s buying time. Hoping something breaks in Spring Training.

        • I want Drew back in a Sox uniform, but not if it happens midway through Spring Training. Drew is due for an injury and inadequate conditioning makes that more likely.

          • NOLASoxFan 1 year ago

            I’ve come full circle on this one. I wanted him to come back for most of the offseason. Now, I want them to just go with Bogaerts and Middlebrooks. He should have accepted the qualifying offer way back when. Now, it’s become the Boras carnival. Adios.

      • pft2 1 year ago

        The opt out could work for a team who would not mind him exercising it and would prefer a 1 yr deal. Drew won’t accept a 1 yr deal and have to get stuck with a QO and compensation pick next year. This is a good compromise. It probably gets structured at 12/8/8. .

    • pft2 1 year ago

      He wants the optout because he would be accepting a lower AAV, and he does not want to be faced with another QO that he would be looking at if he took a 1 yr deal.

      Drew can wait it out until June when he does not cost a pick. between ST and June there will be injuries and disappointments and he gets 3/30-35 then. Only difference is he loses 3 months pay.

      • NOLASoxFan 1 year ago

        Even if he were to get an opt out, his team could still give him the qualifying offer.

  8. LazerTown 1 year ago

    I had no problem with trading Fister if you really think that you have enough depth. I just think the Tigers could have done better. Maybe Krol and Lombard will surprise, but neither of them were very highly rated prospects and then a reliever. Fister is a solid #3 pitcher, and Lombardozzi is pretty bad hitter, so they got a backup infielder and 2 relievers, one of who is in the minors, and the other isn’t very good.

    • McTigers 1 year ago

      Ray is not a reliever, he’s basically Smyly’s double. Projects as a solid future starting pitcher, so that once they either re-sign Max and let Rick walk, or extend Rick and let Max walk, they will have a decent 5th starter in the mix.

  9. LazerTown 1 year ago

    I don’t see anyone giving Damon a shot at managing right away. Most guys start off as something lesser, he will first have to try his hand as a hitting coach or minor manager.

    • johnsilver 1 year ago

      Agreed. Think Damon’s been lying in the grass too long, chewing on a weed and daydreaming again. Somebody go wake the boy up.

  10. Jeffrey McMillan 1 year ago

    For god sake please stop citing Schmuck.

  11. WazBazbo 1 year ago

    Question to the writer of this article (Edward Creech) – does it mean that Damon would manage… or play again, but only as a major leaguer, or does it mean that he would only accept either a playing OR managing position as a major leaguer? I can’t imagine there would be much market for him as an MLB manager without ANY experience at all…

    • Denny Doyle 1 year ago

      Creech didn’t write it Topkin did, click on the link.

    • Denny Doyle 1 year ago

      Topkin of TB times writer. Click on the l*nk. Creech just reporting the news.

  12. John Murray 1 year ago

    Johnny, I think it could be a long wait.

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