Tigers, Miguel Cabrera Begin Extension Talks

The Tigers have begun discussing an extension with Miguel Cabrera, Jon Morosi of FOX Sports writes. Morosi emphasizes that the talks remain preliminary, and there is little urgency, since Cabrera is not eligible for free agency until after the 2015 season.

Cabrera is currently signed to an eight-year deal worth $152.3MM. He will make $22MM both this season and next. He turns 31 in April and is eligible for free agency shortly before his age-33 season. His age might make it somewhat tricky to find common ground on a deal. Last year, ESPN's Jayson Stark asked agents and executives what a Cabrera deal might look like, and they speculated that he might get anywhere from three to five years. Morosi suggests Cabrera's representatives at Relativity Baseball could compare Cabrera to Albert Pujols and argue Cabrera should get an even bigger contract than Pujols' ten years and $240MM, but that may be unlikely, due to Cabrera's age and the fact that the Pujols contract is widely perceived to be a problem for the Angels.

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  1. cgriffith 1 year ago

    Back the Brinks truck up & lock him up ~ signed the State of Michigan

  2. ChrisSEA84 1 year ago

    6 years 150.

    • johnsilver 1 year ago

      I don’t think Cabby will settle for 5y, unless he is willing to do Detroit a favor. 7y would do them a favor even.

      • ChrisSEA84 1 year ago

        I’d go six years then, mainly because I wouldn’t be suprised if 4 years from now he’s a pure DH.

    • LazerTown 1 year ago

      Only 6 years and $25M aav is a big discount on both ends.

  3. LittleOtterPaws 1 year ago

    Dude just rakes

  4. caseyo4 1 year ago

    30 mil/year seems to be a starting point…

    • cgriffith 1 year ago

      what about 7 yrs/218 with a 30 million signing bonus and a mutual option for an 8 year which means he is here until his age 40 season (signed through 2015)

  5. Derpy 1 year ago

    Extending Cabrera is a really bad idea. If the Tigers are smart, they will skip and invest money elsewhere. Same way the Cardinals skipped on Pujols. Same principle. Do not invest money in 32 year olds. If he is willing to do a 3,4 year extension, then fine, anything more than 4 years, nope.

    • cgriffith 1 year ago

      He’s still 30; doesn’t turn 31 until April 18th.

      • Derpy 1 year ago

        He becomes a free agent in 2 years. He will be 32 years old. Any extension will begin in 2 years. Don’t invest money in 32 year olds.

        • cgriffith 1 year ago

          I see what you were saying now, my bad: I thought you meant he was already 32. I understand where your coming from I just believe he’s a once in a generation player for MLB/Tigers and is worth the investment over the tail end of his career. If he signs a 7 yr deal I would be fine with it.

          • Derpy 1 year ago

            They already got all of his best years, investing in his decline years is going to be a huge mistake for whatever team ends up doing it. The Tigers can dodge a bullet by passing.

          • LazerTown 1 year ago

            Even if he is declining that doesn’t mean it is overpay.

          • jl9830a 1 year ago

            He’s not any more “once in a generation” than Pujols was a few years ago, and St. Louis let him walk. That decision has benefitted them.

          • TheRealRyan 1 year ago

            As great as Cabrera has been in his career and especially the last 3 years, Pujols was ever better at the same age. Right now, there is no one who would want Pujols on even a 5 year contract at his current salary. Cabrera will also be a year older than Pujols was when his next contract kicks in. As hard as it might be for Detroit, but the smart move would be to let him walk.

    • MilkMeMore 1 year ago

      lol Cardinals offered pujols a 9yr deal, they didnt exactly skip him. Cardinals just dodged a bullet, instead of outsmarting other gms

      • Derpy 1 year ago

        They offered him a deal for significantly less money. He wanted more money, so they let him go.

        The Tigers should do the same. 4 years, 110 million. Take it or leave it.

        • LazerTown 1 year ago

          That is just being ridiculous. They are better off not even negotiating than seriously putting forth a $110MM/4 offer.

          • johnsilver 1 year ago

            One thing it is going to be Lazer.. An awful dilemma to be in. Cabby is going to get a massive amount of money. Illitch moved Fielder to partially afford it, but one way or another? It’s going to end up costing them the ability to sign/retain others down the road for them to do so with Cabby on his 30m+ deal.

          • LazerTown 1 year ago

            Right, But he is elite player. There is no way he takes $110MM.

    • bobbleheadguru 1 year ago

      It is very realistic that Cabrera turns into Big Papi in his late 30s.

      Also, he is not after top dollar. Dombrowski is a father figure to him. He literally bailed him out when he was at his low point.

  6. Tigers72 1 year ago

    4 or five years added on to his deal at 30 million a year. Also make his next 2 years 30 million a year if possible.

  7. bobbleheadguru 1 year ago

    Fantastic idea.

    Tigers offseason will be perfect if they DO sign their “once every 50 years player” to stay with them through the end of his career and DO NOT sign Scherzer.

    Very probable he will sign… perhaps with a hometown discount.

  8. Eric Droegemeier 1 year ago

    I would not go over 5 years to Cabrera. Give him money but not years

  9. Jeffy25 1 year ago


  10. Jeffy25 1 year ago

    But no reason to extend him for another year unless Miggy wants to give a discount. A lot could happen in the 2014 season, no reason to rush

    • Jeffy25 1 year ago

      Unless a new extension wipes out his current deal and they just restructure

  11. rj fisher 1 year ago

    3-5 years? No way He’ll get a 6 year deal

  12. rj fisher 1 year ago

    As long as Cabrera’s doesn’t change his representation to Boras the Tigers and Cabrera should be able to reach a decent compromise.

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