Astros To Promote George Springer

Top outfield prospect George Springer will join the Astros tomorrow, reports Mark Berman of FOX 26 Houston. The 24-year-old entered the season as a consensus top-25 prospect.


As I recently discussed, Springer is among the game’s near-MLB-ready prospects who has yet to see any MLB time. If he sticks on the big club for the remainder of the year, Springer would accrue 166 days of service — short of a full season, but more than enough to set himself up to qualify for Super Two status. That means that the Astros will still stand to control him through the 2020 season.

Springer climbed up prospect rating boards after a monster 2013 campaign in which he hit a combined .303/.411/.600, and posted 37 home runs and 45 stolen bases, in 589 plate appearances split between Double-A and Triple-A. Entering the 2014 season, analysts rated Springer between 18th (Baseball America) to 21st ( among all MLB prospects. The 2011 first-round pick looked well on his way to a repeat of that performance in the season’s early going.

Looking ahead, Baseball America says that Springer possesses outstanding bat speed but can be beaten with offspeed offerings given his aggressive approach. With plus or better arm, speed, power, and defense tools, BA says that Springer should be a productive big leaguer even if he struggles somewhat (as many expect he will) to make contact at the MLB level.

Though he is a tall and powerful ballplayer, Springer profiles as a center fielder. But with that position occupied in Houston by offseason acquisition Dexter Fowler, Springer will presumably take over in left field for the optionedĀ Robbie Grossman.

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  1. letsgogiants 1 year ago

    Houston fans should be excited. On here, Luhnow mentioned that it takes at least a couple of weeks to evaluate whether or not to promote a player, so I imagine the Astros have been evaluating Springer since opening day on whether to include him on the 25 man roster. Even if he has growing pains, I’m sure the Astros and fans will be giving him every chance to improve.

    • Sky14 1 year ago

      The more appropriate term would be delaying, not evaluating.

      • Ron Loreski 1 year ago

        If they were delaying, he wouldn’t be called up until June. So evaluating is the appropriate term.

        • Steve Adams 1 year ago

          Even by delaying him two weeks, they can prevent him from hitting free agency by one year. He’ll likely be a Super Two player now, but Houston picked up an extra year of service time.

          • Shane 1 year ago

            I don’t think there is anything wrong with waiting to promote him, keeps the big money teams from snagging up sooner. It is a business

        • Sky14 1 year ago

          Not much additional information can be gained by a couple weeks of “evaluating” but an additional year of control was gained by delaying his call up. They can spin it how they want but they were likely more concerned about gaining a extra year of control than him proving his readiness.

  2. DerekJeterDan 1 year ago

    Fowler and Springer … now that’s a good outfield!
    Change is coming in Houston, the future is bright.

    • Hills of Glenallen 1 year ago

      Where’s the pitching at? I don’t see it…

      • Kennon Riley 1 year ago

        Oberholtzer 3.50, Albers 1.69, Feldman 0.44, Keuchel 3.75, Clemens 0.00, Qualls 3.86

        • Karkat 1 year ago

          Small sample sizes: Priceless.

          • Shane 1 year ago

            What are we suppose to use?? We have only gotten a small sample size u what are u commenting on, a gut feeling? haha

          • Karkat 1 year ago

            You’re not supposed to draw any conclusions at this point.

          • Shane 1 year ago

            So we shouldn’t be excited and look at what the staff has done thus far or look at the young arm s on the way…..we should be negative…like u??

          • Tko11 1 year ago

            Neil Walker is on pace to hit ~ 60 homers, maybe hes the next Barry Bonds?

          • BWillie 1 year ago

            Let’s see…using an alias, negative toward any Astros positive signs…are you Bud Selig?

          • Karkat 1 year ago

            Oh my god, I’m not even xD

            Since when is pointing out small sample sizes considered a huge negative? We all know Scott Feldman won’t finish the season with a 0.44 ERA (although if he could hold on for a bit, since he’s on my fantasy team at the moment that’d be great). Similarly, we all know that the Astros have some great pitching prospects in the minors, but the numbers I responded to don’t say anything about the long-term potential of the team. They don’t address the concern raised above.

            Also, did not one get the reference of the “priceless” thing? Seriously?

            I didn’t realize Astros fans suffered from such intense persecution complexes o.O

          • BWillie 1 year ago

            Just messing with you. :)

          • Kennon Riley 1 year ago

            So two starts in for Tanaka and he gets all the praise despite a small sample size? Sure he’s got the stuff but he’s prone to home runs. Will he have a meltdown eventually? Possibly.

          • Karkat 1 year ago

            Wait how is this relevant to anything?

          • Kennon Riley 1 year ago

            Well, you countered the stats with a small sample size claim. While this is true, the Evil Empire continues to get the most of publicity and praise. I just brought the reality of a small sample size into the future.

          • Karkat 1 year ago

            I have no idea what you’re trying to say o.O

          • brian 1 year ago

            To be fair, the starters are continuing the trend from the end of last season. And the BP looks like it will be solid this year. I would say the pitching outside of the BP hasn’t been the problem. The only troubling pitcher they had has been DFA’d and hopefully Springer will add a spark to the lineup and re-energize the players.

          • Karkat 1 year ago

            I’m definitely excited for Springer, if only because he was the prospect I took in this year’s fantasy draft. I didn’t expect to see him before mid-May, so I hope he gets off to a hot start.

        • Tko11 1 year ago

          Lets just go ahead and give Feldman the Cy Young, huh?

        • Hills of Glenallen 1 year ago

          Ha! Yeah, I’m sure all of those super stars will sustain that all year and in to the future lol

      • Shane 1 year ago

        You have not been watching then! Conzart, and Appel are on their way too!

        • Hills of Glenallen 1 year ago

          The next Lucas Harrell and Jordan Lyles huh?

    • Tko11 1 year ago

      Good outfield? Fowler is okay but nothing special. They got him for a back of the rotation pitcher so that tells you something. Springer is an older prospect and we will see what he can do in the majors. I wouldn’t call it a good outfield by any means.

      As a side note:
      Fowler’s career
      at Coors: .298 avg .880 OPS
      on Road: .241 avg .694 OPS

      • DerekJeterDan 1 year ago

        Compared to Fernando Martinez, Rick Ankiel, JD Martinez, & Justin Maxwell… Dexter Fowler & George Springer = good OF improvement.

        • Tko11 1 year ago

          Improved outfield? Yes. Good outfield? Not so much.
          I do hope Springer’s success translates to the majors.

          • Shane 1 year ago

            He is in the top 25 prospects but you know more than the experts, God…..Negativity……go to another thread!

          • Karkat 1 year ago

            Hey, I’m noticing that you’re new here. We generally try to go for good, analytical discussion in these comments. Tko raised a couple good points/concerns, and that’s not the same as attacking your team or claiming he knowns “more than the experts.” Prospects fail in the majors all the time.

            It’s cool to see people excited about the Astros, but try to dial back the aggression a little bit, alright?

          • Shane 1 year ago

            I don’t go to every minor league game, I can only go by stats and what the experts say and Springer is projected to be very good. I dealt with fans like you on my showfor 3 years, total negativity , I don’t miss it at all!

          • Karkat 1 year ago

            Well, whatever, I tried xD

          • Shane 1 year ago

            I guess I don’t see it your way then I am wrong…….and you are preaching to me……..typical

          • Shane 1 year ago

            I am a glass half full not half empty, that is just who I am. I want to be excited about my Stros. Been a fan sense 81′ and I am ready for great times.

          • RHairston11 1 year ago

            What part about Springer being “an older prospect” is a good point/concern?

          • Tko11 1 year ago

            The point was “that he is an older prospect.” His road to the majors took longer than most. A guy like Giancarlo Stanton is the same age and has already 504 games of experience under his belt.

          • Tko11 1 year ago

            I said I hope his success translates to the majors (not sure how thats negative). Being in the top 25 prospects does not mean anything. There have been so many top 25 prospects by so called experts that have failed for whatever reasons (example: Lars Anderson was #17 according to Baseball America). I don’t blame the experts for being wrong sometimes either, all they can do is make projections not guarantees.

          • Shane 1 year ago

            Doesn’t mean anything……comeon you are arguing to be arguing? So would you rather have a top 25 player or #150? Springer has a great shot of being a good ball player for the Astros.

          • Shane 1 year ago

            I rather have the #1 farm system than one of the last farm system in MLB, which the Astros had a few years ago.

          • Tko11 1 year ago

            Seems like you are arguing to argue? You just keep responding without even addressing any of the points I’ve made. Yes I would rather have a top 25 than a top 150 because he is projected to be better. That does not mean he will be better, hence why I gave the example of Lars Anderson. Everyone on the top 100 list has a great shot and being a good player but it doesn’t mean they will be. Original point was Fowler, Springer, Grossman is an improved outfield but not a good one (yet). Fowler is a product of Coors and has horrible numbers away from there. Springer may very well be good but I’ll wait until the end of the season to pass judgement on his ability in the majors. Grossman is a .269 career hitter in 2621 minor league at bats.

          • Shane 1 year ago

            And Springer is .303, what does that mean? What am I not addressing, I am addressing everything? You brought up Lars Anderson, what do you want me to do, bring up a player that did become a star? At least you said “Yet”…………so you are now saying we can be excited about what “can” happen if this OF plays well……

          • Tko11 1 year ago

            Chill pill maybe? Its a promising outfield mainly because of Springer. Fowler and Grossman aren’t long term answers in my opinion. Lars was brought up because it seems you think every top 25 prospect will be a good player.

          • Shane 1 year ago

            I never said every top 25 will be a star but I think Astro fan should be excited and put our faith that he will be……because we are fans. We both have solid points and I am glad u are passionate about the Astros

      • Shane 1 year ago

        Whatever dude, it is nice to be excited………and if you can’t be excited about this then u need to change teams, we don’t need ya.

        • Jun Kim 1 year ago

          You seriously need to calm down. The guy was not rude, didn’t make any offensive comments to you or towards your team. He was being realistic and cautious. Just because he isn’t as excited as you are or being bit overly optimistic doesn’t give you the right for you say he should change teams or give any offensive comments.

          • Shane 1 year ago

            If u notice above I did and told him he had good points and thanked him for being an Astros fan, but thanks for advice

          • Jun Kim 1 year ago

            and then you told him to switch teams…. Well your welcome. I wish all the best for your Astros. As a Toronto Sports fan I can feel your pain. All you can do is to be optimistic and hope for the best.

    • StevePegues 1 year ago

      Who is this Change guy? What position does he play?

  3. richardb21 1 year ago


  4. Brian Stevenson 1 year ago

    It’s time, guys!

  5. Rhymes with Cryin' Bud 1 year ago

    More UConn success!

    • LazerTown 1 year ago

      Hope the local kid can make it.

      Now if Mike Olt can start hitting!

  6. Garrett West 1 year ago

    Go Astros! Definitely gotta go to the game tomorrow to see part of the future of the ‘Stros, George Springer!!!

  7. LazerTown 1 year ago

    It’s exciting. I wish the best for him. It finally seems like Houston and Chicago are making moves towards legitimacy.

  8. EndlessMikeJr 1 year ago

    A year late but hey they need anything they can to actually win.If they get another 100 losing season to secure a 1:1 draft than they league should do something.
    Springer looks like a Puerto Rican Pence and in this ballpark I think he can be great.

    • Shane 1 year ago

      It was really no reason to bring him up last year because they were so bad. but now go Stros!

  9. BENT_WOOKIE 1 year ago

    i’m glad the astros are out of the division, I can pick him up on my fantasy team guilt-free.

    • Shane 1 year ago

      Felt the same way about the Cubs and Cards…..haha

  10. Bls 1 year ago

    Really great to see this. Something had to change. No major league team should be hitting this poorly.

  11. UK Tiger 1 year ago

    Should have been up for Opening Day, but at least Luhnow has realised his mistake quite quickly.

    • LooksEasyOnTV 1 year ago

      Well-drawn-out plan is now being called a mistake? You do realize that nothing regarding his development has been by chance, right?

      Luhnow is taking advantage of one of the only advantages that a team in the Astros’ position has–the ability to strategically promote talent to the major league level.

      • UK Tiger 1 year ago

        I can see that point entirely, but for me the only reason he wasnt on the OD roster was his decision to turn down that long term extension offered to him last year, yes im sure the service time considerations came into it…maybe im just too cynical in my old age šŸ˜‰

        • Shane 1 year ago

          I understand your frustration but that extra year is very important. Go Stros!

      • Shane 1 year ago

        Well said!

    • LazerTown 1 year ago

      Isn’t a mistake. They knew they weren’t competing this year, and were able to get an extra year of arbitration for only 2 weeks of lost production.

    • Shane 1 year ago

      No he didn’t, it was smart because they got an extra year. If you are an Astros fan you should be happy he waited 2 weeks so they got a extra year of control of him

  12. LooksEasyOnTV 1 year ago

    Best position player prospect promotion for Astros fans to be excited about since Hunter Pence in 2007! A bit sad but Luhnow has the team on the right track, only a matter of time now.

  13. Bob Hulsey 1 year ago

    Luhnow wanted to wait until June 1st to start Springer’s service time but the Astros are hitting like they don’t want to be in the big leagues. Seven of the nine batters last night are batting below .200 and the defending all-time MLB strikeout kings (despite being an AL team where the pitchers don’t hit) fanned 12 more times. So Springer’s call-up now is because he can’t be any worse. Lance Berkman was signed to a 1-day contract earlier this year and he probably was the best Astro hitter in the building even though he was retiring. Springer had a high K rate in the minors so he’ll fit right in.

  14. coldgoldenfalstaff 1 year ago

    Good decision. Springer had a poor spring and Grossman had an excellent one.

    But since they’ve played games for real, it’s been the opposite.

    Springer’s ready, and it would have been stupid to call him up to ride the bench.

  15. Trent Golden 1 year ago

    No more Harrell and Springer is promoted — this is like Christmas for Astros fans!

  16. mwilly33 1 year ago

    As an Astros fan I’m very excited about this. It does call to mind the anticipation for Hunter Pence in 2007…which is a sad commentary on the “prospects” we’ve had to be excited about over the last decade, as Astros fans. It’s also great to know that there are a handful of other guys that can/ may make their debut in 2014.

    I’m bummed that I won’t be there tonight to cheer wildly when he’s announced…oh well, there is tomorrow night!

    • Tko11 1 year ago

      Hey! Hunter Pence is a solid player. .284/.338/.811 is a decent career stat line. I’m sure everyone is hoping Springer is better but if at worst he becomes another Pence, its not entirely a bad thing either. For the sake of you Astros fans though, I do hope he is better.

  17. Cyyoung 1 year ago

    Seen this kid play all the way back to High School (actually Prep School), kid is going to be good, very good. Astro Fans should be happy.

  18. BucsRN 1 year ago

    Astros fans should be really really hyped to see Springer. I am too now that I have him on my fantasy rosters. But just a quick comparison. McCutchen (the NL MVP last season) had great minor League stats and was a highly anticipated addition in Pittsburgh. Springer’s stats are far better than Cutch’s ever were. So if I were you I wouldn’t worry about the two weeks you missed, and instead look forward to what should be a new era of excellence in Houston.

  19. bucsws2014 1 year ago

    Happy to see another UConn guy in the bigs. Hope he does well for y’all.

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