Cole Hamels Can Block Trades To Twenty Clubs

The two-year anniversary is approaching of the pre-trade deadline extension signed between the Phillies and lefty Cole Hamels. As part of that six-year, $144MM deal, Hamels received a limited no-trade clause, the details of which had gone unreported.

Now, with Hamels a potential trade target, details have emerged regarding the clause, via Jon Morosi and Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (links to Twitter). Hamels is permitted to designate twenty of the league’s thirty clubs for no-trade protection, reports Morosi. The remaining nine teams (other than the Phillies) to which Hamels may be traded without his consent are the Dodgers, Angels, Cardinals, Nationals, Braves, Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, and Padres.

It is difficult to say what this means for the possible Hamels market, should Philly make him available. In some respects, the mere fact that the club would need to consult with the pitcher to send him to any one of twenty clubs could pose a deterrent. On the other hand, his list could conceivably indicate a willingness to go to a contender, as it seems to be composed of teams that were expected to be in the mix (in addition to those that, as Morosi notes, are located near his native southern California).

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