Giants Designate Tony Abreu For Assignment

The Giants have designated infielder Tony Abreu for assignment, the club announced on Twitter. Joining the big league roster are Juan Perez and Travis Ishikawa, with Adam Duvall being optioned back to Triple-A.

Abreu appeared to be on his way to the open market recently when he opted out of his deal with the Giants, but the team worked things out and called him up recently alongside Dan Uggla. But the 29-year-old received only four trips to the plate in the four games for which he was active. Abreu owns a .278/.325/.430 slash line in 253 Triple-A plate appearances on the year.

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  1. chedda 1 year ago

    they just called him up

  2. GoAsOakland 1 year ago

    Championship…!!! Lol.

  3. TommyL 1 year ago

    Kind of sad, the right side of the Giant’s infield. Remember Jeff Kent and Will Clark?

    • curiousobserver 1 year ago

      Did Clark and Kent ever play together? I remember Thompson/Clark and Kent/Snow afterwards…

      • TommyL 1 year ago

        No, they were about five years apart I believe. Just recollecting great players they’ve had on that side of the infield.

  4. Gumby65 1 year ago

    Dan Uggla. Personification of job security in SF.

  5. connfyoozed . 1 year ago

    Signs that your baseball career may need a fresh start somewhere else: when Juan Perez and Travis Ishikawa are the guys called up to replace you on the roster.

    • Douglas Rau 1 year ago

      Signs you should pursue that business degree in your off-season.

  6. curiousobserver 1 year ago

    I suspect this is a prelude to a trade including Duvall

  7. Douglas Rau 1 year ago

    How is his defense? He said not expecting much, considering this is the guy they’re passing over in favor of Dan Uggla.

    • Eric Ritz 1 year ago

      Nice double play turn, not tons of range and average at best hands. Better than Uggla, and Abreu actually hit well during his time in SF last year. I guess they decided that Abreu’s 4 bad at bats were worse than Uggla’s 8 horrendous at bats.

      • Douglas Rau 1 year ago

        So between Jeter and Abreu at second, I’m guessing there would be a lot of balls sneaking through the middle for base hits.

  8. Wooltron 1 year ago

    This team is a total joke right now and doesn’t have the pieces to trade to remain competitive for the rest of the year. They just showed their true colors in the weekend series vs. LA. Zero depth, can’t over come injuries, playing with no heart. I’m a huge Giants fan and the last two months has been painful to witness. Everyone is holding their breath for Angel Pagan to come back, but it’s Angel Pagan, not Willie Mays. This teams problems run much deeper than missing one mediocre to decent center fielder. Matt Cain is going to see Dr. Andrews, so his season is done. Probably next season too. That guy recommends TJ surgery for a hangnail. Sabean doesn’t seem to feel like helping either. Jake Peavy? Get real.

    • Glenn O'Brien 1 year ago

      Giants are not out of it, they have still a few trade pieces left that other teams want, yeah they got swept by LA thing is, LA isn’t that great either, remember $ don’t buy championships.

      • Wooltron 1 year ago

        Beating good teams wins championships. Giants don’t seem to be able to do that.

        • Glenn O'Brien 12 months ago

          Every team has its up & downs, every team goes into slumps. If anyone thinks the Giants are done & out, need to remember 2010 / 2012. But based on the post I really like the Peavy deal, they knew Cain’s situation before getting Peavy is why they pulled the trigger.

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