Athletics “Appear To Have Deal” For Lester

Red Sox ace Jon Lester has been traded, Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports reports (Twitter link).   The A’s appear to have a deal for Lester, tweets Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.  WEEI’s Alex Speier adds that he’s trying to confirm, but he hears Lester and Jonny Gomes might be traded for Yoenis Cespedes.

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  1. Karkat 11 months ago

    Frowning real hard guys D:

  2. PittsburghPirates0022 11 months ago

    Hope it’s the pirates

  3. MB923 11 months ago

    Oh Mystery Team

  4. bobbleheadguru 11 months ago

    No! Really? Who?

  5. Timothy Gager 11 months ago


  6. Tissue Price 11 months ago

    This might push Unknown Team over the top. They’ll certainly hope to beat Division Rivals to the pennant now.

  7. evanphilly 11 months ago

    The Nippon Ham Fighters! No one saw this coming!

  8. zig8100 11 months ago

    Ill say either SF Giants or Dodgers

  9. Donskoy 11 months ago

    I’ll take a shot in the dark and say the Brewers.
    No reasoning outside they’re competing.

  10. BVHjays 11 months ago

    West coast team. Oakland?

  11. MB923 11 months ago

    Passan just said now it’s a team on the West Coast.

  12. evanphilly 11 months ago


  13. DempseyK 11 months ago

    Pirates are playing on west coast tonight…maybe the report was confused?

  14. BrettLawriesnewesttattoo 11 months ago

    West coast mystery team? It’s the Portland Mavericks.

  15. MadmanTX 11 months ago

    The Lakers or Clippers?

  16. Remember92 11 months ago

    Billy Beane at it again? Or did Jack Z sell his soul?

  17. Matt Bennett 11 months ago

    Refresh, refresh, refresh

  18. BVHjays 11 months ago

    Looks like it’s Oakland. Can’t really figure out how they make this work though.

  19. sourbob 11 months ago

    Heyman says it’s “probably” Oakland. If this is true, I love it, because it means the three most sought after SPs actually traded ALL went to the A’s. Also, it’s great because Lester will definitely hit free agency.

  20. onemanrevival 11 months ago

    If it’s Oakland, I’d lay money Tommy Milone is going somewhere. C’mon Buccos, grab Tommy!

  21. Totes_McGoats 11 months ago

    Don’t worry man, Lester said he’s willing to re-sign with the Sox at the end of the year…this is just a 2 month rental for whoever got him.

    • OhioSox 11 months ago

      I don’t think he will be back based on Henry’s comments about over 30 year olds being all overpaid, or something like that.

  22. MB923 11 months ago

    They are saying it’s Dodgers or A’s. Assuming it’s Oakland, how the heck can the A’s pull this off? Man oh man this team had BOTTOM 5 farm in the majors going into the season and they got 2 frontline pitchers via trade?

    • Chris Lattier 11 months ago

      their High A team (Stockton) has a pretty good infield w/ prospects on the rise. Getting a few of those guys would be a good deal for the Red Sox.

      • MB923 11 months ago

        Well it wasn’t even a minor leaguer so that explains it. It was for Cespedes.

  23. Christian Ryle 11 months ago

    No not the As. They unstoppable if its true

  24. selw0nk 11 months ago

    Cespedes for Lester and Comes :(

    • BrettLawriesnewesttattoo 11 months ago

      that’s crazy…

    • Baloo 11 months ago

      Not sure I like this one for the A’s if it’s true. Cespedes was a big part of that lineup…

  25. Nathan Boley 11 months ago

    Lester for Cespedes. Speier reporting.

  26. Guest 11 months ago

    I’m glad we got Addison Russell and Billy McKinney before the BoSox could. Theo/Jed making a trade early was fantastic because it eliminated a near deadline bidding war.

    • DodgersMavericksCowboysMadrid 11 months ago

      Theo keeps conning everybody. Look at Hammels his luck ran out already. But Theo forgot Travis Wood. He kept him for too long now his luck has run too. ERA of over 5

  27. MB923 11 months ago

    Wow, Cespedes and Gomes for Lester

  28. Thechairman66 11 months ago

    Wow…good for Billy Beane

  29. John Kreese 11 months ago

    After Hammel’s outing yesterday the A’s must have stepped up their offer. Lester for Milone & another piece?

  30. Rarth 11 months ago

    The Astros make a marquee trade for that final push! One day we’ll be in this position…But seriously I can’t imagine what the A’s have of value to give for Lester. Farm system is really weak and I can’t imagine Nunez and Olson would get a deal done.

  31. bobbleheadguru 11 months ago

    Cespedes has been a nightmare for the Tigers. On the other hand, Tigers beat Red Sox with Lester starting in the ALCS.

    I will take my chances with Lester v. Scherzer in Game 1 of the ALCS. A wash as a Tigers fan.

    Was it worth it?

    • Metsfan93 11 months ago

      Every time someone says Oakland is supposedly gearing up for Detroit makes me want to see Detroit lose early that much more.

      • mantistoboggan47 11 months ago

        That is Oakland you are thinking of. Detroit usually makes it to the ALCS before losing.

  32. Carl Langley 11 months ago

    Lester, Samardzija, Kazmir, and Gray. That is quite the playoff rotation.

  33. Matt Bennett 11 months ago


  34. ugotrpk3113 11 months ago

    Wowzers. If they flipped Lester for that, A+++

  35. selw0nk 11 months ago

    Not Cespedes for Lester and Gomes

  36. Travis2014 11 months ago

    Haha good job Beane. Cespedes is overrated, but wow that is quite the price to pay for a rental.

  37. Quikmix 11 months ago

    cespedes for a guy who has already said he’d go back to boston in free agency? wow.

  38. Mike1L 11 months ago

    it’s probably true. The Boston Globe is ridiculing Lester’s credentials pre-2014 today, so I would imagine they are serving as a key part of the Red Sox PR department. Boston may be a great place to play, but it’s a hard place to leave with your dignity intact.

    • sherrilltradedooverexperience 11 months ago

      yeah this is something totally under boston’s control that isn’t pretty about them. I can remember back to Clemens where he was ridiculed because he didn’t just take whatever boston offered and the papers (fed by the team) skewered him for not being competitive and allowing himself to get overweight in addition to of course only being about the money.

      at least in baseball boston eats its young. And I lived in MA for about 8 years and went to pawsox games.

  39. Karkat 11 months ago

    What on earth is going on with this deal. O_o

  40. Greg Smith 11 months ago

    They asked the Bucs for Cutch and Pedro…

  41. WrigleyTerror37 11 months ago

    Hell no why cespedas as what are you doing

  42. max 11 months ago

    LOL they gave up Cespedes for a rental when they already had a pretty good rotation in place?? That’s crazy!

  43. anon_coward 11 months ago

    if true, awesome move by the Red Sox. no chance in hell Lester signs with the A’s as a free agent

  44. Baloo 11 months ago

    Billy Beane being REALLY aggresive for that WS push.

  45. mstrchef13 11 months ago

    I can’t see what Oakland has left in terms of upper echelon prospects that is better than what other teams were offering. I also can’t see how this makes Oakland better than getting a real second baseman would have.

    • Greg Smith 11 months ago

      How about Cespedes as a top-level prospect?

      • d-blaqueqq 11 months ago

        A+ for Ben if renting out Lester and throwing in Gomes gets the Sox the beast that is Cespedes.

        • mantistoboggan47 11 months ago

          He is not the second coming of Manny Ramirez. Still a pretty good trade.

          • d-blaqueqq 11 months ago

            Yeah, this was before looking at his contract. Fairly even trade now.

      • mstrchef13 11 months ago

        Never thought the A’s would trade their most recognizable offensive player.

  46. Greg Smith 11 months ago

    Seriously, Billy Beane has got to have them like grapefruit…

  47. DerekJeterDan 11 months ago

    I shudder to think of Cespedes hitting Bombs in Fenway.

  48. Mike1L 11 months ago

    It it’s Cespedes, I cannot imagine what Beane is thinking.

    • mantistoboggan47 11 months ago

      He’s thinking about a book and a movie that claim he is a good GM even though he has never won anything. Now is about the last and only chance.

  49. TRAPstar 11 months ago

    I wonder what the Pirates’ and Cardinals’ Top offers were. Weren’t they the front-runners for the last couple days?

    • timpa 11 months ago

      Cespedes is immediate return and knowing what you get. I’m not sure any deal based around a prospect can beat that. Boston has a lot of prospects to bring up and work in, Cespedes is at least a known quantity.

    • Red Socks 11 months ago

      Neither were offering a proven power bat, that’s for sure.

  50. Billy Andrews 11 months ago

    If that is true that might be one of the most bone headed trades of the year. Cespedes makes highlight plays almost every night. With out him in the line up Donaldson loses protection so it makes the line up weaker all around. A goo bat makes the 2 players in front and behind him better for a pitcher when pitching is not your problem. If this is true I really do not get this

  51. d-blaqueqq 11 months ago

    “Per Yahoo’s Jeff Passan:

    Boston also getting a competitive balance draft pick from Oakland. Boston will send cash to the A’s.”

  52. brianc6234 11 months ago

    Right, like the A’s can afford to trade Cespedes for pitching. He’s a huge part of their offense. This trade would definitely destroy them in the playoffs.

    • anon_coward 11 months ago

      i’m sure they have enough computer power to simulate their chances for the post season against every team they have left to play as well as potential DS and CS opponents

      good pitchers give up hits and runs and its usually not random

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