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The next game that Aramis Ramirez plays will be the 2,000th of his Major League career, but the Brewers‘ third baseman doesn’t sound like he plans on calling it quits anytime soon. Ramirez told reporters today, including Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, that he plans to try to play another 500 games: “I’m going to go for 2,500 (games) so let’s see what happens. … I’m playing past this year, for sure. I don’t know how much longer but definitely more years.” Ramirez’s contract contains a $14MM mutual option with a $4MM buyout. Given the rarity with which mutual options are exercised, there seems to be a good chance that Ramirez could hit the open market as a free agent this winter.

Here’s more from the NL Central…

  • The Pirates are scouting the Diamondbacks‘ bullpen of late, tweets Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports, who speculates that old friend Oliver Perez could be a potential target for the Bucs.
  • The Reds and Phillies remain in contact regarding a potential Marlon Byrd trade, sources tell Jim Bowden of MLB Network Radio and ESPN (Twitter link). The Reds have Jay Bruce in right and Billy Hamilton in left, but their left fielders have combined to hit .242/.304/.358. Additionally, with Bruce’s slumping and Joey Votto on the disabled list, the team is short on power.
  • Cubs GM Jed Hoyer tells Carrie Muskat of that Arismendy Alcantara will likely be in the lineup everyday, splitting time between second base and center field. The Cubs designated defensive specialist Darwin Barney for assignment yesterday, which should clear some playing time for the 22-year-old Alcantara.
  • Alcantara isn’t the only Cubs prospect on the rise. Bruce Miles of the Daily Herald tweets that outfielders Jorge Soler and Albert Almora have each moved up a level, with Almora heading to Double-A Tennessee and Soler reaching Triple-A Iowa.
  • David Price, who recently took in a game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, told Bob Nightengale of USA Today that the fans of St. Louis were great and treated him well in his time there. One high-ranking AL exec tells Nightengale that if the Rays decide to move their ace, the Cardinals stand out as the most likely team to acquire him.
  •’s Jen Langosch was among the reporters who spoke to Cardinals GM John Mozeliak yesterday. Langosch writes that the Redbirds are pursuing rotation help as the deadline approaches, but Mozeliak cautioned that no deal is imminent. Asked if the club was pursuing a top-of-the-rotation arm or some depth for the back end, Mozeliak replied that the latter was more likely.

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    Can’t wait to see what Soler does in AAA

    • bigbadjohnny 12 months ago

      same thing he did at AA

    • Christopher Rioux 12 months ago

      Hopefully he can stay healthy and make some strides. Since he’s on a major league deal, next year he has zero options left so he’s sure to break training camp with the big league club.

      It would be nice if he could have AAA successes under his belt when he does, and possibly dip a toe in the MLB pool this September…

      • bpot92 12 months ago

        I believe he has one left so he could be called up to see some action this september and then depending on how he does and in spring training he could start in AAA then bring him up.

        • Christopher Rioux 12 months ago

          Unless I’m missing something, he’s been on the 40 man roster since the day he signed and this is his 3rd year in the minors. 3 options used.

          • Aaron Roland 11 months ago

            I think he has a fourth option since he spent less than 90 days on a professional roster in 2012.

    • Frank Richard 12 months ago

      It will be nice to see Baez, Bryant, and Soler in the same lineup.

  2. Jeff Miller 12 months ago

    Byrd, Bastardo and cash to the Reds for Winker, Lively and Ludwick.

    • Tyler Brackett 12 months ago

      No way they give up winker for that

      • Jeff Miller 12 months ago

        Even when they could lose 4 SP after next year? The Reds are in a position where they’ve gotta go for it now or risk wasting this great rotation. While they’ve got some bright arms in their system, who knows what they’ll be in the big leagues.

        • meh 12 months ago

          You keep saying this trade. It will not happen, especially now that Winker is on the DL for 2-4 weeks with a wrist issue. The Reds aren’t going to trade that much for a mid 30s outfielder with a .318 OBP. He is not the “best available bat” that you keep claiming he is. Bastardo would be the better piece to that trade, and even he wouldn’t cost that much. You’re asking for a top 100 prospect and one of the Reds top pitching prospects for a good reliever and a mediocre outfielder.

          On top of that, I’m more inclined to believe the Reds are going to sell players like Broxton and Simon rather than buy, after going 0-6 to start the second half.

          • Jeff Miller 12 months ago

            Who is a better available bat?

          • meh 12 months ago

            That’s all you got from my comment? You’re going to jump on me for this, but my internet is bad right now, so I can’t get solid names. The bigger thing is that Byrd is simply not worth the price you put on him, even if he IS the best bat the Reds could get. He has about 2 years left on a high paying contract and is in his mid 30s. He is not worth even Winker alone. Winker is a top 100, possibly top 50 prospect. You don’t trade that kind of player for a player like Byrd unless you want to be fired.

            Here we go. Byrd has had a high .337 BABIP this season, which suggests regression, is projected to be worth less than 1 WAR for the remainder of the season, and is signed through age 40(!) (including the option year). You REALLY don’t trade a player like Winker for him.

            And again, they literally cannot trade Winker. For anyone. He is on the DL.

            I stand by my stance that I think the Reds would be better off as sellers this season.

          • Max Power 12 months ago

            Byrd is signed through age 38 (13 months from now) with a vesting option that he won’t reach the year after. He’s essentially got his age 36 year and his age 37 year.

  3. daveineg 12 months ago

    The article on Ramirez also states how much he likes playing in Milwaukee and that the Brewers have no heir apparent causing Haudricourt to speculate it’s likely that Ramirez returns. Adams on the other hand apparently didn’t read that far.

    • Duder Steve Pettke 12 months ago

      They have that international guy they just signed or about to sign or whatever the case is on that. But no way hes ready for next year so i say give ARam the 14 mil for another season.

      • Travis2014 12 months ago

        That international guy is 16…I don’t think we will see him anytime soon.

    • Travis2014 12 months ago

      If he stays healthy and plays well you gotta believe they Will exercise that option or maybe try to make it in to a 2 year deal of some sort. They don’t have any one even capable of taking his spot…14mil isn’t all that bad. And it is actually less than they are paying him this year.

      The money should be there despite raises and picking up Gallardo’s option.

  4. Lefty_Orioles_Fan 12 months ago

    David Price, who recently took in a game at Busch Stadium…
    Well, who wouldn’t go bouncing up to him. Well, provided we recognized him and it looked like he was approachable or simply wanted to be approached.
    I know, if I saw him, I would shake his hand.

  5. onemanrevival 12 months ago

    Just make sure that whatever you do, if the Pirates end up with Oliver Perez, that you keep him away from all laundry carts, especially the ones in Busch Stadium.

    • Todd Smith 12 months ago

      I just hope they bring back that awesome commercial of him baking cookies with “lots of heat”.

    • BeatEmBucs 12 months ago

      But the :Posse de Perez” folks could make a triumphant return.

  6. Ron Loreski 12 months ago

    Jose Tabata, Stolmy Pimentel, Brandon Cumpton, and Alen Hanson for Mark Trumbo and Addison Reed.

    • Revery 12 months ago

      Must be a fan of either the Bucs or sarcasm.

    • Duder Steve Pettke 12 months ago

      ha you wish

    • Dan Muccino 12 months ago

      Yeah not a fan of this, even as a Pirates fan, Trumbo is OPSing worse than Ike Davis anyway. Why give them a top 50ish propesct and a quality back end rotation player for someone who isn’t an upgrade

    • Chris Vinnit 12 months ago

      If the Bucs trade Hanson – who, let’s be honest, is the only significant part of that package you list – I’d only be happy if it addressed a major need. Ike has certainly been disappointing but I’m not sure what you’ll get from Trumbo going forward will be that much better than what we’d get from Ike. The only way I’d part with Hanson is in some sort of deal for a solid #2/3 starter.

      • Dan Muccino 12 months ago

        Then what exactly do you plan to do with said rotation if you get your guy. Cole, Morton, and Liriano aren’t going to lose their spots, and Volquez, Locke, Worley, and Cumpton don’t deserve the demotion. You’re only creating a bigger log jam

  7. DempseyK 12 months ago

    The Pirates are not looking at Oliver Perez…they are looking at Randall Delgado who has fallen out of favor with the Dbacks but profiles as a starter, not a reliever. Morosi should stop speculating…lol

    • Chris Vinnit 12 months ago

      I think you’re right. Olllie doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for the Bucs anyway. Watson, their 8th inning setup man, is a lefty. What the Pirates need is a shutdown guy for the 7th. Having two lefties in a row pitch the 7th and 8th seems nonsensical. That’s why Benoit makes so much sense – give me Benoit, Watson and Melancon the last three innings and I think we’ll win the majority of games we lead after 6. Besides, while Justin Wilson has struggled the kid has a great arm – I certainly wouldn’t be so eager to give up on him.

      • DempseyK 11 months ago

        Delgado would be a great rotation option moving forward if Searage can get his delivery consistent and fix his occasional control issues. His k/9 is more than respectable and there isnt a scout out there that wouldnt agree he has plus “stuff”. But the fact that he has 2 reliable out pitches along with bullpen experience tells me we could use him in multiple rolls. I 100% agree that you cannot giveup on Wilson anytime soon. He has a future here no doubt. IMO, he has the ability to become elite if he can perfect a changeup to go with that fastball. And I love what Benoit could add on the field, but I dont love the financial obligations that he comes with. Too many arbitration raises coming to commit 8 mill to a 7th or 8th inning guy next season.

  8. Hoosierdaddy92 12 months ago

    Man the Cubs could get really good in a hurry if they make some blockbuster free agent signings this offseason. If they decided to go all out and sign all three of Lester, Scherzer, and Shields with Arrieta, that’s arguably the best 1-4 in baseball if Arrieta’s breakout is legitimate. Even with CJ Edwards/Edwin Jackson/Travis Wood to fight for the fifth spot.

    If they bring up all the young position players, you are looking at
    CF) Alcantara/Almora
    SS) Castro
    1b) Rizzo
    LF) Bryant
    2b) Baez/Russell
    3b) Russell/Baez
    RF) Soler
    C) Castillo
    That has the potential for a fantastic offense paired with a great rotation

    • john sands 12 months ago

      no doubt about it & I am a Cardinal fan…

    • Duder Steve Pettke 12 months ago

      Cubs fans always wishing.

      • Hoosierdaddy92 12 months ago

        I’m not a Cubs fan, (Tigers) but I work in Chicago. Even if only 2 of Bryant, Baez, Alcantara, Almora, Russell, Soler can cut it at the bigs, you still have two proven, significantly above average offensive players in Rizzo and Castro that you are adding them to. I’d say that’s enough to at least have a competitive offense on a nightly basis. And Lester/Shields/Scherzer are all among the three most durable pitchers over the past few years.

    • Lanidrac 12 months ago

      Well, someone is certainly hoping that the World Series prediction in “Back to the Future II” turns out to be accurate (well, other than the part about beating Miami, although maybe the Marlins will somehow adopt a gator logo and lose in the NLCS).

  9. Daniel Morairity 12 months ago

    Looks like cards fans want david price in st louis

    • Lanidrac 12 months ago

      Not at what it would cost to get him (in both players and dollars). I’m perfectly fine with a September rotation of Wainwright, Lynn, Wacha, Kelly, and Miller/Martinez. If we’re going to make a move, Mozeliak is right in that back-end depth is the way to go.

      • Daniel Morairity 12 months ago

        Miller and martinez need to go to tampa bay for price and sobrist

  10. Duder Steve Pettke 12 months ago

    14 mil for another season if healthy is fine with me on ARam on the Brewers again.

  11. Colt 12 months ago

    i think the reds should sell

  12. JoeBear97 12 months ago

    Reds are a year late on Byrd. Fail! Again!

  13. xcal1br 12 months ago

    Why isn’t this tagged as “Chicago Cubs” news? I would have missed it if I hadn’t checked the main news feed.

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