Alex Rios Placed On Revocable Waivers

With the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline behind us, Major League teams must place players on revocable trade waivers in order to deal them to another club. A player that clears waivers can be dealt to any team, while a player that is claimed on waivers can be dealt to that team only (within 48.5 hours) or simply pulled back off waivers. A player can be placed on waivers a second time after being pulled back, but the waivers are no longer revocable the second time.

Here are today’s notable players who have reportedly been placed on revocable waivers…

  • The Rangers placed right fielder Alex Rios on waivers today, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. While the 33-year-old has seen a precipitous decline in his home run power this season — he’s gone deep just four times after clubbing 43 homers from 2012-13 — Rios has nonetheless been a solid bat. He’s hitting .296/.326/.417 with 22 doubles and eight triples. He’s owed $3.76MM through season’s end, plus a $1MM buyout on next year’s $13.5MM option (though the Rangers or another team could obviously elect to exercise that option). Rios drew interest from the Giants, Mariners, Royals, Reds and Indians prior to the deadline.

For a more complete explanation of how revocable trade waivers and August trades work, check out MLBTR’s August Trades primer.

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  1. cgriffith 12 months ago

    I smell the Tigers all over this 3.76 this yr/buyout next at 1 mill. I’ll take the .296/.326/.417 in Detroit

    • westcoastwhitesox 12 months ago

      Would he take Davis’ spot in the lineup?

      • Dynasty22 12 months ago

        Davis is playing better than Rios this season. I would imagine he wants this move for next year.

    • cgriffith 12 months ago

      Update: now I really think they may try and claim him, Hunter just left the gem being hit in the hand

    • Douglas Rau 12 months ago

      I don’t think the Royals would let him fall to the Tigers. They’d put in a claim, just to block the Tigers.

      • cgriffith 12 months ago

        Probably right; but should try anyway

      • KCMOWHOA 12 months ago

        I wonder if the Royals are still interested in him at all. They’ve been playing well enough that Moore will probably just let this lineup ride.

        • Douglas Rau 12 months ago

          He’s not due that much money; it would be worth it just to make sure the Tigers don’t get that much better.

  2. Pegasus 12 months ago

    Blue Jays?

  3. dave 12 months ago

    cardinals could use him off the bench

  4. Randy Wiseman 12 months ago

    reds should claim him tonight

  5. Neil Fujiwara 12 months ago

    The Mariners need anyone that can hit above .250 to play for them. However, I am not sure if they would be willing to give up decent prospects to acquire him.

  6. Douglas Rau 12 months ago

    The Yankees could claim/use him. Unfortunately, I don’t foresee him getting past the Mariners in the claiming process and I don’t think Texas would trade him to a division rival since he could hurt them next season if Seattle picked up his option.

  7. Douglas Rau 12 months ago

    There’s no way he gets through the American League in the claiming process.

  8. Mike1L 12 months ago

    what an incredibly odd career this guy has had. 16.1 bWAR from 2006 to 2008, the bad contract, then the waiver claim by CWS, up and down.

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