East Notes: Murphy, Colon, Hardy, Machado

The Mets are likely to shop Daniel Murphy again this offseason, Joel Sherman of the New York Post writes. The free agent market for hitters is weak, so they might be able to do well in a deal. If they do trade him, Wilmer Flores could take over at second until a more permanent starter emerges, perhaps prospect Dilson Herrera. The Mets also could wait to trade Murphy until next summer. A long-term deal seems unlikely. Here are more notes from the East Coast.

  • The Mets placed Bartolo Colon on revocable waivers today, and while he’s pitched reasonably well this season and is only due $11MM in 2015, ESPN’s Buster Olney tweets that one executive thinks that a waiver claim would be “like a lightning bolt from the heavens for the Mets.”
  • Manny Machado‘s season-ending knee injury could impact whether J.J. Hardy returns to the Orioles next season, Steve Melewski of MASNsports.com suggests. Hardy is a free agent, and the idea was that Machado would move to shortstop once he left. With Machado’s knee issues, though, it’s not yet clear whether he will be able to handle the move to a tougher spot on the diamond.
  • The Orioles are unlikely to make a move to replace Machado at third, Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun reports. Trades are difficult this time of year, and it would be difficult for the Orioles to find someone who could improve on Chris Davis and Ryan Flaherty anyway.

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  1. Sam 11 months ago

    The Mets trading their only consistent hitter would be a harsh blow to an already beleaguered fan-base. Mets fans want an accumulation of reliable pieces, not a trade for more prospects. We have the prospects to trade FOR those reliable pieces. Yes, a strong farm system is necessary, but 2015 has to be a win-now year or the fans will go insane.

    • guccci7383 11 months ago

      i agree let murphy play out next season and try to win with harvey return and an improved line up.. at the very least offer him a QO after the season

      • chicothekid 11 months ago

        I would let him play out the contract myself, but the QO is a risky proposition with Murphy. Allegedly, his next contract will look something like 4/40. Would he want to turn down 1/13 to get 4/40? Would the METS be willing to pay 1/13 for a player worth 10M a year? All of that has to be considered before handing out the QO.

        • Mcgrupp81 11 months ago

          “Would he want to turn down 1/13 to get 4/40?” You answered your own question there. If Murphy hits like he has this year, he will have no problem getting a multi year deal.

          • chicothekid 11 months ago

            I’m aware that Murphy CAN get 4/40 from somebody. The question is whether or not he would turn that down for 1/13. He doesn’t have a history of injury and keeps getting better every year. Taking the QO might increase his value a year later.

          • Tom 11 months ago

            You’re actually looking at 1/16 or so at that point in time. He would best accept a QO or end up like Drew.

          • escapingNihilism 11 months ago

            the problem is you can end up in perpetual QO land. as far as I know there’s nothing that limits the team perpetually QOing a player unlike the NFL and the franchise tag.

        • escapingNihilism 11 months ago

          Murphy is very much in the Morales/Drew class of players who get hurt the most by having a QO attached.

  2. Sean 11 months ago

    Murphy should stay for a long time, we need a real SS. Let’s not start creating more wholes in the field. We went into the season with questions in the bullpen, 1B, SS and LF. We still have SS and LF, but we’ve solved 2 of them. Creating another one is simply silly. He leads the NL in hits, how could we get rid of him?

  3. anon_coward 11 months ago

    why would anyone trade a 2.2 WAR player when the club is almost ready to contend?

    • OriginalHitman 11 months ago

      A better question is, why isn’t Murphy being placed on waivers?

      Murphy is not a good defender (-0.9 dWAR) and they have an upgrade in Dilson Herrera, who’s at the cusp of being ML ready.

      • guccci7383 11 months ago

        no rush they could wait until the offseason get a better return.. murphy is a lock to get claimed on waviers…. they wouldnt get a good return on him right now imho

  4. $2509879 11 months ago

    So the Mets have one good hitter and (supposedly) a deep pool of young pitching, and they want to deal…their one good hitter?

    • Senor_Met 11 months ago

      One good hitter? Have you been paying attention to Lucas Duda’s season? Are you going to ignore David Wright’s entire career because of an injury ridden season? Has Travis d’Arnaud not been an entirely different hitter since returning from AAA? Curtis Granderson is slumping right now but he was great from May-July, and he’s been incredibly unlucky for the past month. “One good hitter…” give me a break.

    • rich 11 months ago

      You might wanna check on Duda, sport. He’s having a monster year. Wright having a horrible year has really, really cost them. d’Arnaud has been really good lately, he finally looks like the guy all the scouts loved. As far as the “supposedly” part in terms of their young pitching, I don’t know what to tell you… They have tons of really good young pitching no matter who you ask.

  5. Ben Berkon 11 months ago

    $11M for another year of Colon is a great deal. Whoever that executive is obviously hasn’t watched Colon pitch this season–or at all, since 2011…

    Colon (since 2011): 3.44 ERA, 3.57 FIP, 3.84 xFIP, 4.13 K/BB
    Colon (in 2014): 3.85 ERA, 3.40 FIP, 3.61 xFIP, 5.95 K/BB

  6. IUO 11 months ago

    Just shows the Mets owners maybe rich but when it comes to the Mets they’re poor. They want to trade Murphy because they can’t afford him. The same way they signed Colon for 9mil the first year and 11mil the next, and now they want to trade him and won’t eat none of next years contract. The only reason they signed Granderson was because he was the cheapest of the 30yr old OF’s on the market they needed OF’s bad and to get the fans and media off their backs about not spending! Believe me if Granderson was having a good year the Mets would try to trade him too for a younger OF and get out of his contract also. The Mets are in a sad state. I’m a huge Mets fan and I can’t see this getting any better as long as the a Wilpons own them. Wilpons won’t spend money until they make money on the team and the fans won’t spend money until we see a winner. HELLO Wilpons spend money on good players make a winning team and WE the fans will come!!!! It’s like going to a steakhouse and the owner telling you if you buy my old steaks and eat it then I can afford to buy the grade A steak for you to eat. No you serve the grade A steak first and that’s what makes the people come!!!

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