Latest On Angels’ Search For Starter

With injuries piling up, and just a week before the deadline to acquire players with post-season eligibility, the Angels are expected to look hard at adding another starter. Here’s the latest:

  • The Halos are pursuing a wide variety of possible approaches to making a deal, reports Jon Heyman of But GM Jerry Dipoto indicated that the club may end up cobbling together internal options to fill the void. “I’m not particularly hopeful,” he said. “It’s possible the best we can do is piece it together. … Teams that are willing to pay down a contract usually want some kind of talent in return, and that’s where we may have a problem.”
  • Conflicting reports have emerged as to the viability of talks for Trevor Cahill of the Diamondbacks, who Heyman says has now cleared waivers. The Angels could be targeting Cahill, according to a report from Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times (behind a paywall). Meanwhile, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports tweets that the sides have not discussed the hurler in weeks, and that no deal is expected.
  • As we just covered, a report indicates that a deal for Bartolo Colon of the Mets appears rather unlikely at this point.

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  1. driftcat28 11 months ago

    It’d be interesting seeing the Angels come together with the mets with a deal for Colon

  2. John Michels 11 months ago

    The Angels are out of prospects and they can’t afford to take on Colon’s 11 mil price tag for next year. If they did, the Angels would be in jeperody of crossing the luxury tax. Honestly, I don’t think the have a very good front office. Too bad for Mike Scioscia.

    • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

      They can afford it and their owner has stated multiple times that he’d go over the luxury tax if it was for the right player and/or would help them get to the World Series. Colon is being overvalued IMO. But no matter how rich a team is, Colon’s age is probably the biggest factor of all. They have a very good front office. They have for a long time. You can’t fault them for having to react to injuries and going for it when they’re expected to win, and are on their way to the playoffs.

    • KINGMOJO 11 months ago

      Are you kidding?, the angels have one of the best front offices in baseball, it was better before reggins took over and now starting to comeback to life with dipoto and company.

    • Jose Ochoa 11 months ago

      You do know their shredding wells contract and Blanton right?I don’t think money is an object… And their front office has given them a team with the best record in baseball

      • Evan Siggson 11 months ago

        They are but most of their long term deals are extremely backloaded. Pujols, Hamilton, Trout, and Weaver all get raises every year.

        • WasianCU 11 months ago

          For luxury tax purposes, AAV (Average annual value) is used and not actual salary for that year. Backloaded or not doesn’t effect the luxury tax.

  3. RyanWKrol 11 months ago

    Cahill is an interesting option, but the later commitment to him may or may not be an ongoing issue. Regardless, we’re talking about 5 or 6 games here. All they need is a starter that can give them 6 innings. Maybe going after Colon is a waste of time just based on those two points alone.

  4. CharlieMurphy 11 months ago

    Is something like Gatto, Delgado, and Fish enough for Cahill or Colon? Hard to imagine the Angels giving up more than that with such a bare cupboard.

  5. KINGMOJO 11 months ago

    It would be interesting to see the angels bring in Feldman but I think 3-30 mil is a little much for only 5 starts. I really don’t want to see colon back with the halos, for he is 41 years old and only throws 2 and 4 seam fastballs. And Cahill has been struggling a bit the last time I read about him, but I think ultimately its going to be wolf,volstad, and or Roth to fill in for Richards.

    • kdub53 11 months ago

      I know the money seems like a huge problem, but honestly think of the amount of cash artie will be able to obtain given a nice long run in the postseason, let alone a WS campaign. It would make getting the best option more then feesible.

  6. brian310 11 months ago

    Danks +5 mill (2.5 each of next 2 seasons) for PTBNL (or 2)?

  7. jdkladsjl 11 months ago

    Cahill? Did I read someone say Danks? Both are extremely bad lol…. Don’t be silly angel fans

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