Rosenthal’s Latest: Cubs, Cabrera, Angels, Lindgren

Here’s the latest from Ken Rosenthal, via two videos at FOX Sports:

  • With all the exciting young hitters the Cubs are adding, Chicago could be an attractive destination for free agent pitchers, and it’s possible the Cubs could add one big-name pitcher this winter (possibly Jon Lester, who knows Theo Epstein well from Boston) and then another the following year (possibly David Price or a return of Jeff Samardzija).
  • The Asdrubal Cabrera trade has worked out well for both sides. The Nationals have gotten a good second baseman, and the Indians have gotten strong shortstop defense from Cabrera’s replacement Jose Ramirez, and they’ve also added Zach Walters‘ power bat.
  • If the Angels decline to acquire a starting pitcher because of luxury tax concerns, that would appear to be mostly a “philosophical decision” rather than a financial one. As a first-time offender, the Angels’ actual tax penalties would be minimal, at just 17.5% of the overage. Rosenthal notes, however, that one potential problem the Angels have with some of their potential trade targets (including Bartolo Colon, A.J. Burnett and Scott Feldman) is that they’re all guaranteed salary for 2015.
  • One reason the Yankees acquired lefty Josh Outman was that they didn’t want to push top 2014 draft pick Jacob Lindgren to the big leagues, particularly given Lindgren’s workload between college and the pros this season and the fact that he’s not yet on their 40-man roster. As we noted earlier today, Lindgren has dominated in the minors since signing.

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4 Comments on "Rosenthal’s Latest: Cubs, Cabrera, Angels, Lindgren"

11 months 28 days ago

The Lindgren situation is why people get way too aggressive with the sept callups. It’s service time spent for games that the player often isn’t in as a regular, and then you have to run with them on the 40 man from then on. This is important, because otherwise next year you still got ST and April if you are deciding which of 2 players is the best to keep.

11 months 28 days ago

if i were the angels, i wouldn’t have any philosophical qualms about going over the luxury tax. you’ve got the best record in baseball on labor day weekend. why not take your shot?

11 months 28 days ago

The Cubs could realistically sign 2 of the 3 big name pitchers(Lester, Shields, and Scherzer) and still go after big time pitching for ’16 because their payroll will still be relatively low. Increased payroll flexibility is one of the reasons why teams should focus on developing their own impact talent instead of using other clubs as a farm system.

11 months 28 days ago

The fact that the Angels are willing to pass on a move to stay under the tax should be an indication that the Angels are still in a good position. It’s 5 games. Big deal. I think there’s a little too much attention being paid to starting rotation and not enough on the many ways a team like the Angels can beat you.