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Calling All Basketball Writers

Well, I’d like to try recruiting for HoopsBuzz…again.  It’s a blog very similar to this one where you’ll establish some contacts, hopefully scoop a rumor or two, and just analyze all that is buzzworthy in the game of basketball.

I’m not able to pay you, but you will get a built in audience of at least several hundred people a day and something to put on your resume.  I’ve been kind of slacking lately as far as keeping this site alive and well, so I want to try again.  People seem to like the general idea if not the execution.

So if you’re a damn good writer, love basketball, and can post three times a week for sure, email me at hoopsbuzz@gmail.com.  Please don’t use any other email address for this.  If you applied before and want to apply again, that’s fine.  I’ll probably take around six people depending on the number of applicants.

UPDATE:  One more thing to add – please don’t apply if baseball is your true passion but you like basketball too.  I am looking for people whose #1 sport is far and away basketball.

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Sunday Night Reading

Recent reading appearing on our network:

Joshua Shnider handicaps recent Knicks trade rumors for HoopsBuzz.

AllCubs has a discussion of minor league roster decisions facing the Cubs.

Fantasy baseball nuts will appreciate a look at basepath burners with 60 steal potential at RotoAuthority.  Speaking of fantasy baseball, be sure to bookmark The Closer Watch. They provide depth charts updated daily starting in spring training.

One last plug: check out the RotoAuthority Fantasy Guide, featuring tons of projections, rankings, and other fantasy goodies for just ten bucks.

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HoopsBuzz In Full Swing

Just wanted to make sure anyone who is remotely interested in basketball has bookmarked the new site HoopsBuzz.  We’ve got twelve sharp guys currently writing for it, so several posts appear every day.  It’s in the general style of this blog, and I think you should get acquainted.  Leave some comments, the authors would love some feedback.

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Fielding Statistics

If you’re baffled by the current state of fielding statistics in baseball, welcome to the club.  Dave’s latest post at U.S.S. Mariner outlines the contenders and rates the usefulness of the various defensive metrics.

And don’t forget to swing by HoopsBuzz regularly.  Check out the latest rumors involving Chris Bosh, Darko Milicic, and Ron Artest.

Finally, I’ve got a Wade Miller projection up at RotoAuthority.

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Baseball Notebook Sleepers

Even if you’re not a fan of fantasy baseball, I think you’ll enjoy David Luciani’s four-part feature over at Baseball Notebook.  It’s called "If Sleepers Existed"; David is not fond of calling players sleepers after they’re identified by forty different magazines and overhyped.  Anyway, it’s a great read.  I’m fortunate to have taken a similar stance on a lot of the players mentioned in my 2006 RotoAuthority Fantasy Baseball Guide.  Luciani clearly knows his stuff.

If you’re a basketball person, you should bookmark HoopsBuzz and check it daily.  We’ve got a stable of eager writers posting on all the newsworthy topics involving basketball.  New posts appear frequently.

Finally, we’ve got some catcher value picks over at RotoAuthority.

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Jeremy Hermida Projection

All sorts of good stuff to read in recent days:

The Jeremy Hermida projection over at RotoAuthority.

My latest Hot Stove Roundup at RotoWorld.

Many thanks to all who applied for a blogging gig at HoopsBuzz.  I’ve got about ten talented writers beginning to contribute now, so bookmark the page and check it daily.  Spread the word about the site! I think it’s going to be a cool community for basketball very similar to this one.  The latest:

Grizzlies Looking For A Point Guard

Mark Blount Trade Rumors

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Attention Basketball Writers

I’m looking for a few good writers.  Could be bloggers, journalism majors, or anyone else who can write a few paragraphs five times a week.  We’ve got a sister blog called HoopsBuzz, where I’m attempting to create a community based on basketball trade rumors and signings.  It’d be very similar to this blog, but all about the NBA and college hoops.  I’ve got a couple of openings for worthy bloggers.

I can’t pay anything currently because I doubt the site will make money.  If you can build an audience and consistently post quality material, there will be compensation down the road.  The benefits: free use of the TypePad blogging service (costs over $100 a year), a nice resume builder, and a built-in audience of at least a couple hundred readers.  Plus, it’s just plain fun to establish a network of sources and be a conduit of inside information.  Email me if you’re qualified and interested.

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Matt Murton Projection

A little reading material for you today:

RotoAuthority has the Matt Murton projection some of you have been clamoring for.

HoopsBuzz has a new post discussing the problems of Stephen Jackson and a possible Ron Artest for Peja Stojakovic trade.

Fire Joe Morgan has a scathing analysis of a ridiculous trade rumor that appeared in my inbox way too many times.

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HoopsBuzz: Will 76ers Use Trade Exception For Sprewell?

For all you NBA fans out there, Jim has a new post up on HoopsBuzz concerning the 76ers’ options for their trade exception.  Read the article here.

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HoopsBuzz.com Launches

I’m proud to introduce a new blog in our little family here.  It’s called HoopsBuzz, and you’ll find the latest basketball rumors and happenings there.

Jim is the main author, and I think you’ll find him eloquent and well-versed in the game of basketball.  Feel free to shoot him any hot hoops tips you’ve heard at hoopsbuzz@gmail.com

So, what are you waiting for basketball fans?  Bookmark HoopsBuzz and be the first to know what’s going on with the NBA and college hoops.

Today’s post concerns possible deals involving Michael Olowakandi and Earl Watson.

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