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Bobby Abreu For Erik Bedard And Jay Gibbons

So the John Mabry rumor didn't carry enough heft for you?  Looking for something juicer?  How about this from a source in the Philadelphia area:

The Phillies are apparently talking to the Orioles about sending them Bobby Abreu for Erik Bedard and Jay Gibbons.

Abreu was the third-best hitting right fielder in the game in 2005, and the second-best in '04.  He'll make $13MM in 2006 and is strangely unpopular in Philadelphia.  Abreu is also on the hook for $15MM in 2007 with a $16MM club option for 2008.  The '08 option has a $2MM buyout attached.  Abreu will be 32 when the '06 season begins and may be ticketed for the Hall of Fame.

Lefty Erik Bedard has been plagued by injuries, undergoing Tommy John surgery and a sprained knee ligament.  He's still only 26 and is many years away from free agency.  Bedard improved upon his control somewhat in 2005, and had a nice showing in 24 starts.  He flashed his ace potential before the All-Star break, going 5-1 with a 2.08 ERA.  Interestingly, Bedard has Bob Gibson (circa 1962) buried among his otherwise pedestrian comparables.

Jay Gibbons is a young, powerful right fielder who would be an adequate replacement for Abreu.  He'll be 29 when the '06 season starts and made a little less than $3MM last year.  Gibbons slugged .516 in 2005, second only to Vladimir Guerrero among regular right fielders.  While comparable to Abreu in power, Gibbons has far less plate discipline and a worse health record. 

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If I were Philadelphia, I wouldn't do that trade. Abreu is one of the top 10 outfielders in the game, and Jay Gibbons and Erik Bedard are nowhere near equal value.

You never tire of posting baseless rumors, do you?

If Gibbons and Bedard are sufficient to get Philly's interest in moving Abreu, I don't see how Jerome Williams and Felix Pie from the Cubs wouldn't get Philly interested, as well. Abreu is the kind of player Hendry drools over, I can't believe he won't at least give Gillick a ring at the winter meetings and explore the possibilities.

Maybe if not a big Abreu trade, Hendry could at least get Philly interested in giving up Jason Michaels. Hard to see how he fits in with Aaron Rowand now in town.

This would be a steal for the O's, especially since both players the O's would give up have had injury ridden careers. While Abreu is owed a lot of money, it would fill a spot in the order behind Tejada and in front of Javy Lopez. The Phillies would be taking a chance on Bedard being healthy, but if he stays healthy he can be dominating (see: 1st half of '05 season).
Gibbons had a bad wrist in '04 but rebounded nicely in '05. He is almost 30 though, and that holds him back from being above average.

David, if you consider money in the deal and Bedard's potential, it starts to make sense.

No way this is a good trade for the Phillies unless the Os pick up the whole contract. With Thome being traded, and Wagner headed to the Mets, the Phils no longer need salary room. The only way this goes down is if Gillick is convinced Bedard is 1. healthy, and 2. poised for a previously not apparent run as an ace starter.

The Cubs could certainly get in the Abreu game. But they don't have a Major League ready potential ace like Bedard. Williams is 4th starter stuff.

Huge Michaels fan; he could outplay Damon with 600 ABs in center. I think he'll be moved, but he could be shifted to a corner if Burrell or Abreu is moved.

Don't underestimate Bedard's value as a lefty with massive potential who's nowhere near free agency. The recovery rate for TJ is very good, so he can stay healthy otherwise.

We would never, ever make this trade. This website is absurd.

Thanks for the insight bro.

We love Bobby, and you make stuff up. He is VERY popular in Philly.

If you say so man. Lot of Philly people are telling me he dogs it and that's why he's not well liked.

Its split pretty evenly between the Abreu fans and Abreu haters in Philly. With that being said, this trade makes zero sense for the Phillies. Bedard is at best, a #3 in the majors. Any deal with Baltimore concerning Abreu needs to begin with Hayden Penn and Nick Markakis. The Phils might as well hold onto Michaels instead of getting Jay Gibbons.

There is absolutely no way that the Orioles would give up Markakis OR Penn in any deal for Abreu, let alone both. With how much Abreu is owed over the next 2 years (or 3 if the option is picked up) you can't expect the Phillies to get anything close to a top prospect in return unless they eat a lot of the contract. Some team will over pay to win the trade war but don't expect it to be Baltimore.

That's okay. If the Phillies don't want Bedard, pretty sure that the Reds asked for him in exchange for Adam Dunn around the trade deadline timeframe, until the O's got locked up in the A.J. Burnett sweepstakes. Bedard and Gibbons probably gets Dunn, too.

You can dog on Bedard being no better than a #3 if you want, but maybe you should check out the numbers pre-injury in 2005. 5-1 and a sub 3.00 ERA. Good peripherals and a good K ratio. And Gibbons in that park will put up 30 homers. It's pretty much an even trade for both teams. The O's desperately need an outfield bat... the Phillies, I'm sure, would like to get good, young pitching. In this deal, they just happen to get a replacement for Abreu as well.

I've seen fans of both teams saying they'd never make the proposed Abreu deal because their team gets cheated. Guru Kid - I think you are right about the devisive nature of Abreu - I'll have more on this later today.

Joseph, I agree that Bedard is more than a #3, and I've heard the Dunn rumors as well. May become its own post today.

This trade sucks for the O's. Aberu is older and more expesnive. The Phils can keep him till age 35 paying him 15 mil per year if they want but I really hope the O's dont do this.

I can add something from a huge Phils fan and a not-so-huge abreu guy. He does have a lot of plate discipline, but, with the exception for the first half of the 2005 season, has not shown the ability to make a difference, especially late in games when he is needed. He steals bases too, but it seems he most often does so with the Phillies' best power hitter behind him, allowing the opponent to walk him, essentially pitching around him. I cant tell you how many times he goes up to the plate looking for the perfect pitch, when he needs to be up there looking for something to drive. He also never leaves his feet for a ball in the outfield and, despite good speed, usually pulls up on any balls hit in front of him. He belongs out in Southern california, where grit doesn't seem to be an important quality. I have nothing against him, but the Phils will be a better team without him.

Oh, and for the record, Gibbons without steroids doesnt do anything for me, and I'm not that familiar with bedard, other than stats. Throw in some crabcakses and I'll drive abreu down there myself

Wow, imagine the Phillies had done this. I think Bedard'd proven to be more than a #3. I found this while googling to find when he becomes a free agent.

This is a fucking hilarious read.

Erik Bedard or, 7 months later Cj Henry, Matt Smith, Jesus Sanchez, Carlos Monasterios.

"We would never, ever make this trade."


Wow, what a difference a couple of years make.

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