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Brad Wilkerson To Cubs For Ronny Cedeno

I promised myself I was going to take the evening off from rumormongering, I really did.  But this one was too sweet and reliable to leave til the morning.  Here's the scoop - stay with me on this one.

A source went to college with Barry Larkin's cousin, Michael.  (Michael is a wide receiver at Miami at Ohio, by the way).  My source was in Cincinnati for Thanksgiving, as was Michael Larkin.  Michael passed along the following info to my source via his cousin Barry.

It appears that Nationals GM Jim Bowden has asked Barry Larkin what he thinks of Cubs SS/2B Ronny Cedeno and for Barry's help with Cedeno's defense if he's acquired.  The Nationals' front office has a covert concern that Jose Vidro is done for his career, and Cedeno would be an ideal safety net at 2B.  Plus, the team wasn't exactly thrilled with Cristian Guzman's horrific season in '05.

Barry Larkin relayed to his cousin that the potential deal was Ronny Cedeno for Brad Wilkerson straight up.  Then the info got to my source, and now it's in your adoring hands.  Believe it if you want to - I think it's on the level.

Ronny Cedeno was ranked 16th among Cubs prospects by Baseball America before the 2005 season.  He's 23 years old and has a cannon arm.  He hit .300 in 80 ABs with the Cubs in 2005.  Before that, he managed a .355 mark in 245 Triple A at-bats.

Brad Wilkerson had an off year at age 28, ranking 13th among all CFs.  He's got superb on-base skills.  He spent time at all three outfield positions and first base in '05.  He's yet to reach free agency.

Thanks to Rob G.


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you mean the Reds, right? not the cubs?

man please i dont like these rumors that dont happen or are just plain rumors that us cub fans are sick of..... and i didnt really see cedenos arm... GO CUBS!!!!

if you get rid of cedeno, you must sign nomar right after.

I can't see how that's a good trade for the Nats at all. Bowden may not be the greatest GM, but he seems to covet his OFers so I don't think he passes Wilkerson on this easily. I could see Ryan Church for Cedeno straight up though. That actually makes some sense.

I've heard this as well, seems like a good trade for both clubs. Vidro should have had that surgery.

Sanjay, don't you mean to say, it's on your radar?

Nomar's gone from the Cubs.

McGee, I definitely didn't mean the Reds.

Great humor you have on this site. You're breaking two rumors at once. Brad Wilkerson is apparently going to the Cubs. Also, Michael Larkin is both the brother and cousin of Barry Larkin. Thanks for breaking the ever-dreadful incestual relationships in the Larkin family.

Er, good point. I'm changing that now.

This wont happen. Ill just leave it at that. Its just a rumor started by some one trying to get some feedback. If the Cubs were serious they would offer Walker and a couple pitching prospects not their starting 2B/SS of the future.

I have a good feeling this will happen. There might be some nay-sayers, but Eric Patterson is the 2nd baseman of the future. It does make sense.

If this actually happens, it's a TOTAL fleece by the Cubs. If I were Hendry, I'd be looking to shop Cedeno around since apparently everyone loves the guy so much after a whopping one good minor league season in which all his value was tied to hitting for a high average. If that's all it takes to get Wilkerson, then every other GM in baseball should be fired for not taking advantage of Bowden more often.

Cedeno is very talented player.He plays good defense, has good speed, and keeps geting better with that bat. He also in his early 20's only.

I would be very upset if the Cubs traded Cedeno for Wilkerson. Wilkerson for one strikes out way to much,and really only had one really good year. He also is coming off a bad season.

I wouldn't mind having Wilkerson on the Cubs just not for Cedeno.

I was at this Thanksgiving dinner as well, and I didn't here anything about it. And, truth is, Barry likes me more than that punk Michael anyway.

Brad Wilkerson strikes out and walks like Adam Dunn, just doesn't hit for the awesome power Dunn does.

I'm sorry striking out 150 times a year and only hitting 11 homeruns, isn't that great to me, no matter how many times he walks.

I seen Cedeno play a bunch of games last year, and he looks like he's going to be a pretty good player. I think the Cubs could get a better player for Cedeno then Wilkerson.

I rather resign Burnitz and keep Cedeno, then trade Cedeno for Wilkerson. Now Patterson and prospect for Wilkerson is a deal I would be more willing to do.

I honestly don't see this deal happening,I know the Cubs Gm Hendry, and Dusty Baker are high on Cedeno.So I don't see them giving him up for Wilkerson.

I don't have much against Wilkerson, he might hit for more power in a better ballpark,but I honestly don't wanna trade Cedeno.

Eric Patterson is the 2B of the future? If by future you mean 2008, then yes. While Wilkerson might be a nice player, and while Furcal/Pierre/Bradley might be on the way, dumping Cedeno for a guy who does exactly what Corey does (read as strike out ALOT and have underwhelming power) is nothing more than douchebaggery. And you can tell Barry Larkin I said that.

Since when does Wilkerson do exactly what Patterson does? Trust me, the walks are a massive difference.

The Cubs love Ronny Cedeno, they will not trade him. But, they have offered Furcal a 5year $50 million deal that is expected to much higher than what the Braves have offered. The only 2B that the Cubs will be shopping is Todd Walker and maybe Jerry Hairston, but NOT Cedeno.

EPatt hit very well in the AFL this season and depending on how he does in the Southern League next season, we coule see him as early as September of 2006. I would love to have the problem of having 2 young 2B with very egual talent and then trade the lesser of the 2 at that time, but not now.

Where do you get this stuff? You sound like a teenage girl, with all this gossip. I have a friend who knows Barry Larkin's cousin, and Barry's cousin told him this.

DO you really believe any of the junk you post on this site.

Thanks for stopping by, Will! For one of the site's biggest detractors, you sure visit a hell of a lot.

Thanks for the site Monger. I think you've only been wrong once, right? Come check out Insidetheivy.com, it is cool place to talk Cubs.

Hey Inside the Ivy, remember when I was going to sign Furcal to a $100 million contract? And then trade for Soriano and sign him to the same deal?

You're just as bad as this site.

Cedeno isn't going anywhere. The Cubs believe he is too valuable & promising for his age. It will either be him or Todd Walker at 2B. Walker's trade value is a hell of alot higher than Cedeno's, and would be an easy player to move in a package deal for outfield help...

By the way, i'm still available for LF....but only if I can platoon with Henry Rodriguez.

Danny boy Patrick on ESPN radio (thru Bruce Levine on ESPN Radio 1000-Chicago)just reported that the ChiSox have signed Paul Konerko for 5 years.

Kyle Farsworth is on the verge of signing a 3 year deal worth almost 17 mil for the Yanks. WOW! This kid can throw 100mph, has the mentality of Keanu Reeves, and has never felt the kind of pressure he will in NY. Chicago he imploded, did ok in Detroit, and fine for Atlanta...until his complete meltdown in the playoffs..... GL in NY, and stay away from Jason Giambi.

I just reported this rumor on the Score.

Not sure what that guy's deal is, but I enjoy ITI. That one column probably should've run past some editors or something, but you can't dismiss the entire site.

at least spell your name right Georgy.

Church is better than wilkerson he wouldnt be trade first and hendry would be smarter to take church than wilkerson

well, for $80/year they should at least throw in a free t-shirt

Did Ofman really mention it on the Score? That'd be cool.

ITI is $80? C'mon now, I'd rather subscribe to Baseball America.

Levine is pretty solid, despite what some say.

Another important thing to think about in the Cubs outfield that noone has brought up to my knowledge....If the Cubs do trade or get someone to replace Corey Patterson, and other than him, the only other valuable trade is Todd Walker.....Where are the LH bats????? Of some of the before mentioned trade possibilities: Mench is a RH, Pierre is LH, and Bradley is switch. You gotta believe that Hendry & Baker will want some prominent LH bats in the lineup....and if anything, that may keep Todd Walker at 2B for 2006. What other LH OF's are available..FA or trade???? Even if they get Furcal & Pierre, that would put the only LH in the lineup at the very top...and if they were to get Bradley, he would be the only power bat in the middle of the lineup....and not much power at that.

Barry Larkin's cousin? LOL!!!

Is this site run by a bunch of 14 year olds??

What about Abreu? He bats LH, and would be great in the mix with Lee, Ramirez, and Barrett. Sure he's not the best in the field, but he can swing his stick very well.

As a Cub fan, I'm getting very anxious about this Furcal deal, especially since Giles just re-signed with San Diego for less money than he was offered elsewhere. I get the sinking feeling Furcal will go back to Atlanta, and Hendry is going to be left out to dry with no alternatives. Alex Gonzalez and Neifi Perez? Oh my Gawd, shoot me now and get it over with. The Cubs desperately need Furcal, I hate to say. Please get this deal done.

The Cubs are not going to trade Cendeno. They said at the end of the season that Ronny will play second base for them. I think that they should trade Todd Walker and some Prospects for Alfonzo Soriano and Ronny can be the back up. Or I think that when they get Furcal they should sign Nomar and put Furcal at Short or Second

Ya I know Abreu can swing the bat well but I think that Carlos is one of our best pitchers and we would never give him up. We could do maybe a sign and trade deal with Nomar or something to some other team.

The Cubs have to do something this off-season. We need some good people like Furcal and maybe Soriano. We need a good Center Fielder and Right Fielder. I am happy with Murton in left but if we want to compete with those Mets that are getting everyone we need to step up and get SOME PLAYERS.

If they do sign Furcal, I would be happy with Cedeno at 2nd. They could then trade Walker, who's trade value couldn't be higher, for OF help. That is, only if they get a strong OF. If not, then you have to have Walker's LH bat in the lineup.

In all honesty, Soriano's bat would be a huge lift...but with the weak defense at times, I would much rather have the bats in the OF and give Cedeno, with his solid defense a chance in the IF with Furcal. Soriano is very very weak at 2nd, and now is no better time to give Cedeno a shot.

As far as Murton, I think it all depends on what they can get in RF and what they do with CF. If they have to go with Patterson and possibly Pie making the team for CF, then they absolutely have to get more reliable offense & experience in LF.

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