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Freel Would Be Good Fit For Cubs

Over at The Cub Reporter, Arizona Phil recently outlined a sensible option for the Cubs' leadoff spot that hasn't been mentioned much.  He proposes that the Cubs should find a way to acquire the versatile Ryan Freel from the Reds.  Freel compares favorably to Juan Pierre and is further away from free agency.


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I am a better fielder and consistently healthier. Freel is fast and has a good eye but fields no position particularly well (he's average at best in CF) amd is already having leg problems.

I'd trade Prior before Zambrano. At least Zambrano can stay on the mound. Plus he is cheaper and younger. Just because Prior is more of a name than Zambrano is doesn't mean you should cherish him more.

I'd trade Prior first as well, but in his defense his injuries haven't been his fault. You can't control a line drive off of the arm or a collision with a 2B that runs in front of you.

Juan, your fielding statements are debatable. Freel plays multiple positions and you don't. As for your games played totals, well, OK. I guess you show up to work every day.

is everyone forgetting me? i was excellent last year, i come cheap, im willing to except a one year deal, and i was better than pierre last year. i can lead off.

I agree with Kenny.

Kenny Lofton the FREE AGENT... Also potential hired tutor for Felix Pie. Everyone forgetting that the Cubs have the best centerfield prospect in recent history. Why give up anything for Pierre or anyone else when for a million or so I can play center and leadoff until your prodigy Pie is read... then I can coach him and help everyday when he is. Jim Hendry are you thinking with that head of yours.

Agreed, would love to see Kenny back with the club.

I might be willing to come back if you give me the 50 million over 5 years you were waving infront of Frucal.... then double it. I still have some corked bats I haven't even used.

ummmm, i think kenny lofton is bad luck everywhere he goes. I'm too lazy to go look it up, but i'm pretty sur ehe has played in a few series without his team winning. please do not bring him back, while he may have something left, history has already shown that we have no chance to win it all with kenny lofton

Is there any way that I can cover the entire field. The only other person I would need is Ramirez, he's got a great back and a very solid groin.

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