Dodgers Still Interested In Dunn

I did some digging in conjunction with my Adam Dunn post, and received a little bit of info.  A very reputable source tells me that "the Dodgers are always interested in him."  More than one team has inquired about Dunn for sure.  He tells me that any deal before the season begins is unlikely, and unfortunately couldn’t supply any specific names.

Dodger fans were quick to mention their team in the comments of the previous Dunn post; it seems he’s been on the team’s radar for some time now.  Consider this as another source verifying their interest.  Los Angeles has plenty of trading chips, especially if the Reds’ needs expand beyond starting pitching. 

UPDATE:  Word is that Dunn just signed a two-year contract worth more than $17MM with a third year option for $13MM.  Based on projections, I’d say the Reds (or any other team) will be likely to exercise that 2008 option.

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