KW Denies Abreu Rumor…Or Does He?

Respected Chicago Tribune sportswriter Mark Gonzales got in touch with Kenny Williams through a spokesman tonight.  Based on this article, it seems that Gonzales inquired about the recent Abreu for Contreras/Dye rumor.  The word:

"Williams, through a team spokesman, said there is nothing to the report, adding he hadn’t spoken to the Phillies in eight or nine days and that no proposal was tendered."

Now, we didn’t report that this thing was on the verge.  My point, rather, was that the White Sox love Abreu.  That was confirmed by my source; the actual Dye/Contreras scenario was reportedly broken by Howard Eskin of 610 AM in Philadelphia. 

Given that Jermaine Dye is a capable, affordable right fielder, the White Sox aren’t desperate to upgrade right now.  Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the White Sox go after Abreu down the road.  Kenny Williams didn’t seem to be denying interest in Abreu.

What about Jose Contreras?  Word is that Houston is the top contender for his services.  Nothing would happen either way until the Clemens situation shakes out, and Rosenthal expects him backWe reported the same back in December. 

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