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Source: Clemens To Return To Astros

A source out of Houston close to former Astros GM Gerry Hunsicker tells me that Roger Clemens will return to pitch for the Astros after May 1st.  The word is that Clemens has a handshake deal with Astros owner Drayton McLane to either return to the Astros or retire.  My source says that Clemens will not choose retirement.

This report gels with an independent source who informed me in December that Clemens was choosing between Houston and retirement.  Of course, Clemens was noncommital in yesterday's conference call, mentioning that his mother had urged him to retire before she passed away. 


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Clemens may have a deal with McClane, but it ain't gonna be a hometown discount. Roger can see how the 'Stros are playing hardball, and he'll end up getting near $15 mil. if he returns. He'll take 'em for all they got.

good thing draytons got a lot then huh?

What a story it could have been to have Roger & Randy on the same team...
Dame it, I guess I'll have to settle for that one commercial: "The Rocket Unit"

I wonder if McLane will honor this "handshake" agreement if he still has to fork over Bagwell's money?

Thats funny, because the front page of ESPN.com has Clemens leaning towards retirement.

Drayton doesn't have to worry about paying Clemens big money. He knows and everybody in Houston knows, that Drayton will bring a great return on his "5 month" contract to Clemens.

What can I say Barney? This is what I got. Besides, ESPN is directly quoting Roger's agent, not busting out inside info.

roger clemens should retie and pick up a hobby....maybe work at dairy queen

not much of a suprise,
nobody else can offer the rocket the same sweet deal he has going with the 'stros, --he basically makes his own hours;
plus his son is in the astros farm system.
if he can be battery mates with his son before he retires I think the rocket's illustrious career will finally be complete.

I'm pretty sure Clemens can hang it up and call his career complete without having to pitch to his son....who plays 3b by the way.

He could still pitch to the third baseman, it was just be kind of weird.

Roger is opening up his new bar/grill here in Houston this summer. Don't you think it'd be pretty damn bad for busniness if he agreed to play in another city?!? I do. Houstonians would avoid that place like the plague if he left us for another team. He's been quoted in the Houston Chronicle as saying "I plan to be there (the restaurant) quite a bit this year." Kind of hard to do if you're playing for another team.

Interesting, I didn't know that.


"Roger Clemens' Rocket Sports Grill" is what he's calling it; opens up this May. I think this all but guarantees he'll be playing in Houston, or not at all. Check out the link:


So let's recap:
Pitching BP at Minute Maid Park
Son, Koby, in the organization
Lives 15 mins. away from stadium
Opening a restaurant in H-town
Adored by every Texan this side of Austin

I could go on, but it's already obvious. Astros or bust for Roger.

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