Wednesday Lunchtime Reading

Looking for something to read during lunchtime today? 

Over at RotoAuthority I discuss why I find the Twins perplexing and why I expect Armando Benitez to have an ERA over 4.  I’m nearing my tenth update on my Fantasy Guide.  Said customer Gus O.:

"It is by far the most extensive and elaborate guide I’ve ever come across–and for only $9.99 you’d have to be insane not buy it."

AllCubs has an interesting take on some underrated prospects.

Looking for a print sportswriter blog that’s frank, entertaining, and funny?  Visit SportsJustice, run by Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle.  His exchange with Brad Ausmus is priceless.

And for a non-baseball aside, a friend of a friend of mine is walking from Madrid, Spain to Kiev, Ukraine on foot and making a movie about it.

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